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Report: Final big money offers being prepared for Ozil and Sanchez

With all the focus on today’s board meeting centering around the future of Arsene Wenger, the men around that table also have other matters to sort out.

While there are decisions to be made over a clutch of players, from a contractual and footballing point of view, what happens with Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez has to be top of the list.

Both the Mirror and Telegraph say that the club are ready to sanction massive wage increases for both players to convince them to extend their current deals.

As it stands they’re heading into the final 12 months of their contracts, and we all know what that means. The players have a strong hand when it comes to negotiations, and the club won’t want to lose valuable assets for free in a year’s time.

The Mirror say a 2 year extension is on offer to Sanchez, in a package worth more than £250,000 per week, while Ozil has been offered a similarly high wage to pledge his future to the Gunners.

The Chilean, top scorer this season with 30 goals, has sparked interest from Bayern Munich and PSG abroad, as well as Man City and Chelsea at home. Arsenal know they cannot sell him to a Premier League rival.

There hasn’t been the same interest in the German, but it would be a real show of force from the club if they could hold onto the two star players – before adding more of similar quality.

Let’s see what happens at the board meeting today and what emerges from it.

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Arsene\'s handkerchief

Huge couple of weeks coming up which will have huge ramifications for our club. Let’s hope it all works out for the best. COYG


Sanchez will take some convincing. Can’t see Ozil wanting to stay if we lose Sanchez either. I see the fate of these 2 as more important than the manager.
Keep them: add a top quality striker, a LB and a creative midfielder
Lose them: rebuild/redesign our entire way of playing


A creative midfielder like Özil, Xhaka, Cazorla and Wilshere you mean? Yeah, we’re definitely short here.


Well yeah, we are. Especially considering poor Santi has a void for an ankle and Wilshere is made of biscuits and hasn’t exactly impressed when fit this season.

Uhtred of bergkampburg

Made of biscuits! That’s made me chuckle


Love the moniker “Uhtred of bergkampburg” lol I’m a big Bernard Cornwell fan so as Uhtred himself would say concerning keeping our best players ” Destiny is ALL “


So we still have Xhaka and Özil? How many creative midfielders you want to play?
And don’t tell me we need a back up. You don’t really think you’ll find someone who’s better than Santi or Wilshere who would agree to sit on the bench most of the time? This is not FIFA Manager.


We need a back up.


Haha excellent.
I’d go further and say a biscuit that you’ve dunked a second to long and collapses in a mush.
Imagining all our players as biscuits now, and what kind of biscuit?
I just see Coquilin as an angry bourbon.
What am I doing with my life?
Anyway we WON THE FA CUP and I’m still delirious !!!!!!!!


angry bourbon ???????? hahaha


Biscuits, Glass, Treacle.

Either way, Jack is a luxury player, and when looking to recruitment, we need to consider that Jack is not likely to play more than 1-2 3rds of a season.


@Berlingoon Like what planet have you been living on for the last 5 years? Jack Wilshere hasn’t completed a full season at Arsenal ever. He literally did nothing at Bournemouth this season at all, I hate to say it, but I think his Arsenal career is well and truly over. And lets face it, its not like he hasn’t had the chances, but he just cant stay fit, and if we genuinely want to win the league we cannot continue to rely on players that are not going to play. Cazorla hasn’t completed a full season in the last 3… Read more »


Wilshere did alright at Bournemouth and played most of the season. To say he did nothing is alternative facts. Fake news.


Exactly – he did ‘alright’ at Bournemouth. That’s it. Bang average. Nothing special. Jack has been at Arsenal his whole playing career and the best he could do was alright? This is the same player who had lit up Xavi, Messi and Iniesta in the Champions League at the age of 18/19 – now he can’t even do anything of merit at a club like Bournemouth, he’s kind of killed his own Arsenal career here. The loan spell was all about him staying fit, and actually getting back to producing some decent level of consistent performance that is good enough… Read more »


Wilshere has been injured on/off for so many years that it affects your confidence. He has always been the most confident person in the room and maybe that is not the case anymore. It might be the need to have a full year healthy where you start to have that self confidence and belief that you can do anything. He may not be able to do that physically but you never know.


For the most part he wasn’t a starter. At Bournemouth!!

I wish with all my heart it was a different outcome, but Jack ain’t gonna cut it at Arsenal.


He started 27 games at Bournemouth just for the record.


With no disrespect to Bournemouth, and putting aside pur wonderful season, doing ‘alright’ for Bournemouth won’t be enough for Arsenal.

Pains me to say it, as I had high hopes for Jack, but his fitness is not at the level required to play for Arsenal.


When Cazorla gets injured there isn’t a link between our deeper midfielders and our forwards. Ozil is decent at it in this new system but Wiltshire cannot be relied upon and Ramsey is a B2B rather than a player that makes things happen.


Wilshire needs to be sold. Both him and Cazorla cannot be relied on from an injury stand point.


You forgot Iwobi.


Wilshere and Cazorla are constantly injured. Xhaka is not quite there yet. We’ve needed upgrading here for two years.


Ha. Wilshere, he says!

Jack is done. Loaned out and did nothing there. If he wasn’t English, no one would have ever cared.


I think we’ve all but announced Sead Kolasinac from Schalke on a free transfer (Lb/left sided winger) so that’s one down on your list.


Where would the said creative midfielder play in the 3-4-3, with the latter 3 comprising of Ozil, Sanchez and the coveted top quality striker? Unless you deem Xhaka-Ramsey partnership unfit for challenging the title.
I mean, don’t we want to sign the players suitable for the game plan, not just to stockpile them, right? I am speaking of starting XI of course, squad players are surely welcome but not an utmost priority until we clear the deadwood.

Heavenly Chapecoense

I do not think Ozil deserves a massive increase in salary because of the name he made himself in previous years with other clubs. If he rejects any reasonable increase then he can go. He is not as irreplaceable as Sanchez. A fit Santi can do his job.

Edi gunners

Arsenal with Ozil 3 FA cups in 4 seasons..

Heavenly Chapecoense

Arsenal with Welbeck 3 FA cups in 3 seasons.
Arsenal with Coquelin 2 FA cups in 3 seasons.
Arsenal with Debuchy 2 FA cups in 3 seasons.

Why not



Really hope that it is really “big money” that is on offer and that both will sign them!!


Alexis needs to ask himself what he cant do with 250k per week that he can with 300k or whatever ridiculous wage he will be offered elsewhere.
just sign dat ting bro.

Arsene\'s coat zipper

He could buy 50k worth of ping pong balls every week and get to play in the Champions League. Not bad, right?

donald\'s trump

Win stuff?


Maybe compete for a title somewhere and take more or less the same money as we are offering. I doubt money is the sole thing on his mind, he needs to feel the team he plays in can compete for the big trophies, the money is easy to come by for players of his talent the trophies and and team that competes for them is the hard part, would feel more confident in the direction the club is going if he Alexis signs, for me it would be a sign that the club are not only willing to keep its… Read more »


Personally, I don’t think £250k a week is enough. These are the TWO players we MUST keep, if we are: 1. Serious about a challenge on the EPL title next season 2. Serious about WINNING the Champions League within the next 2-3 years 3. Serious about attracting TOP calibre players 4. Serious about the future If one of them leaves, it will be a disaster, if both leave, it will be a crisis. Build around them, not instead of them. The owner and the board have to tell Wenger to get it sorted. If he won’t then get someone who… Read more »


I don’t think it is likely to be about the money for either player. I think they will be asking themselves the same questions (1-3 at least). As in “Is the club…?”
The fact we are not in CL next year has got to be a factor and they are not likely to sign unless they strongly believe they are part of a club that will be in it come this time next year.

Fuhgedaboudit l

Keep in mind ManU was not in the Champions league, and yet they were able to sign Pogba and Ibrahimovic. I don’t think not being in the Champions league for 1 year is enough to make Alexis and Ozil leave. If they believe the team is not capable of the BPL title and getting back into the Champions league within one year, that’s something different. I think we have a better chance of signing Ozil than Alexis. I just have never felt Alexis considered himself a real part of the team. Look, he is a terrific player, but I just… Read more »

Heavenly Chapecoense

Even Leicester won the league and they didn’t have Alexis. Will be a big loss (30 goals) but we can recover with a good plan. Proven goal scorers on both wings and one in central midfield.


I’m certain neither of them will sign until they know who the manager is next year. Let’s sort it out already!


Good idea to offer a 2-3 deal for Alexis. If he stays and we don’t meet up to his expectations, we can still sell him and recoup a bit of money or he extends next year after winning the league and europa(lmaooo). We can not afford to lose either one of these guys. We need to be thinking of adding a world class CM and ST / LW in addition to them.


Summer in fire !

Arsene\'s coat zipper

My secret ITK source says if Ozchez refuse, more big money is to be thrown at them, starting with £250,000.01

Ivan Drago

I reckon if one stays the other will follow, although I wouldn’t be surprised of there’s a clause that if we don’t make the CL next year they can look for somewhere else


Oh pls…

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

This is a really bad era we’re living in…We’re gonna beg a football player to stay and “compromise” with 1m per month…


only getting worse buddy!

Heavenly Chapecoense

Well said.

Determined Culture

Now y r we offering a 2 year extension to alexis who is 28? I say at least a 3 year extension making at least 4 years in total + 1 year option


It means he will have 2 years left by end of the new season in which if we don’t meet his exceptions or not qualify for CL he will leave and we will get full amount, I’m ok with that. If in some miracle we win the PL club will offer him further more to extend his contract

John C

Because we’re negotiating from a position of weakness

Eric Blair



Money certainly isn’t the issue for Ozil, otherwise he’d have fucked off to China by now. I think the club needs to show both player ambition by going for more top quality players in the transfer window. I believe that both want to stay


I thins the new deals of 280 pw, plus topping that with a couple of players in their caliber will make them stay and make a big statement to them. But the problem is if they ask to see the cub made one ore two world class signings that could taje whole summer and we know how much is difficult to buy class with so many oils clubs injected money, we can end up at the end losing both and not have time to replace them. Or the club can go all in offer the new deals and buy one… Read more »


China offer ridiculous money but it looks like a career end destination, not for player that still want to compete in the highest level of football.
When talking about money it means they have another big money from another big clubs, so in the end it’s about the ambition of the club and an assurance to be in the 1st team.

Wright on the money

I am not sure this will be enough to keep them unless they put a clause in the contract that if we don’t qualify for champions league they can go.

I hope they have a list of players and ideas to show Sanchez and Ozil that they mean business next season if they want to commit to the club and new contracts.

I really hope they can keep them otherwise we have even less chance next season, as we don’t have champions league football to help get new signings.


Sanchez wants to win leagues. If Wenger stays, he knows the board is not interested in winning the league as we know Wenger is no longer capable of managing a side to challenge for the title let alone win it. I think he’ll leave.
Özil seems to be much more comfortable in his surroundings and is not as driven by success as Alexis. Also fewer clubs would want him. I reckon he’ll stay.


I think both alexis and ozil want wenger to stay, and I think that will be also take part in their decision to stay or not, in which if it depends on wenger to stay and both of them to extend based on wenger staying I’m ok with that as winning the fa cup healed some wounds. And also hoping with them staying and adding 2 quality players on top of kolasinac we can focus only on the PL next year and truly winning. There will be no bayern trashing and disappointments in vital stages of the season focus on… Read more »


Yes there will be thrashings. I get there is a lot of good will towards manager after final but I’m not blinded by one game but the previous ten years. We’re consistent, but not consistent in being good enough to challenge for a title, and as long as Wenger stays, bar the odd cup, this will remain the same and we will stagnate as other’s progress.
Want further proof, look at these quotes after 2015 final. It’s exactly the same as what we’ve heard this weekend. Nothing will change as long as Wenger stays.


Honestly with the new formation if we keep it I don’t see any trashing surely we will lose some games but no thrashings.

Yankee Gooner

Look at the quotes on here after the Bayern thrashings, how Wenger has lost the dressing room and how the players no longer play for him, and then re-watch Saturday’s game.


Now you’re talking, YG


I keep picturing Alexis on the phone to his agent “show me the money jerry! Show MEEEE the Moneyyyyyy!” Looks down to his dog…
“Theres a good booy.”


Where will Alexis go? PSG – It’s a step down. Bayern – Even if he wins the CL (and it’s not that easy) he will be just another guy there. City – Hahaha that’s a crap story planted by his Agent. Truth is IF we are offering them that kind of money then it’s as good as done. It’s not like their careers are WASTED at Arsenal. Yeah, they can give the Ballon d’or and CL excuse to leave but remember Alexis is not even the top scorer in the league. It comes down to money at the end of… Read more »


How is PSG a step down?
They are in the Champions League and are in all probability title favourites next season..again.Monaco’s win was a one-off.
Plus life in Paris(on second thoughts, not applicable to him I guess as he is someone who will fancy staying at home with his dogs than go out to galas and parties)

Why not

They play in league un. Which im sorry french people, is a shit league. They have basically won next season already.

How is that even mildly competitive. Bayern….the same.

The only real upgrade from a sporting sense is a team in a good league and CL. Which leaves Barca, Real, Atletico, and the top 4 of EPL.


It will be interesting to see if both players re-sign within a week of Wenger being appointed for two more years. It would really be a coup if we can keep them both, I am still probably foolishly optimistic that we can. The big question, as it has been for about 5 seasons, is can we go out and get a top quality centre forward as well? I think it, along with a right back and probably a midfielder if we lose Wilshere, Walcott and without relying on Santi’s recovery are the keys to this summer. Obviously if we lose… Read more »


Also, to add, I think 250k a week+ is enough for these guys. I mean, I would have zero sympathy for anyone going to City for 50k a week more. I realise we should do ‘everything we can’ but this is a huge increase in wages and well outside our normal structure.


Agreed mate. 250k is good wages and the club will have done it’s part. If they are not satisfied they can piss off. I’m sure they won’t get this kind of love from fans in any other club in the world.


Aham… Love? Ozil might not agree. He gets more than his share of vitriol from
some angry fans.

Why not

Vitroil is even an understatement. Some fans are completely deluded.


Fans being critical of Ozil in some games is not that same as them hating Ozil so much that they want him sold. (Think about the vitriol players like Giroud and Ramsey get!).
I think every Arsenal fan loves Alexis, Ozil and would want them to stay and become legends.


Just think of the cost of relaxing them


I meant replacing them


Sign da ting or Atom and Humber get it!


“Sure, you could go somewhere else and earn another 50k a week, but how many times will you win the FA cup over there?”


Tuchel has left Dortmund……… could be big news heading out way


Or he could be replacing Spaletti at Roma


He got fired though, so it’s unlikely.
Chance of Wenger extention is bigger now because we just won the cup, i don’t know if missing the top 4 will affect Kroenke though.


Tuchel has been sacked or released from his contract by Dortmund because of conflict that arose between him and the senior management of the club.

The conflict concerned strong differences of opinion to the bombing of their coach when they were due to play Monaco in the Champions League, and how soon the game was re-arranged.

So this has nothing whatsoever to do with Tuchel being headhunted by A N Other club.


What hasTuchel achieved to be considered as new manager? he has just been sacked by Borussia.


Dortmund won the German version of the FA Cup on Saturday. It’s their first trophy since Klopp left

nimble foot

yeah, sacked but not for team performance


It’s not rely only on money imo, money is important but i think they both want us to show a commitment that we’d challenge for the title next season, how? By signing another top class player, we already got the LB on free, thus i hope we’d spend big money on a prolific striker maybe around £50M.

Btw are we gonna see the Takuma Asano next season, i hope we didn’t considere him as a new signing, but i’d give gim a chance maybe he can be a gem like Holding.?


wishfull thinking, but see your point. As a backup, Wenger should consider giving him a chance during cup games.


To me and Im sure quite a few other fans, it is nonsensical to aim for a moving slot like fourth when aiming for the top is pure, simple and actually much more profitable. Keeping your best players and adding to them if you have the cash is the aim of any serious challenger. And we have that cash. More than ever. Even if they cook up another scheme to syphon a few million off the top, the board will be able to still fund a top level team. I think they are creatures of habit, Wenger has shown them… Read more »

John C

They’re off, this is just a PR exercise to make it looked like we’ve done all we can.

Why would it be a final offer if they still have a year left and they weren’t being off loaded if they didn’t agree? It wouldn’t is the answer.

The most important business of the summer is ridding us of our dictator manager Arsene “Mugabe” Wenger!!

Why not

Your comments are incredibly boring.

John C

I’ll keep on making them nonetheless


Watching some of the replays of the end of the celebrations at the weekend (wasn’t exactly concentrating at the time, too busy partying), both Sanchez and Ozil were connecting with the fans and celebrating with the other players.

If they had any thoughts about leaving, I am not sure they would have been doing that.

I might be mad, but I am quietly confident that they will stay.


Arsenal will never win the EPL ot UCL with Ramsey. Sorry to break it down, but people still remember him from 4 years ago with a great half season and scoring in tje cup… we need Veratti to team up with Xhaka and a striker, or move Alexis up front, and get a left forward
(if we play 3-4-3)


Big signings needed to impress them both enough to stay. If I were Arsene I would also be spending a lot of time reminding them that for the past 3 years the league has been won by a team not competing in the champions league. And before signings are made, a decision on the future of the team’s tactics needs also to be made. How many of you feel that Arsene is properly convinced by this system? It was a last resort and personally I feel he will want to get back to the formation he has used for the… Read more »

John C

It’s not a lack of Champions League football that has enabled teams to win the league, it’s a lack of European football. Europa League next season will be a further hindrance not a help


Chinese clubs will not be paying the huge sums anymore. Bayern will probably offer no more than 200 per week for Sanchez. I don’t see Juve meeting his demands either. That means Chelsea, PSG and City being the only real threats to his leaving. My belief is if we give him a 275/ Week for 4 years the deal is done. So why not give it to him?


I just think how amazing it would be if the club would just say “Fuck it!” and offered truly big money (70 – 90 mil) for a great player. It would just send a fantastic message that Arsenal are second to no one and create fantastic feelings among the fans. Alas, it wont happen. One can dream……..


Sometimes I feel like dropping everything and have a jolly good laugh,you know. If most of you are so good at managing a club like Arsenal, and I mean the likes of Tony “Hee-Hoo” Adams and P.Morgan, etc,why don’t the board then consult them every season as who to buy,who plays where and what system of play to employ?Anything short of that and you are in no position to attack the person of the manager. All those venomous attacks on Wenger affected the confidence of the whole team


There is a better chance convincing Alexis to stay for a limited extension if Wenger should also commit to it. Otherwise, he is likely gone. If Wenger announces he is leaving, Giroud and Ozil are also likely to leave. Vultures will circle for Ox and Bellerin. I said it before that it makes NO SENSE for the club to be announcing Wenger’s decision in the middle of the campaign when things were in a rough patch : 1) IF he should say he was staying, the same angry crowd with their classless banners will be up in arms further poisoning… Read more »


He’s staying, we’re staying. Now let’s get on with supporting our club against a mocking world.
Arsene Wenger versus:
Klopp, Pochetino, Guardiola – he’s won more than you
Conte – he’s shown he’s got your measure (and double)
Mourinho – at least he’s playing football and 5th spot
I wanted a change but will now back him.

Greg onyeka

It isn’t about the salary alone,it’s about intentions to win trophies and much more.


Out of curiosity, but is £250K a week the highest wage in the Prem?
With no CL football I think we need to make Alexis the highest earner in the Prem in order for him to sign an extension with us.
He’s arguably the best player in the League so it will take some balls from agents of other players to ask for salaries similar or near to Alexis’. Can you imagine Theo’s agent asking for a pay rise based on Alexis’ offer?
Making Alexis the highest earner won’t break our wage structure.

Keeping it real

If they offer Alexis $250K per week that is a joke. I know it is hard to believe but he would get $350 from Man City without a doubt. With no CL football the Gunners need to floor him with an offer. Without him Gunners are a mid table team next year. Sorry to report.


Why on Earth would Alexis sign? The man wants to win league titles.


Keep them And have santi for a full season and that would be a great start!!

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