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Sanchez remains coy on his future, admits Premier League frustration

Alexis Sanchez has given little away about his future, as the speculation over where he’ll play his football next season continues.

As he heads towards the final 12 months of his current deal, Arsenal’s leading scorer this season has been linked with moves to a host of other clubs including PSG, Chelsea, Man City and Bayern Munich.

However, he says he’ll sit down with the club in the summer to discuss matters, and when asked about his intentions, he said, “I cannot tell you now. We have to wait until the end of the season.

“As I always say, it doesn’t depend on me. It depends on the club. What they like, what they don’t like.

“I always said the same: I try to do my best, to support the team, to score goals, to win victories. And we will see at the end. If they like that I carry on, or they don’t. Whatever they want, we will see it at the end of the tournament.”

Despite 28 goals and 14 assists this season, Sanchez has cut a frustrated figure at times, something he says stems from underachievement in the Premier League.

“Sometimes when I look at the team we have and the players here,” he said, “because when it comes to winning the Premier League we often lose or draw against teams at home when we are superior.

“Sometimes the frustration more than anything is about the fact we could be challenging for the Premier League title.”

It’s certainly one of they key issues the club have to deal with this summer. Perhaps if they might deign to tell us who is going to be in charge next season, we might be able to get things like this sorted out.

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Going get ya

Sounds encouraging to me.

Remember the invincibles

Van Per$ie said similar stuff though


Van Persie left because we as a club werent/arent ambitious enough, to prove to not only the current squad but everyone that we’re serious about being a big club. Investing, utilising the funds we have. Most that left might not have bettered themselves as a player, but most won league titles and alot more. Ashley cole, Fabregas, Van Persie, Vieira, Henry to name a few. Sanchez is frustrated as he clearly feels the team is good, but could be better, he wants to know club are on same wavelength and to act on it. Hes a winner. He wants to… Read more »

Toure motors

I think that Sanchez will focus more on winning things than on his salary. Which unfortunately makes him less likely to stay. I hope that I am completely wrong in thinking this


I hope so too!

Lack of Perspective

Some may argue that moving to a “better” team and winning is the easy way out for such a fighter. This team is capable of winning the league. He should stay and fight for it, like he is obliged to do by his contract. He was at barcelona before, and they let him go. For me its time for the players around him to prove their credintials and not to leave it up to him. Alexis, is frankly, for me anyways a massive frustration to watch. He will play shite for 80mins and score the winner. The other players seem… Read more »

Bould\'s Eyeliner

What I hear is this: “(My efforts are worth $$$$$$); I have always put in the effort. What’s Arsenal going to put on the table for me?” You take the second and make it PR, and put the club in a position where they have to pay the $$$$$$. I’m not trying to say it’s snide or dirty; it’s business, and Alexis has every right to be paid and we all agree that he’s worth the $$$$$$. I think he wants to win and make loads of money at the same time. And Arsenal’s got the funds, so why the… Read more »

Dan Hunter

But was he wrong though? I know we all hate him for joining his dad at Manure, but looking at it in hindsight, you cannot say with your hand on your heart that he was wrong in questioning the ambition of the club.


Yeah, but it would have been nice if he had realized that if the club had been ambitious then they would cut him off well before he left. This guy was more or less like a Walcott during his early years, flashes of brilliance but loads of injury and then had 2 years of great returns, out of which he spent one for us (which is an obligation in my opinion) and one in Man U (who did nothing to develop him). So he’s still an A’hole in my opinion.

Dan Hunter

No doubt he is an arsehole, but that nevertheless does not negate the fact that what he said was absolutely correct.

Edna Dowling

Wish I could upvote this more than once!


Would you even see the club as having had a “lack of ambition” if all the key players such as him, Nasri, Fabregas, Cole etc. hadn’t forced their way out of the club? It’s hard to “have ambition” when the best players keep jumping ship for huge wages.

He went for money and an easier opportunity. I can and absolutely do fault him for it.


Just gives him what he wants

John C

A new manager and several new team mates?


You doomsday people need to read his full interview. He stands by Wenger.

John C

But won’t sign a new contract

John C

I judge people by their actions not there words, when you grow up you might do the same!

Bai Blagoi

Easier said than done. Doubling his salary will create a huge difference to the salaries of the rest of the team and this might screw up the atmosphere in the dressing room.

Faisal Narrage

If they want parity let them perform with parity. Right now, only Kos would have a right to demand for more


Fuck em indeed. Walcott and Ramsy are on a Grand a week. You mean to tell me they put on Grand a week kind of performances. No. I perfer them to leave anyways. Is is Obvious what needs to be done. It is unfortunate that they dont do it.

Heavenly Chapecoense

There is no parity at the moment. He is paid more than teammates, he performs more than teammates. Problem is when you compare with other teams.

Bai Blagoi

I don’t say parity. I think everyone can accept that the best player of the team can earn ~180 – 200k when the others get no more than a 100k. But 300k is simply way out of proportion. Kos, that you mentioned, is supposed to earn 75k, for example.

All that being said, I believe that Sanchez is actually more hungry for titles than for money. If the club can convince him that he will win here, I think he would agree to a ~200k salary.


Players like Sanchez is an elite player. And as so, is deservimg to be on more than the average player. 28 goals and 14 assists is evidence of his worth. We have too many mediocre fuckers on 100k a week. Oxlade, Ramsey, Welbeck to name a few who dont have the right to ask for more cash until they prove they are worth it. Sanchez is a match winner. Ozil, Giroud, Koscielny, Cech….these along with Sanchez are about the only ones that should be on the big money. They affect the results week in week out. Proven at the highest… Read more »


Merson is a tick on a pig’s testicle. That asshole has wanted the club to burn for as long as I can remember.

Every player should get as much as they can. Whether it is Sanchez or Walcott. It’s how the market works. Up to the club to take call / cajole.

Heavenly Chapecoense

In MLS, Kaka earns more than the entire wage budget of many other MLS teams. They have the concept of designated players (Henry, Beckham, Drogba). Should PL introduce that concept? I am not sure. I want something to happen so that the whole super inflation of wages and transfer fees in football collapse.

a different George

The “designated player” in MLS exists because there is a salary cap–it is an exception to the limit on the total salary a club can pay players. No one wants that in England, and it would be illegal.

Heavenly Chapecoense

I like the idea of salary cap. Owners, players representatives, fans reps should sit down every year to put a salary cap in place that is fair to all. Fans will try to control inflation of ticket price, players will ensure they get their fair share of TV revenue, owners will ensure they do not lose money.


You put Giroud in that group? Really?? He is the first one who is already too lucky IMO, so many years a main striker in our club, and below the level we need.. Got a new contract too recently… Would rather have him sold as he’s too arrogant to accept being on the bench, which is his maximum at Arsenal, a solid option B.


Giroud for all his faults, can never be faulted for his desire to win. He fights every game and has scored goals. He averages a goal every 2 games or something like that. Maybe not be to everyones liking but still scored some important goals. His ability to defend set pieces also makes me believe hes deserving as the others i mentioned.

Lack of Perspective

He is consistent across the season at least. Has scored some unbelievably massive goals for us during his time.


Right , if you compare that tally with pogba , zlatan and hazard who are on gigantic wages you will understand Sanchez trumps them. He is our true match winner , the player most likely to make a difference and a player with winning mentality not to mention one of the best player in the league. Not that he cares more about money , but arsenal must pay him whatever he wants to make him stay


I don’t understand this argument, he is what he is today because Arsenal (& AW) contributed to his career. He was a peripheral figure in Barca, he won a lot there but didn’t progress as a player. In a club that scores tons of goals each year, how many did he get? What was his contribution to all those trophies that Barca won? Would Barca fans revere him if he goes back to that stadium? If he’s a guy that doesn’t care for money and likes to play, he should sign for us. Nasri won titles too but what was… Read more »


He has a point. The ball is firmly in Arsenal’s court. If he leaves, it will be out of their own making.


I don’t think he is giving an ultimatum TBH and that never helps anyone. If Alexis takes a hard stance he will most likely be dispatched. I am hopeful Dick Law, Wenger and Co will be convincing and charismatic enough to get his John Hancock eventually.

Cliff Bastin

What if there IS a plan and it’s just that no one is allowed to disclose it? What if Allegri has already agreed to take over and the Bosnian left back guy was his idea?

Remember when city announced midway through the season that Pellegrini was going to be replaced by pep and everything went to shit?

Would be surprising as hell, but we can only wait and see.


It’s possible, but Given Kronks managing of other ‘franchises’ I suspect you are thinking wishfully.

I wish I could think wishfully about this cluster fuck Arsenal are in

Lord Bendnter

Don’t see Allegri coming here and asking for that LB bloke’s signature.
He’s more likely a Wenger signing and it was inevitable, we were always in the market for a LB.

a different George

If you hear that Bonucci has signed with us though . . .


well i wont have any bad feelings for sanchez if he leaves.He is potentially a ballonDor contender and with arsenal shaping up like muppets in champions league and in pl every year it’s but obvious that he won’t be satisfied..After henry he’s the best player we have ever had but the way arsenal is functioning i am pretty sure we are not going to be champions league or pl contenders for quite a while…sadly,Adios Alexis Duracell Sanchez

Ps:just score a winning goal against chelsea and be a legend and leave

Faisal Narrage

“After henry he’s the best player we have ever had”

U wot m8?


He must have only been a fan for a few years if he really thinks that!!!!!


well i hope u understand that arsenal’s fan base is not limited to only native spoken language is not english….to correct myself “we ever had” …i shoved have in your proud english **s


It’s not the grammar lad, it’s the mad assertion that he’s the second best arsenal have ever had.

For one there is a certain dutchman who might have something to say about that.


You are forgetting both Senderos and Almunia in our greatest players list.

And I’m sure there are others…


like…… Zinedine Cygan…

See what I did there 🙂


And Emmanuel Eboue 27

planet ape

your English is fine mate, it’s the content… to be the second best to Henry disregards a host of players who are at least as good as Alexis (Bergkamp, Adams, Pires, Viera, Thomas 😉 ) and there are many cases of top class players remaining with teams not winning trophies.

At least you probably have better teeth and a better looking girl/boyfriend not being from the UK


All of the mentions players left prior to Henry. Give me one player that was here after Henry’s departure that is better than Alexis?

Faisal Narrage

Van Persie.
Like the treacherous skunk or not, that tosser single handedly carried one of the poorest Arsenal teams I’ve seen in years. And then did the same for United.

And hate the traitor, but Cesc was better. He did it for much longer too. Let’s not forget that season when he had 20 goals and 20 assists too.


They were good but if I could chose one of Fabregas, van Persie and Alexis, I wouldn’t have to think about it and take Alexis all day.

Faisal Narrage

Horses for courses.
At one point Fabregas was the most complete AM, and Van Treachery arguably the most complete CF.

I wouldn’t still say the same for Sanchez


Actually Van Persie for the briefest of time wasn’t a bad captain either. Led from the front and by example and was supportive of younger players… sigh.

Then he turned into shitstain.

Heavenly Chapecoense

True but let’s pretend RVP wasn’t that good.

Faisal Narrage

I’m not disputing your grammar, but your logic in claiming Sanchez is the greatest Arsenal player after Henry.


I think he meant after Henry left, and since then, hes been the best player we have had. Which is probably right.

Ozil\'s left foot

If Sanchez had been injured and Santi had played every match this season I think we would have finished higher.


…. perhaps… but lets not find out eh 🙂


Blasphemy to lord Dennis Bergkamp the 10

Lord Bendnter

I don’t know if he’ll leave or not. But yea, even if he leaves, I will have no hard feelings either


Uhm…. Lord bendtner ??

Sir Henry Norris\'s Brown Envelope

In England you use “of” instead of have. Like ” We would of won the league if we had of won more of our games”
Yes, I don’t understand the English anymore, I think the decline in standards is the lack of immigration from commonwealth country’s. You are also supposed to spell badly (country’s) and use apostrophes for collective’s like I’ve just done


Well said… Sanchez leaving will be entirely up to the dictator Wenger, and it shows the level of competence he has as our best player wants to leave, and rightly so… He knows that with Wenger he will not win anything bigger than occasional FA cup…

John C

The same level of competence that saw Van Persie, Fabregas, and Nasri leave!


Have you ever heard of a Dutch bloke called Bergkamp?


What about Bergkamp!? and to be honest most of the invincible’s squad!

Toure motors

Allegri is now signed up with juve til 2018. Why would he join us now having signed an extension two weeks ago?


This has to go down as one of our biggest cock ups. Should have been extended at the end of last season. The ball is now fully in his agents court…. can’t see him staying unless Middlesbrough pull off a shock.

Maybe we’ll receive a forty plus one offer.


Exactly, one of biggest fuckups from our beloved “benevolent dictator”, as Tim Stillman said.


We have to do all it takes to like what he’s doing so if can stay. Coyg.


He’s the leagues most productive player in terms of goals+assists.
Regardless of whether he signs or not we should hold him to his contract.
I don’t think this will be a financial decision, I think his decision will be based on us showing some ambition.

Bruce Lee

Doesn’t sound like a resolute no.

Pay the man and sign players who will make him and Ozil happy.

Ozil\'s left foot

His celebration after the first goal against Sunderland was interesting as well. Don’t think he’s made his mind up.

Q Mantis

Great if he stays and we get a few more decent players in. I don’t expect top top players to arrive as thrown about in the media. But I can cope with him leaving, it’s not the end of us if he goes along with any other players who don’t renew their contracts. There are ‘Teams’ above us that don’t have as many gifted individuals as we have! Regardless of the ins and outs I would love to see us playing with passion and drive from the start of every game next season, with the mentally to be winners all… Read more »

Me So Hornsey

It’s interesting that thinks that this team is good enough to win the title. Because sometimes his body language doesn’t look like he thinks that at all. It often looks the exact opposite.

But then again this is a guy that helped lead Chile to become Copa America champions with only about 4 players in the side of premiership ability. He knows what mentality and effort it takes and he can’t see it here. That must be frustrating.

a different George

Alexis and Vidal, along with the likes of Beausejour, Jara, and Gary Medel beat a team including Messi, Higuain, Arguero, etc. Along the way they beat Mexico 7-0.


I think he will re-sign with us, hopefully Ozil and Ox too


OT but not that much: inbetween two Sanchez articles and again transfert discussions, it could be nice to talk about Charlie, the lil boy Mesut welcomed at the Emirates on tuesday. A way to show we can also discuss football players beyond money, critics, notes, transfert and performances… 🙂

Ponsonby Gooner

To me those comments sound like he has told the club he wants to stay next season and see out his contract. The thought of him moving to a rival is too gut wrenching to bear though so would rather see him shipped out abroad if he won’t sign a new deal. If Arsene let’s him run down his contract then move to City or Chelsea then….I don’t know what to say.


He wants to win the EPL. And he wants a serious crack at the CL. He won’t get either here.

He’s going. And probably to Chelsea, if they offer enough. And I suspect they will. We’ve seen this movie before and we know the ending.


just give him a blank cheque. Whatever he wants will still be less than what it costs to replace him with someone of his calibre.

Faisal Narrage

He’s said what he wants; a league title.


Said in my finest russian accent

“If he goes…. He goes”


Disappointed you didn’t include what Alexis said about Wenger blogs, “Arsène is more than a manager here. He was, still is and will always be the right man for the job”.


Wenger lost the dressing room they said.

Faisal Narrage

I’m still not buying.
It’s like when Gnabry came out to tell a how Wenger is the right man for Arsenal.

If he were so right, why dafuq did he leave?
Players can be sentimental but ruthless when it comes to career decisions. The proof of what he thinks of Wenger will be decided upon what he’s does, not what he says.


Gnabry left because he wanted to play more and rightaway and Wenger was honest with him about the competition… Gnabry has no reason to be diplomatic or sweet to anyone.

You can chose to believe otherwise. Fact is players like and respect Wenger.


They like him so much , they go elsewhere to win things and then tell us afterwards, how much they like him and he must stay forever. So presumably he will still be managing once rigour mortis has taken hold. A bit like El Cid.

Sure, we believe it !

a different George

It may be that Wenger should leave, but it is a fact that players throughout Europe like, admire, and respect him. Both those things can be true at the same time.

John C

Worrying remarks, i’d be more than happy to sacrifice Sanchez to rid ourselves from Wenger


Yep! Either it’s bias or Blogs thinks there’s another post he can squeeze out of Alexis…


Interesting – where’s that quote from?


How many players have ever criticized the manager they were currently playing under? The words are meaningless and no indication at all as to what will happen at seasons end.


Man City are keen on Sanchez
Aguero isn’t really a Pep player
Arsenal could do with a world class striker
Is a swap deal an outlandish idea? Seems like it might suit both clubs…

Faisal Narrage

“Aguero isn’t really a Pep player”
As supposed to the Sanchez that was pushed out by Pep for not his type of player?


Sanchez was sold by Barca because Suarez was an upgrade.


I believe it was because Messi wanted more of the ball and move back to the right. Also they had Pedro and youngsters vying for wide positions – most of whom funnily are now gone or injured. There was space up top and Suarez is a better CF than Alexis. Cutting in from wide I think Alexis is better.


also, Pep was at Bayern when Sanchez was sold. Apart from that you’re spot on


No mate, he was sold by Luis Enrique in 2014. Pep was the one who signed him for Barca in the first place.


Who cares bout Aguero? He’s older iirc, and also injury prone. There are much better options for the cf position. I wouldn’t burden ourselves for a truly luxurious player (notes: that’s meant to describe what I deem as luxurious, where said player only stays fit for almost half the season).


I love Aguero but yes – no players with serious past injuries please.


The thing is that Alexis wants to win the PL and we fans want the same thing since 2003-04. In order to do that we need alexis, ozil + quality striker in their mould and one more destroyer like kante, if we do a swap alexis for aguero even if city pays on top of that we will not win anything, yes aguero will be great for us he will definitely score 20+ but it will be only for fighting for top 4, contrary city getting alexis i’m 99.9 % sure they will win the league with him because they… Read more »


Looks like it’s mostly going to be about wages and the players we sign. Sign of an ambitious player. This is why over the years I’ve come to not hate RVP that much. He merely wanted the club to show ambition which we didn’t.
If we can convince both Alexis and Ozil to stay and add someone like Reus/James for extra creativity, then we’re set to go. A CM like Naby Keita would do as well.
Hoping that Wenger leaves though.


Did you notice that no matter what , the same little dust devil turned up every match.
It must be frustrating to watch team mates varying their commitment on the pitch from match to match. In some cases it might have been due to a confusion of tactics from management, but it happened.
With Alexis , tho, he just kept spinning!!!
Our best player this season.


Have we ever been so reliant on one player?


Many. A. Times.


reminds me of walcott’s transfer saga a few years back…if he was banging in those goals in his last 6 months and we were desperate for him to sign then!!!!how dissapointing has he been all this years but we were once so reliant on him signing so that we can show the world that we can keep our star players after rvp left.


Where’s the quote of him saying the protests are silly and disrespectful to Wenger??? It’s up on Metro…

Donald\'s Trump

Who gives a shit what he thinks about Wenger. The results speak for themselves not whether the players like him or not.

Wright on the money

It means if arsenal don’t get in the champions league he is gone. Also if they qualify it depends on who they are going to buy in to support him if they are quality players or just average.

I hope we can get into the the top four but I can’t see Liverpool or City losing so I can’t see Sanchez staying.

Good luck to you Sanchez what ever you decide you certainly have been the only player that has preformed this season.


We do have great players.

How they all seem to go into spells of low confidence at the same time that usually makes us lose out on everything is something the manager has not sorted out for over a decade.

John C

We don’t have great players or a great manager.

Great isn’t measured by technique or skill but how you perform when the pressure’s on, and when the pressure is on we perform considerably below our level on both.


The beginning of the end. And that’s sad. If he goes then it’s an epic failure on behalf of the board and management.


Hard to believe someone would liken this guy to a bollix like Van Persie


I have another point of view that may just be bonkers… Sanchez was winning everything without barca but he wasn’t the main man. He is that in Arsenal, I think he enjoys that as much as anything. Offcourse he wants to win Butwith a nice wage packet and some assurances he will stay


Only way to keep Sanchez is go big in the market and really improve the squad.


If Arsene stays, Alexis stays. The guy knows that Arsene has developed him much further than when he was stale and stagnant at Barca. He knows Arsene gave him a new opportunity and breathe new life into his playing style. Arsene mentioned it the other day. His stats…goals and assists show that too. He never acheives such numbers at Barca or any where else he had played before. But he managed those numbers here…mind you…this is the BPL…supposedly the toughest League in the world. Just for that, he will stay if Arsene stays. Coz a new manager will see his… Read more »


Sound so like he’s shifting the focus onto the club to absolve himself from responsibility should he leave.


Not sure why autocorrect would take “sounds” to “sound so”. Who talks like that?

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