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Video: Arsene Wenger admits his future influenced the players

A clearly unsettled Arsene Wenger spoke to the media after today’s 3-1 win over Everton, and admitted that his own situation had an influence on the players and performances this season.

He reiterated his love for the club, and refused to be drawn about what his intentions might be – probably understandably now ahead of the FA Cup final.

Watch what he had to say below, and we’ll have more coverage from his post-game press conference in a while.


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La Défense


La Défense

David Dein backed Alisher Usmanov. The xenophobic donkeys (this blog included), backed Silent Stan.

I’d back David Dein and Thierry Henry’s choice over the pretentious hoi polloi any day.


I cannot understand the mass discontent with Kroenke. Why the hatred? We’ve invested hundreds of millions into the club since he took over majority and also increased wages which allow us to compete. So why are we blaming him for on pitch performances and failure to challenge and/or qualify for CL?

Me So Hornsey

You’re not fooling anyone Josh ?


No. Seriously. Why the discontent? What has he done besides not show up to games? How have his actions hindered us from competing for the championship this season? I’d rather hear a response.

Arsenal Pakistan!

You seriously don’t know what he’s done? You say Stan isn’t responsible for on the pitch failures but he keeps extending the contract for the person who is responsible for our on the pitch failures. If he is so supportive of Arsene then why doesn’t he come out and say it and tell us why he backs the manager? Why does he let Arsene take the fall and all the abuses he has taken this season? Wenger doesn’t extend his contract, Stan does. He brought his useless Muppets Ivan and his son on the board who have basically no football… Read more »


Renewing the contract of the manager? Until late last season and perhaps up until this season, most of the Arsenal faithful along with the board believed that he was the right man for the job to spearhead us on this season after we finished 2nd last year. Clearly, they do not feel comfortable with him being at the helm since his future is still undecided. What happens in the FA Cup final will determine the managers future, and rightfully so. Kroenke is not a football man, I agree. He has not handled the situation superbly well either. But to blame… Read more »


I’ll tell you what Stan Kroenke has done. He’s treated this football club like a franchise. Something that’s a part of his business portfolio and not a club that he genuinely loves or cares for. Not being a football man means that he’s got decisionmaking power but can’t see what’s wrong with the club. He has appointed an administrative person in Gazidis, and every decision on football matters is in the hands on Arsene, who’s definitely ages behind on the tactical front, dithers a lot on transfers, and who now doesn’t care about answering reasonable questions about his future and… Read more »


Look, don’t get me wrong. I am not a massive fan of Kroenke and I definitely agree that things could be done better. I am just curious as to how he is to blame for this seasons failings. People seem to be more vocal about him over the past 2-3 months than they were before. It’s as if there was a bandwagon and everybody jumped on board. When people started feeling bad about criticising Wenger, they decided to focus all their vitriol toward Stan because he is not as much of a respectable figure within the club. Perhaps they should… Read more »


I agree that when people started feeling bad about criticizing Arsene, they have turned to Stan. I still will criticize Arsene but he’s definitely not the only person to be blamed. Any organization’s board usually consists of powerful board members. We have a dysfunctional one because the ones with actual power leave the administration to namesake board members who have no way of holding . Also, why not appoint a couple of honorary board members that are knowledgeable football people? What the heck does Sir Chips know about football compared to someone like a Guus hiddink, or a cheerful elderly… Read more »

Arsenal Pakistan!

Exactly. Stan owns 4 other teams in US. 2 of them finished bottom this season, one finished 9th and one third. And another example of more money being available to every pl club is a club like palace buying benteke for 32m. That’s almost what we payed for Alexis! And no one is saying Stan is the reason we were shit January to April but Stan is rewarding this with another 2 year contract. How an arsenal fan can not know why we are discontent with Stan is beyond me.


How do you know that? Has it been signed? No. It’s all just hearsay until the announcment is made. I don’t see what other teams spendature has to do with my argument? So because Palace go out and spend 32m on strikers that are overpriced, we should do the same? My initial point still stands; Kroenke had nothing to do with this season’s abysmal run. It was all down to the manager and the players. Everyone is just looking for someone else to blame besides Arsene Wenger because they feel bad about it..


Kroenke made an investment. Say what you like about Ambramovich but that man genuinely loves football, so he wants his team to be the best in Europe and be spoken about amongst elite clubs. Kroenke bought Arsenal and makes a tidy sum of money. Why does he care if we don’t win the league? If we finish in the top four, we’ll get the revenue and he’s happy. He’s given Wenger to sign some players, but we’re not paying the same type of wages that our competitors do. Is Usmanov’s bid true? And if so, then what? We sell out,… Read more »


I have to agree. The whole reason Kroenke was brought in in the first place was because he is an owner who doesn’t interfere: thus allowing Arsene to continue his job with full control of the team. I feel any anger directed towards him on this blog and elsewhere is just missing the point. What is he supposed to do? To my knowledge he has never refused a transfer and the only way he can make a statement is to fire Wenger, and we all know that he can’t. This squad is the best in a decade and as much… Read more »

Dan Hunter

I get your point that Kroenke doesn’t interfere, but there is such a thing as being too hands off. He allows mediocrity and does not put enough pressure on management to deliver success on the pitch. If he did, Arsene Wenger would have gone long ago. Any other European club would have parted ways with Wenger by now. Usmanov on the other hand has reiterated time and again his ambition for the team. I would take him in a heartbeat and not because it is not Kroenke. At least Arsene Wenger of whoever the manager was would be a lot… Read more »


I am genuinely interested in hearing your thoughts on this – a) what is better and b) what is the way to get it?

Personally, I’d say a) majority fan ownership with some institutional investors and b) corporate litigation by minority shareholders (especially the 2% approx.), but there doesn’t seem to be too much momentum there.

However, given that its fans and not activists, what can realistically be hoped for, beyond a Stan exit (even if it means an Usmanov takeover)?


Inanimate carbon rod, for example

Make Arsenal Great Again

That was painful to watch. You can tell that the season and the turmoil at the club really got to him


As much as everyone has wanted to know whether he is staying or going, this interview makes me think he has been instructed from above to not speak about his future. In the past, when his contract has been up for renewal, he has spoken to say he will be staying. This time around, he has dodged the question, and is still doing so. I’m sure, by now, he would have said. I also think he is acknowledging that it affected the players now because to do it during the season would have put even more heat on him to… Read more »


Well said. Thanks.

Houston Gunner

I can’t pay attention with that minion over his shoulder!


It hurts him. It’s impossible not to see that, despite everything. For it to come to a point where even people who respect him have to publicly call for his head… Stan Kroenke, special place in hell.


After insisting for months it was having no impact on the team’s performance …

David C

I don’t mind him saying it, but just wait 1 more week and don’t give anyone an excuse ahead of next week’s game.

Make Arsenal Great Again

It shouldn’t have affected the team. These are well paid professional footballers who should’ve put any distractions aside. It didn’t affect them from picking up their wages every week, so why should it hinder them from doing their jobs to the best of their abilities?


Modern footballers are not examples of typical men. They are pampered and have smoke blown up their arses from an early age. Agents constantly whispering in their ears. They don’t need an excuse for poor performances, one is almost always provided.

Andy Mack

Loads of examples of teams giving up when they know the manager is leaving at the end of the season (one of the reasons old red nose didn’t announce it when he did leave), and yes some teams are unaffected but only an idiot manager takes that gamble…


So you’re saying that because they get well paid, they have no right to be emotionally/mentally disturbed by this situation.


Another day another Arsene Wenger excuse… You know uncertainty about the manager causes chaos amongst the players then why are you doing it… This adds to more irritation and frustration…


He loves arsenal and eventhough i jumped into wengerout squad after bayern munich games i still can’t accept that he is not the right man to lead arsenal to trophy…I will stick by this man till he manages arsenal and i want him to stay..

Billy Dyer

I’ve come across some “Wenger-Out” Brigade, but you’re a proper Hardcore




ok i was trying out my own deductions of what happens about arsene situation when we go on a great winning run..All those who have upvoted my comments,most of them are biased by the current winning streak we went on….This has carried way too long at arsenal,the end of an horrible season and still ppl dont want manager sacked..This is how we would go full milan on epl standards if we start accepting medicroity..


You might not have been saying that if we had lost the last 4 games. A rosy finish to the season does not hide the fact that we have failed spectacularly again with all the usual faults leading to one man.

How we cannot perform with Ozil, Sanchez and many other quality players in the team is a mystery leading to that same man. We’d all love him to lead this club to league glory again but he won’t or can’t change.


Till he takes the club to relegation right? Fool!


“Hey interviewer, everyone thinks you are a prick who is fishing desperately to get a juicy sound bite… How do you process that?”

Let’s see how this goes. Even if Wenger stays, this is new territory and something’s got to change.
Thursday football will be a pain but we brought it on ourselves, so hopefully it should not be used as an excuse next year.


He has tears in his eyes, it seems, when speaks of his love for the club. Be careful what you wish for Arsenal fans. There are few managers like Wenger in the world.


There are also better managers than Wenger in the world!

Andy Mack

I guess your money is on us finding one of them quickly…


One hopes.


What a load of old bollocks. Sentiments getting in thw way of any logic or objectivity.

La Défense


Billy Dyer

#ArseneKnew (1996 – 2005)
#ArseneHasNotKnown (2005 – 2017)


Hate him. Hate him so much. Used to love him, thought the sun shined out his backside. Now everything he says and does annoys the shit out of me. And now he’s basically acknowledged that he fucked our season up and still won’t say what his future is, and blabs on about his love for our club. If he loved it that much hed have resolved his contact one way or the other a long time ago.


I agree in the respect that it was annoying as fuck there was no clarification on his future. But as yet, we dont know why there hasnt been. Ownership issues, perhaps the board hasnt made their mind up, no one yet knows it was/wasn’t Arsene’s choice. Maybe he always wanted to say either way but has been told not to say anything. But one thing was certain. He would stay till the end of season. And no matter what we think, as professionals, the squad let him down badly as they let it affect them. The club pay the wages… Read more »


Then why not just say that he can’t comment on the situation instead of all the flirting and lies and fucking around. Nobody in their right mind doubts that he loves the club or that he works hard. I actually used to like him, sometimes I still do, and I still respect what he’s done in the past. There’s a lot of class about some of his behaviour, but the failure to properly strengthen the squad, the playing of favourites who don’t deliver, the same old seventyminute likeforlike subs, and general stubborness has cost us dearly now. Some of the… Read more »

Original Paul

“hed have resolved his contact” not a good way to drum up Wangeraaawt support…


Perhaps he was genuinely waiting to see if he could ‘do it’ this year, salvage a decent position, win the cup. Anyone who loves the club as he does would find it hard to leave. I reckon he’ll decide after the cup final, depending on the result. Let’s face it, another FA CUP win would be awesome and would again forgive an otherwise disappointing season.


He does love the club but he loves himself more, so it is not really a love for the club anymore as his perception of what is good for the club is twisted by his need for self preservation… He wants to achieve something again with Arsenal so he will try and try and try, year after year… And he is given these opportunities based on the former glory.. While better managers are passing us by, and years are going by with a steady stagnation and now decline of our club. We are always proud of how much class Wenger… Read more »


So why the fuck not clear things up either way….ffs.

Stuck on repeat...

The saddest aspect for me is that I genuinely don’t know of a single person that actually doubts or questions his love for the club.

Whatever the future holds for him, would love to see him lift the FA Cup again. COYG!!!


Love for the club, the fat salary, the ridiculous power, an undemanding board and hence the job security is a more complete statement.


Of course he loves the club.

Any other club of similar stature would have fired him a decade ago.

Who wouldn’t love such a forgiving (and generous) employer?


I doubt his love though because he didn’t want to leave knowing he can’t bring us further. He always bragging will win PL every season yet refuse to address some issues within his squad and very stubborn to learn from the mistake. He knows, Arsenal is the only club will accept his mediocrity, other big club demand glory from their manager, top 4 won’t save you from the sack. He can manage mediocre team but his salary won’t as big as his in Arsenal. The solution for him is to manage Chinese team, high salary for sure, but i don’t… Read more »

Wenger\'s Pony

The Youtube comments on the video make me sick!


“This group has to stay together… I think THEY will win the championship.”

Am I reading too much into that?


No I don’t think so. He’s referred to the squad as ‘they’ many times in the past.
Anyway I would much prefer winning the Premier League than the Championship.

Clock-End Mike

Le Prof also often refers to being champions of the PL as “winning the championship”.


No-one questioned his loyalty to the club.
Not sure why he even brought that up.
He’s obviously intelligent but a lot of what he says and does seems to go against that


First he says it had no impact on the players minds, him staying or going but now he says it did have an impact on players mind, and effected the teams mentality to do well in the title and champions league.

We all know your going stay and sign the two year extension which is going to be a big mistake just come out with it and stop this silly game of charades.

We don’t care it’s not end of season just man up and do the right thing with fans and tell us. Stay or Go.

Lord Nicki B

Nobody’s questioning your love for the club Arsene. Nobody will ever take away what you’ve done for us. Except…you, yourself might tarnish that great legacy. If you told us you were staying, we’d be rightfully pissed, because you took us as forward as you could, but you have been stagnating us for a few years now. If you told us you were going, we’d give you the sendoff you deserve for being such a loyal servant of Arsenal football club. Wenger Out is my personal stance. But that doesn’t mean I don’t respect you for what you’ve done, but it… Read more »

Gooner Sam

Couldn’t agree more with all that you say.

Thanks Arsene but we want progress not groundhog day

Billy Dyer

Absolutely my sentiment on the subject.


I’ve been a fan since the day I started school, age 4, and I needed a school bag so went for the one with the cannon on it…40 years ago.

I’m as gutted as the rest and the last few months have been torture….but….

I reckon we’ll be absolutely mental to get rid of Wenger. He’s top drawer and not the reason we are where we are.

Each to their own and all That…but like Fergie said..who the fuck do you get. The grass aint always greener.

Dan Hunter

It’s okay to change. Everything has to change eventually. If he doesn’t leave now he will certainly leave later. Why the fear of changing? We are not Manchester United. Chelsea changed their manager and won the title. Liverpool changed and got into the top4. Spurs changed and have been the only real contenders for the title for 2 seasons. To say there is no one who can take this group of players and challenge seriously is simply a form of fear of the unknown,which is understandable when all you have known for 20 years is one manager and we are… Read more »

Andy Mack

How many times have ‘Chavski, Liverpoo! and the Spuddies changed their manager and how much money have they spent, over the last 5 years to get the achievements you mentioned?
How do you know we won’t be doing a United’?

Dan Hunter

How do you know we won’t get even worse under Arsene Wenger? I don’t know for certain of course, but I am simply talking about probabilities. Getting in a manager who has won trophies recently shows the probability of him doing it again. Manchester United went for David Moyes, an unproven manager who had only managed at midtable level. If we get in an unproven manager, the likelihood of success is greatly reduced. If he is proven the likelihood increases. It is very simple. So if we can get Allegri or Simeone or Jardim, for example, why not? There is… Read more »


No one is questioning his love for the club. He loves the club. But every organisation has a moment when a new person or regime are needed to take the club forward. That is where we are now. We may well need both.

John C

Horrible, arrogant, selfish man, Wenger Out!


Is that John C, as in the nickname people use for John Terry when they’re in polite company and don’t want to actually say the last three letters?

John C

Why didn’t Wenger go on the end of season lap of honour?


The reason he didn’t go on the lap of honour is because he finds it all too painful and guess what, he’s human. He probably should have known that twats like JC and Arsenal fan TV would make a big deal of it, but I guess that wasn’t the main thing on his mind at that moment.

John C

No it isn’t, it’s because is arrogant and treats the fan’s with contempt


He has arrogance in him, yes – but if you seriously believe he didn’t go on the lap of honour as a deliberate and conscious slight of the fans, then your judgement of character is really not very good.

John C

I don’t think it was deliberate as i don’t think he gives it that much thought


This team can win the championship!

John C

This team, even without European football won’t get the 85-90+ points needed to win the league

Clock-End Mike

Oh, go away. How do you know?

John C

Because they’re not good enough that’s why

Original Paul

Don’t try to reason with Internet wankers Mike. I am not saying John C is an Internet wanker I am just saying that there are a lot of Internet wankers out there. 😉


As said on the internet.


As it seems you pretend to know what the future is about, would be great if you could provide the lottery numbers…. as least this would turn one of you post into something helpful ?

John C

This is a circa 75 point team designed to get top 4. We’re 18 points or 6 wins off winning the league, to bridge that gap requires purchases 2 or 3 top players to go straight into our first 11, these players aren’t good enough.


Big outsiders for the final now with the loss of two defenders and possible loss of Sanchez against a bang in form Chelsea.

You can’t help but feel that if loses the final that he be slaughtered at every wrong turn over the next two years (if the rumours are true). It will be sad to see this happen, but it’s inevitable if he stays.


I think he makes a fair point, he could have left and maybe won more throughout his career with better resources and less stress but he didn’t he stuck by us and we should stick by him. I think it’s naive to think it’s as simple as him signing a piece of paper, he has a family I am sure at his age health is also in his mind and lets face it being our manager and sounding board when the players don’t show up isn’t exactly a stress free job.


He has had better resources in the last 3 years.

We have gotten worse.

At Madrid or Barca they take pride in buying big. Hi hand would have been forced, and he would have been expected to get the results to match.

He wouldn’t have lasted a season. Better a “project” club that needs to go up a level but not expected to win anything too soon.

Andy Mack

‘Better a “project” club that needs to go up a level but not expected to win anything too soon’ like we were when he joined us…

Tony Hall

AW going will not solve the problems, half the board needs to fuck off as well and real footballing people brought in who actually love Arsenal as a football club not just a profit making machine.

Ray from Norfolk, Virginia

Fully agree with you. Next season, Chelski favourites to repeat because John the c*nt Terry will be gone. The Chelski players will be liberated and free to express themselves on the pitch because their WAGs will not be at risk. And, once Conte is freed up by Roman, we should pounce on him before he is hired by another club.

Andy Mack

So you don’t think missing out on CL football was anything to do with their PL success this season then…


He knows him not talking about the future has affected the players, but he doesn’t think he’s to blame. Proceeds to talk about how he loves the club.

When he’s asked about the obvious disconnect between his words and deeds, proceeds to talk some more about how much he loves the club.

I know Wenger for a long time. It’s sad.

In a football club today, you have to employ people who can help you to be successful.

You have to be needed. Just because somebody loves the club, it doesn’t give them any divine right to stay there indefinitely.


There is a part of me that wants Wenger to manage another team in the premier league. Wenger has been very cryptic about there being things behind the scenes which have affected player performance. A move to another club would determine of whether Arsene really achieved Arsenal Football Club’s potential. This is my one reason for wanting Wenger to leave.

Andy Mack

I’m sure he’d say that they club hasn’t reached it’s full potential yet.
But our targets are so much higher than they were when he first joined us.


I watched the video, these are fair comments from wenger. Maybe a few supporters on these boards would do well to watch the video first. I agree no-one should question arsenes love for the club.

Original Paul

John Terry is a cunt.


Yes he is, Paul. But on a day where he is lifting the PL Trophy and we miss out on CL qualification, it’s best not to mention the cunt’s name.

Original Paul

As long as his name has “CUNT” next to it, I feel it’s ok.

Original Paul

Just a reminder in case anyone gets all impressed with his career on this landmark day for him.

Dan Hunter

There’s a difference between selfish love and unselfish love. A selfish person stays a woman no matter what, even if the relationship ifs not working and the woman is unhappy. An unselfish person who loves a woman is happy if the woman is happy. No one questions your love for the club, but for the good of the club, please leave.


He also mentioned the toxic environment created by planes and banners did not help us through our bad patch.

BUT if he had said he was leaving the effect would have been even greater as many of the players and (agents) would have their eyes cast on the summer.

IF he had said he was staying, the banners and planes would have been ratcheted up to worse effect for the team as they struggled to find consistency.

So perspective again.;)


Goodbye Wenger, thanks for the memories. You could manage Barca if they have interest in you after this but i think you can’t handle such a big pressure from their fans and owner. PSG is the better option for you, easier league and it’s your home country, you will enjoy live there/.


We better start the kickstarter now


Imagine a few weeks later when there is finally an announcement and a bit of clarity over the reason for the delay in the decision on his future. We would maybe look back on Wenger’s comments and read between the lines. Seems that the contract situation wasn’t in his control and he has highlighted how his situation contributed to it, but never pointed the finger at the board, and now the pieces of the puzzle may point towards that. Question for Bloggs: If Josh/Stan Kroenke had never watched moneyball and didn’t buy that data analytics company, would we never have… Read more »

Andy Mack

Sanogo was Free. Anyone that saw him as a youth player would understand that he was well worth the gamble on a ‘Free’, although it’s a gamble that hasn’t paid off…


In interview, Wenger has said repeatedly that the players haven’t been affected by his situation. Yesterday, he said the opposite. I’m sorry but this is just ‘ excuse making’ after the event. When managers start blaming the fans their time is usually coming to an end. I feel sorry for Arsene but he shouldn’t blame fans for a lack of investment in the team and poor signings.

Andy Mack

It’s ‘player management’. Tell a player he’s being affected by something and some of them will use it as an excuse even if it isn’t affecting them.

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