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In full: Hector Bellerin’s quotes about his future and Arsenal

Hector Bellerin has put the cat slightly among the pigeons with some quotes about his future, Arsenal, Barcelona interest and all the rest.

As ever, snippets condensed into 140 character Tweets or choice cuts in tabloid stories don’t tell you the full story, so we’ve translated the interview with El Mundo in full (although we’ve left out some of the stuff about Spain U21s because, you know, who cares?!).

Anyway, here we go.

On a personal level, you’re in good shape after your good end to the season?

It has been a difficult season, both for the team and on a personal level. There has been a lot of pressure around the club, because Arsenal is a top level team and there are lots of demands. It has been hard, but you learn a lot from these experiences. It’s something that will help me during my career. In the end we won the FA Cup, an important trophy for us which meant we could finish the season well.

After going through some difficult times, the season ended by lifting a trophy and you scoring a goal in the last game of the Premier League.

Yes, I found it hard to score, the goal didn’t come until the last day of the season. It was something nice, because after all the criticism and not playing as much as in other seasons, it took some of the pressure off. For the club to win a trophy was important and really enjoyable. We suffered a lot but in the end we finished well.

Why did you end up out of the team?

There was a change of system, I spoke with the boss and he explained to me that with this new system he preferred to play with different kinds of players. As a footballer you have to accept that and work hard to change his mind. After injuries and other factors, I took advantage of the opportunity to come back into the team, and I could finish the season as I wanted.

Now, it’s being asked every day if you’ll continue with Arsenal.

That’s what they talk about. You never know what can happen, but I have a contract and when I finish my holidays after the European Championships, I’ll have go to back there (note: this reads more like a statement of fact than an ‘Oh god I have to go back there’).

Is there a deadline set to decide your future?

I signed a new contract at Christmas, it’s contracts that do that (define the future) although you never know what can happen in football.

Is the fact that Arsenal don’t have Champions League football an influence?

The truth is that all the top level players want to play the Champions League, especially when I’ve spent two years in. As a team we have not achieved qualification, and it is something that we all want to fix, but as a player I repeat that it is an important competition.

The last time we spoke you said you were very close to Wenger. At last we know he’s going to continue. Will this influence your future?

We didn’t know how this story was going to end, in the end he’s decided to stay on, but I am linked to Arsenal. The fact that he’s staying doesn’t really change things, with any other coach I would have to stay because of my contract. Lots of the players are very happy that he’s renewed, but in the end if you’re an Arsenal player you have to do it for the club, whichever coach is there.

Do you see a return to the Camp Nou as a possibility?

It’s nice to know of the interest of a club like Barcelona, the club I grew up at from a young age. At the moment I don’t know anything, I’m an Arsenal player and we’ll see what happens.

If it were up to you, would you like to come back?

It’s not something you think about when you leave, because you never know how things are going to go. I had the luck to bet on Arsenal, it’s gone well for me, and now to receive this kind of news about Barcelona is something that makes me happy, but it doesn’t just depend on me.

How is life in London?

I’ve always felt well there, my family were there with me, although because of family matters they’ve come back to Barcelona. Now I have a harder time because I’m a real family man, I depend a lot on them, and I will be a new challenge to be without them.

Is Mareseme (the region he’s from) a better place to live?

Of course. Not just for friends and family. The weather is much better! But I adapt to wherever I am.

What are your hopes for this summer?

Lots of things could happen this summer. At the moment I prefer to focus on what’s in front of me, which is the European U21 Championships. After that, whatever comes will come.

Is there a lot of pressure to sign for Barcelona?

I try to focus on my job, to concentrate on football, and when other things happen we’ll see.

Have you spoken about a possible transfer?

No, I haven’t spoken with anybody. I have not talked to the club, I know there are many things that are being talked about, but as a player the club has not said anything to me, there has been no contact yet.

So, a Barcelona kid being asked all the time about moving back to a club he certainly doesn’t want to shut the door on for obvious reasons, and trying to find different ways of politely answering the same questions again.

There might well have been a change in his outlook, but we know how the press there work, and ultimately he signed a 6 year contract with us last year, so the chances of him going anywhere are minimal to say the least.

The bit about Wenger saying he preferred a different type of player for the new system is interesting though, especially as Bellerin is perfect for the right wing-back role. Anyway, there you go, make of it all what you will.

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i blame his hairstyle for all this thoughts!!!!


I blame the fans, some on here may not like that. He was abused at the Palace game…told he was not fit enough to wear the shirt, he ended up in tears.
I wouldn’t be too pleased if I were him.


And he wasn’t fit to wear the shirt on the day. so what? if he’s going to cry for being told the truth then that’s the type of player we do not need to begin with.

Igbo Amadi-Obi

They flew airplanes for Wenger and he just signed for another 2 years. Players should come to terms with fans emotions. If you love us praising you when you perform well, you must live with us criticizing you when you perform poorly.


There’s criticism and then there’s being completely out of hand.

In the case of Bellerin, id say the treatment he received was the latter.


Criticism doesn’t mean abuse and making someone cry…..would he feel loyalty towards those fans again? I don’t think so.


all the players that day


Those answers are quite worrying. He doesn’t seem to be as committed to staying as he did a few months ago.


And quite interesting how he answers the question about Wenger. He doesn’t seem to be 100% behind him. Can’t blame him for that or for preferring to live in Spain.


You certainly could read it like that, and I was wondering that myself, but I also think you could definitely read it as ‘I’m committed to my contract and the club regardless of the manager’.


I don’t like the sound of some of those replies – we’ve been here before *cough* Cesc *cough*


More than a touch of the Fabregases about these quotes.


He should be careful. Look at how that worked out …

dr Strange

Yeah what a dreadful career he’s had since he left…..


Bet he wishes he never left though


Yea winning titles almost every year since he left. As for the club, getting out of top 4 and winning a few FA cups. I’m sure he is drowning in regret by now..


He was certainly a much bigger star and in a lot of ways was more successful here. I don’t know that I’d want to be a bit-part player for a more successful team, and the amount of players who move elsewhere for first team football seem to suggest that they don’t like it much either.

Wenger\'s Pony

Fucking hate the Catalan media. They are cunts.


Sounds like they are very similar to the media anywhere else in the world.

Wright on the money

This is probably because the OX ha she kept him out of games and it’s looking better in that position.

I hope he stays but I can see him going to Barcelona in a couple of seasons and who could blame him they are one of the best sides in the world and he will have more chances at winning trophies and medals.


Where’s your sense of optimism


I feel the Barcelona domination is coming to an end. They are just coasting through with Iniesta, Messi and Busquets. Once they hang up their boots they haven’t got many players who can replace them. By the time Hector is 25-26 they’ll look like a second rate team.


How good do they have to be? They play in a league with at most 4 competitive games a season.

Wright on the money

Which teams usually win the champions league or knock us out it is not usually English teams.


Things are starting to shift though


Even if they don’t have the players coming through, they have the funds to rebuild with transfers. They will never be a second rate team.


I’m not too concerned – they ask him the same question over and over, and no footballer is ever going to want to offend Barcelona, especially one from there.

Plus he’s on a six year deal. So all the leverage is with Arsenal here.


Have any of the players we’ve sold to Barca over the years really been considered successful buys?

Thors hammer

thierry henry anyone?

Tasmanian Jesus

Kinda, but he got stuck out on the wing again, like at Juventus.


-and even the King, not nearly as influential as he was at Arsenal…

Monkey Nuts

That was really interesting. Might as well answer no comment to every question.

Derek in Toronto

seems less certain of his future than last interview. not being in CL and losing the position to Ox should play some parts in that. However, he is unlikely to leave. Ox will play in the middle i think.


Apparently his agent has said that the quotes are false and he has no intention of leaving. Hope it’s true as I thought Hector was one of us and fully committed to Arsenal, would be a shame if he left us.


Six-year-contact – gotta feel pretty secure with that.

If they want him it’ll cost em an mbappe-sized fee


*Maresme is a “comarca” – a region, not a town

Igbo Amadi-Obi

It is definitely a situation. Ox is muscling into his position and seems to have the manager’s approval. He is no longer guaranteed a start. And at Barca, he will definitely need to work his way up. But it is clear he no longer sounds as committed as he used to. Too much of “I am under contract but anything can happen” in one interview.


Well said! But I think it is not only Ox… In the 3-4-3 formation (considering him as a defender first of all) he should be a half FB half CB player, but – in my view – he lacks the physicality for that (remember his fights against Marcos Alonso this season). A player like Gabriel, Mustafi or Kolasinac seems to me a better deal as they not only have pace, tenacity but physical robustness too. Even so, I hope he remains as he still has time to develop. (But if he undecided or would remain only half heartedly – Aurier… Read more »

Spanish Gooner

So basically his family have moved to Barcelona, he’s been told he isn’t necessarily 1st choice in his position at the club which isn’t in the champions league anymore, and Barcelona want him. Shit.

Igbo Amadi-Obi

Lol. Plus he has made it very clear he depends on family for a number of things.


I prefer having the Ox in the wing back position so i’m not as concerned.

Gooner Stubbs

God. Some people here are such twats. ” … doesn’t seem (that) committed … ” reminiscent of Fabrigas ” … been here before … ” One of the best Right Backs (Wing Backs) out there (a) respects his contract, (b) respects his manager, (c) respects his club and (d) wants to rectify us missing out on CL football. But most of all he’s not having a pop at the loathsome ingrates who got on his back earlier this year when the whole team wasn’t playing well. I’d be pointing out that loyalty isn’t a one way street, but then I’m… Read more »


Imo it wasn’t targeted at just him. it was to the entire team

nimble foot

Entire team or not, I agree with Stubs.

Complete Dicks


i still dont get the fact at the palace game the frustration was pointed at the team no just Bellerin but he was singled out by the media and even Wenger thought it was aimed at him, he mentioned it affected him but after that out burst and disgust at the teams lack of performance it shook the players up, wenger and hopefully the club to know you cant cruise in this Arsenal squad pull on the shirt give 100% and we will sing the name on the back of them shirts, if on a personnel note it made him… Read more »

Hectors vectors

heard he signed pre contract with Barca a couple of months ago. Guess we’ll see at the end of the summer break. Wouldn’t be surprised if he was off but would be very sad, brilliant player for us would be a big loss for the future. Can’t say I blame him talking about the weather being better in spain looking out the window today though!


He sign a pre-contract with Barca?
Ok, while he still has a six year contract with us?


He lost his place to Ox due to injury and his lack of form, he got his place back in the team because Ox was injured and in truth Bellerin has been the better of the two in that position, not knocking the Ox he was/is quality going forward, Bellerin is just better at doing both (forward and back.) Ox worked well on the left and can (and wants to) play centrally. The family part is a bit worrying though and please try to see things from his point of view, it is similar to Cesc yes, but both came… Read more »


By the way, I think and hope he stays. And he should be reminded that we aren’t in the Champions League and that he was part of that, hopefully he’ll at least want to help return us to that before he may want to move back there.

Bergkamp 3:16

Spot on. The Spockney accent and the idea he has Arsenal “DNA” are just attempts to make us believe he’s one of us. The reality is he’s a Barca boy through and through and will go back to Barcelona even if it’s not this season. It’s the same with Jon Toral. If he ever hits the big time with us cue the same media shitstorm. I think the moral of the story is to stay clear from Barcelona grads.


Interesting to read Arsene’s reason for not starting him. Nothing about his form or fitness which we’ve been talking about. He’s not been 100% fit but then, like many on the team he had a good end of season and “forced” his way back into the starting line-up.

How many times is he going to be asked about Barca in one interview. Jesus it is annoying to have to put up with this endlessly. But what else can he say. It worries me that his family has moved back so and that might become “a reason.”

Teryima Adi

He is under contract to us. He is going nowhere, not for a very long time.


Glad you put this up Blogs. For me, Hector is clear and upfront about everything.
He’s a Gooner and will be for some time. Unless Barca make a ridiculous offer, he will honor his contract.
Fuck off Barca twats


“Is there a lot of pressure to sign for Barcelona?”

Yes, from you, mr. Reporter. Every 3rd question is about it, basically.


Those questions are so infuriating to read. Certainly brings back memories of Cesc but I guess this time I’m a little bit older and my heart is a lot colder so meh..


Weird timing. You give this kind of interview when you’re negotiating a new contract, not when you’ve just signed on for another six years.


What the actual fuck Hector??!!

ashburton red

I want him to stay for years to come – top class quality player and a guy who has really immersed himself in Arsenal, London and it’s culture, is young and progressive in profile, whilst being highly professional and seems a great lad too.

I heart hector.

Arsene Gonner

Despite Arseblog patronising us by inserting comments telling us of his intent, it’s so obvious Bellerin’s open to a move.


He still has 5-6 years contract left, if we want to sell him we should ask for 50 Mill pounds at least.


I like how honest he is. It sounds like now might be a good time for him to leave for his family and that. Got to accept that. We don’t get the most out of him with our 3-5-2 anyway.

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