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Wenger: Mbappé will be a starter wherever he goes

Arsene Wenger has poured scorn on the idea that Kylian Mbappé needs to think carefully about where he moves to – if he moves – saying the price-tag will mean he’s going to be a regular at whatever club he joins.

His comments come in the wake of France manager Didier Deschamps sending a warning to the 18 year old to think carefully about his future and his development – perhaps worried he might get swallowed up in a big club like Real Madrid.

Those concerns did not appear to be shared by the Arsenal boss, who said, “Where do you think he might finish? Somewhere where he has a good chance to play and is sure to play. That is why I think Deschamps made that statement.

“He thinks that he needs to play but I would say as well on the other hand that the boy has made enough impression to be basically sure a club who spends a 100 million for you is basically to make at the start at least the red carpet.

“Nobody will buy a player for a 100 million and say, “Come on, sit in the stands.”

The rumour mill is in overdrive with suggestions that Arsenal are prepared to increase the €100m bid that Monaco rejected last week, while Real Madrid are also digging deeper into their coffers to tempt the Ligue Un club into a sale.

Mbappé is to hold talks with Monaco after returning from international duty, with his future set to be sorted then.

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Stop talking and get working !


People can talk and work at the same time.


I’d go as far to say that most people have to talk to work.



My wig smells cheesy

When I go to thumb up it says I have already voted. I can vote down though. Anyone else having this problem?

Cliff Bastin

Classic reverse psychology.

Dial square

Can you REALLY see Wenger spunking £100 million on one player….I would love to listen to the conversation he has with himself in his head, reasons for, and against…


Err yes? Didn’t he spunk big money on Henry? I think 14m in the 1999/2000 was a massive outlay at least

Heavenly Chapecoense

14 millions spent on Walcott not Henry.


To put the record straight Henry cost 11 million and Walcott was 5 million


Wiltord was a record signing at £13 million (I believe) when he signed.


s much as I really like mbappe , he is a big risk. Feels very much like boom or a bust deal. He is just 18 haven’t even finished one full season at the club. Granted when he has played he has played very well . but the money is blown out of proportion on this deal. Cristiano , bale , pogba all proved themselves in multiple seasons before getting themselves such deals. And besides its a risk in itself to buy players from leagues like French league , you don’t know how they turn up. Feels a little uneasy… Read more »


I agree and I just cant see this happening.

Obviously some of the risk is offset by his age and potential resale value. But that is very much dependent on his performances – if he gets a bad injury or has difficulties adjusting to English football, his value would plummet. Then again, I suppose every multi-million pound transfer is a risk…

Thankfully its not my money – go and get him!


We all know about Arsenal’s connection to Monaco via Thierry Henry and our legendary boss. AS Monaco appointed Leonardo Jardim because he had a great record in developing young players in Portugal. Look what he did for guys like Martial, Kondogbia, Kurzawa, Ferreira-Carrasco, Mendy, Bernardo Silva, Lemar and Bakayoko. I’m just confused about why anyone associated with Arsenal is still sceptical about the French league. Ousmane Dembele was last year’s Mbappe and had no problems adapting to the Bundesliga and the Champions League. Manyoo signed 18-year old Cristiano Ronaldo directly from the Portuguese League. They also signed Pogba from Le… Read more »


except dembelle and ronaldo didint cost 100 million. and besides for every dembelle there is always a kondogbia waiting around the corner. kondogbia single handedly dominated midfield against arsenal couple of years ago in champions league and was called the next pogba or patric viera or something . now we dont even hear about him. there is always going to be risk when buying for 100 million , but i just think in this case atleast the risk is just far too bigger . granted arsenal and madrid can afford to shell 100 million , but unlike madrid arsenal can… Read more »


Kondogbia had tough time adapting at Inter early on, but he actually finished the season with some big performances that confirmed his potential. Not here for an argument it’s just that we can be too quick to dismiss the French league or call hot young players moving abroad for big money flops, esp. without taking into account things like learning new languages and new cultures. We probably agree that the risk with Mbappe isn’t connected to his talent – it’s other factors like his young age and possible price tag. A bigger risk to Arsenal’s financial and competitive health is… Read more »


Coudn’t have said it better


Lol, after reading ur post, Martial came to mind.

Forrest Moore

Yes. He’s 18, that gives at least 12 years of quality football. And his resale value will likely only increase. If he was 25+, 100 would be wasteful!

Lord Bendnter

You cannot talk this much about one player, visit him in his house, and then not buy him 🙁
I just don’t see us spending 100m+ on him.
This still sounds more like just talk to me.


It’s all very un Wenger like


i can’t believe we are competing against real madrid for a player?…that’s some progress rightaway?


Let’s not kid ourselves here. We’re not even close to competing with Real Madrid for any player. This is all preseason BS. Have you not learned anything?


Except the bid is widely acknowledged to have happened which is way more action than we’re used to seeing.


Let’s assume that the bid actually happened (and we have no confirmation of that – not from the clubs involved, the player or his agent), That means we have offered less money then Real, even though the offer has been made after Real’s.
I’m with the Antman on this one, Arsene has talked way too many times about the players he almost got and how he talked with them before they went and signed elsewhere.
Not that I’ll be mad about being wrong on this one, but probably won’t happen 😉


Where has it been acknowledged – I havent seen a single verifiable source or quote


We bid second and for less money? Very Arsenal….aint today the day season tickets go on sale?

Xhaka\'s Left Foot

Its not the value of the deal but the way it will be structured, real might offer more and structure based on performance over a course of 2 or 3 years.


I wonder what BeIN sports give Arsene Wenger before they interview him.




You sir have won me over. Class. What we all stand for.


*sound of chef kissing his fingers*


A coat with just the /perfect/ zipper, oh yes.


I think we should club together and buy him a velcro jacket


Sounds like a direct reply to Mbappe saying he’ll only leave if it’s for first XI football at a big club.

Wright on the money

100 + million is too much for one player espically has he has only had one good season. I would like to see him at Arsenal if he is going to be the next Henry.

But for me there are many strikers out there that have provided they can score goals every season and would be cheaper to buy.

I would rather use the money to secure Sanchez and Ozil first.


I can’t agree more. i’m tired of this story! Let’s focus on OUR players first! Some MUST be prolonged!

Indian Gooner

Mate.. the thing is this guy looks like a definite going to be world beater! Actually I don’t think the part where Arsene went on to say that Mbappe is a for sure future ballon d’or winner has been included in here. If Arsene actually is so interested in him then there has got to be something very special.. you only have got to wonder!


the same thing that was told about Martial…Caution Wenger, you cant satisfy these ARSENAL FANS


I read somewhere that Wenger thought Martial is a great winger but doesn’t have it in him to become a striker and hence he didn’t make a move. Martial has excellent feet but i don’t think he is as quick or as intelligent as M’bappe. M’bappe can switch up gears within seconds and can cover the whole length of the pitch like Henry did. From what i have seen at the very least his dribbles will create space for others in the team. A midfield trio of Santi, Xhaka and Ozil providing Alexis and M’bappe is scary. PS: I think… Read more »


Maybe signing this guy would be the statement of intent that would convince Alezis/Ozil to stay

Wizard of Ozil

I can actually see Wenger paying thru the roof for Mbappe and don’t have an issue with it. He knows Mbappe wants to go to Madrid but is playing off his fear of getting sufficient playing time given the presence of Benzema/Ronaldo/Bale. He doesn’t have to look too far to find a former Monaco STAR languishing on the RM bench as James will surely be leaving Madrid this summer. Wenger’s pitch to Mbappe is to come do it at Arsenal for 3-4 years then move on to Madrid, at which point we will surely recoup whatever transfer fee we paid… Read more »


Mbappe all the way, even if it means paying £120m

M Nostra

Last night I really dreamt that we signed Mbappe…probably first AFC related dream in 50 odd years (unlike some…c**gh, c**gh!) so gotta mean something?


I read ‘Mbappe will be a starter’ only and had a mini heart attack. God dammit!


Surely you should be saying the opposite if you’re trying to convince him to come to us over RM. The only stick we have is that he will get game time and develop…

a different George

Our advantage is Wenger, in part because he tells players the truth. If I were a young French player, there is almost no manager whose presence would tempt me more. The “almost,” unfortunately, refers to Zidane.


Real Madrid buys stars, Wenger makes them

Shkodran Goals

Nah, If Wenger says he’s an absolute starter, even at Madrid, then that’s how highly he considers him. If I were him and I wanted game time, I’d follow Wenger, because if can publically rates you higher/ at least along side the players that just won a second Champs league in a row, then that’s some mad belief!


Wenger is just trying to say ‘starting games’ cannot possibly be a determining factor in making his choice because M’bappe owing to his talent will basically be a starter everywhere. He also goes on to say M’bappe deserves to be the ‘main man’ wherever he goes (which we all know isn’t going to be the case if he goes to Madrid).
I have a very strong feeling we’ll sign with M’bappe, Madrid will go for Aubameyang and PSG will end up with Benzema. That’d be fucking fantastic.

Red beard

Red herring. We want lacezette or some one else.

Wright on the money

Reading the gossip we are after Lemar of Monaco so we might not even be going for Mbappe and I can’t see us getting both.

It would be good to get both players but I can’t see it happening. If all the teams are fighting for Mbappe he will cost too much for us to compete many other clubs can spend far more than us.


Surely Lemar is off the table now that Kolasinac is done and dusted. They’d be competing for the same spot given we are to stay with a back three.


Actually sounds a bit like Deschamps was giving Arsenal the nod there. “You won’t play at Madrid, go where you will…Arsenal”. The French Connection at work?

Efosa Humber

It seems the Madrid Coach is French. He was club and national teammate with Deschamps. The coach is being only honest.


I’d like to think so too, but I hear Zidane is a big deal in France too.


Fair point. But think about who has an actual track record of developing young talent. AW has that. I love me some Zizou, but the dude is winning with Madrid. I might be able manage them to a win or two as well, given their roster. If I’m the national team coach, I want my best prospect being groomed properly, with an eye on the long term. That means gradual, deliberate steps, not trying to scratch out playing time with the current CL winners. It might read as a slight knock to where Arsenal stand among the big clubs. But… Read more »


If he’s leaving Monaco, I genuinely believe it’s between us and Madrid.

Deschamps has told him he needs to be playing. Arsene has basically publically assured him if he signs with us he’s a starter.

Over to you Zidane.

Brown American Gooner

I will be very surprised if we end up playing that much for him this summer. Very pleasently surprised.

The Kenyan Mbappe ??

That we are seriously considered for one of Europe’s hot prospects who IF signed could make a telling contribution is good. It would be marvelous to sign him up. I am curious how he responds to being off form just as when we signed the ox he was unbeatable but confidence has been he’s undoing.

Unrelated but hope the ox just explodes as he’s the one player at arsenal if he moved up a gear which is within his ability he would be unreal.


I would prefer Alexandre Lacazette considering he is a cheaper option and more experienced striker, Mbappe might not pick up that much in the epl because of the style of play and game speed, even Falcao faltered.


I wish Monaco just said ok, we will take your money wenger, the lower price is ok with us. The look on his face would be priceless with him spending that much. We all know it’s just another, “well we did try” ?


Let’s see after season ticket renewal ended this thursday. Are we still interesting then.


This cracked me up!???


Seems crazy for Wenger to be so open about a transfer. Also we have not bid as much as Real so there has to be some weird stuff back the scenes. One thing I read was that we were offering more cash upfront which is better for Monaco. Also, if we sign Mbappe and meet Sanchez’s wage demands, will he stay? He wants to play with stars. Well there you go.


Who did Madrid sign for 100m and bench? Oh Bale…

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