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Marca say the Turkish press say Wenger would pay €30m for Arda Turan

Arda Turan is on his way out of Barcelona, and his name has been mentioned a number of times as a possible Arsenal recruit.

The 30 year old has had a patchy time since joining the Catalan club from Atletico Madrid, and is considered surplus to requirements.

In today’s Marca, they say that the Turkish international won’t make life easy for Barca, probably to ensure he gets the best deal possible for himself, and once against North London has been mooted as a possible destination.

There’s not a lot of detail, but basically they say: “The Turkish press insist that Arsene Wenger’s team would be ready to pay €30m for the Barcelona central midfield player.”

In terms of reliability when it comes to transfers, the Turkish press are up there with, you know, the rest of the press. And the Espressino bloke, and that other Italian lad who very obviously makes stuff up.

There’s also the fact that Arsenal would be disinclined to deal with Barcelona in any way this summer due to their interest in Hector Bellerin.

They’ve been using their friends in the press for weeks now to ramp this story up, so it’s hugely unlikely we’ll open any doors for them.

And that’s leaving aside the fact that Turan himself, while a good player, would hardly be the top quality addition that has been promised.

We’re going high on this one.

Note: We are aware of some issues with our Poo-o-Meter at the moment, but we’re going to try a digital enema and see if that helps.

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Not the type of player we need, would be disappointing seeing him with us next season, though we probably won’t bring in anyone better.


Why be so negative ? When is the last time we haven’t made good signings ?


I am genuinely worried that arsenal won’t get the players we want this season and have to make do with signings like these. Mbappe said no to us, serri already signed for Roma , tollisso despite saying he wants arsenal signed for Bayern , forseberg already said he prefers Milan . none of the players we are linked want to come to arsenal. The only player arsenal is genuinely close to is lacazzete. And even he seems to be slipping away with Chelsea and united considering him as their first option players are proving difficult to get. These are top… Read more »


Be patient. Window doesn’t officially open till July 1st. Also don’t believe anything in the press

My wig smells cheesy

I like you Martin.

Fireman Sam

Can you change your pseudonym mate, it’s kind of rank!?

My wig smells cheesy

Well that’s just not very nice Sam the fireman


I don’t think anyone really expected mbappe to join arsenal and don’t really think that anyone was pitching tents for serri, toliso or forseberg. Arsene Wenger’s greatest signings were always a bit underwhelming at first. Thierry was a wing that couldn’t score. Overmars and kanu were crocked and nobody had even heard of llungberg or Eduardo. I look more forward to snappy mcankles from fc flinblin than turan or lacazette.


Sounds like BS
And I hope it is because at this point Arda would be a pretty mediocre and underwhelming stop gap


If it smells like bs …

Fireman Sam

If it tastes like bs…

Reality check

Exactly what we need, a stop gap, as we spend most of our limited budget on a top top striker (not as Wenger would say). He’s a quality player with experience and bottle and can fill in for Ramsey, Ozil and Sanchez very capably. We’ll need a pretty decent squad to cop with this awkward season to come.

Cat Biscuits

No chance.


Anyone in favour of bringing Cesc Home?

Andy Mack

I can’t see any chance of that happening.
The guy went ‘On Strike’ to get away from us, so taking him back wouldn’t be good for team morale.


There are two Fabergases, Our Cesc and the current one. Our Cesc has passed away and never to return again

Trex D Gunner

Infinite thumbs up to you Damobot


You are saying that the current one was resurrected from the Pet Sementary?! 😉


Fear, anger, Chelsea. These things lead to the dark side.

Fireman Sam

Cesc is dead to me. He can take his monobrow and shove it up his DNA hole

Reality check

I was hurt when he left. I felt he genuinely loved the club and i still do. Like Henry,he could’ve left a lot earlier if he was a Nasri or Cashley to but stayed in the end for a bit longer. People who don’t know him from his younger days,can’t understand how big a star he was. He single handedly lead our team when denilson, eboue and bendtner etc were first team players but in the end, our lack of ambition and his personal reasons were too much to contend with. He’s never been disrespectful to the fans even after… Read more »


Nope. Keep dreaming of that thug, he s never coming back here again buddy.


dross player is dross


PONR for me – (he´s gone over the point of no return)
Excessive mileage in other words


love it when you use an abbreviation but then have to explain what it’s short for

Yankee Gooner



I truly hope not. There’s no reason to pay high wages and a decent transfer fee for a 30 year old Barca bench warmer.

David C

he never recovered from waiting 6 months to play. I’d take him as a free transfer to add depth to our squad…that’s about it.


It’d be so funny if he returns to athletico

Goooooooner for life

Exactly!! And even 30 mil?!?! I swear if he was an Arsenal player on his way out and surplus to requirements, the “market” price would have been something around 8 mil…


Woof motherfucker

Indian Gooner

He is too old now to be worth that amount of money. I would be utterly disappointed if in case we end up signing him.


No. Get Naby Keita or Paredes. Can’t believe we didn’t go for Seri. We definitely do need a CM.


This guy was top quality and ran the show at atletico when he was there. To say he’s no good is bollocks and barca bench warmer is rubbish, wasn’t that what Sanchez, Fabregas, Henry and Viera were once for other clubs? That said at 30 is on the old side but look at Juve they’ve won back to back titles and are regularly in the latter stages of the champions leagues with ‘past’ it players.


They also play in an incredibly slow league which allows them to play with much older players. There is simply no way a team as old as Juventus could perform well over an entire Premier League season given the speed and the fact there really are no easy games. Major foreign leagues in reality consists primarily of 1, maybe 2 teams that can actually win the title and a lot of really easy games.


I love the Premier League, it is without a doubt the one I prefer to watch. But as I also watch the other leagues and am uncomfortable with the general thinking that the PL is a more difficult league to play in. Faster and more physical maybe, but when was the last time this has translated into success over slower, older continental teams? I would like to think that more experienced players can outplay young and pacy ones who play like headless chickens. England wins in youth football when maybe their physicality and pace is enough at that age and… Read more »


You can define the best league on different metrics – do the absolute top players in the world stay here? Largely no – they go play for Barcelona & Madrid (and a few for Bayern). However due to how much money is in the Premier League (even teams facing relegation are among the richest in the world) it means that the small teams are able to afford a much higher quality of player than small teams in other leagues. The league is much more even in that regard – there really aren’t easy games. The issue with older players and… Read more »


The two are closely linked. Playing in a slower less competitive league enables you to peak for the big games. Whereas we have to play tough games Saturday and Wednesday (we’ll Sunday and Thursday this season).


The reason why they couldn’t is because a 35 year old player can’t play at break neck speed every 3 days or so. Big foreign clubs also generally don’t have to balance champions league with an away day at Manchester city 3 days later. And of course they’d have to learn to deal with the alardice they don’t like it up em culture

Huw Davies

Totally agree. Maybe don’t pay that much but I think he is a good player. Versatile and determined and not happy to be a bench warmer which says a lot


30m for a 30y.o. Attacking mid?
Never happen. No sell on value, limited years left.

Now, 15m as a backup/competition for Ozil and we’re talking.


Dunno why all the negativity around this potential signing. Hes a class player with still plenty left to give. The midfield just doesnt tick as well without santi in there, so id say this would be a very decent signing. Dunno about the 30 million price tag, but balancing the books isnt my concern after a shitty premier league season and all this talk and excitememt surrounding a 19 year old 100million pound french men.

Dennis \'All airmiles and elbows\' Bergkamp

Well said. I too don’t understand the negativity. Fantastic player that I would have loved us to sign from Athletico a couple years ago and has hardly played in that time. To borrow the great Thomas Rosicky’s theory, the lack of football makes him only 28/29 in football years and that, for a central midfielder, is their peak age.

Of course I would love the transfer to cost as little as possible, but I wouldn’t let a fee of around 30m dissuade us.

Jungu Beans

Fuck no to Arda Turan. When he signed for Barca, we were in for him too, if you recall. After he signed, he sneered at the idea of coming to Arsenal, saying something like he wanted to sign for a big club. Petty of me, I admit, but still: fuck no.


I would eat my fez if this ever happened. No chance.


I would eat my fez if this happened. No chance.


Underwhelming, but now that we’re a Europa club we may have to pay over the odds for less than ideal players. He’s experienced at least.


I don’t think he can come to arsenal. He’s burnt his bridge already with the comments he made about Arsenal before he joined FCB; comments to the effect that good players join arsenal but great players join FCB. That’s plenty of bridge-burning there mister Turan. Now, you can fuck off

Dial square

Well said Sir…..fuck him.

the old chap

is it me or anybody cant choose poo meter ?


Doesn’t matter. I can choose, and I can poop, but there’s nothing in the basin to admire.

Lord Bendnter

Blame Zidane. Everything was going so well in the begining of the season. Isco wasn’t playing much and was unhappy. Then zidane did his thing.
Now Iscos happy, n I am sad. He would have been a perfect match for us :'(


Throw money for Asensio, did anybody see him at the U21 gig? Impressive


Yeah ….pay his release clause arsenal. its only about 300 million


Please try posting transfer rumours that actually stand a chance of coming true. This here is a no brainer. No point posting an article when you’re gonna give a 10 poop rating.

Huw Davies

I think he is a good player. Looked good at atleti and seems determined on the pitch. Might give us some more bite. Probably a pile of shite mind


Srsly..a few years back I would have loved to see him joining us, but know the only thing I can remember his talk about being to good for Arsenal that’s why he end up at I would say Arsenal is to good for him, he should stay or better sit a while on the Barca bench 🙂

David Hillier\'s luggage

His agent, Barcelona or the ‘press’ really need to do their homework. Sure we might have been his “back up option” when negotiating his move to Barca (i.e. to drive his wages up), which works for a 28 year old attacking talent. However there’s no way way on earth we would sign a 30 year old attacking midfielder (who’s had little game time) for €30m. Be realistic guys, if you want to drive his price up at least link him with a club willing to throw cash on 30 year olds like Juve, PSG, City, Chelsea, the Milan clubs etc.


Perfect ten poop. Not top, top quality.

A Proper Turkey

Wow. What a painfully average footballer to waste £26m on. I would put Coquelin & Elneny ahead of him. All he will be is a Turkish mate for Ozil.

Bouldy\'s bald spot

If there is any 30 yr old player I wooud want Arsenal to sign, that would Cesc, Cesc only! Bring back our captain!


Arda who?

Bob Marley

Very good goal scoring experienced midfielder,sign him up.


30 million?!! If 15 million and a “steer clear of bellerin” clause gets him, I could live with that

Ted E.

So he sat out half a season in order to sit on the bench for two years? Something, something, modern football…


He’s been a bit part player for the last two years whilst at his peak and is rumoured to have a huge gambling problem, as well as beating up a 70 year old journalist on a flight and having to retire from international football. Our prayers are answered, thank you Superman

Clock-End Mike

Marca have spoken. It must be true…


8 poops

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