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Wenger: Giroud has qualities we need

Arsene Wenger says Olivier Giroud’s performances last season are proof that Arsenal need to keep him next season.

Despite penning a new deal at the Emirates in January, the France international has hinted at a willingness to move elsewhere following a frustrating campaign in which he was limited to 17 starts in all competitions.

West Ham United and Marseille have both been tipped as possible suitors but the boss says his compatriot brings much-needed qualities to his squad.

“It has been a frustrating season for him because he has not played a lot,” said Wenger. “And when he has played well, he has not always played the next match.

“He has won us a lot of points when he has come on because he has scored lots of times. He has qualities that our team need.”

Given the confusion over Alexis’ future, it seems hard to believe we’d allow Giroud to leave the club without suitable cover being signed. Right now, there’s no suggestion we’re any closer to a deal for any of the attackers we’ve been linked with, so the above words certainly make sense.

That said, as far as we can tell, the Mirror are the source of these quotes. However, they neither list them as exclusive nor do they say where they have come from. A French site, Maxi Foot, suggested they had come from a beIN Sport interview, but the American version of beIN SPORTS quotes the Mirror. All a bit confusing.

Until they are verified we’d take them with a pinch of salt. If we have an update, we’ll let you know.

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Keep him! Nobody does what he does as good as him.


Just the press quoting the press quoting the press then. A hall of mirrors. I like Oli.

Heavenly Chapecoense

This time, at least all the quotes seem true. Giroud does have qualities we need, did score important goals and makes sense West Ham and Marseille want him.


Oli in a hall of mirrors. Oh dear Lord, he would never get out of there. He’d be too damn gorgeous to want to leave!


If think playing with two attacking wing backs will suit his game.
Also playing with Alexis and Rambo won’t leave him isolated in the box.
I’m keen to keep this new system

Reality check

I think wilshere can deputise for ramsey untill he finds his best form and then they can both fight it out for that position or even play together in a 343. Or am i still living in 2011-13, they were suppose to be our Xavi and Iniesta, had such high hopes for these two.. how times change..


We need to demonstrate the ability to sign someone better before we think about selling Big G.

love and hate

I reckon he should stay.hes a lot better than people give him credit for

Chippys chip

Nice hair is a very good quality to have. The beard is ok but could do with more regular trims. Not falling down like a clown too easily and running around a bit are also good qualities but alas, you cant have it all.

Lack of Perspective

Run araand a bit. The epitomy of modern day football. No.

Andy Mack

Clearly he’d never make it in a Harry Redknapp team!


Unique player in many ways. An excellent Plan B, at least, given his scoring rate.


So long as he doesn’t lose his pace…


I’m pretty sure that he made these comments not long after the season ended or in the run up to the fa cup final. Anyway we shouldn’t let him go because nobody else offers a plan B option. For all of Welbz’s athleticism he can’t hold the ball up like Giroud and look at Giroud’s assists (fa cup finals and that Wilshere goal) we would need someone capable of doing that job and have pace but be content with being on the bench a lot, good luck finding him


Makes no sense at all to lose Oli if we’re looking to improve our overall attack.

I know it’s early days but this transfer window appears to have a disconcerting and familiar ‘quietness’ to it. Especially given how much work needs to be done.

I’m sure Ivan and co are hived away in the Gunners transfer den cooking up some amazing deals and this is the calm before the storm…right?

Clock-End Mike

Makes no sense at all to lose Oli. Full stop. He is, as others have said, unique. Last season, he was our best goal-scorer in terms of minutes/goal (a goal every 111 minutes; Theo 2nd at 130, Alexis 3rd at 141). Our best attacker in terms of minutes per goal or assist (77 minutes; Lucas 2nd at 79, Alexis 3rd with a goal or assist every 94 minutes). I don’t have figures for his shot accuracy or goals/attempts ratio, but I’d guess they are better than most. And twice in his 5 seasons as a Gunner he’s been our top… Read more »

Askar Arslan

Would be ridiculous to get rid of an international class striker.

Romford Pelé

Spot on. Easy decision. He is the bed plan b striker in the game(excuse the cliché) he wants to be number 1 choice understandably, but he is wengers player, signed da ting and now should understand the bigger picture for the club. We need him over a long season of various tactical changes weekly and he’s the best in the league at what he does. 1 season then go get paid son ?

Romford Pelé

*best ffs ?


“He has qualities that our team need”

Indeed he is has the quality of coming of the bench and scoring everytime. He is
ESSENTIAL as our second striker.


We do need to add qualities that he needs to perform. We need to work on the crossing from our wide midfielders/wingers. Monreal and bellerin are better crossers than oxlade chamberlain(although he did well last season). Since we’re likely on the lookout for a right wing-back, crossing should be prioritized among other important qualities when choosing targets.

Lord Bendnter

Someone needs to throw in a GPS tracker into Wenger’s jacket so we know his whereabouts. I need to know if he’s still in Nice!!!!


Mourinho accused of tax fraud. Let’s hope he was advising Ronaldo.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.


They both share Jorge Mendes as an agent. It’s likely every major client of his has a similar deal and if they play in Spain the authorities could go after them as well. My understanding of the situation is simply Ronaldo (like many others) sold his image rights to a company in the British Virgin Isles he owns and then that company sold them to Real Madrid = he doesn’t have to pay tax on them. Given Messi and others have been convicted of doing the exact same thing it seems almost certain Mourihno, Ronaldo and a bunch of others… Read more »


Mourinho has image rights? I’d pay not to see him!

The Kenyan Mbappe ??

Hahahahaha. That would break him. The unseenOne.


He has the right to remain silent.
Dead or alive, he’s coming with me.

donald\'s trump

Its not just Jorge Mendes’ clients though. Spain are going after all high profile footballers it seems.


Na na na na na na na, na na na na, giroud.
That’s a bag of salt.

Indian Gooner

Giroud came in at a very difficult stage for the club(after all that Van Persie drama) and his services have been exceptional to say the least. He has played his heart out almost every single time.
Imagine what what sort of a player he would have been for us if only he had a little bit extra pace in him.
We need Giroud to stay with us.

determined culture

he’d be a Drogba, minus all the irritating qualities that guy brings.

Arsenal fan

Being that gorgeous is a quality we all need


Which qualities? Posing and being constantly irritated by any refereeing decision? I admit, he can be a good plan B, and only that. My fear is that he thinks he is more (well of course he does) and when Wenger stops using better options up top, i.e. stopping a very good plan with using Alexis uptop just to accommodate this poser, as he did last season. Sell him and Walcott. Sell kissass Ramsey as well. But with Wenger at the helm it would be all the same whoever we sign as there is no winning mentality throughout the squad (except… Read more »


Man, I’m so tired of miserable cu*ts like you.


Give Tie his last name back you annoying bugger! He would have never had such a bad attitude, You couldn’t hold his fists!

Godfrey Twatsloch

I think we should sell you but not sure who’d buy.

determined culture

i think we should keep aaron. he’s good for a goal in a final! 🙂


He’s a great option from the bench, if he absolutely insists to play more then he should be leaving, definitely not good enough to start.


Only sell him if you have a world class replacement. Not good enough to be first choice, but he does get a fair bit of goals. We can’t afford to sell both him and Theo. You’ve got to keep one. But one of him or Theo has to leave. Welbeck Is versatile and has less end product than both.


I’d say that as a sub, Giroud IS world class. He’s a player that gives us a Plan B, he’s a nightmare to face if the defense is tiring and he can score tremendous goals (look at the goal against Sweden last week for instance).

I remember when people waxed lyrically about ManU’s Solskjaer, how good he was coming off the bench. So is the HFB.


God, I hate these summer days. There is literally nothing to report on and nothing to follow. I really hope Andrew and James are getting some good well-deserved rest because the absence of their podcasts are absolutely killing me. At least we get James’ daily video. But tbh I think he might be even struggling to find something new to discuss each day.

Bring on August. Please Arsene prove me wrong and do some serious transfer business. COYG!!!!!


They have recorded an Arsecast Extra on Monday. Check it out mate. Worth listening.


He has won arsenal points scored brilliant goals not given enough credit

determined culture

we need to keep Oli and Welbz, and add 1 top top quality striker- a mobile and deadly striker (like aubemayang, or perhaps Lacazette?), who will form the triangle with Mesut and Alexis.
Welbz will be a back up for this deadly striker because he offers us quick movements up top, which should be our game plan in our 352 next season.
Oli will be our solid plan B when we need goals, when we’re defending a lead etc cos he offers us strength, team play, defensive headers.


when france have spoils of quality strikers and the golden boy mbape, dechamps always put him firsr choice and pairs him with grizmann and now was trying to paor him woth mbape and also tried it with martial says it all really tha Oli has rare qualities tht every teams needs it.


Giroud very good player i sometimes wonder how blind we r not to see his qualities

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