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Takuma Asano to spend another season with Stuttgart

Takuma Asano will spend next season on loan with Stuttgart after failing to qualify for a work permit.

It’s also another step in his development, as the striker will remain part of the team that won promotion to the Bundesliga last season.

The 22 year scored four goals and got four assists throughout the campaign, where he was often played in midfield rather than up front.

Stuttgart’s Sporting Director Jan Schindelmeiser said, “Takuma Asano will play with us next season. We have discussed this with him, his advisers and Arsenal.”

The Japanese international joined the Gunners last summer from Sanfrecce Hiroshima, and another season of adaptation to European football will do him some good.

Whether he develops sufficiently to challenge for a place at Arsenal remains to be seen, but good luck to him.

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Good luck. Would love to see him come through though it’ll be tough for him.

Mein Bergkampf

I’m not sure I like this new ideology where players are loaned until they come good or get moved on. I know there are mitigating circumstances with work visas but get him into the club as soon as possible, let him experience being an Arsenal player, let him train with the big boys, perhaps make a few late sub appearances. All this loaning out is a bit Chelsea for my liking and we’re better than that. We actually know how to develop players.


He cant make sub appearances- he doesn’t have a work permit. That’s the issue.

Mein Bergkampf

I’m well aware of that. But at least give him a preseason. We’ve seen it with plenty of youngsters who get farmed out to random European clubs, Ryo for example, who was elligable but never got a look in.

Theo\'s inability to dribble

Surely to give the loan the best chance of being successful, they should have their preseason with the club they will spend the season with, so that they are already integrated into the squad once the season starts.


He hasnt got a work permit… That means he cant even enter the country. Though that said our pre season tour this year is in AUS.
However I think Arsene has more important things to do in pre season than to make sure takuma feels welcome in the squad.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Can’t work in the country as opposed to can’t even enter the country !!!???

Mein Bergkampf

That’s funny because he was training with the first team at the start of last season. Google image it.

Mein Bergkampf

Anyways, I was referring more about the likes of Zelalem, Akpom, Bielik, even Crowley who are all old enough to be getting slowly infiltrated into first team football as aposed to sent out on loan to physical leagues which play pretty shitty football.


He’d be too far down the pecking order, I think for this season he’s better off trying to prove himself at Stuttgart. It has be a huge positive that he’s continuing in the same team as well, at least now he’d be more settled and we might see a completely different player next season.


He can enter the country, on a 90 day non-visa entry if nothing else. He can train and stuff, but he can’t be paid for it, so I dunno how that really works out in terms of his salary. He might have to forgo any payment for time he spends in the UK.

Faisal Narrage

Ryo was highly rated and had a clear path to the team. It was injury that curtailed him.

I’m guessing you mean Wellington Silva?


Work permit aside this guy is clearly nowhere near good enough to play for the first team, and he’s 22.

The reason why we buy these guys from the J-leagues and Chinese Super League is just to sell more shirts in Asia and develop Arsenals reach in the far East, and occasionally to help balance the books if we need to sell players off to stay within the financial parameters set by the FA and UEFA.

That’s it. This guy will never ever play for Arsenal in a Premier League game.


His work permit being rejected may be a blessing in disguise. At least at Stuttgart he has the chance of getting regular game time week in week out, even if he’s just coming off the bench. Getting experience in the Budesliga could prove to be invaluable experience and I hope it works out for him.

He definitely has the natural talent and eye for goal, it’s about working hard now and fulfilling that talent, and the bundesliga have a great history of producing disciplined hard working players. Wish him all the best!

No way

The bonus with this loan isn’t last year he was in the b2 and this year he’ll be in b1. That should be good for his development


Any chance this guy will get into the Arsenal team even if he had the work permit? Don’t get me wrong, Arsenal and the EPL in general has not been lucky with Asian players thus far.

Indian Gooner

A certain totshit player has been thumping it in though.??


I don’t think so. Its got nothing to do with Asian players , asano just doesnt have the quality required to play for arsenal….not yet anyway. Son moved to Tottenham only after proving himself to be one of the best upcoming player in bundesliga . that’s why he is playing well right now . asano is too raw , but on hindsight this is best possible outcome for him. As he get to play consistently with a European club which will make him a better player undoubtedly.


Park Ji-Sung, Sun Jihai & Son Heung-Min would beg to differ. Kagawa & Okazaki have both played a part in title winning seasons.

No way

The Stuttgart fans I talk to say he’s good but not good enough for us. They said he’s not nearly their best player. Seems he has a lot of improving to do before he plays for our first team


I want him to make it if only just to hear a song for him set to the tune of Hakuna Matata.

dr Strange


I Am Gunnaaaaa

Posts like this make you sound out of the loop. Get with it.


Dr Who.

David Hillier\'s luggage

It’s probably good for the lad to have a year in the Bundesliga with a club he’s already settled with, however the work permit regulations are a bit draconian aren’t they? Since signing for us he’s been selected for EVERY one of Japan’s first team squads, yet that’s deemed not good enough? Crazy.


Genuinely forgot he was still on books. He’s not Arsenal grade. Be better off trying to sell him along with a number of other loanees


Its still too early to say he won’t make the grade at Arsenal. Yeah hes 22, and not a stand out talent like Mbappe but development is never a straightforward thing. You never know how he will turn out but im sure with the right guidance he could turn into a fine player for us and it would be great to see a diversity of talent representing the arsenal. i think asian players deserve more of chance even though most of them do not make the grade.


Wrote on here 6 months or so ago and got, probably rightly so, a lot of stick for it… I am not sure he’s good enough for a club like Arsenal which should have high ambitions. I haven’t seen too much of him to be fair but he’s not comparable to a Son or even Kagawa in terms of quality in my opinion. Son especially has a unique athleticism for an Asian footballer playing in a forward position. He only had one season though, yet. So let’s see. Will gladly eat my words should he tear it up in the… Read more »


So all Asian footballers are to be judged together even though they are all wildly different countries? Got it. Well I guess since we haven’t had any luck with players from Latvia we should give up on Europeans altogether.


You give your opinion on a player that you know nothing about? how does that work?

“I haven’t seen too much of him to be fair…” lol you want to compare him to other players even though you haven’t seen too much of him?


Off topic.

Anyone else having problems accessing the news stories on Safari?

I can only access the latest stories through newsnow etc…


mbappe,aubameyang, Lacazette?

aubameyang all day long for me. Don’t think we are even in the hunt for him

Laughing stock

Park Chu Campbell as he’s better known

Faisal Narrage

I prefer Takuma Biscoff.

Big sheezy

Instead of talking about players who wont be playing with the first team, wr should be talking about players who will be. Time to get excited about smalling.


Good to see that he is performing well. Maybe we’ll get a decent fee for once if he doesn’t make the grade.


The Japanese Arsharvin!

I guess he is impressing enough at Stuttgart.

Seems a good hedge. If he develops, we pull him into first team, if we have enough and Stuttgart or another team feel they want him, we sell him on.

Considering price paid, a good buy.

Wenger and co. have to scour far corners these days to seek value. You never know, like Holding, he could turn out to be YET another gem discovered by Wenger …and Dick Law.


Asano reason why not. Fingers crossed it works ou for him (and Arsenal)!

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