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Picture: Arsenal’s three kits for 2017-18

Via Footy Headlines comes a picture of Arsenal’s home kit, away kit and third kit for next season.

As high fashion types here on Arseblog News, we thought we’d give our verdicts on what we’re going to be wearing next season.

Home kit

You know the way in the film The Fugitive, Dr Richard Kimble claims he’s innocent of his wife’s murder and says he saw a one armed man the night she was killed? Well, this very same one armed man drew this kit on a bar napkin after eight beers and a couple of bourbons using a cocktail stick as a quill and his own blood as ink after somebody had gouged out both his eyes with a spoon.

Away kit

Someone at Puma said, ‘Hey, let’s make a shirt that puts you in mind of speed, agility, finesse, technique, elan, trickery and the kind of grace that you would associate with the finest ballet dancers.’

Then some other twat overruled him and made a shirt which looks like it was made of leftover fabric from a 1980s shell-suit factory.

Third kit

The people responsible for this shirt have a strange sexual predilection involving Stabilo highlighter markers and Dyno-Rod van drivers. They are most likely friendless and will die alone, or get shot to death by police when they finally find out who’s been killing all those kids.

Anyway, check out the picture below and make your own minds up!

Arsenal kits 2017-18

The tracksuits don’t look bad though

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2.Absolutely not.

3. What happened to us?!


I don’t understand how the club agree to this shit?! The sport really has become a business in every sense..

Cliff Bastin

The away kit ensures that we definitely wear our home kit against Chelsea or Man city no matter what.


isn’t that why there’s a 3rd kit.. looks like a professor’s notebook with all the highlights.. or will our keeper wear it.. i wonder..

Dan Hunter

I could pull a better kit out my aaa… hey hey hey kids!! hhooo hoo hoo haa haaa haa


We sold out man.

Puma make such bad kits, even the quality of the gear is poor. It bothers me deeply that they used to sponsor Spurs as well.

I’d look to get Adidas on board again, since ‘The Emirates’ don’t want to be on our shirts anymore… I say we get the old band back together and give JVC a call…

Kai -malayan gunner

Why is it so unthinkable to have red white as home kit & plain white as away kit..3rd kit can be blue or dark blue. Or the traditional need to use pink unless they are desperately trying to finish their pink ink which will expire soon and cause them loss.


#PumaOut. Adidas or Nike in.


All the manufacturers Are equally shit. I wouldn’t fret on it. As long as they keep paying who cares. Nobody is forced to buy a kit….


I don’t buy kits anymore but I haven’t liked any of the Puma designs aside from the 2015/16 season. The quality of the replica gear (including training tops) is also crap compared to what Nike used to put out.


Actually this past seasons home kit grew on me and I actually think it’s the first nice kit we’ve had in a while (in terms of home kits)


The manufacturers might be equally shit, but Pumas designers are especially runny and greasy.

Mohit Hiralal

Just have a look at what ManCity is getting from Nike now Chelsea and spurs have moved to Nike too
Manutd has a better away kit than ours!!!!! This away kit feels so random, it’s out of nowhere

My name is Jeff

Nike. Can’t stand the mandatory three stripes all over the shirt if with Adidas.

Dan Hunter

Not blowing my own trumpet, but I design kits for amateur teams. They look a million times better than this junk. And they probably don’t tear after 5 minutes…


there is albo NB

Malayan Gooner

umbro’s been making rather nice kits as of late but i’d be very very surprised if they can fork out the money to sign us up


I like the home one but the away one looks like a basic training kit.

Third Plebeian

Agree. Fine with the home kit, red with white sleeves nothing to see here, but the the away and third kits are abominations. In the Biblical sense.


The home kit would look really good if the collar had been one solid colour instead of the two-toned red-white it is now. Imagine how good that kit would look with a red collar.


a gold collar would have been surreal, but out the champs league, we honestly don’t deserve to wear anything gold..


I remain baffled how wrong kit designers can make a red and white home shirt. This is less wrong than the other Puma ones we’ve had but that’s like saying a swimming pool is less wet than an ocean.

The away kits are brutal.


I’ve seen at least 3 amateur “concept kits” on the web that are ten times better than this, can’t believe people actually being paid for making the kits come up with these aberrations.


Basically, Puma come up with a few general concepts. They then use that for all teams, only altering colours. Saves cost of producing kits at such a large scale.

Puma design team must have fallen on their heads or they just want to minimise costs this year.

We are at their mercy for £30m a year.

Same goes for Adidas and Nike.


I’m more baffled that the club can just accept them. Who approves the design? Are the players involved? Why not speak with clothes designers to see what sells? Or even fans (what am I on? Stupid idea!). Thing is, all the associated club clothing is just as ridiculous. Its like Next or M&S taking those weird designs clothes off fashion designers’ catwalks and putting them straight on the shelves. Changing design every year for all three strips is money-grabbing but at least we can pick the one which we actually prefer – or not bother at all and make the… Read more »


“Why not speak with clothes designers to see what sells”

do you honestly not believe that Puma, a multimillion dollar sporting goods corporation, are not on top of this to some extent?

The reality is that I doubt that the prevalence of comments-section sooks (every year, no matter the manufacturer, “THESE ARE SHIT EVERYTHING’S SHIT”) bears a direct relation to the actual kit sales.

Brendan G.

Puma deal can’t end soon enough.


Somehow they continue to get worse


I personally don’t like playing in collars, and yeah I play 7 aside in my replicas or train in them. Otherwise glad someone cleaned off the stain.
But who let the kids play with the highlighters on 2 and 3??


These kits are ugly. Puma are not creative.


Bit too “creative” perhaps.

Sylent Syd

They really gotta stop it with the 3rd kit. Annually abhorrent, they’ve become.


I quite like them. To be honest though we could play in red and white bin bags and I wouldn’t care. Just as long as we play like The Arsenal of old! A 2004 vintage would do nicely.


I like the away kit. It’s weird as fuck but a welcome break from the yellow. And gradients are modern looking, if that helps.


It doesn’t

Nic Bell

She wore… and not it wasn’t blue, pink or black.

Original Paul

I do not want any break from the yellow kit ever! 1989 Michael Thomas…surely the best ever feeling for an Arsenal fan that night?


Alan Sunderland 1979.


Yes I wish they would bring back the Swedish away strip. Permanently.


Best Arsenal kit in recent years was the 2010 one, closely followed by the 05/06 final Highbury season one IMO. Puma kits have been average so far.

Axle grinder

Home mediocre, the other two are horrible, just shocking. Blue one is as bad as the blue fade O2 top. Like someone else said, they just look like training tops. Bring back the Sega gold two tone blue lightning strike


I couldn’t care less about having stylish jerseys once the performances by those wearing them brought a league title. Alas I feel we’ll get neither.

Corona X

Fair enough, but what about us fans wearing them?? I used to be proud buying the newest kit and wearing it…

Yorkshire Gooner

What happened to one new kit every other season? Three kits a year is a bit of a piss take.


If only the police could trace that guy with a gun to your head who keeps forcing you to buy them….


Just say no

Shire gooner

Fuck! I wondered what Zammo was up to after all these years.


Everything is ultimately unsatisfying and then we die


I like the home kit better than last year’s. The away kit and third kit are…um…well, you know, when Arsenal win the League this year, we will all remember these kits fondly.


These are Europa quality kits. The third kit oozes a foul stench of a Chelsea training shirt. Puma suck. Bring back Nike or Adidas.

Dan Hunter

Get rid of May, bring in Boris Johnson.. same difference


As an American, we bitch about the national team kits from Nike non stop. They are just as bad. Every international team is the same, just diff colors. Hell, our red ones look like they took Portugal’s shirt and slapped the US badge on it.


Come on people. The kits look way much better on the players, that third kit looks awesome.


Oh god please no.


Overall I think the designer was a little bit jaded when he designed these kits.


top top quality!


A bit with the handbrake on, he lacked creativity on the final third one.


I actually like the home shirt. No bullshit. Just plain red with white sleeves — Arsenal in all it’s simplicity. No fancy extra graphics. Would have liked the collar to be all rounded and all white like the France 14/15 home kit (which was epic).

Anyway, if Bellerin approves we’re sure it’s aligned with this years fashion trend ?


The tracksuits are good. The kits are abominations. They’re not as bad as the kaleidoscopic banana away kit from the 90s or the velvet bumblebee third kit from the 00s, but they’re close.

The strangest thing about these kits is not that Arsenal spent thousands upon thousands of pounds coming up with the designs. No, the strangest thing is that Arsenal spent thousands of pounds more on a consultant to look at all the designs and say “Yep, these three are the ones!”

What the fuck are they smoking over there anyway?

David C

that yellow Sweden jacket is class!


Yellow shirt?


Home one would be fine without the collar but, since it comes with the collar, it’s absolutely not fine. Away kit – Arsenal should never, never, never, never, NEVER play in blue. 3rd kit looks like it could only have been designed by a goalkeeper for revenge.


Agreed and the collars are.. wank.


The only blue could be a navy embellishment on an otherwise totally yellow away kit


Maybe this is the key to win the title..blinding our enemies with those super weapons hehehehe..


I wish we’d get rid of the raglan sleeves and have the red cover all of the shoulders. Puma have given us awful designs. The material is fairly cheap feeling too. Disappointed the club put up with their schlock.


I might put an application in for Arsenal kit designer at Puma.
I don’t actually have any designing experience as such…. but I was a sandwich designer at McDonald’s for 15 years in my youth, and I’ve been working as a wank bank attendant in Amsterdam for the past 17years, so I’m an expert at cleaning up other people’s messes.
I surely have to be more qualified than whoever designed these?


I cant be the only one thinking the third kit is pretty cool


You can

rob pyres

no thanks, these are Pooma.

Allen Dickerson

I winced while opening this link, because I knew it was time for those idiot kit designers to go back to some form of the “electric blue” that seems to be in a rotation with the “Sweden” yellow/blue kit. I was right…. and it’s *horrid*. Why can’t they make more kits like the “last Highbury year” kits, or the striking purple and blue hoops kit, and just stop with the other two???


Glad to see I’m not the only one with a soft spot for the purple and black hoops kit.


They’re vile, definately wouldn’t want to buy any one of them. The tracksuits are nice, but completely different colours to the shirts, maybe the shirts aren’t real, we can only hope.


Are those hair rollers on the collar of the 3rd kit.

Allen Dickerson

I mean, really? Is it a requirement that kit designers not know a *single thing* about football, or the team they’re designing for, as a starting point each year? Ours is not the only side to come out with complete head-scratchers for kits. As for Nike, Adidas and Puma… You could deposit all their campuses into the dead center of the Indian Ocean during monsoon season and no one would care a whit.

They’re turning out absolute monstrosities, collossal embarassments, each and every year.

Don Alfie

I actually like the home kit. Simplicity in all its glory. And I’m a sucker for collars and buttons; I’m retro like that. Not sure about the away and third kits though, never cared about them, particularly because life is all red and white where I come from!

Ry Glover

Don’t mind the home. But those 2nd and 3rd kits are abominations.



I’ve coughed/shat/sneezed out better.


Mr Ben

If Wrighty were here he’d cut those collars off.


Another season in my JVC’s then.


You recon somebody did this for a bet


I wonder if they put fake nipples in these things.


Bring back Nike Puma is so third world.


I don’t know what’s wrong with the home kit, and at this point I’m afraid to ask.


If Sanchez hadn’t already made his mind up about leaving, that pink and black monstrosity should do I ???

Another Paul

The home kit is just plain boring and the away one really really horrible. What are they smoking over at Puma!? I might actually be able to come to terms with the black one…


I don’t give a shit what the players are wearing, as long as we win the league


Hope those kits won’t discourage quality players to sign with Arsenal.


The home kit should just about be OK…viewed from Row 19, East Upper. Might have to ditch plans to attend away game next season though!

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