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Report: No changes to coaching staff as new contracts are offered

According to The Times (£), there are to be no changes to Arsenal’s coaching staff as all of the men who made up the back-room crew are to be offered new deals.

There had been speculation that a new goalkeeping coach would be sought to replace Gerry Peyton. The Irishman has been suffering from a hip injury and it was thought he might be retiring, but the report says that he, along with Steve Bould, Boro Primorac, Neil Banfield and others will be handed new contracts.

It has been presented as a victory for Arsene Wenger who, they say, was instructed to bring in new faces as part of his contract extension, but who has stood his ground while the club have backed down.

Ivan Gazidis promised a ‘catalyst for change’, and in an interview with the official site after the Frenchman had signed on for another two years said, “We talk continually about how we can evolve and what’s happening in football.

“It’s constantly evolving and we need to be not only evolving with it, but we need to be ahead of it. We’re very conscious of that and we’re going to be very proactive again to improve both on and off the field in all areas.

“Today’s not the day to get into the specifics of that. I think you’ll see that commitment in the months ahead and I think you’ll see that commitment coming into next year.”

Throughout his Arsenal career, Wenger has insisted that the contracts of his assistants are tied to his, to provide security and clarity, so this is not an unusual occurrence.

It remains to be seen, however, if there will be any further additions to the coaching staff or the back-room structures. Talk of a Director of Football was played down but it’s believed there will be some kind of football executive role created to help with player contracts, loan player reporting, and other duties to support the manager.

Ivan Gazidis meets with fans on June 29th for a Q&A session, at which he’s sure to be quizzed about the club’s plans for improvement.

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Fantastic. The last thing the club needs to do is bring in some fresh ideas.


So true, yet ideas are cheap, making them work is the skill. whatever they do just no more Dick Law type characters please.


The club can afford to bring new people (without firing anyone) you know. I expect us to sign some new people to replace jonker and ljunberg. Personally I’m glad because I’m sick of seeing coaches get sacked because their players can’t be bothered to do what they’re paid to do.

Mein Bergkampf

I think it’s a little reductive and massively insulting to suggest players “can’t be bothered”. These are professionals who have fought their whole lives to make a career in one of the most competitive industries in the world. When we get 5 days between a West Ham game and a Palace game for the coaches and manager to get their message across, get the players prepared and we go down 3-0 to a team in the relegation battle, something isn’t happening in training that should be.

Faisal Narrage

FYI, in a 10 year period we’ve had a huge turnover of players, most of whom seemingly repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Yet in that time we’ve had the same manager and coaching staff.

My you should consider the fault lies with the common denominator(s), rather than the players?


@Faisal Narrage I genuinely do not understand how people can thumb that comment down. There is surely evidence confirming that our first team coaches need reshuffling when you take into consideration (as you said) the same mistakes are literally being repeated every single year. It doesn’t matter whether we have Sanchez in the team or Chamakh, literally the same thing is happening: – We always lose the big matches in the league. – We always lose the big games against the big opposition in Europe. – We always get within touching distance of mounting a serious title challenge, but we… Read more »


I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but I have really stopped giving a fuck about it all


It’s great! Why are you on this page?


Disappointing. Prepare next season for deja vu part 11…


Why not part 21?

Talk about choosing only what suits you


It might be if Sanchez stays. But if he goes, it will be rather different to last season. But not in a good way.


I hope the club realizes the importance of this summer. If they don’t do what’s required, the atmosphere around the club as soon as we lose our first game next season would be absolutely venomous.

They need to take the situation much more seriously.


It makes no difference what the club will do. The atmosphere after the first defeat (or even a draw against a small opposition) will be toxic as there are just some guys among our fanbase that are not happy if they can’t complain about how hard their lifes are because of the Arsenal. They will always find a reason. Even if we would have brought 5 superstars in and keep Özil and Alexis and appoint a director of football, after the first bad result the people will start moaning that it was obvious that we won’t win anything with Wenger… Read more »


“Some guys” is fine. ‘Youre not fit to wear the shirt’ was not just some guys.

John C

Bollocks, we’re the 5th biggest club in the world, we expect the club to behave like it


The 5th biggest club in the world with one UEFA Cup and one Cup Winners Cup in our 131 year history. Yeah, sure.


FYI: NO# CLUB TITLES DETAILS 1 Real Madrid 71 33 League Titles, 12 Champions League, 19 Spanish Cups, 2 UEFA Cups, 4 Club world cups 2 Barcelona 61 24 League Titles, 5 Champions League, 27 Spanish Cups, 3 UEFA Cups, 2 Club world cups 3 Benfica 62 35 League, 25 Portuguese Cups, 2 Champions League 4 Ajax 55 33 League titles, 18 Dutch Cups, 4 Champions League, 5 FC Bayern 53 26 League Titles, 18 German Cups, 5 Champions League, 1 UEFA Cup, 3 Club World Cups 6 Juventus 50 32 League Titles, 11 Italian Cups, 2 Champions League, 3… Read more »

John C

You’re right we should know our place and just accept paying the highest ticket prices in the world.

No place for ambition here!!

You’re a loser!!!


Get a life mate.

John C

You get a life, you’re the loser


I have a good job a great family and fantastic friends. I’m healthy. I’m privileged like maybe 5% of the humans on this planet. Maybe that’s why I don’t get that bitter when my club doesn’t win football matches.
I realize there are more important things in life.


But you are John Cunt!

John C

And that’s the attitude that stops us from winning the Premier league and Champions league.

You’ve bought into Wenger’s inferiority complex and ten year project of lowering expectations.

This is the reason we have 12 players coming into the last 12 months of their contract, it’s not because we haven’t offered them contracts it’s because no one wants to sign one!!

Who would want to sign for a club whose manager is constantly telling anyone who wants to listen that we can’t do this, and can’t do that?


What stops us from winning things are fans that get on the back of the team after one bad result instead of backing them. We were unbeaten for 20 games last season, then lost one game to Everton and the atmosphere was toxic straight away. Get behind the team and stop moaning.

John C

Deary me you’re a loser, i feel sorry for you and i can’t understand your mentality


Im not s loser but a Realist. People who actually think we’re the 5th biggest club in the world are losers. Intelligence losers. We rank in the top 5 when it comes to turnover and that’s entirely down to the way this club was ran by Wenger over Last 2 decades. If he would have spent the money the fans wanted him to spend, we wouldn’t be there but probably be bankrupt.
But in terms of success and titles we never were even close to the top 10. And surely not before Wengers arrival.

John C

No it’s not, it’s down to Arsenal being the biggest club in the richest city in the world, we’ve given Wenger the opportunity not vice versa.

In terms of success we were the second most successful domestic club when Wenger joined now we’re 3rd, he’s in real terms taken us backwards


Not true. United won 9 championships and 9 fa cups prior to 96. 18 domestic titles. Arsenal won 10 championships and 6 FA Cups. 16 domestic titles.
You seem to be a loser when it comes to maths too.


Seriously its all down to the fans?
Mate with respect you are talking absolute bollox.
The fans stayed with wenger through the years of austerity, when we had to sell our best players etc and it was gazidis that promised us the land of honey.

John C

League titles are what counts, they’re the measure of quality and we were ahead now we’re 7 behind, that’s a dramatic decline. FA Cups are a secondary cup competition where for the majority of the competition you can play lower leaguers or part timers, we’ve taken advantage of that ourselves this year. And yes Voldermort, there’s nowhere else in the country where a club can charge what Arsenal charge, NOWHERE!! Not in Manchester, not in Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Southampton, Birmingham, Liverpool, nowhere in the country has the wealth and depth of wealth and that has absolutely NOTHING to do with Wenger.… Read more »

Daft Aider

blaming the fans?, seriously? utter poppycock


im with berlingoon on this one, our fans are toxic to the team – theres no denying that. You could argue how much is down to the players/fans/wenger etc but nobody can deny arsenal play in one of of the most toxic environments in football. “youre not fit to wear the shirt” to Bellerin vs crystal palace? you guys crazy?

Then everyone throws a fit when a rumour saying he wants to join Barcelona emerges, and the toxic cycle continues 🙂


seriously? are the fans responsible for arsenals pathetic transfer record .are the fans responsible for wengers inability to change tactics according to the team . are the fans responsible for arsenals for the poor results.

fans may have protested , but its only because the board and wenger are poorly handling the club . fans stood by wenger all those years when we couldnt spend money . now even with all the money we are only going backwards. if the results were good none of the those fans would’ve been protesting


If you only support your club when they’re winning and start protesting as soon as the results get bad you haven’t really understood the concept of a supporter.


dude we are not talking about some games here , we are talking about mismanagement of the club for years here .


Some fans, incl me believe that Wenger is the main problem at our club. If other fans thinking the same, probably they’ll lose the patient after lose 2 games in a row, or when we play so bad as in Westbrom and Palace game. Don’t worry, losing one game against any opposition won’t trigger a massive movement only a little disappointment which is normal.


Like the defeat against Everton after a 20 games unbeaten run you mean? Yeah, sure.


The Wenger movement and toxic atmosphere start after Bayern humiliation twice imo, Everton defeat just a little bit disappointment and no follow up after that.


those 20 games unbeaten run were a farce….we hung onto so many draws and by scoring late like against a petty manu team which totally dominated us before ox and giroud produced some magic at the end….This 20 games unbeaten run reason is as relevant as mourinho claiming a treble in his 1st seasom at manu


Haven’t we always complained that we are too easy to beat when we don’t have a good day and that being hard to beat even if you play poor is what makes a great team? And when we do it everybody is saying: well, that was poor, as we haven’t been brilliant in these 20 games. The same with the top 4 finish. For years all the moaners have said that a trophy is more important than top 4. Now we have won 3 trophies in 4 years and have been out of the top 4 once and the same… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

Are you one of those people that blames the paying fans in the stadium whilst sitting comfortably from your high horse at home?


I live in Berlin so sorry I’m not in the stadium every week. I go there at least once a year and pay as much money for that as others pay for a season ticket. So don’t try to play that card mate. You just make yourself look like a moron.

John C

Move to London and go to every game and be the change you want to see

DB10\'s Air Miles

You see what’s happened is, you’ve tried to engage in some kind of meaningful conversation, using evidence and common sense. You totally forgot that this is the internet where people like to vent their faux outrage.
I also believe that the toxic atmosphere has been a great hindrance on the team’s performance. I don’t​ believe that it’s the only factor, but it definitely played it’s part.


Haha, you’re right. Sometimes I actually forget that. Cheers mate!

goongot responsible for arsenal malaise ?? berlingoon is alias for stan kroenke in here !!!!


The club is again settling into it’s own languid working nature..


Will they ever learn ?

Mr November

This is not a progressive step forward. I’m willing to give Arsene the benefit of the doubt here but this isn’t a sign that he’s ready to do things differently. I fear it’s that fucking Einstein definition of insanity coming back.

Mein Bergkampf

When is someone going to regulate our manager? He’s made himself the only ‘football man’ inside the club and knows it. And like a stubborn schoolboy, he’s doing exactly as he pleases. We never get anything other than out dated rhetoric and tactical stubbornness from our glorious leader.


Actually, we also got 3 FA cups in the last four years too. Oh, and a few multi-million pound signings which everyone likes to go on about all the time.

Faisal Narrage

Which ones? The one’s considering leaving?


I’m not even going to bother with a reply to something a Spurs fan could have easily said. Start supporting our club why don’t you.


its clear that wenger needs help , but the fact that he is not even acknowledging that is simply baffling to me


Judge him at the end of the season…….again.wash rinse repeat

Faisal Narrage

The secret to Fergie’s evolution and staying relevant in a careee spanning almost 40 years was the he regularly updated his coaching staff and assistants to provide modern and fresh tactical insights he acknowledged he didn’t have due to his age.

Meanwhile over at Arsenal, we’re still keeping a GK coach of whom many of our goalkeepers don’t even like.


Plus he had the money to buy whoever he wanted and pay them whatever they demanded. Since he left, we have finished above them every season but they still have the financial muscle to blow us out. Our current highest earners are well below what Ashley Young started on 180k PW and that’s a time we couldn’t even pay out 100k. We were as high as 13 m 14 15 m for the likes of Wilford, Reyes, Arshavin when Ferguson could spend 30m on a center back and the same on a teenager So yeah he constantly evolved but he… Read more »


Ferguson had a net spend of 226m gbp vs Wenger of 243 m. Fees have gone up the past 4 years but the difference between ferguson and Wenger in terms of resources is not as great as it seems. Remember ferguson developed a lot of young players into borderline world class and then supplemented them with a high priced purchase.

Faisal Narrage

You’re being bitter and somewhat deluded. You’re making Fergie out to be a Mourinho. Both their net spends aren’t that far off. Fergie won a European Cup with Freaking Aberdeen. Also, Young never started on £180k when he went to United, stop making things up to suit your agenda. And I’m not just comparing Fergie to Wenger, I’m comparing Fergie to all other European Clubs, many who outspent him. Fact is Fergie himself acknowledges 2 things that extended his managerial career; 1. Changing his coaching staff regularly to provide new tactical ideas, 2. The complete trust in Sports Science (most… Read more »


The sweeping changes continue – it’s hard to keep up…


Utterly predictable and so uninspiring yet again. 2 more years of the same old tired excuses


Club is a joke. Get Martin Keown in the coaching staff. Get rid of Peyton…that guy sucks. The coaching staff needs to be reinvigorated. Where is the change?? We’re not going to be winning the league for a very long time. Heck forget about the top 4. Clubs around us are improving and we’re stuck in the same spot.


I’ve asked this before but who are the people who need to be replaced? Forget Wenger and Kroenke, they are here for the foreseeable future and I’m not interested in hypotheticals.

So who needs to go? Gazidis? Law? Sir Chips?


As long as Wenger runs the whole show and reports directly to Stan it doesn’t really matter who else is there as those 2 alone make every decision we care about as fans.


exactly. wenger runs the show here with full support of silent stan . as long as wenger is here he wont allow any change , neither at board level nor any technical level changes. as long as one of them or both goes nothing will change.


Arsenal innovative as always – we are evolving by not changing a single thing.

Dixon\'s Awsome Own Goal

Looking forward to the succession plan debates in 18 months. And again in 2021.

Top top quality

Gazidis is a genius. When he talks about evolving he essentially means we’ll stay the same while other clubs evolve so it’ll look like we’re different from other clubs and are very therefore evolved in a more spiritual way, and values of the club and DNA and all that.

Sheer brilliance!

donald\'s trump

Kim Jong-Weng won’t let there be any changes so not entirely Gazidis’s fault if he doesn’t have the authority to challenge the great leader.


Yawn. Arsenal are one of the most predictable & boring teams in the land (a couple of cup games apart). This isn’t coming across spoilt or not appreciative of the managers effort but every year is the same. It’s crazy that there is no changes in the coaching setup. – Tranfer ineptitude before a late dash in August – Lose key player – ill prepared for first game resulting in loss – Good run till Christmas – Implosion & ‘Wenger out’ chants – Spinless board don’t have the nerve to sack him – mini run partly rescues season allowing misguided… Read more »


Wenger’s loyalty to his team just rolls on, both on and off the pitch. Clearly part of his contract deal was to continue to have complete control over all football matters. This loyalty will see a good goalkeeper go on the cheap, another one be allowed to stay in Italy and just a few third string players be forced out, whilst potentially losing 2/3 top players. Wenger is staying and I will support him but only as long as he shows that his judgement is not impaired, he improves performances of those he keeps and sees the need to bring… Read more »

donald\'s trump

Arggghhghghghhgh, he’s been showing is judgement is impaired for years.


Has he just asked the club for a mandate or something, not been given it and decided to carry on regardless? This is terrible news if true.

Faisal Narrage

He should become Prime Minister.


Opportunity for change…no thanks!


We are certainly not ahead of the evolving of the modern game. With Wenger having so much power we are a step behind, he doesn’t want change. If we can’t change, we can not evolve.


Why change a winning formula?


Groundhog day then.
For a decade this coaching staff can’t compete in the big competition and yet after dismal season we still didn’t change them. At least find a new guy so we have a fresh approach.

Daft Aider

No ambition whatsoever


If Wenger ignores what’s needed, Alexis won’t sign…. It’s all downhill after that

dr Strange

Two more years of the same boring, predictable and failing management with the same outdated “yes sir boss you’r the greatest” coaches. “Catalyst for change” did anyone really by that load of garbage? The only thing the club want is our money. The only thing the manager want is to never retire and have no one question him regardless of results. We will sell our biggest assets, Ozil and Sanchez, replace them with inferior players and the rot will deepen. We will link ourselfs, yes Arsenal are feeding the press with bullshit, with big money signings to “appease” the fans.… Read more »


Quoting the Times? Why not get it from Arsenal FC or don’t comment at all!


“Catalyst for change”

Such a fucking joke.


Well, it certainly does “provide security and clarity”.

Security for the perennial underachievers (how’s the coffe maker?) and clarity that our defensive play will continue being shit.






Is this a joke? Jeez Wenger out FFS

nimble foot

A little too late for that now mate


Catalyst. Of. Change. What a load of fucking bollocks our board talk. Cunts.


But what about little vic and the akers?

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