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Pires backs Mbappe chase, cites two other potential striking recruits

Robert Pires, not for the first time, has backed Arsenal’s pursuit of Kylian Mbappe, saying that the money English clubs have makes anything possible.

The Arsenal legend was speaking at this morning’s kit launch, and said that he believes the 18 year old Monaco forward is a legitimate target for the Gunners.

Back in April, he said, “I do think Arsenal will sign him.

“The problem is how much. Mbappe has the potential to play for Arsenal and Wenger is the right manager to manage him.

“Monaco and Arsenal are very similar in clubs, so it won’t be much of a transition.”

And this time around he’s urging Arsene Wenger to splash the cash on the most exciting young striker in Europe.

“Mbappe is a great player who has good potential,” he said.

“Of course he is very expensive but now in the UK anything is possible. The most important thing is to keep Sanchez and Ozil and if they buy Lacazette and Mbappe.

“Arsenal can do both – they can extend the contracts of Sanchez and Ozil and why not buy two or three players?”

The Lyon forward has been strongly linked with Arsenal again this summer, and Pires also has his eye on Dortmund’s Ousmane Dembele.

“Lacazette is a great player,” he said, “and I love Ousmane Dembele at Dortmund, too.”

It remains to be seen which of the striking options, if any, Arsenal will attract this summer, but there are certainly decisions to be made.

For extra reading, check out Puma’s misjudged press release from this morning.

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I read these reports & allow myself to dream for a few minutes, only to find myself waking in a cold sweat screaming “Akpom, L.A.N.S. NOOOOOOOOOO”


Obv meant as gallows humour rather than expectation


Exactly 🙂 Welbeck, Giroud and Akpom our striking force for next season… As someone said here, we will spend June chasing Mbappe, July chasing Benzema, August chasing Lacazette and we’ll end up with our players in the end 🙂


and maybe we will buy a perez in the last minute


I admire this newly found transfer positivity that some Arsenal fans seem to have conjured up from somewhere. I just wonder what it based on? People saying keeping Ozil and Sanchez and buying Lacazette is not good enough. Given our history of transfers for me that would be a great. Let’s get real. There is no chance whatsoever we’ll break the transfer record for Mbappe.

Lack of Perspective

It is definitely way more fun to stay negative all summer, bitch and complain, then end up with an alexis or ozil esque signing.

For fucks sake. Some people are boooooooooring!!


As Arsenal fan you learn to be pessimistic about the transfer market compared to other big teams.

When we’ve had a big player with a year left on their contract in demand as Alexis is we have always lost him. When we’ve been linked to a huge player that most big clubs wanted for most of the summer we have rarely got him.

King Henry the 2nd

Is Cavarni available haha

Gunn Cabinet

Bobby Pires seems to know something we don’t…I know, I know o o o o …


How to lick Wenger’s a**, yes he knows that…


There’s a storm of angry thumbs heading your way, mister

Donald\'s Trump

I know right. It’s arse, ass is a donkey.

Dublin Gooner

*Instant Ban*


Yeah why not disrespect two club legends in one fell swoop.



You’ve gone over the red line there.


If we signed Mbappe+Lemar+Dembele Stan would have a heart attack…
It’s what you call a win win situation

Lack of Perspective

Isnt lemar that shit rnb singer. Rather not go anywhere that.

No way

I’m 50/50


So mbappe for 100 million & Lacazette for 60 million and we keep Ozil Sanchez. Despite this Haters will say we are becoming a TOP heavy side. I wont mind. Even if I am dreaming, plz don’t wake me up.

If we can show the character to spend 160 million in this window in such quality players, tells a lot about our determination for the upcoming seasons.


I just hope to god Wenger pulled out all the stops last year when he dropped in at Mbappe’s gaff. To think the price we might have got him for then…

Hope he took pizza with him, and Pires…and puppies, lots of puppies!


swoon swoon swoon


We can’t get both Lacazette and Mbappe. Will only happen if Alexis leaves. Wenger gets Ozil and Alexis to sign and gets Mbappe, then he’ll get no criticism from me. But we all know Wenger…we’ll probably not get Mbappe and replace Alexis with some unknown player.

Donald\'s Trump

If Arsenal spend more than 50million on a single player this summer, I will eat my hat.

Cliff Bastin

Why did Kante join 10th placed Chelsea? Money, quality of team mates and manager?

Why would Mbappe join us?


Because he is not Kante?

Lack of Perspective

Ridicilous comment. From whats been said apparently the sticking point might be CL. Which kante didnt mind. We looked a better outfit than chelsea till a little while after we beat them this season. And we beat them in the cup.

It is extremely difficult to make a direct comparison between the two situations.


So Pires thinks we are after strikers. Mbappe,Lacazzete . Aliadiere ?

rob pyres

Though I swoon too, we’re not getting Mbappe. Not with Real buzzing round him too…but we can dream.


I think we will get Mbappe, but I also think we will be fighting transfer stories about him leaving for Madrid or Barca every summer until his contract ends.

Expect we will sign him up for 5 years, and he will commit to staying on beyond that IF we win big titles. EPL and Champions League.

Imagine having Sanchez, Lacazette, Mbappe, Ozil in the same side ?


I’m just wondering if a 26 years old player like Lacazette wouldn’t offer a better warranty, even if he’s not as talented as MbappĂ© for sure. Maybe we should stop hoping and waiting for this bright future and be more pragmatic, maybe to win the title we need an experienced goalscorer more.


I want Mbappe. You want Mbappe. Pires wants Mbappe. We all love Pires. Lets get Mbappe.

Clock-End Mike

We also have to (1) persuade Monaco to seel MbappĂ© to us, and (2) convince MbappĂ© that Arsenal is the right place for him. Both are possible, but it’s not just as simple as “Let’s get MbappĂ©”…

Clock-End Mike



Signing Lacazette is stupid. We could have signed him last summer or the summer before.
M’bappe on the other hand I would go as far as 150 million for him. Contrary to what many think I don’t believe he is out of our reach.
Spending money on M’bappe will not guarantee success but I’m sure he will bring excitement to this football club. We need a player who can make us dream again and I’m convinced M’bappe is that player. We should go M’bappe or go home.


I totally agree with you. Excitement is what Arsenal and us fans need right now. Plus M’bappe is really talented lad and you can see that he is something special.
Lacazette is a good player, very good in my opinion, but I’m wondering… is he really that good? Surely United, City, Chelsea would be after him, not just West ham.

No way

He’s too small for mourinho and city aren’t looking at strikers. He was on his way to atletico before their transfer ban so let’s not jump to conclusions.


Let’s get Mbappe at all costs Arsene. I believe my homeboy Knowledge Musona at KV Osteede is way better than Lacazette


You might be a little biased toward your compatriot, Maestro. Shall we compare them? They are the same size at 5’9″. Musona is a year older. Since January 2015 (a season and a half) Musona has scored 28 goals in all competitions. Lacazette scored 28 last year alone in Ligue 1. Prior to that Lacazette scored 21, 27, and 15 in the previous 3 Ligue seasons. From 2011 to 2015 Musona scored a total of 8 goals. I’m thinking they are not close to comparable. Musona could not break into the Hoffenheim starting 11.


I’d obviously love us to sign Mbappe but if Real Madrid are in for him we might struggle – he said stating the bleeding obvious. I just hope we sign an upgrade on Giroud who in my opinion is a good player but not quick enough to lead the line consistently against the top teams. My fear as a season ticket holder and away scheme member is that Alexis will agitate for a move away and we will be left scrambling around for somebody half decent to replace him. Wouldn’t that be so typically Arsenal? The kit isn’t bad though… Read more »

King Henry the 2nd

We need to change. We can’t have the same summer as the last few. Get the players signed before pre-season, please.


Arsene already said we only need 2 or 3 players we already signed 1 the russian no. 2 onyekru no.3 thats it mbappe lacazette dream on


I don’t know why arsene wenger like to dilly-dally on buying players. He need to convince Sanchez that the club is ready premiership title come next afraid let not happened incase of Van Persie repeat itself again. Buy whosever u wanna buy and get prepare for pre season.

Faisal Narrage

What we need to do is buy a pair of potara earrings and fuse Giroud with Welbeck to create the ultimate CF.

Or a cheeky ÂŁ40mil bid for Martial.

No way

Well fuse them together and end up girlbeck

Asuma Alfred

I think we lack concentration somewhere some how by now we should have got one or two serious strikers and most likely to end up on pressure with Perez or Giraud type then you automatically count yourselves out competition then participate.

Asuma Alfred

I think pires should speak to Wenger in French so that he accept his advise really he never minds about funs

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