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Report: Arsenal in talks with Lyon over Alexandre Lacazette

Via GFFN comes news that Arsenal have reportedly opened talks with Lyon over the signing of Alexandre Lacazette.

Earlier today a picture emerged of Arsene Wenger and chief executive Ivan Gazidis in Nice together. It’s unlikely to have been an idyllic weekend away to mend some fences after a difficult season, and given the proximity to Monaco, it led to increased speculation about 18 year old Kylian Mbappé.

Arsenal had a bid rejected last week, and perhaps the news that Real Madrid are coming in with an even bigger bid after their first was turned down, has seen us switch targets.

Arsene and Ivan could have taken a road trip together, driving north to open talks with Lyon, or taken a short-hop flight.

That is, of course, assuming that the news is true. He’s a player who has been linked with us repeatedly over the last few years, but we’ve never really seemed interested enough to really test Lyon’s resolve.

There is a genuine shortage of top quality strikers out there this summer, and Lacazette did have a cracking season, scoring 36 goals.

It might also be a case that Wenger and Gazidis are there to look at another Monaco player, with midfielder Thomas Lemar another who has been linked with the club in recent weeks.

There’s also reported interest in Nice midfielder Jean-Michael Seri, so there’s plenty of possibility in this south of France sojourn.

Anyway, in terms of Lacazette, we’ll give this one a 5 for now. We’ve been here before, and remember you can cast your own votes (1 = solid, 10 = completely runny).

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Spanish Gooner

Good!! Feel we could have bought him in each of the last two summers but wasted too much time chasing Benzema, Higuain etc and then were left empty handed come august and settled for inferior players having left him too late.


one annoying habit of arsenal is we never seems to have a plan b in transfer market . its good to target one or even few good players , but if it seems like they’re out of our reach we should look at another targets . instead arsenal shut the shop and wait for the next transfer window . like when we were close to benzema and suarez . there was a point when it was obvious arsenal could not buy them , but instead of finding other targets we ended up buying none .

No way

Wasn’t Perez plan b last summer?

Ravi Shingala

And how did that work out for us us?


more like last minute stop gap player .granted perez played well, but if we wanted a real alternative option players like lacazette were available last summer too

Bendtner\'s ego

I remember watching the YouTube videos of this guy the last time around. Many people questioned his impact, given that he is not exactly a pacy forward.

If Perez cannot get minutes, why would this guy? Because he’s French?


Lacazette is not pacey? Have you ever watched Lyon play?


This sounds like rubbish to me. Why go to Nice for a Lyon player?

More likely they’re there for Nice striker Jean Seri, more our price range…


Isn’t Seri a CM? (Can’t be arsed to actually check)


You’re right thanks, meant to write star..must have strikers on the brain

Ozils bodyguard

Because it’s cheaper to fly to Nice. They just saved 50 quid!

Little Mozart

Isn’t Balotelli still at Nice?

Dan Hunter

Knowing Arsene Wenger, he is probably talking about Mbappe but getting a connecting flight to Dortmund to sign Aubameyang for £60M. That would be a lower risk signing for me plus he is more prolific.


Regardless of who it is, if it requires both the CEO and the manager to be there, it must mean the transfer is in the final stages? Provided it really concerns a transfer.


We should be signing this guy all day. He has a really good consistent scoring record in France over the last 3 seasons or so. Having him off the front really does play into Ozil’s strengths as well because he needs runners to be at his most effective, and Lacazette does have bags of pace. I think he could be an absolute animal for us in front of goal, and if Athletico were looking to bring him in to replace Griezmann before their transfer ban, he must be doing something right considering they have such an amazing record of scouting… Read more »


Any of the 3 possibilities – Mbappe, lemar, lacazette – are fine with me!


i really think that if we werent out of top four we had a very good chance to buy mbappe . but right now chances are very slim . but we should go all out for lemar , or emil forsberg of leipzeig . they are both very good and completely in our reach.


He’s 18. Europa for one season (hopefully) shouldn’t be a dealbreaker for a kid that has that much of his career still ahead of him.


Not if people are bidding 100m for him. He’s 18, to be honest that seems a bit mental.

David C

what about a cheeky bid for Martial an UTD? I think Wenger would get more out of him than Mourinho, who never plays the kids.

Lord Bendnter

I wouldn’t mind Martial for £25m
Definitely feel like we could got way more out of him up top. He showed how good he is in the first season, definitely a player who needs to play in an attacking team and up front


We are mental.


He could be as big as Anelka or even bigger like Bendtner


I hope you are not referring to his ego.

Heavenly Chapecoense

It makes more sense they are in Nice for Balotelli. He has PL experience with top clubs. Hasn’t got into troubles for two years. Ok just for lol but you guys know Wenger, right ?


Not that excited about Lacazette…


Won’t be him. He wants CL football

Wright on the money

We will soon find out when they announce it we are going to be linked with every player as usual. I believe that he will go to United or Liverpool over us has he wanted champions league football so to me it’s a load of poo.


Better to join the team that has made UCL 19 of the past 20 seasons then surely

Wright on the money

Yes we’re I now the champions league we aren’t next season and we will find it hard to get in next season if we can’t get the players or keep the ones we have I hope not but this may not be the only season we miss out on the top four.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Come on, the CL card is used by players who want to join clubs that pay big. These clubs are usually in CL.


I’m actually a bit disappointed if it’s true. Really was hoping we can get that Mbappe deal over the line somehow.


I’d settle for either


Agreed, though I can’t see us going bigger than £87m. Only hope is to convince the player to push for the move. Failing that, I’d rather have a go at aubameyang if that could be done


If we get Lacazette it would be roughly half the price with a good three seasons of high scoring under his belt whereas Mbappe is a massive massive risk at £90-100 million with just one good season. Don’t get me wrong, he’s the closest I’ve seen to king Henry and I’d be ecstatic BUT if it doesn’t go how we hope we’d be up shit creek. Furthermore it would leave a big chunk to get another huge signing in. I’d be happy with Lacazette/Giroud/Welbeck up top. Then maybe a top class Cazorla type (sad face) to eventually take his place… Read more »


I really like mbape but note that he only scored 15 goals he is.hotest talent in the world but i can’t see him straight in pl scoring 25+ while lacazette is scoring 25 + in la liga 5 seaso in a row 30+ in all competions and i think he can make immidiate impact in our team with ozil and alexis and will score 20+ in the pl easy. but think mabape can be the bew henry in few 2-3 years he will be a beast. note if we sign him.and have him and he become new henry in 3… Read more »


Yeah, I get the caution, he’s not been banging them in regularly, BUT, Arsene wouldn’t be in for him without seeing something. Just take cost out of the equation. If he sees something in him — and he does look very fucking good — then let’s do it. Imagine Alexis thinking about leaving when we’ve signed the most expensive player in the world. I think he’d stay. And so would Oezil. I imagine Arsene saying ‘Come, play here, you win the league with us multiple times, you’ll have a statue next to Henry14, fancy?’


I think they’re just looking to make a statement that we’re still in the big league even if it means paying ridiculous money to get the headline. They can then go after the Santi and Per replacements that we really need, showing that commitment to the future.

More concern though, if they’re out there, who’s handling the contract negotiations for Sanchez, Ozil, Ox?


And by that time he would be sold for 300000000000000000000 to real as the price area seems to be going. Can buy a lot of players with 300000000000000000000. Good turn around if I do say so.


I know you still need to *score* them and I don’t profess to watch Lacazette regularly, but I think a lot of his goals are from the penalty spot. Those numbers whilst impressive, are therefore slightly misleading.. Maybe?

Third Plebeian

Lacazette score twice as many goals as Mbappe in Ligue 1 this season (and in fewer minutes per goal). Disappointed? no way.


Considering the striking talent that could potentially move this summer, Lacazette is a little underwhelming even if the Mbappe bid fails. Aubameyang, Morata, Belotti might all be available for the right price who have performed in a better league than France and two of them are younger than Lacazette. Lacazette has scored 28 in the league for 4th placed Lyon but its a league where Gomis has scored 20 for Marseille and he literally couldnt score a single goal in the premier league. While Lacazette is no Gomis, that should give some indication of the standard. I would also imagine… Read more »

Hank Wankford

Just happy we look like we’re acting promptly for once…!


I’m happy with how things are proceeding. Let us look at the facts- 1. We are not the first club to table the bid which means we entered the race to sign M’bappe knowing the strategies of other clubs. 2. We are one of the few clubs in the world who are CASH rich and we can spend as much as we want on a player as long as the investment is worth it. 3. I don’t think we as a club can afford high wages but, M’bappe is ideal on this front as we won’t have to pay him… Read more »


I’m loving Arsene’s choice of trainer


Thank you for making me scroll back up to check, can’t believe I missed those


You should see what’s in the bag..

Indian Gooner

Mbappe please.. I know it is difficult and all that but that guy definitely looks like the next biggest star in world football.. imagine having him at Arsenal for years to come.. but I know all I could do is just imagine..
No idea about Lacazette though.. Looked good in several videos..but looks like he is not even ahead of Giroud in the pecking order for France! Any thoughts on that?’

Indian Gooner

Real could easily replace Benzema with Mbappe! So there is no use saying that he is going to our focal point and so he should be moving here and all that.. Who wouldn’t love to play with Ronaldo?? Just being realistic..
I hope Lacazette is actually good!


Playing with Ronaldo basically requires you to focus solely on his game rather than your own. Benzema is the perfect striker for them b/c he is happy to be unselfish and let Ronaldo get all the limelight. I’m not sure it would actually be a good fit for Mbappe in terms of development. Ronaldo scores a ton but he’s very different from Messi in that he requires being the focal point of everything.

Indian Gooner

Agreed. Ronaldo is getting old.. will be done with his career in the next three or four years..and he would be their next biggest galactico!
I would be the first person to celebrate with a beer if he comes here..
But he must be at the moment extremely tempted to move to Real..


I’m not sure he would – look at Bale. I’m not sure he would want to go spend next 3 years (which will be vital to his development) fighting Ronaldo’s jealously over Mbappe being his eventual replacement.

Indian Gooner

Whatever man! I do hope and pray that he does come here. Interesting to see Arsene release a statement talking about Mbappe. Was just reading it. Fingers crossed.
For me it has to be Mbappe over Lacazette..for the kind of player he is and is going to be!


If we really want to compete we could use both. One of the things I would love to see is Wenger build a squad capable of switching formations depending on who we play. Learn the lesson that if we do play the 4-2-3-1 then you just can’t have both fullbacks bombing up the wings at the same time constantly. That would let you have Lacazette and Mpabbe and Sanchez constantly flipping spots. What a great attack that would be.

Indian Gooner

Now that is you living too much in a dream world now!?


We haven’t meaningfully competed in the league for over a decade- it’s time for meaningful action to shake us out of the slump. If we are going to buy “top top quality” then lets go spend the whole budget on 2 or 3 of those players. The rest of the squad isn’t that far off.

Indian Gooner

And in response to your previous comment.. Messi was influenced by Henry and Ronaldinho.. while Ronaldo was brought as a player at Man Utd. Shows the difference aye?


Every time Ive seen him he’s looked mustard. He was shite in the Emirates cup, but let’s face it, it was the Emirates cup. If we get him I’ll be very happy


They’re all decoys. We’re in for Balotelli, surely 😉


Or Kalou!

Tanzanian Gooner

I have watched several Lyon matches over the last two seasons and I can tell you he is a very good striker. He has pace, power and an eye for goal. In addition he is remarkably consistent with at least 20 goals in each of the last 3 seasons. As for being behind Giroud in the France team, I believe it’ s more to do with tactical setup and coach preferences. We have seen many times Welbeck starts over Giroud at Arsenal but that doesn’t mean Welbeck is a better than Giroud!


why would they be in Nice to discuss terms with a Lyon player – when Lyon is nowhere near Nice nor Monaco – Prob the usual publicity stunt – not as if they haven’t done those already like having Draxler visit London Coleny for a picture stunt to ploy fans

An Arseblog News Comment

Feels good to finally be able to poo again. Constipation is not fun.


Neither is diarrhoea


It’s only the beginning of June and it has already become a familiar story with Arsenal. One practically done deal for a player coming to us for free, one reportedly big offer made for a star player, some contractual issues, and now some familiar names we’re linked to.



Looks like Ivan has bought him something nice

Viva la prof

Wish they told me they were going so they could pick me up some cheap cigarettes

Austin Sanders

Lacazette needs to be a Gooner. This is a 4 on the poo o meter!

Inanimate Carbon Rod

I can’t believe he’s forgotten about me already!!!!! #imthefuture #judas

Me So Hornsey

That doesn’t look like Nice to me. It’s along the coast but I don’t recognise where those flags in the background are in Nice. Looks more like Cannes. Which is a great place to pick up top notch designer gear when you’ve just renewed on a 2 year, £8m per annum contract. I would have more bags than that though. Typical Wenger, he probably thinks 1 or 2 garments are all he needs to compete with the snazziest dressers in the world.


In fairness, he spends most of his days on the training ground or at games, where the club provides the clothes. Then all he needs are a good amount of underwear and some warm socks for the winter games. That shouldn’t be too hard to fit into one bag like that.


Tis bag is full of money people

ta dum tss

The bag is full of money people

My name is Jeff

The Casette is 26 years old and is in the prime of his abilities. With that goal total he appears to be a clinical finisher, and as much as I like both Giroud and Welbeck that aspect may be currently lacking from their games.


Autocorrect fail I presume

Arse fan

‘The Cassette’ – worst nickname ever aha

Faisal Narrage

Hearing his name will bring music to my ears.


Has spell check scuppered your intentions, or have we got a nickname for him already? Haha. I like it either way


I think we are going to be seeing him called that on here a lot

My name is Jeff

Intentional, but I remember someone using it last year when his name was being thrown around. Honestly, the way the same players are recycled in the transfer rumor mill every summer I start feeling like Bill Murray in “Groundhog Day”.

Original Paul

That’s what we said about Betamax though!


If he scores a lot, that casette deck will go on repeat!


Are you The Gent testing the waters on his nickname?


Definitely don’t believe they are vacationing together. So it’s good news they are definitely trying to get things done early.


You never can tell


Maybe Arsène made Gazidis his personal valet as revenge for Gazidis’ failed coup attempt. Gazidis is now Director of Arsène’s Football Swag.

Big sheezy

Hmmm, a bag that size looks like it could hold £40mil +1.

Third Plebeian

A bag that size looks like it could hold Lacazette.


A bag that size looks like it could hold clothes


Forget both these players and buy Belotti from Torino, cheaper and just as good

Jeremy Fendenburgen

Belotti has a massive buy out clause and is not exactly under the radar so can’t see him being any cheaper


Not cheaper his release cause is 87 million!


Oops I’ve pebbledashed the loo ?


They are always trying to link him to us.

Me thinks Lyon are desperate to sell and we are gold standard for player quality endorsement.

That said, he isn’t transformational for us.

Giroud currently is 16 goals in 16 starts for France, just scored a hat trick which is the first for a French striker since 2000.

There is a reason why he leads the line for Le Bleus and not Lacazette.


Lacazette is better than Giroud, period. Anyone who can’t see that needs their eyes checked. Can’t believe this is even a discussion.

Donald\'s Trump

Giroud is like a CD.

Lacazette is like recording top of the pops on a TDK90.

Worse still a BASF.


I’m sorry, but don’t look at the stats too much. Lyon had a bad season and after watching Lacazette, i’m still wondering what improvement he is compared to Giroud or Welbeck…

Donald\'s Trump

We’ll be can score so that’s an improvement over Welbeck.

Not sure he’s an improvement on Giroud otherwise he’d be in the France team ahead of him.

Determined Culture

At this point theres just way too many transfer rumours. Just get one world class big name AM or Striker in n have mesut n alexis extend their contract. With welbz olivier n iwobi as back up we r set for attack.


40 mil bid only if alexis goes apparenty


Too early. It’ll be the third week in September when we sign Solomon Kalou.

Public Elneny Number One

Season ticket renewal week by any chance?

Original Paul

So a picture is posted and we don’t know when and where it was taken apart from some bloke that posted it saying stuff….?


You mean that’s not enough for you?

Original Paul

No, not until I am desperate but that shouldn’t be long. 😉


We are all already desperate

Original Paul

Is Wenger saying to Gazidis…
“You don’t have to wear a suit all the time Ivan, and you should also consider comfortable footwear on these trips” ?


Ha ha. Wenger’s trainers look straight out of the 1980s. Surely Arsenal’s sponsorship deals means he gets whatever he wants for free. Seem’s as if he found these at the back of the closet in the spare room!

The Limp Bar

We desperately need a striker, I would love M’Bappe to come, but it looks like bigger fish are circling… Lacazette would still be a good singing.

But I really hope it’s true about Lemar, I rate that that guy so highly, he’s an exceptional player I think.

Original Paul

“bigger fish are circling”?? That’s a new one! 🙂

The Limp Bar

I thought you’d like that, they sometimes call me Original Limp Bar!


Completely agree, although M’Bappe gets the limelight I think Lemar is the real driving force of that Monaco team, very direct and with good end product


I think with Giroud and Welbeck we already have 2 pretty good plan b strikers. If we buy a striker I want it to be someone who’s definitely better than these 2. Absolutely not sure about that when it comes to Lacazette. There must be a reason why Giroud is a regular starter for France while he’s not even in the team. And he would probably also cost about 50 Mio in the current market so are we really willing to spend such an amount on a player we’re not really sure he’s better than what we got? That’s also… Read more »

Original Paul

GFFN (Get French Football News) have apparently gone quiet on the story after GCFN (Get Chilean Football News) are reporting the picture is actually taken in Santiago and Arsene has puppy toys in the bag.

Dublin Ed

Puppy toys? Oh, I think not. Arsene is going to dognap Atom and Humber and hold them hostage until the new contract is signed. No more Mr Nice Guy! ?


Surely something must be happening? Hard to believe that the club’s two chief executive officers are going on a scouting trip or simply opening negotiations … If so, it’s a pretty good illustration of why the club needs a director of footballing operations person. Maybe then we will be able to walk and chew gum at the same time?

uncle D

I just came for the poo meter! ?

Original Paul

That sounds a bit wrong mate imo 🙂


In all this transfer bollix, the reports of a £7 million bid for 19-year old Henry Onyekuru, a Nigerian left winger with just 28 league games in Belgium under his belt, sound far more AW’s style than a £95 million bid for Monaco’s 18-year-old superstar-in-the-making Mbappe.


Both are under 5”10″ tall we don’t need another arshavan


Wasn’t he 4’10


Why would you go to nice for lacazette at all, why not just go directly to Lyon. They are like 7 hours away from each other by car.

Original Paul

I’ve got some capital letters going cheap, if you need Bill??


Why is that a question?

Dublin Ed

Didn’t Arsene go to Mbappe’s house last Summer to try to persuade him to sign for us? And that was when we were in CL and when he wasn’t such hot property. If he wants to become the new Henry, wouldn’t he have jumped at the chance to sign then? What’s changed? (Apart from maybe not being guaranteed playing time last season?)

Brown American Gooner

He doesn’t really seem to be much of an upgrade over the strikers we already have. Would love for us to get someone like Dybala(with promise to play him in his natural striker role)

Faisal Narrage

I’m not even gonna pretend I’ve watched him loads, but I didn’t want him last season. Then again I didn’t want Suarez and I was clearly wrong.

Why Nice? I’m now so desperate I’m googling up how Balotelli’s season went.

Shoot, anyone know what will happen with Benzema if Madrid get Mmmmbop?


Looks like the lazy reporters bug has caught the blog as well. Can’t really agree with the “There is a genuine shortage of top quality strikers out there this summer” comment. There has been a great resurgence of great center forwards recently and many of them might be available this summer. There is obviously Lacazette who is definitely available. One of the two Madrid forwards, Benzema or Morata, will definitely leave. Costa might leave. Aubamayang will probably be available for the right bid. All the top 3 strikers in Italy this year: Dzeko, Mertens and Belotti are in team that… Read more »


Ivan- always in a suit.


Personally, I don’t think a high profile striker is what we need. Seems like it’s just to please some short sighted fans. None of the top 5 leagues top scorers won the league last season. We scored more goals in a season than we have since the 1930s. I think we should put transfer funds into keeping ozil and alexis and get a new CM in the mould of Santi. One that can carry the ball. I think his loss last season was the defining moment in our season.


Maybe they just like shopping together?

He\'s got no hair but we don\'t care...

Please don’t let us sign yet another underwhelming player like Lacazette, to enable the world to take the piss while others sign proper ‘top, top, top’ players like Mbappé.

Forrest Moore

London has plenty of direct flights to anywhere in the World. If those two are in Nice, it’s because they’re meant to be in Nice… on a wine tasting holiday!

Merlin\'s Panini

Would be a good signing. He knows where the back of the net is, is younger than Giroud and a bit more consistent. He’s a good solid striker, holds the ball up well, nice little flicks in and around the box. His scoring record cannot be argued with. I know he’s been playing in Ligue 1 which is a slight step down from the premier league but he has improved each season. He looks a little lumbering in his stature but that may be deceptive.


Must be enjoying Dein’s yacht

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