Monday, June 17, 2024

Video: Arsenal should be ruthless with Cech, and bring back Szczesny

James from Gunnerblog is getting his video on this month, planning on doing an Arsenal related video every day.

We’ll be carrying them on the site here, and do him a favour and give his channel a like and subscribe.

Here’s his latest Gunnervlog.

And one from the weekend about Kylian Mbappé

What do you reckon, would you have Szczesny back?

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100% agree.

We love Sczc and he loves Arsenal.


The video of him singing to Tottenham is a classic:


Just read that szcz ready to play understudy to Buffon next season…. apparently buffon’s last….rather have him play understudy to Cech here before taking up the mantle

Spanish Gooner

And for £13m apparently? Tell me a better goalkeeper we can buy in the next 2 years that already speaks English for less than that. Madness if we let him go


Why the thumbs down ?

Arsene\'s handkerchief

Looks like he’s off to Juve 🙁


Smoking is permitted in the Juve dressing room. We already have the highly promising Emi Martinez as back up to Cech. Chris
Wood of Leeds is a quality back-up keeper for his national team NZ and also hit 30 goals last season. Just saying. Meanwhile, is Alexis still with us? No news is good news sometimes. Lets hope so.

cazorla\'s smile

Aubameyang or Mbappe.. keep Alexis and Ozil.. Sell Walcott and Perez or Giroud.. Buy another Attacking mid.. Sell Gabriel.. Get a powerhouse defender, a giant (don’t know who it is).. Sell Neny and maybe Coq or Wilshire.. Get a decent holding midfielder.. pretty simple isn’t it?

Oh almost forgot.. sell Ooooooospina and get our Pole back.


This is why you are not the Arsenal Manager….

cazorla\'s smile

LOL.. a man can dream!

Wright on the money

Have Szczesny back if he will commit to a new contract but if not sell him on while we can get some money for him before he goes for free.

If Juventus want him that much and he won’t commit we could get big money for him so I would sell if he won’t commit. If he wants to stay at Arsenal I would keep him and play him in goal next season and play Cech in the Europa league.


right on the money there Wright on the money

The 1 True Paul

If the boss does want him. Now would be the time to post the chocolates.

Original Paul

Oh dear.

naija gunner

Totally agree


Szsc – Absolutely. It won’t be good if we sold Szsc for a mere 14m. He has had good experience now and can challenge Cech not to mention learn from him. With regard Mbappe, seems a bit at odds with wenger’s ideals to sign him for 95m if rumours are ever true of course. At that price, you could seal Mahrez for half of it, or for the matter maybe go for Greizzman. Even throwing say 60-70m at PSG for Draxler becomes an option. The issue with such high sums is if the player comes over and should he fail,… Read more »

Heavenly Chapecoense

Griezzman will stay with Atletico and already announced it. Arsenal won’t go after Draxler for 10 years. No Draxler, please.


Santori – while there is more risk involved with a higher priced player in that you are paying more for them – they likely will retain resale value better as there is a reason you are paying so much for them in the first place. Life is full of risks – if we simply stick with the status quo b/c we are scared to take risks then we will likely just get the same results.

Harish P

Why not have both? What’s there to be ruthless about?

Heavenly Chapecoense

Cech came to Arsenal because he was a top keeper on the bench. Why would Szczesny accept this?


Different points in their career. Cech us nearing the end and szcezny might think he can beat him out over next 2 years

Olivier Girouds left testicle

That T-shirt is definitely past its best…


It’s been ten days since I returned from Wembley yet I’m still on a massive high. Always thought I was discerning but given the gloom enveloping some Gooners I’d now have to conclude I’m easy to please. ?


No disrespect intended (…here comes the offending statement…) but does anyone else think Stephen Merchant???

Or is it just me.

Bill G

How is it ruthless to push out the better goalie?

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