Monday, June 24, 2024

Report: Monaco reject Arsenal’s €100 million Mbappe offer

Last night, L’Equipe reported that Arsenal had lodged a bid of €100 million (£87 million) for Monaco’s rising star Kylian Mbappe.

Nobody was quite sure whether the story was true.

There’s no denying our interest in the player, Arsene Wenger had already revealed how close he came to getting the player last summer. However, with his value sky-rocketing in recent months it looked as though we’d been priced out of the market.

€100 million is a lot of cash…and we’re Arsenal, that’s not exactly been our style in recent years. The story just didn’t seem to fit.

Today, various sources, including the Evening Standard, claim that the Gunners have verified the approach for the 18-year-old. An exciting development! Unfortunately, Monaco have also rejected it. Boo.

In fairness, having already rejected an even bigger bid by Real Madrid, perhaps that’s not surprising.

If nothing else, the move does at least suggest we mean business in the transfer window despite the fact we won’t be playing Champions League football next season. Where we go from here remains to be seen.

Where we go from here remains to be seen. With Alexis Sanchez looking increasingly likely to leave the club we definitely need firepower, perhaps we might turn to Alexandre Lacazette whose proposed move to Atletico Madrid has been scuppered by a transfer ban imposed on Diego Simeone’s side.

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Btw blogs, Is Sanchez really leavin? ?


ye.. I’m resigned as the next person but haven’t heard any recent developments..?


I know the bid did actually happen, but the really cynical part of me is starting to think that its an attempt to get the old season ticket renewals in. Because why would we fire a bid in that’s lower than Madrid’s as it was always going to get rejected? I get that you don’t go in with your best offer first, but still, it will be interesting to see if we make another offer. I like this Mbappe, I think he shows great promise, but I am not sure signing him is what we need. Its a huge risk… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

I hope those fans that are debating whether to renew their season tickets don’t pay attention to this in making a decision (if you want to, fair enough, but not on this bullshit).

This is either a) a frivolous bid for PR purposes; or b) Arsenal being twats, as per usual – why would they accept a bid less than the one already tabled by Real Madrid?


Arsene might believe the kid wants to come to Arsenal. IF that were true this could put pressure on Monaco from the player as well. We’ll see if it’s a final bid, or an opening salvo.

The Loon Ranger

See it ain’t the season tickets they’re worried about its the corporate hospitality. What company wants to pay 1400 a ticket for a toxic atmosphere. There’s a tin of people who want a season ticket but Wenger out banners and fans fightin amongst themselves ain’t condusive to signin contracts. This is why imho the bid was made public. Just sayin


Our tickets are always sold out, not even a cynic of a cynics would envisage otherwise. So give it a rest and stand behind the team and the manager.


Uh? What are you talking about. Every single season ticket holder has to renew their tickets for the next season.


But there’s a waiting list of a number of years…so it really doesn’t make any difference if you renew or not, there are literally thousands of people in the queue behind you waiting for it….

So my point is your renewal of a season ticket has no impact on transfer business…or anyone’s for that matter.


Of course it makes a huge difference. There’s no way Arsenal could allow I’d say anything over about 30/35% of current season ticket holder to not renew, to be honest it could even be lesser percentage then that closer to 20%. Especially when you consider we’ve lost a fair bit of money regarding the lack of Champions League fiasco.

There still huge value for the club to get the season ticket renewals in.


Why does it make any difference if the person who gets next seasons season ticket had one previously or not? Actually it’s probably better to get new fans in who potentially won’t be so divisive. Again though, season ticket renewals make no difference to transfers. To think that a deal worth, potentially, millions, hinged on whether you, or I, or any Tom, Dick, or Harry, renews a season ticket that will be filled and taken REGARDLESS of whether that person renews, is a very, very, very daft idea. Would say that news of any big offers for players being leaked… Read more »

Harry Kane

Because not everyone on a season ticket waiting list is going to actually buy a ticket? And as I’ve said a few times on this thread, what Arsenal say, and how many people are actually on the waiting list are two very different things. This is the same club that says there are 60,000 people in the stadium when anyone in there can clearly see the near on 10,000 empty seats. So why would they not do the same thing with a waiting list that nobody actually knows how long it is bar the club.. And how is that a… Read more »

Viva la prof

This a thousand times.. I would love a season ticket. I have the money and I’m available to go to matches.. what’s stopping me? Great big waiting list.. so I say to you banner waiving boo boys Fuck the fuck off and let me and my son cheer the team on regardless of what players we buy


Then you should get off here and call the Arsenal box office, I had them call me not even 2 months ago offering me a season ticket.

It was club level mind you, so for a seat behind the goal depending on where you sit it was £2,200 I think.

Also don’t buy into the whole season ticket waiting list. Its nowhere near as big as the club make it out. Its the oldest PR trick in the book – pretend that something is more popular then it really is in order to generate greater interest.


The take up on season tickets as way down the list. A waiting list yes but nowhere near as long as being portrayed. The club have to go deep into the list now to get a take up and that wont last much longer if the club doesnt sort itself out.

Tarik Belhaj

if you fancy taking half of my season ticket until yours comes through then give me a shout….ive only just got it through

glenn helders perm

i like this guy. this is what our stadium should be filled with. real fans


I’m not going to condone some of the ludicrous behaviour I’ve seen from fans but it’s possible to support the team _and_ criticise how it’s being run.


I am so happy that today, in the end of the season sale in the Puma shop in Paris, I got a home shirt for my girlfriend and the dark and yellow third shirt for myself, as a souvenir of this season gone. Tumultuous season ended on a high. She’s asked me to get “WENGER IN” with the number 7 on it tomorrow. We had the luck to go to the Arsenal/Leicester PL game in April after I contacted a Londoner I met in Basel back in December after the CL game. He got us tickets for this Leicester game… Read more »


Because its the crazy way we do business.looks like we asre serious to some gullable fans.
Why would they accept a lower bid than madrids? Utter garbage from arsenal if true .

Andy Mack

There’s more to an offer than the total money involved.
IF it happened then maybe AFC found that RM offered an initial payment of say €15m and 9 yearly instalments of €10m each.
Whereas we offered €40m up front and 2 annual instalments of €30 each.
Without knowing the details of the offer (which they’ll never find out) the info in the media is less than useless…

sad eyes

YA some paper, I think the London Evening Standard or some rubbish like that, said that specifically; that our offer had considerably more up front and far less in performance related add-ons which for a youngster with an uncertain future, means the arsenal offer was probably more attractive.


Yeah – I mean the only real bargaining chip we over Real Madrid is that fact that if he signs for us, he will play. He’d be close to playing every game of the season – whereas at Madrid he’d not be a guaranteed start at all, because 100 million euros is nothing to them. They can easily spend that sort of money on him and sit him on the bench. And I guess there is also a slight connection with Wenger has due to his Monaco background.. but I still I can’t imagine we’re going to be able to… Read more »

Rajasthani Gooner

Also, I think Monaco would prefer not selling him to a direct Champion’s League rival. Arsenal are at least a year away from CL qualification, hence not a competitor for them. Makes sense in a weird way I suppose.

Third Plebeian


Great point.

I think this may turn into a saga a la the Suarez summer, and I fear a similar outcome as well.

Matt P



100m. Turned down. holy shamoly. We just cant catch a break. Awesome statement of intent at the very least. Alexis and Mesut, we are serious!


Ha, like spreading rumours around actually costs the club anything…


It was a real bid. We didn’t spread the news.


It is not a real bid when previous and larger bids have already been turned down. I’m sorry but it can’t be taken seriously. Now if they come back with a larger bid than those other clubs and still get turned down I’ll believe in the sincerity of the club.


Maybe Mbappe has been convinced that Arsenal is the best next step for him and therefore Wenger thinks he can get him for less than Real or City have offered as it often happens when a player really wants to go to a certain club. I’m not sure if I’m very optimistic that he’s been convinced but surely Wenger knows him and the situation a bit better than I do.

Mein Bergkampf

Oh yes, let’s hope and pray he sees Arsenal as a good way to further his career and thinks of us as a stepping stone to a real club. Fingers crossed!

Look at where the years of austerity have gotten us. A shiny new stadium. That 18 year olds don’t want to play in.


Assuming we didn’t file the bid earlier than reported? We’re Arsenal, we don’t do public bids.


The selling club is the party most concerned with the transfer fee as they get the lion’s share of it. The agent only gets a cut, not sure how often the player gets any cut of that (if it’s even legal- i don’t know), so it’s of small concern to the players. Their major benefits are wages, bonuses and incentives, playing time, trophies, what competitions the club is in, development potential, the city, a good footballing environment, and other day to day preferences of the destination club. We’re quite competitive on several of those fronts, and from the looks of… Read more »


Did you read the article, TexasGooner6?

“The French champions rejected a £105m bid from Real Madrid last month and although Arsenal have come in at a lower price, it is understood their package contained more money up front with fewer add-ons and performance-related payments.”

This type of deal is typical in football. Do you think the club tables 100 MM bids just to pluck the heartstrings of the fans?


AW signed for two years. ..that is not rumour.

Petit\'s Handbag

Awesome statement of sarcasm I take it?


Can I interest you in some beach front property in New Mexico?


Theres a… new… mexico?


It’s got the best crystal meth in the whole world. Plus if you move there you immediately become the top 1% of educated people in the state. Just by being able to read this.

Godfrey Twatsloch

The blue stuff is the best.


clearly maybe arsenal cant take a hint that monaco wont sell him,if not they would have accepted the 100 M bid by Real last time
3 player got the green light by the club they can leave this summer Mendy,Silva (GONE) and Fabinho.
except if the players really want to leave , the rest of the team isnt for sale

Mr. White

So frustrating. Even when we bid such a high amount, we can’t get the one player that we need. i hope we improve our offer and bit again but really can’t see Monaco letting him leave this summer as he signed a new contract just last summer. Something’s gotta work in our favour cos I can see this new system, 3 at the back, really working for us with our style of play.


€100M for a teenager? I’m not sure it’s sensible… Unless Perhaps he’s the next Lionel Messi…


Maybe he is.

determined culture

lol. i dun think we’re ever gonna c another messi for the next 50 years

donald\'s trump

That’s what they said after Maradonna.

Tasmanian Jesus

There will never be. There still havent been another Pelé, Maradona, Bergkamp or Ronaldinho.
Doesnt mean its a bad thing. Players can be better, just in a different way.


We can go to Aubameyang with €100 million, we can get him cheaper than that


He repeatedly said he wants to go to Spain. Stop thinking about him. He’s not interested in PL football. And surely not without CL football. Unlike Mbappe he’s not 18 anymore and every year without CL football would be a bigger sacrifice then it would be for a guy who has his whole career in front of him.

Crash Fistfight

But if Real are going for Mbappe and Barca don’t need him (which they don’t), plus Atletico having a transfer ban and probably not having enough to sign him if they did, where in Spain is he going to go? Sevilla? If not, he wants to earn less money for being in a team probably as competitive as Arsenal that happens to be in the CL because the Bundesliga is generally poor?


If no big team from Spain will come in for him this summer, he will probably stay in Dortmund for another year as he plays CL football there. And Dortmund would also only agree to a move to Madrid or Barcelona as they have promised him to not make it hard for him, when one of these clubs knock on their door. But I don’t see them to be willing to let him go to an English club.

Andy Mack

It’s a bit early in the window to know what RM and Barca will do… They could both sell players we think of as unsellable, and then need replacements…
They could be using the Mbappe to muddy the waters and get Dortmund to lower their price…


The problem with spending that kind of money on Aubemeyang is he is 28. His game is predicated on speed. MBappe is 18. Seems like a better long term investment.


He’s 1/10 to join PSG, so I’d be surprised if that doesn’t happen


Too old for that kinda money

determined culture

well if bringing aubemayang in at his peak propels our attack, n keeps alexis n mesut, then i’m all for spending big on him… because really, it’s not my money anyway.


No but it’s money that can’t be spent on younger better options…


It’s 100M Euros. Not pounds.


hopefully the story doesn’t end here… and we end the summer with jamie vardy…

Make Arsenal Great Again

The only way I want the story to end is by him signing for us and going on to win us a trove of Leauge and European throphies. A man can always dream

nimble foot

Plot twist anyone? Real Sign Mbappe and we get Morata. He did well at Juventus, don’t know how much of a prolific goal scorer he can be though but I think he’s worth a punt

Lee M

He did well at Juve? I don’t think that’s true at all.


He’s no Mbappe, but if anyone thinks Morata wouldn’t massively improve our center forward options, then they don’t know the player that well, or are vastly overrating our current players.


From the little I’ve seen of Morata he’s not been very impressive.

What are his stats like?


Holy shit we actually did it?


Yeah, we actually did it but don’t get too excited! The Arsenal board were pretty safe in the knowledge that a higher bid from Real Madrid had already been rejected.


We definitely want him, that is indisputable.. Maybe £87 million is the max we can afford, maybe it’s an opening bid. However, rejected or not, this massive bid means that the player, who has already had contact with Wenger, knows that we are serious. I doubt very much if Mbappe will go anywhere this summer as Monaco don’t want to sell, they want him to extend his contract, but if Mbappe doesn’t sign, next summer could be a different story. And we will have put a marker down.

Viva la prof

Does a player agree to come before you bid or do you bid and then try to lure the player ?


I believe that normally a club goes through middlemen who ask the agents whether the player would be willing to join and what type of contract he would want before bidding. It doesn’t make sense to go through the whole negotiation with the club if the player has no interest in joining.


That used to wind me up on football manager haha

a different George

And, although I think the chance that we will get him is low, if Wenger were not our manager, the chance would be zero. I’m not saying this is true for every player, or forever, but for right now, with an 18-year old French player, there is absolutely no other reason to choose Arsenal over a dozen other clubs.

No way

Normal practice in the modern game is that it’s all agreed in principle with the agent first

Tasmanian Jesus

Another normal principle in the modern game is that agents suck.


I think the player is contemplating what’s best for his career. If he leaves, it’s not like he is betraying Monaco as he just won the league with them and Monaco will get sufficient money. Also, other Monaco players are leaving so there is no incentive to stay there.
Only money hungry players go to City.
He is too young for Madrid.
Arsenal is a step in the right direction.


Mbappe only has a 2 year contract (I believe as well) so as Arsenal should be very familiar with, this is the time for Monaco to cash in on him if he won’t sign another contract.


Are some of you twelve?
This is a textbook PR stunt, we pull one of those every summer transfer window…
Even if I’m wrong, and the reports are true, at the best case scenario we had a 20 million pound lower bid than Real/Utd…

Oooh Ahhh Ray Parlour

Imagine if they had called our bluff and accepted it. Kroenke would have shit himself!

Neither Wenger In or Out

When have we previously made 100m bids?


You are ludicrously cynical. Out of interest, which are the stunts we have pulled in previous seasons?

David C

I’m waiting for the 100 million and 1 penny offer next 🙂

a different George

My favorite textbook PR stunt was the one where we claimed to be signing Alexis Sanchez. My second favorite was the one where we supposedly made an offer to Mesut Ozil.


Yeah, right! Wenger going to M’bappe’s house is a PR stunt, trying to get Vardy was a PR stunt. Some of you are still stuck in 2006-2013. WAKE UP!We won 5 trophies in 4 years. We signed Podolski,Giroud,Cazorla,Ozil,Sanchez,Welbeck,Cech,Mustafi and Xhaka. IMO all of them are quality players and we paid the right price for them except Santi who was an absolute steal. Why is it so hard to believe our club is interested in a player like M’bappe? He has re-sale value and hence the price doesn’t really matter. On top of that, I personally believe we are the right… Read more »


Until they officially start splashing the cash I don’t believe they would actually be willing to spend this kind of money. They are just trying to excite fans and boost season tickets.


Let’s put up a fight and show him we want him. Then it’s down to him. I can’t imagine Monaco being greedy and holding out for more. I think the player’s choice has more weight. I do believe we are the perfect club for him at the moment.


bring back the poo-meter


Ornstein has said it is lies. BBC website.


What is? The bid or rejection?


BBC Sport’s David Ornstein says there’s nothing in the stories linking Arsenal to an £87m bid for Kylian Mbappe.


That’s b/c Apkom is coming back and he’ll be like a new signing. Who needs a new forward anyways?

Clock-End Mike

I found that, too, on the BBC’s Sportsday (gossip) page — not that I often look at or pay attention to that, since mostly it just reports what the gossip being reported elsewhere is saying. But Ornstein is usually correct, and if he is being reported correctly (and it’s not being confused with what he said about the young Nigerian striker), L’Équipe and the Standard are telling porkies.

Andy Mack

Although I expect he’s right in this case, he gets them wrong regularly as well…
I really don’t understand this belief in the word of Ornstein…


Also Ornstein is kind of an Arsenal PR hamster. He reports largely what the club wants him to, and if there is any truth in this bid I am sure they want to diffuse the speculation quickly since it helps nobody.

Clive St Helmet

Listen to the latest podcast, then come back and say that he’s a club PR hamster.

Ornstein is usually very reliable on Arsenal. Generally I don’t pay too much attention to transfer rumours unless he’s reported on it.

Wright on the money

Same old story at least now Arsenal and Wenger can say we tried to get him, we may as well look at players we can actually get not players we know won’t come or be sold to us.

Why put in a lower offer than Madrid if they won’t sell to them they aren’t going to sell to us come on Arsenal it’s not rocket science.

Let’s tie down Ozil and Sanchez first then you may be able to attract some decent players.

Glory hunter

Very true, but we might have offered them more cash upfront rather than installments.


But maybe we can’t “tie down” Ozil and Sanchez first (what are we going to do, literally use rope?), because if they’re going to sign it’s only going to be after we show real ambition in the market and bring in other top players.

The Loon Ranger

It’s always easy to offer less than the other bidders and then say “oh well we tried”. I have a Problem with the obscene amounts of money anyway. All I want to see is a team that tries its best every week. I’m really hoping Alexis stays and there’s a positive turnaround. That’s what the voices say anyway and I always listen to the voices (except the one who’s always asking if penguins have knees)

Lord Bendnter

My butt we bid 100m and my butt our 100m was rejected


If it’s the case that our bid was lower than Real’s, which had already been rejected, then it’s hardly a statement of intent.

Having said that, it’s hard to see what purpose this could serve from a pr point of view, as it only raises fan expectations.

My view is that this is exactly the type of signing we actually need to make as a club to shake off the entrenched passivity in the transfer market.

However it’s vital that this in addition to keeping Sanchez not instead of.


Or, Real’s bid could have been for payment spread out over ten years and ours could have been for payment spread out over three years with a much larger chunk up front. You have no idea how any of the bids were structured, and to simply compare the numbers at the bottom of each one is simplistic.


Good point mate, hadn’t thought of that.

Unfortunately I don’t think we’ve even made a bid.


Don’t believe it for a second. I have come to really hate this time of year with so many false stories constantly reported. They usually start with “such and such followed Arsenal on Instagram so therefore we are signing him” or “such and such’s 5th cousin was seen in an Arsenal shirt so therefore we are signing him”. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even want to follow Arsenal news until closer to when training begins and the news is about factual stories.

Alexis Signitplease

Not sure that advertising the fact we are prepared to pay €100m for a player with a such small chance of succeeding, so early in the summer, is a good negotiating plan.


Agreed. I doubt this was an Arsenal PR stunt. Maybe just media lies, but we would have nothing to gain from starting them.

Godfrey Twatsloch

So then, Griezmann?

Crash Fistfight

What do people see in Griezmann for him to be worth this crazy money? I think he’s a very good player, but he’s nowhere near the level of the world’s top players, who should be worth these stupid amounts.

Godfrey Twatsloch

What crazy money has he been offered?

Crash Fistfight

€100m release clause, that Man U are apparently willing to pay. That’s probably BS in itself, but everyone seems to think it would take that kind of money to get him.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Latest on that is he’s turning them down due to Atletico having a transfer ban.

But changing the subject a bit. Imagine Man U paying that kind of money for a player likely to have his confidence ruined by Mourinho which will take him two years to bounce back from. Just like he did with Hazard and like he’s probably doing to Martial right now. Can’t blame him for not going.


and Pogba.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Apparently Pogba was a demand from Ibrahimovic for him to join them. If that’s the case it could be argued they got them both for just under 45 million each which isn’t too shabby. Not least considering the form Ibrahimovic was still in.

dr Strange

The cynic in me thinks the bid was just for show knowing it would be turned down. I do hope it’s a show of intent but we’ll see at the start of the season if it’s just smoke or the fire is well and truly lit under Wengers and the owners arse.


The pessimistic side my Arsenal head is saying that when you go in and offer less than a bid which was already rejected that this is more PR/Fans appeasement bid more than anything else….


Well that was a quick “saga”!

Let’s hope the actual transfers are so speedy!


Call me cynical but making a bid that they know will be a rejected is a great way to signal intent without actually costing anything.

I just made an offer of £3million for Buckingham palace.

Andy Mack

Who were you bidding against?
What were the terms of their offer?
How desperate were the sellers (Short lease?)?
All relevant and all secret I’d guess, just like anything between Monaco and any other club (whatever their names) …

uncle D

The silly season has begun!


This will be an “at least we tried” manoeuvre in the same way as Suarez and countless others.

Egyptian Gunner

The way is clear to Lacazette!! 20+ goals in the last 3 seasons. Haven’t watched him play that much though so I don’t know if his style would suit us.


1. Watches Real and MU bid 120m+ for a player.
2. Watches bids rejected and media suggest player not available for any price.
3. Bid 100m for player.
4. …
5. Profit?

Kwesi Papa

Hahahahhahahabababababbabababa. Like you are Arsenal, so you bid less than Madrid bids for a player and expect to sign the player?. Wake me up when the season begins.

Andy Mack

If you knew what the RM bid was then maybe you’d be saying that it was a good idea. But without knowing the terms you’d be an idiot to support or dismiss it on newspaper gossip only.


I’m waiting for the Wengeresk offer of €100.000.001

Determined Culture

100m turned down. Deluded world. The gd thing boit signing him is tt we can always sell him on in 10 years for more than 100m.. IF he fulfills his potential n b gd. But oh well….
N now on to our annual lacazette story.. once again hes scored a high amt of goals… he has gd movement… seems like an upgrade from welbz. I say get him


What language are you speaking?

Bob Le Dreamy

Ambitious is an interesting way of looking at this bid…
If Real have already had a bigger bid rejected – and publicly – then making a smaller bid seems more like the Arsenal board flexing their muscle without any intention of taking a swing.

A poserish bid if you ask me.

Mike smith

This story is 10/10 on the poo scale, can’t believe you’re even giving it air time. Why would Monaco accept a bid lower than one they have already rejected? It’s typical Arsenal blister just before season ticket renewals and it’s actually quite disrespectful to the fans that they continue to repeat the same bullshit year in year out.


The only way is Higuain


Arsen doesnt offer until player is intrested so


Oh that’s a shame, I just watched 10 ‘Mbappe Welcome to Arsenal’ videos on YouTube :


If this is a PR stunt, which it does feel like TBH. It’s not a typical Arsenal one, as we normally are a bit quieter about such things and obviously leave until very late in the transfer window.

I wonder what mesut, alexis, ox etc will be thinking as they see us put an offer like this on the table? Bigger pay cheques? And what about other potential signings now that they’ve seen a hand being played? Everyone’s going to want a bit more of the cash…

determined culture

100m for mbappe… n rejected??? wats the world coming to? so would u rather: 1) spend 100m on an established world superstar at his prime (hazard, bale, aubemayang) 2) buy mbappe, develop him further, n if he really does make it big (like REALLY BIG comparable to MSN/BBC (minus benz)), get the best of his service for 5-7 years till he’s bout 25 years old n move him on for more than 100m, or ideally keep him for the rest of his career. Or if he doesnt make it, end up being a good/ very good player worth half his… Read more »


Wenger will come back with a bid of 100 mil and 1p. They turned Real Madrid earlier so I expect them to sign him as Kylian is a Real Madrid fan

Silent Stan

it’s not happening! LMAO at the suckers!

Andy Mack

Do you really think he’d go there just to sit on the bench in their big games… Or would he prefer to wait a year or two in the hope he could join them as a first eleven player?

Godfrey Twatsloch

If that’s his plan then he may as well stay with Monaco for another couple of years. A club with ambition and one he’s at home with rather than the uncertainty of a move to the PL.

Andy Mack

Godfrey, IMO that’s the most likely outcome but we’ll see…

nimble foot

Thinking about Madrid going in for him too gives me chills. Are we really going to get him ahead of them? Talk about Wenger developing young talents may not be the best card to get him with. Look what Zidane has done with Marcos Asensio, and he’s French too. So being a young player developing in Real Madrid is way cooler than being one developing in Arsenal, I’m sure we all know that we are not at that level yet. Maybe Madrid get him and we get Morata. A man can hope

Andy Mack

Asensio is Spanish.

Iwobis sock suspenders

That should do it

Andy Mack

Does he have some kind of buy out clause then?


Amazed the media is not suggesting Arsenal are planning a €100,00,001 bid.


Missing a 0, but you know what I mean



Wright on the money

Wenger may as well go put a £1 bid in for Messi and Ronaldo now then he can say that he is really trying to improve the squad just cant get the players.

ashburton red

The only reason for a glimmer of hope that this could maybe happen is that Wenger has a relationship with Monaco.

Other factors:
-the kid idolises Thierry Henry
-guaranteed first 11 football
-he is young enough that if he turns out to be the real deal he can still do a Real deal in 5 years and still be just 23

Oh no the hope is growing, and that’s what kills us…..


How much do these french want for this kid?


Ok, I get the scepticism regarding this deal. I don’t understand comments why we’d bid lower than Real Madrid though. So what if they offered a few million more, grand total isn’t everything.

They may have asked to pay in installments with no/little cash upfront whereas we could’ve said here’s €100M what account do you want the funds into.


So we can bid second time with 105 mil if real bid 103, if they reject the second bid, we can bid 105 + bonuses of goals scored appearances ect something man.utd did with martial. With the first bid you are testing Monaco it will only reject you and wait to come with second offer or if they will say the player in not for sale for any money. It is not that simple.


If the bid was true i would like us to see put in a bid for cavani. Yes he fucks up most of chances but love how me makes up space and his burst inside the box would certainly threat. For all the class we show with our passes wouldnt mind a mad man running on the field and getting at the end of it.


Really dude Cavani ? 31 years old Cavani?

100mil you can get Lukaku, Belloti(his realse clause), for 50-60 you can get Abumeyang for 40-50 you can get Lacazzete and from all you choose Cavani wow dude.


Ah didnt knew he was 31. But rosicky was still a runner till his contract came to an end. With mbappe its about an investment of recouping the money later but the coming season i wish to see us compete.Anyways its just an opinion i felt that cavani kinda player can integrate well into this squad. Just dnt wanna be short of one or two players. if tomorrow someone like mahrez signs i dont want us to let alexis leave. That would again lead to shortcomings in the squad.


OK then, what say you to one hundred and ONE million? Hmm? What about that, eh?

Faisal Narrage

Gaz: Hello? Monaco, is your boy for sale? Yes? How much? WHAT? Okay, can we just agree that we made a bid for him? Thank you.

Gaz: PR Team.

PR Team: Yes boss?



Even if we can’t get new deals on Sanchez and Ozil we should keep them and let them become Bosmans at season end.
We can financial afford to do this so why shouldn’t we.
Both will be 30 plus come 2019 and dare I say it, in decline.
If you spread the amount in fees and wages over the period we have them then it still represents good value. Only if crazy offers came in should we sell. No 25 million for Van Persie bullshit , I’d value Sanchez at 65Mil and Ozil at 45Mil.


Yes but there is one thing that you didn’t think off, next year on bosman both will go to our rivals alexis to city or chelsea and ozil to man or city or chelsea and that will do us more damage and will get us backwards then selling them now if they don’t want to renew and reinvest.


For 100M, wouldn’t Romelu Lukaku and Riyad Mahrez be a sensible and realistic deal…?

Godfrey Twatsloch

I believe Lukaku alone is asking for 100 million to leave Everton. Whether he’s likely to get it is another question.


Too late now; last season we should’ve got both of them when we still had Champions League. But everybody here was touching themselves on Giroud and Ramsey instead; there we are, 5th and no CL

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