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Report: Norwegian teen linked with Gunners

According to the Mirror, Arsenal are tracking Genk’s defensive midfielder Sander Berge.

The 19-year-old Norway international only moved to Belgium from homeland side Valerenga in January but has reportedly caught the interest of a number of big European sides.

Monaco, Sevilla and Everton have been tipped as suitors with the player valued at around £18 million. Apparently, we’ve built a rapport with Berge’s camp. Berg’s…kamp. Dennis Bergkamp! I miss Dennis. Sad face.

We’re not sure there’s much to this story. It feels like we’ve been chucked in as an interested party just to make up the numbers.


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Mein Bergkampf

Bergkamp? Never heard of him…


We’ll probably sign him on August 31st.

Me So Hornsey

Or maybe our names have been chucked in just to give us a chance and chucking in Berg Camp comments. ?


Quite possibly user error but can’t find a way to add my poop on Android.


Yeah, disallowing me the right to poop


I’m getting backed up here!


All the stalls are full.


Vote via the turtleheads function instead?

Toure Motors

We should see if he wants to join us, I’m sure every Norwegian would….

Yankee Gooner

Rumor is, Arsene told him to stay, and he told him to sit anywhere, but when he looked around he noticed Coquelin in his chair.


Any Norwegian gooners know about him?


Talented player, rated higher than Ødegaard for example. But at the price mentioned, no way.


Would you rather have Butland for 30 million? Or perhaps Bolasie for 35 million. If the kid is talented then 18 million is a bargain.

Inspektør norse

Hes really talented. Å little like granit in style. Granitt is av better Long range passer butt not by Much. Hes streng and mobile. Really good tecnique. He Can easily pass a man or two and play a defence splitting pass. One of the best talents to come Out of norway ever. I support a purchase.


A friend of mine who’s a Vålerenga supporter says Berge is phenomenal. World class potential. Strong, very tall, great feet, poor finisher. He thinks he’d be ready for 10-15 first team starta in the league next season.

Inspektør norse

I agree. The potential is There. I have compared him to granit but he also got some Vieira in him. That ability to just run with the ball from the deep. He is pretty complete As a player.

Wright on the money

I like that we are still looking for youngsters but where are the proper signings Wenger every other team are buying people and we are still waiting for the big signings come on pull your finger out of your ass.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Pre-season training hasn’t even started yet. Wenger still has time to buy. Lacazette and Marhez haven’t signed for any other teams yet.


He said proper signings, Mahrez wouldn’t count.


Can we get it done before pre-season for once.

Not that I’m confident, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we went into the new season with major contracts still unresolved.

Clock-End Mike

You know Arsenal don’t report signings until they’re a done deal. And isn’t there something about July 1st being the date when player can actually move clubs?


He.s 19?!? Wow..i.d have picked for about 14 given that photo


It’s Vålerenga god dammit

Declan M

Looking forward to a bit of Norwegian teen action. Anyway, enough about my porn habits – is he the new Vieira?


Very talented player, should be a regular in the national team now. Has handled the move from Vålerenga to Genk very well. Should prove himself one more season in Genk before moving again IMO. This guy is 1.96m and has a great technique for a man of this size. Kinda looks like a worse version of Yaya Toure. Has a great drive in his game, but lacks end product. Few goals and few assists. A great prospect, would be fine with him for 10m, not anything more.

Tasmanian Jesus

More like Yaya Sanogo…
I dunno, maybe he is alright, have only seen him in half a game, and i wasnt paying much attention.
Just hard to imagine a norwegian thats good enough for the Gunners…we are sooooo bad at football here!

Inspektør norse

Except sander berge har already taken two steps up from youth level. First in Vålerenga a top division side in norway and then in genk. Hes 19 and 1.96 tall. Great technique passing range and great posistioning. Hes not Word class but the potential are There.


I have trouble pooping. Also I can’t give my vote on this article from my Android

Godfrey Twatsloch

Blogs, give this man a strong coffee so he can relieve himself. As someone suffering the same problem I’ll take one as well.

Cliff Bastin

If you’re going to give 8 poops to a rumour about a 19 year old Norwegian player then why even post the article?

Yes I am aware that no one forced me at gunpoint to click on it but I did because I consider this site more honest and ethical than any other site with regards to Arsenal news.

Tasmanian Jesus

Because its a rumor, and it involves Arsenal?


He looks like my sister after her u16 Sunday training.

Nothern Gooner

Sander Berge, a Norwegian with two internationals is not Arsenal material. Maybe in two to four years time. I’m a Norwegian but wouldn’t want any of my countrymen playing at the Grove (with the home team). Arsenal is a football club, not a cross country skiing team

a different George

I voted you up for saying “the Grove.” Don’t have an opinion on Norwegian football (or skiing).

Faisal Narrage

Sounds decent, but he’s no Havard Nordtveit is he?


I Genk’d when I read this.


I don’t understand why we don’t go after Mueller from Bayern. He doesn’t fit in Ancellotti’s plans. Mueller, Ozil and Sanchez would be an incredible top 3.


I doubt we’d blow £18 million on a prospect when we need “top, top quality”.




Hey Blogs, no article on the supposed Johnny Quadrant aka Juan Cuadrado bid? I guess after your CL final remark about Allegri bringing him on to change the game it would be embarrassing if that is who Wenger buys too change the team or worse still, replace Sanchez.


You can’t judge the player based on one game – he’s a very talented/hard working winger.


Only potential 82 on FIFA. What are Arsenal thinking!?!?!?

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