Sunday, October 1, 2023

Video: 2017 FA Cup Winners – Supporters Edition

On a difficult day, let’s remember a great London day thanks to this superb video from Bryce Larsen.

And if you’re in the mood to relive things, he also made great videos of the 2014 and 2015 finals.

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Wenger has won the FA Cup in the last 4 years as many as Sp*rs in the last 50.

Great scenes.


He’s actually won more FA Cups than Spuds have in 95 years!


Or as many as them in 115 years


And the same number as Liverpool ever have.


Well said, original Paul.


Just Paul. It’s a tough task to be ‘Original’ all the time. See posts below.

Original Paul

It’s tough having newcomers with the same name not caring about the confusion that was clearly going to ensue! I should have changed my name to “first Paul” but what the hey…


Sorry I didn’t realise, so stupid of me.

Original Paul

No problem keep your name mate…


I can’t believe I was so stupid, sorry once again mate.


Fascinating that the Paul instantly replying and apologising twice to Original Paul isn’t the Paul who originally posted ie me.

I wonder who it could be, instantly replying twice?


Football is brilliant.


I’m at 6:11! Repping from Karachi, Pakistan. Amazing scenes

JJs Bender

Major feels

Original Paul

We won the fucking Cup, again!

Original Paul

I watched all three, fantastic to see our support around the world. It’s not been a bad last four years, thanks Arsenal. 🙂


Just look at the joy and happiness in the faces of the people in that video. It’s not just football, it’s part of our everyday life, it’s something that make us happy and sad (when it’s not going on well). It’s something that unites millions of strangers all over the world. Arsenal is where I belond. I love this video, especially the excitement in the faces of those gooners. Those smiles are contagious.

Alexis , Atom & Humber

Don’t write BFG off just yet!!!


If we could only get some of those supporters groups to cheer on Arsenal in the same place together. We could solve a lot of the worlds problems.

igobah austine

Don’t write d BFG off man…

Brown American Gooner

Thanks for this splash of positivity!

What Did She Wear?

You’ve just gotta love The BFG at the end with Martin Keown. “Don’t write me off man. Don’t write me off….”



What is this allure with Arsenal that sees us with fans in all these strange pockets in the world like Petah Tikva Israel, or Zagreb Croatia or Tempe Arizona or Singapore? Weird. I thought we were specialist in failure and are a team on the decline. Why do these people bother to support the Arsenal despite? I mean like Liverpool who haven’t won the title in a quarter of a century, all we’ve won is 3 FA cups in the last 4 seasons. No title. So why all the support? Its as if we won the second best trophy like… Read more »


This just cuts me up seeing the worldwide support for the club

Bruce Lee

Absolutely fantastic, cheers.

Coq au Vin

I was getting married that night and didn’t get to see the game. When a fellow gooner told me the score and I announced it to our guests, the roar was deafening! Amazing night for all of us!


I’ve been waiting for this video since I saw the supporters eddition of the Hull final. Amazing to watch. Beautiful memories that’ll last forever! Thanks Arsene!



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