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Video: “If I was an Arsenal fan, I’d love Lacazette in my team”

The BBC’s David Ornstein reported last night that Arsenal have had a bid for Alexandre Lacazette turned down, but it confirms our interest in the Lyon striker, and negotiations between the clubs continue.

The 26 year old has been banging in in the goals in France, 36 last season in all competitions, but there are still some doubts as to whether he’s the right man for the Gunners.

In this Gunnervlog, James chats to Andrew Gibney (@Gibney_A) – a Ligue 1 expert – about Lacazette and the potential transfer. He seems pretty positive about the whole thing, watch below and remember to like and subscribe.

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Sums up out strength in the transfer market…..Just pay the damn asking price and get the bloody player…Ffs

Lucas Sam

And then somebody that just lost their top striker comes and outbid the innitial value set by the selling club and we loose because we played ball for too long. Remember Higuain?


We have had initial bids for Lacazette AND Lemar rejected….This is beginning to look embarassing….Im bracing myself for a f***in bloodbath this Transfer window!!!…


We arrived at Madrid and they had added 10million to the original asking price. Out of principal we didn’t buy him for that reason.


and clearly that worked out really well.

Lucas Sam

The way I see it is we somewhere played ball on that deal instead of wrapping it up quickly. That rumor/report of us signing higuain was like 1 month running. And then came Napoli who outbid us having just lost Cavani. Now Real understandably tell us to match the bid or lose and we ran with the tail between our legs. I’m not against a bit of haggling and don’t want to pay over the odds but we are constantly loosing our top targets… Remember the nasri and fabregas exit fiasco? We were supposed to have wrapped up juan mata… Read more »


Exactly. We keep on dwelling on the deal for months and in the end other clubs come and swoop him up by putting the money for the table and arsenal end up with up with nothing. Or next season we end up paying 20-30 million more for the same player like lacazete. We could have had him for about 40 million .the fact that even west ham bid for more money than arsenal was embarrassing. And money is not even the real issue here, its affecting our performance. For years we needed that striker , and to think that having… Read more »


Some perspective, finally. You’d be forgiven for thinking Lacazette is John Terry’s brother for all the love he’s got on here.

Sign him up please. Of course there’s a chance he doesn’t work out, but buying a striker to come in and strike is a step in the right direction.

Andy Mack

There aren’t many here that don’t want him with us.
But is he the fabled ‘WC’ striker that will win is the PL+ ?
Some say he is but many don’t think so.
If we buy him then only time will tell.

Merlin\'s Panini

There’s the chance with any player that it won’t work out. Look at Veron and Forlan at United. Huge reputations and they were pretty abject. Same goes for Pogba. Didn’t exactly set the world alight last season. Then there’s Torres and Shevchenko at Chelsea. There’s never any guarantee any player will work out in any club, no matter how good their reputation. I think we just have to go on the basis that he’s been consistent for a few years but no matter who we sign it’s pot luck, unless it’s someone like old Duffer McCrappington who clearly has the… Read more »

not so fed up

Lacazette sign sa thing


Arsenal fans pay the most for their tickets of all teams… so should be able to afford this no problems, no fuss.. no putting us through a summer of bullshit and almost signings…. then again, it’s all so Stan the silent C*nt can pocket the money. We made 5th place, his favourite team placing of them all. As for FA Cups I doubt he even knows what a cup is. Kroenke out.


I’m underwhelmed by the ownership and lack of clarity and ambition too, but how much have they actually taken out to line their pockets?

I’m genuinely curious because all I’ve heard is a one time 5m$ to the enterprise, at a time when they were actually working on structural stuff.


I am an Arsenal fan and Id love Lacazette in our team. Lets see how negotiations play out, I’ve got a good feeling about this one, and hopefully Lemar too. Lyon aren’t just going to roll over, and we will be smashing our club record for this signing…


I just hope Lacazette is not our replacement for Sanchez. I agree with blogs on what he wrote on today’s blog about Sanchez to city. If we sell him to them lot we might just give up on the next season in July itself. The atmosphere around the club will be unimaginable. I think £50mil is as good as him going on free. Can’t believe I said that. But in today’s market that amount doesn’t even get you a Lacazette. His impact next season will be much greater than anyone we could possibly bring in that amount. Arsenal’s tendency to… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

Today’s blog was made on the wilful assumption that the Arsenal board wouldn’t want to piss off the fans and are very much aware fan atmosphere. This is a board where the owner, who rarely attends games and hides away in his ivory tower, overruled the board and fans to do what he wants. A board that will happily hike up ticket prices. I really don’t believe the board would turn down £50m for a 27 year old who will walk away for free in a year’s time. Remember even Wenger didn’t want to sell Van P, but the board… Read more »


Well that’s an utter load of rubbish.It’s known fact that the Van Persie deal was done between Wenger and fergy themselves and Wenger completely sanctioned the deal

Reality check

Only after Fergie found out that Van Persie is leaving.. He called Wenger, to sell him to United rather than to a foreign club. Wenger wanted to keep Van Persie but only on his own terms..

Faisal Narrage

Actually the true story is that Wenger wasn’t planning to send him to United, but the Board were and Fergie called to smooth it over.

Regardless, doesn’t change the point, particularly if evidence shows Wenger can have his mind changed. What if Pep sends him a gif via WhatsApp?


What board? Oh the one that Arsene ignores on every other issue than this. I see


He will be an improvement on what we have in that position so he is a welcomed addition. But we still need Giroud. We need a big team if we are to retain the europa cup in England. LllooollL

Faisal Narrage

I really do wanna know….
If The Cassette is so good, why dis Wenger overlook him for so long?

I’m not claiming it means there’s something wrong with him either, as it could just be that Wenger loves a good dilly dally and just presumed he could chase someone better (see Suarez for Higuain saga).


theres always someone better out there . lewadowsky , aubamayang , suarez , morata …. but the point is none of them want to come to a team competing for a europa league and top four positions in the league . but rest assured lacazzete is as reliable as they come , based on the evidence on the last three seasons atleast . or maybe if we’d have done a a better job on the suarez transfer , or higuain transfer and countless other transfer we would’nt have been in this position in the first place. i’m just glad that… Read more »

Iwobis sock suspenders

Lacazette is the right fit, right now Hopefully a fresh bid will get the deal done soon If he didn’t want to leave Lyon during their transition period (stadium move etc..), that’s showing a quality that’s to be admired (and that we’ve been lacking at Arsenal with one or two players in recent years). We’ve clearly been in for him for the last 2/3 seasons but couldn’t be persuaded to go out of loyalty. He’s in his peak, right age, we’ve got the money… not taking a massive gamble on a teenager with bags of potential but yet to prove… Read more »


If we really want him, just spend the money and give him time to settle in. I know that it is only the end of June, but I really fear that this situation will drag on and on. If Wenger and our coaching/scout team really want this guy, just operate as fast as you can.


If I WERE and Arsenal fan…..



“an” Arsenal fan even!!!

Thierry bergkamp

This happens too often.
I think the club puts in offers knowing it will get refused, so when the window closes they can say “we tried”

Harry Flash

The problem is that everything at Arsenal is money driven.
Wenger is a fool and should have gone years ago. He’s far too close to the money men in the club.
He will lose out on players and we’ll end up paying big for scraps.


On the subject of transfers, if we are seriously pursuing Lemar/Mahrez AND a striker, whilst planning to keep Ozil and Sanchez, does anyone else fee that this indicates a return to 4-2-3-1? Otherwise, how do we fit a new striker, and a new winger, into our current system? I don’t want to put a negative spin on anything, I’m desperate for us to sign Lemar (Mahrez would be nice but I’m put off by the attitude he showed last season, plus I prefer Lemar for his set pieces, his age and his defensive work rate), but I do worry how… Read more »


We have Thursday night Europa league. There will be plenty of match time to go around and a heavy need for rotation. And, we are the Arsenal. We’ll still get threadbare at some point.


What i don’t like from this Lacazette transfer is the Lyon’s president, if i were the board i’ll end the interest to Lacazette and pay 80 Million for Belloti, LOL


I feel a duo Lacazette/Lemar would be much more reassuring than a Mbappe/Whoever
We could perform in a 4 – 4 – 3 AND a 3 – 4 – 2 – 1 with those two!


No way mate….i disagree, Mbappe/whoever any day over those too….Mbappe/Mahrez is super, it could even be Mbappe/Joe Fuckn hart for crying out loud….and it would still be better…


I would love to see us come out of this window with Lacazette & Lemar. Both deals need to get done ASAP as we don’t want a repeat of past years of others simply coming in and paying more as we dallied. While the lack of Champions League isn’t great – it shouldn’t be a death knell either. At this point it really looks like the options are coming down to sell Sanchez for a cut rate fee to Bayern, sell him for a market fee (one year left) to City or keep him. The numbers being thrown around are… Read more »


Honestly I don’t think Lacazette is that good, sure he would be an Improvement on what we have but the amount of money Lyon are demanding is ridiculous. don’t give me that Oh we have the money we should just pay it, doesn’t work like that. The honest truth is there arent too many world class strikers available, if any. here is a thought, wouldn’t it be better to get a world class winger, someone like Marco Reus for example and play Sanchez himself as a center forward?


When Andrew Gibney was first being introduced I thought, my that man looks ill. Then he spoke and I was like ‘aaah, he’s Scottish’.

FYI I’m also Scottish so am officially allowed to mock my own people for our love of pies and fear of sunshine.

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