Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Video: “Should Arsenal go for Cristiano Ronaldo?”

Cristiano Ronaldo says he wants to leave Real Madrid after getting a whopping tax bill from the Spanish authorities.

Should Arsenal be in for him. James has another Gunnervlog looking at this whole situation.

Let us know what you think in the comments.

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The whole idea of cheering for Ronnie in an Arsenal shirt makes me want to throw up.


Calling that greaseball “Ronnie” makes me throw up! Yuck.


Ronaldo IS the best striker in the world right now. Y far. He just plays upfront in this penalty area. You’d be mad not to want him. He’s World World class (read as top top top top quality Wenger) Thing is he wouldn’t join a team which isn’t huuuge, and we just aren’t big enough for his ego, plus he would never go to a club not in the CL as he needs that to feed his massive ego, and huge neck. Plus what he will cost is beyond us and his next contract will have insane wages. He can… Read more »

Dan Hunter

He is the best in the world. We need a few cunts in the team. It’s been to long since we had real scary players. Dream of him linking with Sanchez and Özil. That would be a title winning team right there.

Declan M

Yes. If it was 2007.


Tricky one his quality speaks for itself, but no thanks, reckon he would struggle this time round. Can’t beat the clock, Rooney being a perfect example of that. Rather blow out the bank on Mbappe instead of funding Mbappe for them.


He and Ozil and link up again. Wow!!! That would be fantastic. And if so, we wont feel the lost of Alexis.


He’ll never come to Arsenal. If he’s coming to England it’s to united. So no point of even entertaining the thought. If we had champions league football I’d say we have a 5% chance but without champions league, no chance. I don’t even think we’ll bother bidding for him.

But if for whatever reason it did happen, Ronaldo is a fucking beast and would be a great signing. I think he still has at least three seasons of top level football in him. Despite being an egotistic cunt, you have to respect his achievements and the player he is.


I don’t believe for one second that Ronaldo seriously wants to leave Madrid.

He is just having a hissy fit, which will pass in due course.

I expect him to start & finish the 2017/18 season with Madrid.

In short, a non-story.

a different George

I am honestly surprised that James has wasted his time on taking it seriously. When I saw this post, especially with the picture of the famous statue, I thought it would be some sort of satiric video, maybe about how he was our replacement for Sanogo, showing each of their highlight moments.

Lord Bendnter

Can’t blame him. I watched his video even though I know there’s no chance he’s coming to Arsenal.
But can you blame him? The last actual solid transfer news was a picture of Wenger and Gazidis in Nice and that was a whole two weeks ago!!


I could see him leaving Spain because of the tax evasion situation.



Ivan Drago

A three year deal would probably get you 100 odd goals and assists. But how much would it take for Madrid to sell him, €60-70m? On the other hand I reckon it would convince Alexis and Ozil we mean business so his transfer fee would offset having to replace those two, plus the amount of money it would generate in shirt sales and marketing

Not that any of this matters because there’s zero chance of this happening

Clive St Helmet

Never mind the transfer fee, it’s his wages that’d cripple us. He’ll want half a million per week after tax. That’s a million per week. That’s £156,000,000 over a three year deal. We couldn’t afford it.


Add a 1 in front of that. If Mbappe is going to go for 130m euro then there is simply no chance Ronaldo goes for 60-70.


70m for CR7? Lol did you forget how much Pogba went for?


Too expensive, too old, too much ego. No.

Shay Stevens

I think Arsenal should sign Cristiano because he could help them cruise to Prem victory. That’s what I think.

Wright on the money

He would cost around £100 million and not worth that because of his age.
Ronaldo will stay at Real Madrid or return to United that is all for me no I would rather buy a few other players for £100 million.

dr Strange

Of course we should but it won’t be worth the effort. Ronaldo is the best player in the world and we won’t be able to neither pay him what he wants or live up to his ambition. Top four is not a trophy for him.


Most accurate comment on here. He is indistunably the best player in the world. But he won’t come here because we don’t match his ambition. Sad but true.



It’s indistunable

Clive St Helmet

I think it is distunable. Lionel Messi is at least as good as Ronaldo, and he earns bonus points for not being a massive wanker.


except that messi is a massive wanker

nimble foot

Messi is probably a bigger wanked than Ronaldo just more skillful and illusive at wankery than Ronaldo is. Wasn’t it Messi who wanted Luis Enrique out the season they won a UCL and La Liga for testing him after an international break in which he played for Argentina? Eventually, the Barça board had to bend to his will but he was knackered before seasons end has not really hit his usual dizzying heights since then

nimble foot

Bigger wanker***


Messi is better was better in la liga last year, is younger but we can’t afford either so it’s all bollocks


Oh dear oh dear
If he is going anywhere, and he isnt, he is going either back to man utd or china/mls.
I dont know how someone can even think about ronaldo going to arsenal?! Are we that delusional?!
We cant afford his wages (around 600k id say) let alone champions leauge football.

Ronaldo coming to team playing europa league…I mean srsly wtf??


You are talking as if we are interested in signing him This was Arseblog interested in comments


Yes , but the the idea is ludicrous

Tony Wheeler

Of course – why wouldn’t we?…He’s a very good player, deserves respect and an intelligent manager …. which kind of cuts out Jessie Mourinho and Man U.


It would kill Iwobi

Spanish Gooner

£100m for Mbappé would be either (assuming he isn’t a dud) buy us a 30+ goal a season striker for the next 12 years, or a 30+ goal striker for 3 years, at which point we will probably make a transfer profit selling him on to Madrid, both of which make financial and footballing sense. £100m for Ronaldo would only make sense if he brought us a CL in his couple of years left at peak powers. I don’t think the squad is ready for that challenge (and we’re not even in the CL this year) so if we genuinely… Read more »




This is just a hissy fit to get a new improved contract, he’s not seriously going to leave Madrid because of a tax bill. Be serious people.


In other non-news – does anyone know who the other people are in the leaked kit picture around the couch? Are they semi-famous AFC fans or just random peeps?


He’s a penis

Me So Hornsey

I can’t actually believe this is a serious post. Surely this is banter. The recently crowned world player of the year and 4 times CL winner wanting to join a Europa club in his 30s. This is NewsNow level of journalism.

Igbo Amadi-Obi

There’s a chance we could find a starting place for him from time to time

not so fed up

Without watching the video the answer to the question should we go for Cristiano Ronaldo is..

not so fed up

P.s Cristiano Ronaldo is a John Terry and we all know what that is!!!

Donald\'s Trump

A good player.

Boom! Out the park!


If the Arsenal help him dodge his taxes here as well then we have every chance me thinks


We are more likely to buy the freaking statue.


Perhaps if we build a statue for him he will come


No point of even answering the question. Because there is zero chance it would ever happen if you were in favor or not.

Lack of Perspective

I dont see the why people feel the need to bash james or arseblog for running this piece or making the video. James has been providing us with some nice content and the way he adressed the topic was frankly quite on point. He doesn’t really need to make a video a day, but he does to give us something to do during silly season. And the quality is pretty good.

Lighten up guys.

James, cheers bach.

Charles Vallee

No. The concept of ‘superego’ could have been invented for this muppet.

not so fed up

I don’t think anyone is having a go at James or Arseblog for running the story, just not many (if any) like Cristiano Ronaldo and used the thread to have a pop at the over inflated ego!!! I think he would end up in most peoples top ten football players to dislike!!!


Oh, why not????…..We’ve been linked with every other ludicrous transfer bid, let’s add this one to the Arsenal circus. Every transfer window as predictable as the last…..yawn.

baba musa

well i would say we can afford his transfer fee but can we afford his wage demands?. i mean the guy is 33 and i know it will take ridiculous wages to have him on our team and i don’t think we can afford that. i know he is world class and he is what we need (a superstar ) but at 33 it means we have to pay 100 millions for a 33 guy?no way i would go for mbape


Only if Arsenal are making a remake of The Goonies


He is a winner.Definitely wont fit in at Arsenal!

not so fed up

Replace the word winner with another word beginning with w and ending in r and we might agree!!!


No idea why I’m watching this in 2022 😂 but Mbappe is still not at Real, Lacazette is not just our main striker target, but our only real striker. Aubameyang has been and gone in the meantime!… and Ronaldo is still going, 5 years later!!

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