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Wilshere, Szczesny and others omitted from kit builder

There are many questions over which of the current squad will be leaving this summer.

Lucas Perez has already expressed his desire to play elsewhere, while the contractual situations over Mesut Ozil, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Alexis Sanchez remain unresolved as yet.

David Ospina is linked with a move away, and it’s hard to see an Arsenal future for Joel Campbell after an underwhelming loan spell in Portugal.

However, all of those players are included in the list of player shirts you can buy via the club’s official kit builder – updated since the launch of the new kit today, including the number for new boy Sead Kolasinac.

“I Found A Great Club Here – A Second Family” : Robert Pires Speaks to Arseblog News

There are some notable omissions however, with Jack Wilshere the most prominent. The midfielder makes no reference to Arsenal in his social media profiles, saying merely that he’s a ‘professional footballer’.

Mathieu Debuchy, who played just 16 minutes last season, is not there either, nor is goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny who, after two seasons on loan with Roma, is being strongly tipped with a move to Juventus (assuming they don’t come back with another pathetic offer).

Is it a case that the loan players haven’t yet been added in? Well, Campbell is there. And Debuchy was around all last season despite being injured and he’s not present either.

Maybe there are database issues. Maybe it does suggest they could be off in the summer. We just don’t know right now.

But the truth is out there.

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It’s confusing. You could argue that Jack, Szczesny and Chambers are not on there because they were on loan last season. But then based on that logic why is Campbell on there?
Wonder if Costa will be on the Chelsea kit builder? Dumped by text. Ha ha!


Maybe it’s because people don’t usually buy defender or goalkeeper jerseys? Doesn’t explain Wilshere, but if they put Ozil as #10, some questions answered?


I’m very happy for my, exclusive, Jenkinson shirt, thank you very much.


I want Szcz back. Get him in the kit builder now.

David C

Original Paul or new Paul,
would you take Szcz as starter over Cech? I think you can’t keep both of them and that’s the issue. Cech finished strong at the end of this season, but so did the whole team with the formation change. I can’t see Cech getting any better, plateau at best. This is a really long way of asking would you sell Cech and give Szcz the #1? Neither of these guys will accept being backup.


I would.

Bould\'s Eyeliner

Me three. Szcz on the top of his game matched Cech for clean sheets with a vigorous Arsenal defense. Now that we look reorganized, and he’s picked up a few tricks from the defensive masters in Italy, no reason to think he can’t perform at the top level either.


Though I could never be original all the time. Original Paul sets his bar very high, like Rambling Pete.

But look forward to Original Paul living up to his name.


arsenal will regret if we let szcz go. it wont be a pogba level blunder but it has to be atleast onpar with gnabry . he was the best keeper of serie a last season. if teams like juventus covet him i wonder what is our club even thinking about by letting him go right now


Do you watch Serie A? I don’t think so. Szczesny also won the Golden glove here and it doesn’t mean that he was better than others. Don’t get me wrong, I love Szczesny and want him to stay, but I doubt he would like to be a backup to Cech now, and yes, we can buy a goalkeeper of similar quality or even better in the future.


if a club like juventus wants him dont you think there is atleast something good they see in him .and szczesny can theoretically play the same role ospina played along cech . and in 1-2 years he can gradually become first choice for the club . if he doesnt want to be a backup he shouldnt go to juventus in the first place where he is going to be backup to buffon until he retires . and goalkeepers of his caliber do not come around often . you just need to look at what everton and city paid for the… Read more »


Ochoa of Mexico is far better than szczesny, Arsenal should sell Szczesny, and then buy Ochoa from Malaga

Prince of all Saiyans

Why should he be back up to Cech?

And I may not watch a lot of Seria A, but I’ll tell you who knows a thing or Yeo about goalkeeping; Buffon. And he rates Chez.

Do you know more than Buffon?


I watched every Roma game last season and I can assure you he was the best keeper in the league last year.


How do you keep both keepers happy

Heavenly Chapecoense

Man, I saw Gnabry playing U21 the other day. What have we done ?

Bould\'s Eyeliner

We let him play. Gnabry’s time at Arsenal was not mismanagement, just unfortunate. Stop hashing stupid regrets that never existed.


I wouldn’t mind selling Jack if we can get a world class CM. I love Jack, but he has to fight for his place and realize he doesn’t have an automatic place. As for Scz, I don’t mind keeping him, but if he wants to leave, so be it.


To be honest, I don’t love him that much anymore. He went a long way from “I don’t need an agent because I’ll never leave Arsenal” to “I want to go on loan because I haven’t started the first 2 games of the season after being out injured for a year” to “why should I even mention Arsenal in my bio?”. Arsene always backed him. If that’s how he thanks him for it and how he shows his love for the club that made him, he can jog on, if you ask me. Was benched in a pretty mediocre Bournemouth… Read more »


Aye! Come back an earn a place.. Show some respect to our club, fans and manager while you’re at it. Comes across as the talented big shot now

Heavenly Chapecoense

You forgot the What do you call Tottenham stage.

Chippys chip

And what do we think of tottenham?….


I thumbed down cause I thought it was required. Now if there a turd choice….


I’d take £20 million right now for Jack and laugh all the way to the bank. No use keeping a player with his wages that’s only fit for a handful of games per season


Blogs ,Love all those cute little references in every column. Keep em coming

Thierry bergkamp

Is this Araenal finally being a football club and not a charity?


Never heard of them


The two I’m most bothered about being omitted are Szczesny and Chambers.

I’ve always rated Wojciech highly and he has the potential to be a world class goal keeper, and if Juventus want him, he can’t be too shabby.

Chambers, I feel he’s been a little hard done by, had a good loan spell and deserves another chance.

The others, not fussed either way. The biggest disappointment is Wilshere, as he had the potential to be brilliant.


dont know about szczney but club will certainly retain chambers…i think. he was one of the best players for borro while on loan and is a born leader . i certainly hope we dont lose him.


No doubt. Chambers would be great on the right hand side of the three with Hector/Ox on the wing. While still an understudy of Pers along with Holding. COYGS


I really don’t get why we would let Szczesny leave unless he is refusing to play for Wenger again. Cech is showing signs of age and we have one of the best keepers in Italy already in our squad to challenge him – it simply makes no sense. Jack unfortunately just never realized his potential and its time to move on. He looks like a low to mid table player at this point.

Arsenal Pakistan!

Still hoping against hope that Szczesny stays! Aside from the fact he’s class, I believe from the foreigners in our current squad only bfg and him truly get what it means to play for The Arsenal and that’s something that really was missing last season.


Dey terk our jerbs!


Little xenophobic there?

Arsenal Pakistan!

Err sorry for the confusion I didn’t mean it in that sense. I meant it like Szczesny comes across as a guy who honestly loves Arsenal and is happy here and that if we were to keep him I don’t think he’s someone who would have pushed for a transfer elsewhere and would have happily spent majority of his career here. My point was no one can doubt he really loves Arsenal.


Surely the people in charge of merch aren’t privy to that kind of info. I’m filing this under insignificant

Terry Henry

Surly Chambers will come back, Wenger clearly rates him, and he’ll be much needed back up if we stick with the back 3 next season.
Seems madness that Arsene doesn’t want to bring Szczesny back into the fold.
Would love the club to give some clarity on these players.
Fingers crossed the boss manages to bring Mbappe in. I feel that potential mega money deal will have a huge impact on the amount of players we say goodbye from the current squad.


Honestly Mbappe is a long shot.. Sanchez + £15/£20 mill = Dybala.. if we can still do mbappe after that, why not.. Lacazette, Dybala, Ozil front 3..


What sort of moron trades Alexis and a extra 20 mil for Dybala. His still hasn’t been found since going missing in the UCL final.


Feel like everyone forgets dybala is 24 sure he is good but 80m good not a chance


I genuinely hope Alexis stays but if he refuses to sign then our hand is extremely weak given the limited number of clubs he would play for. If we got a very promising player in exchange honestly that wouldn’t be a terrible deal. The 40-50m being thrown around that we would get from selling him abroad wouldn’t go all that far given how much the continent is marking up players to the Premier League.


Maybe they just don’t know what number they will wear?


It really seems a silly time to order shirts with names and numbers, sure to be a few changes, Bellerin and monreal should surely take 2 and 3 if debuchy and gibbs go


Maybe just a dodgy kit builder, Welbeck had no7 earlier for a bit

Terry Henry

The thing about Jack is I think there is a chance he’ll fetch 30+ million in the transfer market. I feel if he sell him now, we’ll be lucky to get 10. I personally would offer him another contract and give him the option to go on loan again or grab yours chance if it arises in the arsenal team.

Petit\'s Handbag

Jesus lads just take the Summer off. Relax. Sit on a beach and drink sangria. Come back when the Emirates Cup starts and we’ll see what happens. We need a break more than the players.


What a prospect he was, some years back, like 2010.
But that was then, and this is now.


Will really be disheartening to see Szczesny to go. I have no clue why Wenger would commission his sale. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he went for a fee that everyone besides the Arsenal negotiation team deems as an undervalued one.


Who in their right mind would buy a Debuchy Arsenal shirt anyway?

Bon Jello


Bon Jello

Well it’s the only way I see him wearing one again

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