Monday, June 17, 2024

Alexis. Arsenal. City. A bid? An asking price? Nothing? Meh.

According to the Mirror, Manchester City will test Arsenal’s resolve to keep Alexis Sanchez by tabling a bid of £50 million for the Chile international next week.

In an attempt to ward off the approach, the Gunners have slapped an £80 million price-tag on their star man. It’s speculated that if that figure is matched, Arsene Wenger might consider selling, even though he’s desperate not to do business with a Premier League rival.

The striker is now inside the final 12 months of his four-year contract at the Emirates and has rejected a new two-year contract worth £300,000 a week, more than double his current deal.

Earlier in the week, it was claimed the player had asked for at least £400,000 a week; terms the Gunners seem unwilling to match. It’s a crazy amount of money. That said, Lionel Messi is about to become football’s first £1 million a week player…this is the world we live in now.

So far, there’s no sign of Alexis wanting to hand in a transfer request. I guess when you’ve got so little time left on your deal, that’s a potentially very expensive decision to make.

We’ll have to see what happens next.

The Mirror’s story is an excellent example of the papers keeping the ‘saga’ ticking over. It’s filler until something does actually happen. Just in case you couldn’t cope going 24 hours without an update. Even though it’s not really an update because we don’t know that any of the above is actually true.

Yes, we recognise we’re not helping the situation by doing a story on it, but there’s naff all else going on and we figured you might like to discuss it in the comment section anyway.

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game of thrones 1 week away ??


You know nothin’, Alexis.


Hold the door


Looking forward to that


As am i. I the meantime I’ve been quite enjoying Preacher on amazon. What else are folk filling their summers with? Outdoors, sunshine and beer is not an acceptable answer… well, beer is…


Love Island

Original Paul

The shooting warships thing at the bottom of the page. 🙂


Blood Drive’s been very entertaining guys, it’s like a TV version of Mad Max.


Broadchurch. Love David Tennant.


A Handmaid’s Tale

Xhaka\'s RedCard

if we accept City’s bid for Alexis, winter will truly be here..

Naija Gunner

Oh am so excited, thumbs up to you mate

uncle D

I say take the money and keep him to risk losing him on free then sell him


Makes sense

Original Paul

Just not funny enough! Big smiles…


I don’t know if any of that’s true, but I would say it’s wise of us to slap an 80m price tag on Alexis. If City really want him, they should cough up. If they do, so be it. We’ll buy more players who will actually want to play for us next season.


Agreed, play hardball. You want him, £80 million or no deal. If Sanchez gets upset we can point to Lukaku and say that’s his value. Tired of us taking it up the poop chute because Wenger doesn’t like conflict or sad players.


Back in January, Alexis was saying he was happy at Arsenal and it’s up to the club whether he signs or not. I don’t know why he would want to go to Man city. It’s not like they’re gonna win the champions league.

Heavenly Chapecoense

It is all about mo’money for him.


Heavenly, do you have any arguments to back that up?


He rarely does. The guy who spends his summer mountain running or representing his national team is only motivated by cash apparently. As if Mesut and Ox aren’t in the exact same position as Alexis.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Haven’t heard Ozil and Ox turned down double their current salaries.

Ol Granny Xhaka

If you’re turning down Bayern Munich for Manchester City it’s probably about money


I believe you have this backward: it was Bayern who turned Sanchez down because he’s asking for too high wages. So, … even though backward, you’re still correct. It’s about money 🙂

dr Strange

This might not be everyone’s cup of tea but if we sell Sanches for that kind of money we should go for Bale. He’s as good as Sanchez and doesn’t seem that popular with fans at Real. That’s only what i’ve read so it might be bullshit and I haven’t got a clue if he would come but it would be the perfect replacement and as Real are after Mbappe it might suit them.


Nope Bale isn’t as good as Sanchez. Paying more than 80 mill for an injury prone former spud and selling one who’s always available doesn’t seem like good business.

Edwin Matlapeng

Excellent idea, if only we had a say!


If we are going to lose him anyway it probably makes sense to sell, if the price is right. Otherwise we might as well let him run down his contract.

We’ve lost players before. We need to make sure we replace them properly, and keep strengthening the team.

A big pile of cash would help us to do that.

Bon Jello

Keep him for another year on £140,000 a week (his current contract), and play hardball. Build the team without him in mind, make him feel like a naughty child. Honestly, as soon as the transfer window shuts he’ll accept the current offer of £270k on the table as he and his agent will understand next year he turns 30, and no PL club will offer him £250,000 upwards, City will no doubt have found an alternative, plus it’ll double his money for the next twelve months. Other teams do it all the time, they don’t sell then the transfer window… Read more »

Bon Jello

*For at least £60million (to China) reinvest in young talent that play for the club not the pay cheque.


Sell him against his will…. i dont think we can do that

Original Paul

Yeah, but what is funny about that?? 😉


You are right, he can’t keep us in hostage. He should go.He had a good season because nobody else was scoring but Lacazette will make us better


No chance a club will pay 80m and pay Alexis his ridiculous wage demands. That would ensure he stays at Arsenal and who knows, maybe we will compete next season and Alexis might be persuaded to sign da damn ting!


If they want to pay 80m for a guy who’s about to turn 29 then lets take it. I’m sick of this saga now to the point where I don’t care if he fucks off. Take the 80 and buy Lemar and a really good CM and we’re better off for it. City are left with a player who might have 1 more season of real top level football in him.


One thing I’m sure of is most Arsenal fans would rather keep him next season: risk losing him for free than sell him to man city now. That is the best move for the club.

Anthony Payne

I agree. Having him in the team next season is worth the risk of his walking on a free next summer. Don’t get me wrong, £80m is a lot of money to turn down but it would cost us more than that to replace him if that’s even possible.
Having a potentially top class striker like Lacazette playing alongside, rather then replacing, Alexis should make us a more formidable proposition this season.
On the other hand,selling him to City could make them unstoppable in a league we might have a realistic chance of winning.

Fergal (captain optimistico)

One season left!? I think not. Even a no pace Sanchez is a world class player.

Corona X

Agree with what you say, except for the “1 year” bit. No way Alexis will go downhill that fast! He doesn’t have Rooney’s pie habits for one ☺

Ol Granny Xhaka

He plays a very physical style of football, regularly plays through injuries and refuses rest when he’s in the “red zone” and I don’t think he’s actually had a summer break since we got him. You’re probably right he has more than a year but I think he is a player who will suffer for what he’s put his body through sooner rather than later, unfortunately.


I’d pay what he wants to have him and Lacazette an attacking force for the next 4 seasons.

Viva la prof

Is it possible it’s all just bollocks, and the guy is simply on holiday looking forward to joining his Arsenal team mates for pre season? or is there always fire where there is smoke in these stories. I’ve got bet on at work for a free breakfast if we end up with Lacazette, Lemar and Mbappe. Selling Sanchez for 80m would be a step towards that breakfast.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Suggest ‘The Greedy Hard Worker’ menu.


-Well Alexis, of course…..

Viva la prof

Full monty


If that wish comes true, the breakfast had better be cooked by Ramsay, Puck, and Morimoto and served on a pure gold platter by a bevy of beautiful naked women.


yes i like that, if we got those 3 id be happy to let the complaining fucker (although the best player in the league in my opinion) leave…maybe not so much when I see him lining up for Peps City though

Robert Pyres

You’ve lost that bet mate, Mbappe will never happen while Real want him.

A different George

Well, if there were always fire, Christiano Ronaldo would already be back at Man United, because I read weeks ago that he was absolutely, positively, certainly, leaving Madrid. No possibility of changing his mind. It’s done. He’s gone.

There is no way for us to know whether these stories have any basis at all. We laugh at the ones about Real Madrid, but have a nervous breakdown when someone says the same things about Alexis.


As a general rule, stories from The Mirror are shit. Be guided accordingly.


Don’t sell him at any cost.. Even city offer £80 million just because it hands them the league and to show we are financially strong and not like old days..


Completely unrelated, but I met Robert Pires in my hometown Karachi, Pakistan yesterday! He shook my hand, and later gave me a thumbs up when I sang the super Rob chant. *SWOON*

Dublin Ed

Doesn’t matter what the subject of the thread is, that comment will never be unrelated where Gooners gather. Lucky you. Pirrrrrrrrrres

Arsenal Pakistan!

I went to the match in Lahore today and me and some gooner friends even had a banner to welcome Robert Pires but I don’t think he even saw it because today the seats were a bit far away a bit like the gap in monacos stadium and for those who don’t know it was a 7 a side match so players were quite far away and while being in the stadium as Pires I wasn’t able to meet him. 🙁


Only way I’d accept Alexis to City this summer is
£100 million and one of Mbappe or James Rodriguez as his replacement.
Keeping Szczesny.
Then Lemar as Theo’s replacement and then one of Van Dijk or Manolas as a replacement for Gabriel.


The new football manager doesn’t come out until November

Fergal (captain optimistico)




uncle D


uncle D

Dumb bitch


Pure Bollocks


Surely the club holds all the cards in that it’s a world cup year? No player is going to sit and sulk ahead of Russia 2018?

Crash Fistfight

Have you seen the other attacking players in the Chile squad? They start Jean Beausejour every game, ffs! Alexis would start every game for them (and rightly so) if he was shunted to the reserves.

In Transit

Thought that as well but then again, he is a sure pick for Chiles squad no matter how little he plays. And City will probably still want him in January.

A different George

This is a player who never wants to come off. Who plays with a grotesquely swollen ankle. Who wants to prove he is one of the two or three best players in the world. Whether he signs a new contract, or plays out his last year to leave on a free–he will kill himself to win every game. I don’t think that enters into it at all. The issue is, if he does not sign, whether it is worth losing out on somewhere above £50m ( or £80m!) for one more year. I think it is, but I understand the… Read more »

uncle D

Alexis is just on holiday and everyone is going mad! Give the guy a break! Now the media is trying to turn the fans on him. Are Arsenal fans that gullible?!! It’s not who we are..

uncle D

Give the man a break! After all Ozil and Ox have not signed and extension as it stands. Ozil has started his preseason as a professional!


I agree with Arseblog, I dont it pays to sell him considering we need to be as good as possible if we want to realistically win the league next year…


I hope Alexis realizes that with Guardiola he’s not gonna play half as much as he did under Wenger.

Lord Bendnter

I disagree, Yes perhaps Guardiola will not put him in every single match including against Brentford FC, but I don’t think there’s a single player in the entire Man City team that can give them what Alexis can provide on the pitch

Original Paul

Lets not forget he got us to only 5th last season and he doesn’t half give the ball away a lot!
This is how I am dealing with it anyway… 🙂


Guardiola is forever changing formations and strategy, constantly rotates his squad, and doesn’t have the patience and trust that Wenger usually affords his players. Think of what happened to Aguero last season.

uncle D

I agree. He’ll be their best player at City

Robert Pyres

I do so hope this is all just the usual clickbait to keep the saga going as blogs points out, as the prospect of Sanchez joining the ‘Cunt Club’ alongside the likes of RVP, Adebayor, Nasri etc would be quite upsetting – especially as his status of becoming a ‘legend’ at the club is well on the way (very much like it also was for that ‘little boy’ at the time).


He already seems like a bit of a cunt if I’m honest

uncle D

Dirty Sanchez

Crash Fistfight

I think he has a long way to go to be considered a ‘legend’, but that’s just me. I think it takes more than being a bit good.

John Lukic

For me the one example of a ‘legend’ in our current squad has to be big Per.


He’s in the Selley, Hillier, Morrow Linigan league for me at the moment. Has done well and helped win silverware but is nowhere near Seaman, Henry, Wright, Parlour, Adams, Gilberto etc.


Basically a way off legend status.

Dr Richard Kimble

Let him play out the lazt year if his contract & ifwe havea decent season maybe he has 2nd thoughts but whether the deal is still there for a 30 year old is another matter. I do wonder if these non-stories are shat out by City’s legions of pimps & tappers ups, like the myriad bull5hitters of Roayle with cheese madrid, Bastardlona, & now more lately, the Citeh, Manure, PSG, & Chavski rolled in to one silage heap Bayern Munich (step fwd prostitute of Munchen, drink driver Senor Vidal). Or are they really the Munch screams of bored ‘sports’ ‘journos’… Read more »


I’d consider fleecing him as he is us. Buying Lemar first. Getting the money for it and going for Mbappe or another world class player. I love Alexis at times but he’s not the be all and end all. We can create a great team without him as well, especially if we get a good price. If he goes to City, you’ve got the now possessionally careless player with the most possession obsessed manager I’ve known. ill be surprised if he plays all the time. The other thing is that Alexis is 28 and has got one game and too… Read more »

NaiBoi Gunner.

You Know…He could just come out and end the speculation…crazy, right?

I will never understand footballers and transfer speculations. Keep an entire fanbase waiting for a yes or no…what effect does an early announcement really have on the overall deal? Asking coz maybe there is logic to this behaviour that I am incapable of seeing at the moment.


I really hope this is bollocks because if true, fuck this guy now. Seriously, take 300 and show some loyalty! Fucking slap 100mil on him and bench him for a while I say. On a positive note, I’ve got a good feeling about transfers in this summer. I reckon we’ll get Lemar for about 60.

We\'ve done it again

We tried that against liverpool and see how that turned out.
This is why the club keeps getting away with shit. A few stories in the press and alexis is already “a cunt”.

Henry criticizes the manager and “he wasn’t even that good”.

We say its because we support the club no matter what but that never seems to apply where wenger is concerned.


Give him I’m the money, 63mil on a 3 year deal you couldn’t but him for that, an that’s without wages. Don’t know why this even a thing ?


The floor in that plan is that giving one player who is already one of the highest earners not far off a 200% pay rise will have a knock on effect to the overall wage bill. What’s stopping every other player running down their contract and demanding a similar increase? It’s not sustainable, the options are as far as I can see are. 1)He signs the current offer 2) We keep him and hope he has a change of heart 3) Sell him on the cheap abroad 4) Sell him for a ridiculous sum to City/Chelsea Failing 1, 2 or… Read more »

Rahbar ghori

I dont want alexis to leave but if he does, i would like arsenal to quickly sign James Rodriguez as his replacement.

crazy gunner

The truth is £50m in today’s market will not buy a comparable player and tbh there’s no comparable player at the moment..selling Alexis sends a bad signal but £80m though ridiculous will but 2 solid players if used wisely..Lemar and Mahrez?..

Perhaps a swap with Aguero


I thought Messi earns 500,000 a week not 1 million..

The Tax Man

500,000 is as good as a million for Messi because he never pays tax.


Spanish wages are quoted as post tax. UK quotes as pre tax. Not sure why but they quote different numbers.


Amusing, considering they don’t pay their taxes over there.

bob davis

Take the £80 million for Sanchez and buy a replacement. I don’t believe in holding onto a player that doesn’t want to be at Arsenal!

uncle D

I say take the money and keep him to risk losing him on free then sell him


I’m already on record as saying make him stay and don’t up the offer but here’s what’s a little crazy about all of this. The narrative is that Alexis is so competitive and wants to play for a team that gives him the best chance of winning the league or the Champions League. But we also know thanks to the guys at Bayern confirming it publically that he has priced himself out of going to Bayern by making massive wage demands. Instead he’s looking to go to City. Bayern will win their league and is one of only a handful… Read more »


Spot on.


Note to all gooners: James Rodriguez is shit. I’ve seen a couple of people suggest we get him to replace alexis? Whyyyy? He’s not a winger/wide forward for starters (more an attacking midfielder) and secondly, he’s shit (I may have mentioned that before). If we sell alexis for 80 and buy James for 60 I will be absolutely gutted


To be fair, assuming we do play 343 again we not want out and out wingers, Ozil thrived under the 343 system, playing as one of the 2 with Alexis behind the striker. The 343 formation allows the front three more freedom and the width comes from the wing backs, whereas the extra cover in defence comes from the three at the back… Not sure sure Wenger is committed to the formation yet to be fair but decisiveness is not Wengers strong point… Ps not sure how good Rod is, seemed good when I watched playing a two seasons ago,… Read more »

Godfrey Twatsloch

I’m sure most will disagree but I wouldn’t mind us taking 80 million on a player who doesn’t want to be here anyway. I know he’s not the kind to, as they say, down tools and as such would continue to play well but at the same time I can’t escape the scenario of a girlfriend who has given a time constraint on the relationship because the guy up the road has a bigger house and a nicer car and he’s willing to let her live with him. While she’ll continue to perform all her girlfriendly commitments to an OK… Read more »

My wig smells cheesy

Yeah go pick up your shite in a Manchester park then you wee dick


You have house and car, as good as him, the difference is the other guy know what he want to do, they have vision and always try to reach the top without fear to make big investment, meanwhile you love a stable life, with a mediocre ambition and always scared to make the investment that can help you reach the top.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Like someone pointed out further down. The clubs failure to perform last season is as much on him as anyone else. While the 400 grand demand is yet unconfirmed, the 300 rebuff isn’t. He turns down more than a doubling of his salary from a club that has given him ample paying time and allows him to vagabond across the globe playing bullshit tournament after bullshit tournament risking injury and fatigue every time. Whoever he thinks he is he might find out the hard way at the next pad. Good luck to him!

Arsenal Pakistan!

The boyfriend is willing to let his girlfriend live with the richer guy? Seriously? If it’s true the girl in this situation is a dick and no one should allow anyone else to make them feel inferior. If you have any friend or girlfriend/boyfriend in your life who act like they are too good for you tell them to fuck off. No one has the right to make you feel inferior and shit. Really off topic but still something that people need to know.




£80m. Its a fair price but I think Arsenel needs to play harder ball. £100m and he can goto City. Nothing less. The club needs to factor in the cost to replace him but also what his value to the team is regards winning the title.




We know what Alexis capable of, he is good with passing and finishing, he didn’t have to make dribble that led to lose the ball since they have Silva and De Bruyne to do the job, probably he’ll become Striker and we all know how good he is in that position. If we lose him to City, we give them another tools to win the league next season, meanwhile we will try to find a replacement that to be fair it’s gonna be hard. Come on Arsenal, push him to stay one more season and go all out to win… Read more »


Selling him to city is basically handing them the title . We have been this road before .Keep him for his last year or sell him to a foreign club if he hands off a transfer request .300 k per week that’s insane money . And he has failed like his teammates to deliver the title . Like I wrote he is no Bergkamp!

Lord Bendnter

I’m just happy you used the word “filler” in the story 🙂
Somewhere out there in the Hidden Leaf Village, a ninja was just born.


I’d take 50 over the idea of him leaving for nothing next season. Hate the idea of wasting potential of the future for a slim chance of increasing your hopes of winning the league this one. Just look at what happened to united when they invested in old players to get Fergie over the final hurdle, one last hoorah then years of insignificance. We have money to spend this season, let’s take this money add a little more to it and buy two quality young players. We need a central midfielder too, while we are at let us properly commit… Read more »

crazy gunner

At the moment apart from Bale and Ronaldo he earns more than most players at real madrid though Kros Ramos Modric have new deals at 156 and 180kpw ..I believe AFC have given him and ozil more than generous offers.. I don’t believe in giving mega deals to players who hold clubs to ransom you never really get your money’s worth ala Rooney RVP Walcott you end up looking for how to get rid.. Keep him for the year try to win the league because if we are really to win the league we need him or sell him… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

Seems the fans are turning on Sanchez. Fair enough.

But what’s up with Ozil? He still hasn’t extended and is also back for preseason. What’s the excuse?

crazy gunner

Ozil is not angling for a move (though there are no takers)… he is getting along with the contract that he signed…there’s a difference


Alexis isn’t angling for a move too. He is currently on a break, because unlike Ozil, he was playing at the Confed Cup. If he did not play the tournament, I think he would be ‘getting along with the contract he signed’. Both players are in the exact same position for me

Faisal Narrage

What evidence do you have that alexis is “angling” outside of rumours and gossip?

Looks like he’s willing to honour his contract too.


Is there a concrete story on Özil leaving ?

Faisal Narrage

Is there a concrete story on Sanchez leaving?

Steve Morpurgo

To me, this is a non story. No bid made = Sanchez stays.


I think it would be good business to sell Alexis to City. He would demand to play all the time, demand the ball all the time, throw a hissy fit if he didn’t start every game, cough up the ball and drive Pep crazy, and fight with his team mates and call them useless. And we could get paid £50 million to invest in a motivated team player to help us win the league!


Am I the only guy that thinks a swap with Man City is the way to go? If we’re going to strengthen City and weaken ourselves by we might as well do the same to them simultaneously. I would say we offer to swap him for De Bruyne, Sane, Jesus or Aguero plus ask for cash as well. The amount of cash would vary depending on the player we take. If we take the cash (50m or 80m or something in between) then the price of every player we go after as a replacement all of a sudden will get… Read more »


Both sides are willing to let this one sweat it out a bit. 1) Arsenal have made the chess move early with Lacazette putting one replacement in place of two if should Alexis leave. 2) With Bayern balking at salary cost, City appear the only solution so Alexis will push high on salary to make it untenable for Arsenal and Bayern. BUT there may be also another entrant into the race with both Milan clubs in Italy flush with capital from China. The Chinese govt crack down on exorbitant fees may mena money will be washed in Italy instead. Inter… Read more »


I think we are also looking at the Leicester situation with Mahrez. Lemar is an obvious option at 40m bid but Mahrez price could come down should Leicester be tempted by the money (a bird in hand)…which they should if they are serious about rebuilding. So pressure is put on them with our simultaneous pursuit of Lemar as an option with Mbappe clearly ludicrously out of bid and price pushed up by various party to keep him unattainable. How this impacts Ox is a question. Personally I think he still has more option as a wide player. As a wing… Read more »

uncle D

I say take the money and keep him to risk losing him on free then sell him. It’s keeping the contact that matters. The players happiness to win trophies


Nothing is linear in negotiations unless you listen to the media. There are links with other developments which is why deals do not always happen when we want them (unless you are willing to fork out silly money or if the said player is already motivated and the club) In Alexis case, we had Bayern balking at price and banking on City as our only other option and our reluctance to go down that path will lead us to compromise on a price of their choice. City are reliant on Alexis upping his salary demand to which only they would… Read more »


Let him go if they gey £70/75 mil. But need to reinvest it straight away on dembele of dortmund or james rodrequiz.. or get renato sanchez an monet from munich but he seriously needs to be replaced or it takes all d shine off d lacazette deal.. maybe marco reus if he can stay fit and injury free!!


Give the man what he is asking for :).


People should relax about this. Alexis isn’t publicly angling for a deal away, he’s on a deserved holiday so no one should expect him to show up, and he’s bound to work hard the moment he’s handed an Arsenal shirt to start the season. He has suitors, and he’s in a contract year. He’s right to sound them out–we don’t argue if someone says he’s a top 5 player (it might be true, he’s certainly world class). Players like Modric, Benzema, Ramos, Iniesta make ~£185k post tax, which in the UK means £340k pre-tax. If we say he’s better than… Read more »


Rumour from the Man City message boards last night was he will sign for them this Thursday and wear the number 11 shirt, which Kolarov had last season.

No idea as to the veracity of this rumour.


And as we all know, the Man City message boards are where the real story happens, always.


Probably no less reliable than the majority of mainstream press.

As I said, no idea to the truth in this. It’s a rumour, as is 99% of the transfer “news” at this time of year.


As much as I’d love to keep Alexis, and loathe to sell him to City, in an Europa League year our ambition is to build a club that can compete for titles for future years. If we keep him and lose him to City anyway for nothing next summer, I don’t see the board making a similar investment in quality with top dollar being spent. If we squeeze every penny from City this summer, we could add a younger quality replacement for this and future seasons from that return.

He\'s got no hair but we don\'t care...

You cannot compare Messi with Sanchez. 400k is a pathetic request, I understand it but it’s pathetic. I’m just about clinging onto the “this is the world we live in now” bollocks without it completely putting me off top flight football.
Sell him for £80M. Buy someone who wants to play for us.

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