Monday, June 17, 2024

VIDEO: “Why Mertesacker & Lehmann appointments give me hope for future”

It’s been a big week at Arsenal, alongside the club-record signing of Alexandre Lacazette the Gunners have also freshened up the backroom staff.

Jens Lehmann has joined the first team setup as a coach and it’s been confirmed that Per Mertesacker will take up an appointment as head of the Academy at the end of next season.

In his latest Gunnervlog, James takes a look at what both appointments mean for the club and men in question.

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Random Witness

I thought this video blogging thing was a temporary thing. Or at best a semi permanent thing. Now there’s a “vlog” every day!

Original Paul

..and the problem with that is??

Random Witness

I never said there was a problem. I voiced my opinion and stated a fact.

Original Paul

Ah I thought you were having a go at James! Apologies.


Fair shout, a lot harder to read at work.

Rwandan Gunner

I can see Lehman gnashing his teeth and barking orders to the players to man up during difficult away games. Good job

Robert ov

An excellent appointment a true born leader on and off the pitch!

José P

Jens is a mad dog, in a good way.


I think Wenger has started to address some of his shortcomings and has been trying to correct some of the mistakes he has made like not using his old Invincibles to help him give his teams a winning mentality. Lehmann was an Animal. A fierce creature. No More Mr Nice guy around the training ground. These guys need some Ass whopping some times.


Who remembers the match where Jens took a blockbuster of a shot in the face, shot was from Ronaldo in the league…that will Be a reference point from him to the players regularly…. Welcome home Mad Jens!!!


Good on Lens & Per…but singing all the strikers & midfielders in the world but still allowing 40+ goals a season will not win silverware


Not that I want to rain on anybody’s parade, but this is premature as fuck.

For all we know, Lehmann can fall out with half the team and be gone within the year. Mertesacker may be a complete failure as academy manager.

It seems silly to applaud Arsene for laying some groundwork for the future when it should have been done five years ago.

Then we might have former players with tons of relevant coaching experience in place, rather than relatively unexperienced coaches who happen to be former Arsenal players.

Burn baby burn

You sound like you would be fun at parties


Don’t know what Wenger would ever do to make you happy. Would you rather he did not bring Mad jens now?


Look, bringing former players in as first team coaches is great. I just think it’s a little too soon to say that Lehmann will have this huge impact on the club when we have no idea 1. How good of a coach he is 2. How big of a role he will have 3. How his ppersonality will mesh with literally everybody else at the club. All this stuff about the future would make more sense if we knew the answers to these questions, which we don’t, which was my point. SAF made Ryan Giggs his assistant to prepare the… Read more »


Well said, SpamBot! I agree. But it’s nice to dream, that’s the thing, so if you voice an opinion like that here, you get downvoted, because most of the fans who come here are hopeful, even if we’re with the same egomaniac at the helm. I am partially optimistic as well, Sead and La Cassette are exciting signings, and Mad Jens might bring some fighting spirit into the boys. Let’s see. I also doubt it but hope for the best 🙂


I don’t think it’s his opinion that got the downvotes, it was more the way he put them across. Came across as really negative when I’m sure you were intending to be pessimistic/hesitant to award praise.

Change is good considering everything though


Yeah, pretty much.

Lacazette, I think this is ultimately a step in the right direction, albeit one taken a few years later than it should have been.

I do, however worry about how Jens is going to function in the cuddly Emirates environment.


Mad Jens … borderline fucking lunatic – and finally some passion on the sidelines. Why bring in Jens, of all characters, if you’re not wanting to poke your complacent people? I think Steve’s gonna shit bricks over this.


Looking at some comments it seems some people find problems in every solution


Just trying to escape recruitment of Sport director by the club. The dug out will still go silent to his dictatorship.


Great work so far from AW and IG. Surely Robert, Thierry and Dennis must come back in some capacity as well in the near future? I know people may have a problem with Henry after some of the things he has said, but a) That has not changed how he feels about the club, the fans and AW, b) Probably fair to say he is not the greatest pundit c) He has to make sweeping statements to keep his job (he always looks like he feels a little dirty after saying them, to his credit) d) he also has done… Read more »

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