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Arsenal deny PSG have bid for Alexis

Arsenal have not received any offer for Alexis Sanchez and maintain the player is not for sale this summer.

France Football claims this morning that Paris Saint Germain have tabled a £50 million bid for the Chile international, however, a source inside the Emirates has told Arseblog News that the story is nonsense and that Arsene Wenger has been clear on the Gunners stance regarding the player. 

While Arsenal would prefer for Alexis to commit his future to Arsenal, the club hierarchy is happy for the striker to see out the final 12 months of his contract rather than cash in on him this summer.

Bayern Munich have given up trying to sign the striker and Manchester City have also been told the 28-year-old is not for sale.

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Alexis is getting way too much attention than other things we could be fixing as a club. If he wants to go, let this guy go and get reinforcements in quick, would hate for him to eventually leave after distracting us from more important business.


It is not the fault of Alexis if media continue with their rubbish speculations


Well, if he signed a new deal then the speculation would finish, but he won’t as he wants out…hence media frenzy on his future.

Easy tiger

Well you know that aint true….

Tungor Adams

Couldn’t agree more

Mein Bergkampf

This is my main concern, that he leaves a game or two into the campaign, creating chaos and leaving us floundering for a replacement. We’ve got a really tough opening month or so and we need focus and consistency. If he’s going, let’s get him gone asap.


I agree, we need to move him on otherwise this is going to plague our whole season. Come Christmas time when he is allowed to negotiate terms with any club in the world and all the offers start coming in from City, Chelsea etc.. the media are going to have a field day. The squad will be preparing for the huge away games and all the talk in the pre-match pressers will be about Alexis. Every question zinged at Wenger will be whether Alexis is leaving to go to a rival. And every Sanchez performance is going to be viewed… Read more »

Bon Jello

Domestic rivals can’t contact the player/his representatives to formalise any type of deal until the end of his current contract. Foreign clubs can as of the January transfer window.

That is of course assuming everyone plays by the rules…


Happy to be proved wrong but I am fairly sure they can. I’m pretty sure they can make him sign a pre-contract.

A different George

FIFA rules allow this, but the Premier League does not–so can sign only with foreign clubs in the final 6 months.


No, we don’t need to move him on. Unless of course you know of a world class player we can sign for the same money? Patrick vieira was linked with moves away every summer, I suppose we should of moved him on a few seasons before we did too?


@Gooner1886 There are a fair few players we could go and get if we spend the money. Also that’s a non-comparison Patrick Vieira joined Juve for a fee of £13.7 million in 2005, he didn’t stall on signing a new deal and leave on a free. So in essence you’ve literally proved my point… Patrick Vieira was just as valuable to Arsenal then as Sanchez is to Arsenal now, but we did the right thing and moved him on at the right time, this is exactly the same process we should repeat again. The reason why we have to sell… Read more »


Only a fool would finish 5th and then sell their best player. Whatever your reasoning it would naive to think we can get someone for the same price who would do as well or better, especially players from overseas with no experience of the prem… we should keep alexis and minimum get back into the champs lge so we can buy a decent replacement, assuming alexis don’t sign a new one.


Only a fool? Mate wake up. The only fool here is you, by refusing to see whats in front of you. He does not want to play for Arsenal anymore. He wants to go. There is no point keeping a player at the club that doesn’t want to be here. He is in his last 12 months we need to sell him. This is what every other club does in this situation. Not one single top club will allow a player like Alexis Sanchez to run his contract down and leave on a free to a domestic rival next season.… Read more »

Gudang Pelor

So what if we, scratch that, the club, don’t get their money back? With Sanchez staying it will better our chances of winning the league.

And if next next season Sanchez is going to move on bosman to direct rivel, let it. A lot will happen between now and then. His ability could decline, we are getting better players .


Not to forget, the offer from us may look more appetizing 6 months down the line.

Is he really going to get a 300k a week contract for 4 years at 29 just because it happens to be a free transfer?


yes, if you count the bonuses. But we’re giving him that too. I think Sanchez wants to play for Pep and when if he finds out he can’t (because they land M’bappé or Griezmann or Neymar or some shite in the meanwhile) he’ll sign for us. At £300k+/week, if you count bonuses.


He was moved on too soon, Patrick I mean, and Fabregas would have benefitted from having Patrick alongside him; a winner to teach how to win.


We moved Patrick to pay for the stadium. No stadium payments -> no need to sell Sanchez.


We did not sell Vieira to pay for the stadium mate…

We financed the stadium with a £260 million loan from the Royal Bank of Scotland; with Nike extending their sponsorship deal; another came from a £100 million partnership from The Emirates Airline for stadium naming rights and shirt sponsorship; and the main source of paying back the stadium debt initially came from the project at Highbury square.. i.e converting the stadium into prime real estate.

Crash Fistfight

I think it was said at the time we had to make £15m from player sales every year to cover the debt repayments.

I agree with you otherwise. It’s not so much the money, as using that money to buy someone that can be used long term (i.e. once Arsene has left).

We won’t win the league with Arsene in charge. I think even with Alexis staying we’ll be lucky to get top 4. People point to Liverpool having to play CL and potentially dropping out, but what about Man U? They might actually be able to score goals now.


Yeah – just to clarify I wasn’t saying that we haven’t ever used player sales to cover the debt repayments for the stadium build. My point was just that Patrick Vieira wasn’t sold for that purpose. He was sold in July 2005 and they had only started building the stadium in February/March 2004. And like I said initially our main sources of income to reduce the stadium debt was from the Highbury Square development initially. The business model where we used player sales to cover those repayments didn’t come to swing till later round about 07/08 – that’s when we… Read more »


With a class striker so should we


I imagine Wenger couldn’t give a fishes tit what the media idiots ask him. I suggest fans take the same example rather than be led by the nose like cattle. Try thinking for yourselves. You might even like it.


So you’re suggesting that if Arsenal keep Alexis, there wont be an absolute media circus next season surrounding the club with all the focus being on his future which in turn will potentially derail our the campaign?

Because that very thing has literally just happened a matter of months ago, even Arsene Wenger himself came out and statead that his contract situation was one of the reasons why our season was so shockingly poor.


I’m finding myself thumbing all the comments up


Maybe start reporting when there is a bid rather than when not.

Transfer market is so dull at the moment. Come back on a few weeks and we’ll know everything for sure without all the ups and downs in the meantime.


The media won’t let it go will they? Surely there is someone else who has not been declared ‘not for sale’, they can gush rubbish about? At least it would seem a little more believable.


I just want it to end now.
Everything’s just come to a grinding halt regarding incoming’s, and we’re in speculation purgatory with everything else.
Has anyone from any direct source actually said anything?
Alexis hasn’t helped by saying he made a decision and he’d reveal after the tournament.
Why can’t it just be like football manager haha
Anyway I’ll be back tomorrow for more of the same ?


I’m on the naughty step for skimming the article somewhat haha
Keep up the good work blogs ??


From ‘A source inside’ to ‘THEY asked us’. Well, that escalated quickly.

Terry Henry

If we are forcing him to see out his final year, surely there is a chance Alexis will sign to get the higher wages and we can put a high buy out clause in his contract. As per what Liverpool did with Saurez?

Clive St Helmet

Yeah, if we somehow win the PL he might just sign in. More chance of doing it with him than without. And who exactly could we sign with his transfer fee to replace him anyway?

Donald\'s Trump

Depends. He could have already talked to another club and they can say well we’ll give you 500k a week if we get you on a free or 300k a week if we have to pay for you.

Tah dahhhh.

Clive St Helmet

As suspected, pure media bullshit. Invented to try to force Neymar to PSG.


This just in, I’ve offered Alexis 5 quid to come play for my Sunday night team. We’ll be playing in the Champions Pub League so I’m sure he’s going to sign a pre-contract with us in January.

Lord Bendnter

And who will take care of the dogs on gamenights?

Stringer Bell

I do hope he stays and signs an extension with a reasonable buy out clause that suits him and gets us some money back should he then leave next season. I’m more worried about midfield. Xhaka I like and think he will get better, like a quarterback with his passing and as usual media negated this and focused on his growing edges. Desperately need someone alongside and though some think Ramsey, his inconsistency over the last 4 seasons has been there for all to see. He excels playing for a rank average Wales team against other mainly average teams like… Read more »


What does Arsene Wenger and Arsenal have to do for PSG to stop trying to tap up Alexis through the media? Perhaps this: Dear PSG, Alexis Sanchez is not for sale. You can take your money and fuck off! Regards, Arsenal FC.


It might help if Alexis stated clearly that he was staying for the upcoming season…he is not helping by insinuating that he wants away…


woo hoo fourth and the emirates cup are ours.

Cliff Bastin

Don’t worry guys he’ll sign when we’re unbeaten after 20 games and have a 15 point lead


‘media imagination’ is the word of the summer


Actually that’s true. The amount of lies emanating from the media have been worse than ever.


Worse case scenario he leaves on a free to Citeh next Summer. Fear that’s now what’s going to happen.

I’d take the £50m from PSG, replace and move on.


Can you read ? There has been NO offer. In any case I agree either stance the club hopefully is taking in letting his contract run out.


I assume the thumbs down are because people are calling Arsenal liars at saying there are no bids.


we must keep Alexis.

ARSEAL( for CDM we need to Seri _ Sanson _ Fabinho instead Coquelin _ Elneny
for CB we need to VanDijk instead Gabriel)


Like in video games if thats what u mean..

Dino Plopp

I think we need to get Sanchez’s replacement this transfer window as lemar will probably cost twice as much the next and it would be good to let him settle this season so he can be well and truly bedded in for the following season!!! We also desperately need a central midfielder to, feel sad saying this, replace santi!!!


I agree somewhat but we can do that whilst holding on to Alexis for his final season. (Not saying you’re suggesting otherwise.) I actually don’t think it’ll be the end of the world if he joins a domestic rival next summer as he’ll then be 30 and possibly starting to decline. We could have in the meantime, utilised him fully for one more year and bedded in someone like Lemar as well as our other new signings plus hopefully one or two more. Wishful thinking I know!

Tungor Adams

The speculation will continue until Sanchez expresses his desire to stay with us. If he doesn’t we will have this speculation regardless off what AW is saying, where his history of saying no go only to sell anyway help little with discrediting media speculation


IF City, then take the loss and keep him for one more season. IF anyone-else, sell. Anywhere from 55-70m my guess. It all boils down to the Chilean trying to reunite with Pep, and his agent hiking his wages so they can push for a City move. BUT if it comes close to end of window and we don’t bend to it, he will have to either buckle down to no CL with us for one season and he can do whatever he wants at 29/30yrs or accepting an offer from PSG (or another club) with the CL footy. For… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

If only everyone was as knowledgeable about the subject as you.

On behalf of everyone, I’d like to thank you for your invaluable insight into the transfer dealings of football clubs, which you must have garnered from your extensive experience of working in the industry.


What sort of source please?


Worth noting for some Arsenal fans who bemoan us not spending. Whatever we can spend there are 6 or 7 clubs that can spend more. Just look at PSG, Madrid, City. Insane money. United haven’t been shy either over two seasons now at 70-80m mark. Throw in Bayern and Barca and you realise what we are up against. We have to be very canny with our purchases. Add lack of CL (completely our own doing) and it gets difficult. On the face of it, we have done well thus far with an early (FREE) signing of Kolasinac…well done Dick Law… Read more »


I would rather say to keep Alexis, even if it is possible that he would join Man City next year. 1. He is 29, next year he will be 30. At the age of 30, he will not get a contract for more than 2 years and high salary. His agent should know this. 2. It is possible that he commits himself for the final year professionally and we win the league. He can change his mind about Arsenal, obviously, when offered with an attractive package. WIN-WIN for both parties. 3. In the worst case, he stays and does not… Read more »

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