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Arsenal stuck with Wellington as Bordeaux cancel deal

Wellington Silva’s move to Bordeaux has collapsed after the Brazilian failed a medical.

The unexpected development means Arsenal could be stuck with a player that they were trying to turn a quick profit on.

After six years as a Gunner without a single first team appearance to his name, Wellington was allowed to re-join Fluminense last summer. Last week, we opted to trigger a buy-back clause in the 24-year-old’s contract with a view to selling him to Bordeaux for £5 million with a new sell-on clause added.

That deal looked done and dusted – Bordeaux even said as much – only for the Ligue 1 side to cancel the press conference at which he was due to be unveiled. They’ve since confirmed the decision was taken for medical reasons.

So what next? There are so many questions…

Did we do our own medical before sending him to France? If so, how did this happen? Has Bordeaux’s medical uncovered a serious problem? Will other suitors be put off signing the lad leaving us responsible for nursing him back to full fitness?

We wait to hear more. As things stand it looks like a bit of a mess and you have to feel for the player.

UPDATE – It looks as though Wellington will return to Fluminense after all. has quotes from Wellington’s agent who had this to say on the failed medical: “During the medical tests, a small inflammation of the pubis was detected. It’s nothing serious, the athlete is able to play, but the French club has chosen not to finalise the transfer.”

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Wellington booted out.

Well, good luck finding an alternative.


Silva? No, comedy gold…


How very Arsenal.


Seems a bit harsh for a slight inflammation of the pubs, that can happen




What’s your beef with Wellington?


we used to laugh when other clubs did this kind of thing,
now it’s always us…………….


Yes we’ve done this so many times. Why are our supporters so toxic. Anyway a problem that was not the fault of Arsenal has been resolved


That’s actually really funny.


So, what are the odds he suddenly develops into a world beater and wins trophies for us? That would be funny.


Cause he will never. 6 years has been wasted already. Buying him back at 3.5m to sell to Bordeaux at 5m was brainless and not well thought after . Now what do we do with him? Give him another contract and loan him around again? Or sell him again to the Brazilian club at a loss


He’s back there. Read the blog properly

Be Polite

When he read it, the update wasn’t there. It says *UPDATE* in bold. “Read the blog properly”




Someone should get the boot for this


I have to imagine Arsenal officially activating the clause was dependent on him passing a medical so I doubt we’re stuck with him. Negligent otherwise

Tungor Adams

You wish.

Faisal Narrage


My fav academy prospect has returned. The prodigal son returns.
Give him a chance, Wenger. He’s damn good, and at least he wants to play on the wings unlike Ox.

Let’s keep him and give him a chance. Love this kid.

Bon Jello

Update: Your dream has been shattered, Faisal. Sorry pal ?

Faisal Narrage

Indeed it has. :-/

Back to Brazil then. Another player being treated like a commodity.


Unwell-ington Silva


lovely stuff


Wellington’s I’ll-va


Bloody autocorrect, failing to understand a shit joke.


If this doesn’t sum up our transfer policy as a whole, nothing will


Nah, it’s fine – he looks a bit like Mpabbe and he didn’t cost us £160m. He’s practically LANS.


A silva lining.

dr Strange

A new signing then.

Lord Bendnter

Well shit..


-I will pretend it is a joke. And you deliberately misspelled our good Lord’s name…..or, maybe not…

Lord Bendnter

You don’t need to pretend. I have never misspeled a word in my life.


Isn’t it time we sacked our scriptwriters? They’re making us look more like the hideous love child of Frank Spencer & Mr Bean with every new episode. 🙂


At some point we hired the scriptwriters of Mrs Brown’s Boys,
this explains the constant feelings of “this is crap”
and “I’m sure we’ve done this before and it didn’t work then either”


This episode has all the attributes of one where the main character visits a hospital, only to be mistaken for a Doctor and asked to perform an examination during which his trousers fall down just as the vicar pops his head round the door.


Arsene wenger : forget lemar we got Wellington. this concludes our transfer window.


didn’t his club in Brazil say that it was a 45% share in the player that Arsenal have, not that we were buying him to sell on, merely that we get 45% of any selling fee.


so this proves accurate, AFC did not buy back Wellington, just due a % of any sell on fee

joe paomo

Why would the whole Arsenal Board or Wenger waste time on such a silly deal instead of strengthening its squads by pursuing Lemar, Mahrez, Barkley or Asiensio.

Roof attack

Jesus! Who is our transfer advisor ? David Brent ?


Who do we pay mils of consultant fees annually I wonder 😀


?? Our lads did the Kim Kallstrom medical where they basically looked Wellington up and down and asked if he likes to play football.

Big Shenny

This really tickled me


Called it…


“a small inflammation of the pubis”



My exact initial reaction…
However, I bet the ladies are loving that “inflammation”….

Lord Nicki B

I think this is a first.

Going peak Arsenal before it’s mid season.


Heh ‘pubis’


‘Inflammation of the pubis’ is going straight into the euphemism dictionary.


Thank god it’s Wellington who has that injury, not the Coq!

Al Gilmore

Inflamed pubis

What goes on in Fluminense stays in Fluminense


Anyone remember when Rodney Trotter and Mickley Peace bought those lawnmower engines?

Crash Fistfight

A mickley peace sounds uncomfortable.


Waste of time arranging deal in first place. Serves them right. This was always a possibility. Don’t get involved in other clubs transfers!

banjo string

With Wellington and Nelson in the squad surely we can conquer Europe.


This is the guy we use a buy back clause on ? No disrespect but this is a mess and we’re talking about very small amounts of money here. Why wasn’t there a buyback in gnabrys contract or willocks? Also with players like debuchy Perez and now Wellington I’m very concerned about the way we have been treating players. If it’s already difficult to attract big name players and keep them as well we really should be developing and nurturing p Ljubljana ayers of this level rather than treating them this way .

David Hillier\'s luggage

There might have been a percentage profit sell on clause for Gnabry, however he left Bremen for same price they bought him for, dodgy Bayern dealings form the start. Willock was out of contract having refused our offer, so no way we could put clause in as he wasn’t sold.


how are we treating Wellington poorly, we let him go for free and put in a sell on clause so as get something if he proved a success. It seems some just want to have a pop at the club no matter what the situation really is.

nacho man

a complete joke

Terry Henry

Pickled Dick


Latest Reports Suggest we either didn’t buy him or we bought him on the condition he passed his medical or something like that…..


Nothing really to get pissed about, i think the deal not going through means he goes back to Fluminense, but ofcourse some fans just have to make an issue of it.
I would keep him for Emirates cup and see if there is any improvement, before sending him back to Brazil.

Iwobi\'s sock suspenders



Wait, did we just fail to sell a player because of an STD?

They don’t call us the ARSEnal for nothing.

Tungor Adams

A club as well managed as ours I am sure it is just me not seeing the world class brilliant business we conduct here, especially since I still also somehow don’t get why we let our star players contracts to run down.

Diaby\'s Curse

Did we do a medical on him? How did he pass ours and fail theirs? How Arsenaly. Ouch!


I look forward to saying ‘a little bit the inflamed pubis’ in my thickest Alsatian accent to my gf


Isn’t he close to retirement?

Teryima Adi

We are discussing a human being as if we are a piece of merchandise. But that is modern football for you.
Wishing you all the best in life, Son.


Bloody hell. Poor kid probably just wants to play football. But if ever a story at the Arsenal showed players are just pieces of meat this is it. A talented boy who learnt nothing on loan in England. Arsenal no intention of playing him, probably at anytime are not doing anything loads of other clubs aren’t doing. All I can say is, is that little profit Arsenal were trying to make on him worth flying this kid round the world?


Oh please. Everytime fans want the club to buy or sell someone, they don’t treat the players like pieces of meat to move around? Get off your high horse.


No big deal


6 yrs and no appearances, that’s a farce. Our abikity to take young academy players through to first team is appalling over the last 8 yrs.

Sure we’ve done well being thrifty with sone deals but our transfer policy with in’s and out’s has beem a shambles overall…


Only under Wenger, great stuff…


Probably got damaged in transit, Royal Mail maybe….

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