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Wellington Silva remains a Fluminense player after medical failure

Despite earlier worries that Arsenal would be stuck with Wellington Silva following his failed medical at Bordeaux, Arseblog News understands that the Brazilian remains a will be re-registered as a Fluminense player.

The attacker was part of what would have been a protracted deal in which the Gunners activated a buy-back clause to then sell him on to the French side, however it appears to have been dependent on the player completing all the requirements.

Wellington has now travelled back to Brazil where he will seek treatment for the ‘inflamed pubis’/groin strain that saw him fail the test.

Quite what happens after that remains to be seen, but whatever it is, it’s not Arsenal’s problem.

The Brazilian club have since confirmed that Wellington will be their player in a statement on their website.

Edit: 16.58, details

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I am confused, intrigued, don’t really care yet very interested – All at the same time.


Welcome to the heady, fevered world of commenting on an internet blog.

Mein Bergkampf

Inflamed pubis? Maybe he just REALLY wanted to join Bordeaux…

DB\'s first touch

clearly the nurse doing his medical was a looker


Who down voted this!? I want answers!

Third Plebeian

‘Inflamed Pubis’ refers to an angry Tony Pubis.

Tasmanian Jesus

Nailed it.

Crash Fistfight

He wishes.


Well, at least when this one fell through it fell through before we got our incompetent mitts all over it. Brazil is probably a better place to have an inflamed pubis anyway.


Incompetent ? Why the negative response ?


It’s good to see how many so called supporters believe Arsenal to be incompetent. Such positivity !!!


Its probably because he’s still addicted to pizza


Has he inflamed his pubis by shagging a spicy pepperoni pizza?
Lord Bendtner was into taxis apparently so to each his own.

Lord Bendnter

Osteitis Pubis is a common problem seen in athletes, and is more common in European countries, perhaps due to the prevalence of kicking sports such as football. It can cause significant discomfort and pain and requires rest, physiotherapy, and to a certain extent, medications. Osteitis Pubis may take many months to a few years to completely resolve.
– Dr. Lord Bendnter


We’ll see if he play before September my bet he will

Gudang Pelor

You are a doctor now?!
What can’t you do Lord Bendnter.

Brendan Rodgers\' self-portrait

I thought Brazilians didn’t have pubis?

On a serious note, happy to hear he won’t be back on our books. Would have been such an Arsenal thing.


When has this happened before ?

Brendan Rodgers\' self-portrait

When has Arsenal nickel and diming come back to bite us? I’ll give you £40,000,001 if you can’t think of an example.

We are trying to desperately offload players and salaries. Getting involved in this for a million minus our costs only to see it collapse and end up costing us would have been a small disaster when we have more effective ways to use our resources.


It really irritates me that people still criticise the club for the Suarez offer. Liverpool have since admitted he had a release clause for offers over £40m, which means they were contractually required to accept any bid of £40,000,001 or more. Arsenal would have been idiots to offer more, therefore. Liverpool breached Suarez’s contract by rejecting the offer, which means Suarez could have sued them and forced the Arsenal move at that price, if he wanted to. He chose not to do that. So what should Arsenal have done – made a second higher offer, when Liverpool had shown they… Read more »

Igbo Amadi-Obi



You must be one of those dumb fucks who insists on paying double what the seller charges you for.

Crash Fistfight

You’re thinking of Hollywoodians.


Erm not the kind of transfer news I was hoping to see at this stage in the season…

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yes indeed, I’m sure it would have been much better happening on the last day of the window so that we could wait til January to get him re-registered with Fluminense. 🙂

Tungor Adams

It is all down to translation missinterpretations, bordaux sayed yes to a player “on fire”, and where a bit discouraged when they where to pay for an overheated pubis.

Terry Henry

Vigilant Swollen is an anagram of Wellington Silva

Terry Henry

As is.. Leaving will snot


He better seek treatment before it becomes an terminal Tony Pulis

nacho man

small potato’s
should b concentrating on more pressing,important matters


dick law shouldn’t activate the buy back clause at first place..what a dick head..causing unrest among arsenal fans. show him the door.


if this deal has cause you any unrest then you are very precious


I hope Dick Law does more deals like this if it means overly sensitive princesses like you can fuck off.


Could it be that he had a boner during the medical .. and Bordeaux misinterpreted that ??


Well no. Now that they say groin – it’s a different anymal. Means probably adductor inflamation which basically hurts when you run or try to kick a ball. Quite unpleasant yet common football issue, treated normally with injections and in the end surgery. Which means he probably got it after we activated the buy back clause.


Bloody hell what did we sign with him, a decade long contract?

Doesn’t sound like he’s even trying to get himself regular footy.Freeloader.



Bendtner\'s ego

We took a guy with a broken back on loan and they can’t take a guy with an inflamed groin?? FFS!

Tasmanian Jesus

Haha, wow so that happened, ok.
I hope WS writes an autobiography some day. Should be a fun read!

With chapters such as:

The addiction
The return and beyond
Inflamed pubis
The unreturn


new transfer guru narrowly escapes with job


Best transfer saga ever. This has made my summer.




“inflamed pubis”!!!
Blogs, is that you again?


I get annoyed. ‘People’ complain that we don’t put buy-back clauses in contracts of the youngsters we let go (I’m looking at you Gunnervlog) and then complain when we do activate a buy-back clause for one of our youngsters we let go…


And they will then blame the club for missing out on easy money. Cunts, the bunch of them.

Gunn Cabinet

so – we had a buy back and sell on clause with flumenese? a buy-on clause?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Somebody set fire to Tony Pubis?

I’m sure he deserved it.

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