Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Reports: Thomas Lemar and Jean-Michael Seri updates

Arsenal are after a Nice midfielder. Not Nice as in helping old ladies across the road Nice, but from Nice. The place that looks like the word Nice but is actually pronounced NEEE-CHAY.

Or NEEEESE. That’s it. Anyway, earlier this summer Arsene Wenger and Ivan Gazidis were spotted in the south of France together, and at that time speculation over Kylian Mbappe was rife, and everyone thought that’s what it was.

However, some reports said that they were actually in discussions with Nice over the transfer of midfielder Jean-Michael Seri.

Sport Witness has some details of a L’Equipe story which links us with the Ivory Coast international again, suggesting a €40m move could be on the cards.

Meanwhile, the Telegraph say that Arsenal are ready to up their bid for Thomas Lemar to £45m as they look to bring the Monaco midfielder to North London.

By all accounts he remains the main target this summer, although suggestions that his arrival might precipitate the departure of Alexis Sanchez are a bit worrying.

So far the Gunners have had two bids for the 21 year old rejected, so let’s hope it’s a case of third time lucky.

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Lord Bendnter

Sometimes I don’t know what to think about these transfer rumors because we aren’t even able to offload players yet

Mein Bergkampf

Starting to feel like if anything was to happen, it would’ve already as regards Lemar. Been well over a month since the stories began and the longer it draws out, the less likely it is to happen. But this Seri thing seems like it’s got a definite Wenger vibe to it. Quiet player from French league who hasn’t set the world alight but looks very capable ala Kos, Giroud and Wiltord. Lemar possibly a bit too high profile for our lacklustre negotiation skills.


I think “hasn’t set the world alight” is a bit harsh. He and Lacazette were the only players to make the Ligue 1 team of the season not from PSG or Monaco. Lemar wasn’t in that team.

Mein Bergkampf

Yeah, valid point. I just meant with the spotlight on these Monaco players, Lemar’s transfer is somewhat more high profile than Seri’s. We tend to be better suited to negotiating with smaller clubs as we can use our size and reputation to force the transfer through.

Igbo Amadi-Obi

There is a greater chance of landing Seri than Lemar, knowing Arsene. He goes for targets where he is likely to experience the least resistance.

Mein Bergkampf

I use the exact same tactic with potential girlfriends.

My Wig smells cheesy

I’m amazed wen are in your life the amount of time you spend on this website Mein Bergkampf

Mein Bergkampf

Badly worded but good point. I’m off to get a hobby.


Does that also mean you mainly pull young ones or ones carrying injuries? Mainly French or African?


I’d worry a bit about Seri in a two man midfield. He’s really lightweight physically and his tackling stats are way low, much worse than Santi’s for example.

Looks great on the ball though.


Yep those are my worries too. Looks a good player, mind.

Terry Neill - never again

Worth reading this post from Mein Bergkampf in the voice of Eeyore.

Mein Bergkampf

Ha ha! Touché Terry!


Someone please explain, I don’t get the reference and I don’t know why! I’m usually quite the reference-getter…


Doesnt Seri has a problem with cold weather? So that should rule out England


the players we’re offloading are the kind that are shuffled off towards the end of the window when everything’s in peak wheel + deal mode. I wouldn’t stress about it

Lord Bendnter

Still though, you’d expect at least one of them to have been offloaded by now. Surely Gibbs must have plenty of suitors?


The thing with Gibbs, in my opinion, is that he can have a pretty wide-ranging valuation. Arsenal could look at him as an experienced England international, while other clubs might point out the fact that he hasn’t played all that much in the last few seasons.
Also his age; is he in his prime and ready to show it, or has he already been declining and now that decline is going to speed-up?
I just think there’s arguments to make for Gibbs being worth anything from 10-25 million pounds.


Honestly most of the bigger-name transfers happen close to the end of the window as well. In general that’s where everything really happens, when clubs holding out for more money realize they aren’t getting it. Also, a ton of clubs have transfers lined up and just need to sell or buy to make room.


That’s just the truth. They need to offload first time is running out.

Dan Hunter

You could say it’s turned into a drama Seri-al


I think we are struggling to offload these guys because they’re on so much money at Arsenal. Like who in the right mind is going to pay Gibbs like £50K a week? Or Walcott £140K? Nobody, that’s who. Also if you’re either one of the aforementioned players why would you leave nice comfortable Arsenal where you get paid a truck load of cash for literally doing nothing? Just turn up to training do a bit of ball work an go home. Why leave London to go up to West Brom to get screamed at by Tony Pulis for being pushed… Read more »


This is a conundrum for us. Because if we don’t pay the higher wages, we re accused of not trying to keep up with the ‘ambitions’ of other clubs like CITY or CHELSKI bus company and Kroenke is accused of holding money. If we pay too much, we have issues off loading. The situation is a bit better these days as other clubs down the league in the PL have more money to spend with better TV distribution/wealth. So the issue is also as much to do with quality of these peripheral players and injury issues. If you put yourself… Read more »


This is a false dichotomy. The problem for Arsenal has been that we’ve paid all our players around the same amount. Which means we’ve paid our stars too little and our deadwood too much. I think it’s gotten better over the last few years with the arrivals of Ozil and Alexis, but I remember this being a big talking point during RVP’s departure (and I think Theo’s sign da ting hoopla as well?) – that Arsenal didn’t want to pay him more than everyone else as it would cause a rift in the locker room and upset the players who… Read more »

Yassin Askar

That’s pretty Nice

Mein Bergkampf

Are you Seri-ous?

Third Plebeian

Hey Seri, show Bergkampf directions to the closest door.

My Wig smells cheesy

Dick laws son


Who said ‘no news is good news?’

Roll on the new season.


I prefer actual news

Xhaka Demus, no pliers

Would love to see a CM arrive, particularly one with Seri’s skill set and burgeoning reputation. Goretzka is another who looks like he’d be a great addition. Lemar would be the icing on the cake especially if the club stick to their resolve and hold on to key players and move on those deemed surplus to requirements. A summer like that would give us good reason to be optimistic so hopefully we can get 1 or (ideally) 2 more in.


Goretzka is going to Bayern.


Yeah, it’s been suggested that thelack of news and interest around Goretzka is because the deal is done when his contract runs out.


Ahhhh, the “Bayern Way.”

A different George

No, it would only be the Bayern Way if they got him from Dortmund.

Xhaka Demus, no pliers

Yeah I figured as much. Watching Renato Sanches dominate Kante and Fabregas yesterday I hoped we’d be in for him but he’s not a very Wenger CM signing. Whoever helps him become consistent will be getting a hell of a player though


I can’t think of anyone better than AW for Sanchez, don’t think will happen. Seri I didn’t see coming,don’t know alot about him, with the Goretzka links and all. And if theres any justice in the world, they’d get Lemar deal done!


I wish I can give another thumbs up for the username


As much as I would love if arsenal Bought lemar which is a lot considering lemar is a brilliant player. I think serri should be out priority. Because for now we could do with the options in attack we have in Sanchez ozil and the wonderful iwobi. But we cannot say the same thing about centre midfield . our first option is Ramsey and xhaka which is promising but defensively suspect seeing as both of them are not as good at defending as they are attacking. And their backup coquelin is far from arsenal standard and wenger hasn’t yet trusted… Read more »


The problem with Ramsey and Granit is both aren’t particularly good tacklers. So in a 4-2-3-1, we are left exposed with their timing or lack thereof. BUT we need to also be able to have 4-2-3-1 as option to 3-4-3 next season. Coquelin is a decent tackler but he works best with Santi Cazorla who can cover positionally should Coquelin commit. So we need someone who can hold but I also feel someone who can retain the ball for us AND if need be carry it up field through traffic. We had that in limited occasions with Jack and (more… Read more »

Original Paul

The main problems with Ramsey and Xhaka are one is injured a lot and the other is suspended a lot!


ACN has been moved to June from 2018.

Papa D

Next ACN has been shifted to June, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

The Director

40 million euros for a midfielder I honestly never heard of before this window? The market really is absurd. Can’t Mbappé will move for 180M. In that case, I do not see us signing Lemar for 50M.


Zidane was a midfielder and broke the world transfer record back in 2001 for approximately €77 million so it’s not like midfielders are any different to another position when it comes to fees.
Not that Michael Seri is anywhere near Zidanes level.

A different George

Zidane was certainly a promising youngster in 2001 and a bit under the radar. Apart from the European Championship and, you know, the World Cup.

Mr November

Just because you’ve never heard of him it doesn’t meant that he can’t be worth 40m. I’d say the fact you haven’t heard of him says more about you.

Crash Fistfight

Yes, that he’s not a football hipster.

A different George

If you don’t know what’s going on in Bundesliga B and the Danish League, you are nowhere.


Ah – you mean the Danish Superliga, I believe. Now you’re talking.


I know is only youtube but please watch the player, also he was named in the team of the year in League 1 if I’m not wrong. This players is clone replacement for cazorla


I hope we sign him. Looks like a good fit for our midfield…


He seems to dependent on his right foot a little too much for my taste and doesnt exactly have Santi’s ambidexterity. He’s a small player which probably forced him to be more creative with his passing. I can see what doubts Wenger might have of him making it in the premier league.


Is he on commission for every time he does a flick/drag pass? Haha
I think because of his size he looks like a more skilful Kante. Similar to Cazorla but without being ambidextrous.
Looks decent and versatile. Never heard of him and never knew I wanted him until now! Sign him up Arsene with Lamar and I’ll be over the moon.


Meaning;- the state of being equally adapted in the use of both the left and the right foot. Also see; Santi Cazorla


More like a right-footed Wilshere without the injury issues or the bite in the tackle. He’s more dynamic than Santi, more forward running, but without the two-footedness.

A different George

I haven’t watched the videos, but it’s no criticism to say he’s not as two-footed as Santi. I cannot think of any football player, in any position, ever, who was as two-footed as Santi.


Lemar is terribly left footed. No right foot.

Mahrez plays in from right but is left footed.

Santi is just brilliant. Every young player should be emulating him.


I’m wondering why we’re not in for Renato Sanchis on loan from Bayern, he’s be a good option to have in the middle of the park and would be desperate to play more this season. I’d be looking at him in addition to Lemar regardless of what happens with Alexis

Little Mozart

Arsène probably doesn’t want to take a player on loan, develop him and then watch jobs troll back to his parent club. That’s usually what happens when a player has a good season on loan, unless they pull a Wojciech.


Haha yeah. You nean unless the club loaning the promising player is Arsenal…


Pull a Arsechesney? Or may be a Wojarse? Given the fact that it was we who sold him and not him that wanted to move.



I thought he was way overrated during the Euros.

Some of these media twits were wanking off to him every minute.

When he was bought, they gushed about what an excellent buy he was ala John Stones.

Not surprised to see him surplus.

Remember Melo and Mvilla?

Spanish Gooner

At what point are premier league clubs going to start saying enough is enough? I like Serri, he had an excellent season, but £40m is a scandellous price to pay for him


Some would say the billions in TV deals premier league clubs get is incredibly insane.

It’s a bit like making your bed you know.

I bet Nice would take £20 m from Lyon


First off, it’s 40m euros, not pounds. Second, Kyle Walker.


Pound is worth less than before against the euro ATM, something else clubs have to deal with?


Doesnt make much of a difference with the current exchange rate


We haven’t had a poop rating on the Seri link yet this entire transfer window. Oblige us, blogs!

Bacary Lasagna

Whilst these links probably do have some truth to them, I can’t see us signing either of them until we’ve moved at least a couple of players on. Perhaps Arsene will go back to his classic ways and leave signing these lads until the last week in August. This is no bad thing though, I think we should be very happy with our business up until this point, although only as long as we do get a no.8 and hold onto Alexis.

J Dizzle

That name is quality :’D


This may be the year when we finally have a squad good enough to challenge for the PL. Signing these two for the mentioned price tags would be a coup.


Exactly. Buying Lemar at 50m this year is the wiser choice given that he could command in the excess of 80m next summer given his potential right now and he could only get better with more playing time and experience. Hence we should buy Lemar this summer, and if Alexis leaves next year, we will have a ready made replacement with 1 year PL experience already. Throw the cash Arsene!


God knows I wouldn’t mind if we got Lemar and Seri, even if Sanchez moved. Just that I am skeptical about Lemar on the Left of the attack as he is left footed.



Both players are short. One is OK. BUT both of them at under 5’7.


Not necessarily. Monaco is reaping benefits now for a reason. Remember Leicester? Mahrez? He hasn’t gone up in price. If anything the risk is some of the players Monaco have off loaded may come off the boil next season. So sell them whilst they are hot. Lemar may get better or he may not. Remember Stones? Renato Sanches? Its plenty of hype. Buy midway through market and likely you have to pay the premium for the hype value. Realistic prices come end of window when some competitors will ahve committed to other players and the selling club either remains recalcitrant… Read more »


The title?! Don’t kid yourself, we’re desperate to get back in the top 4, that would be some achievement.


Liverpool will make way.

Crash Fistfight

There’s no place for that kind of logical thinking round here. More of a ‘blind faith based on a complete lack of empirical evidence that any change will happen with the current coaching set up’ kind of a place.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Last pre-season, pundits said we had a squad that could challenge.


And boy, were they wrong!


Slowing down a bit this transfer window for us. Even though I only think we need one more signing and that’s a central midfielder to compliment Xhaka if and challenge Rambo.

Keep hold of Sanchez which is looking more likely and our squad looks good.

City and Chelsea going crazy with spending but it’s not going to guarantee them the title if these big signings flop.


We only hold Alexis if City are the only option.

Otherwise, he will more than likely be sold.


Seri or Kovacic would’ve been great. Wonder why we aren’t in for Jorginho…I know he’s a DM, but still feel he can play alongside Xhaka. Lemar is coming. Great talent that can only get better. People want Mahrez, but I wouldn’t get him for Lemar.


Good call but I think defensively he’s lacking. Diawara is also prefered at Napoli.


Because Napoli are very hard to negotiate with.


Yeah maybe. Feel we can pair him up with Coq or Ramsey. He’s such a great passer. Thought we were going to get either him or Paredes. Shame though.


I feel Wenger is keen to back up Granit.

BOTH Lemar and Seri are very good at passing.

I think he fears if we get a knock to Granit, who provides quick release for the forwards from deep?


Their in lies the problem with arsenal and their current set up. A complete lack of any kind of link up play from the back. Still need a CM who can break down defenses with the pass or more directly by putting opponents on their heels by dribbling at them. Arsenal do not have this player at the ready. It was santi but unfortunately not anymore. Ramsey, xhaka, and the rest of a watered down cm group can’t consistently be relied upon.


A few really good players in Nice.. good wing backs/wingers.. the LB is really good..Cyprien is the most talented(I guess currently injured) and could be a fantastic signing. Seri is very good but probably not happening unless some other midfielder goes.. there’s also a very young CB.


Actually, i would be happy if we get their scouting department.. Nice are fun to watch and outplayed monaco and PSG this season


Cyprien is great. Shame he got injured. I hope he can get back to his initial level when he recovers


Judging from you tube this guy Seri is very similar to veratti, and I think wenger has identified him as cazorla replacment, great ball control, very technical and watching him how he release him self from tight spaces and players closing on him in the middle of the park reminds me of cazorla, and what a great passing skills very accurate player same position that santi play very similar to santi, the only kind of player we lack in the middle of the park since santi injury. if you have time watch the video: I think he would be… Read more »


Oh Jesus,, this Seri boy really impresses me. A one-footed Cazorla, i’d be real glad if we got him with El-neny and Wilshere on he move


I don’t think he is anywhere as good at Santi with tight control.

We are lacking that player who can command the ball in tight space.

Thierry Walcott

I feel like this is a nice little case of de ja vu…


Couldn’t it just as well precipitate the Ox and Walcott going? I know I’m knocking my wood here but I like the idea of Lemar and Alexis being able to switch up the wings and take turns on assisting Özil in assisting eachother in assisting Özil in assisting Lacazette.


“Niece” that’s the closest I can think of.


Lemar looks like a good signing, but any benefit would most likely be nullified by a Sanchez departure. We would certainly need other recruits if he leaves, otherwise we will be just treading water again.


My issue with Lemar is he doesn’t have that ‘unpredictability’ factor nor is he as good as Mahrez technically.

We seem to be missing that extra quality of skill on the ball EVEN WITH Alexis.

Lemar is a very efficient player and a good passer with good positioning.

BUT as far as a catalyst who can pull out the opposite defense, Mahrez to me is better.

jide bashorun

We were made to realise that wenger need to offload two foreign players to make way for other two ins having reached 17 max. Of FA policy, no outs yet in that regard ,yet we are talking lemar and seri , lets get it clear, has that changed or we can have more ins wiithout outs?


You can have as many as you want I believe – you just can’t register everyone for the PL. So as completely harsh as it sounds, I would prefer us to go out and get the players we want and take 2 players AW doesn’t want and dead worst case simply don’t register them.

A different George

I think the FA rule involves “home-grown” players, not English v foreign players. So Bellerin, I think Iwobi, Emi Martinez count as home-grown. For non-home-grown, any EU citizen has the same status as an English player (for now).


Lads were actually making moves in the transfer market… there’s that optimism creeping back in…

Alex james boat trip

Time to get seri about the center mid postion and offload some players with fringes! In my dream world we need top top centerback and cm plus lemar and dream plus mabppe even if madrid land him onto ronalbots plastic botox forehead we could try a loan move maybe for gametime and not kill him going to madrid at 18 very unlikey i know also i miss santi plenty


Seri, Lemar and Lacazette. This is like my dream summer business. But if it sounds too goo to be true, it probably is.. (but maybe not ?)


Don’t forget Kolesinac. Getting these four and keeping Sanches would make this one of Wenger’s best summers.


I don’t think getting Seri and Lemar makes us stronger.

Firstly both players are short. One is OK but two is a bit of exposure to Stoke tactics of the stone age.

Kolasinac certainly looks an upgrade.

Lemar to me does not replace Alexis even with Lacazette.

Lemar will cover for Granit should he get knocked because of his passing (or Seri) but he won’t replace the ‘unpredictability’ factor of Alexis the way Mahrez would IMO.

Now if PSG took Alexis and exchanged Draxler, that would be an upgrade.


Why arsenal transfer saga alaways taking a long period of time.teams who finsh above arsenal spend alot, and they fill fill their void with great talent. But arsen always talk about the importance of santi cazora,who cant play atlest half season. And no try to replace him.

Anthony Moran

Bear with me here and completely OT… So if Sanchez wants to go and PSG miss out on Mbappe i’d expect PSG to up their efforts to get him… So what do people think of this… Mbappe to Real, Sanchez to PSG for 60-70m (not what i want btw) and Arsenal add 40m and buy Bale… Sorry if i sounds mental but i’ve been painting all morning and think i’m a little high…


If we sell to PSG, we should make a play for Draxler from them.

BOTH Alexis and Draxler play in the same position.

If they aren’t convinced by the younger bloke (or because these sort of clubs generally have less patience), its the sort of player Wenger would happily convert into a future striker to lead the line for us (assuming of course also if Draxler can even countenence no CL for one season)

nacho man

get it done
great business


Seri would be a great addition, most likely straight into first 11. I’d love us to get Thomas Lemar but I honestly think CM is the biggest area needed for improvement, our last two seasons died when Santi got injured, 100% the reason.

We’ve got the money for both players so let’s use it, getting Seri and Lemar whilst keeping Alexis and Ozil makes us challengers for the league. Without an upgrade or proper competition for starting 11 in CM we don’t get a proper title challenge!


Ok, but here’s my only worry: is a midfield two of Seri and Xhaka strong enough defensively?

Scott P

Ramsey isn’t exactly a defensive player, so while I don’t know much about Seri, it shouldn’t be that huge of an issue? Especially if he possesses Cazorla’s ability to get out of tight spots.


It should be fine if we’ve got a back three behind. Then again, this setup leaves no place for Ramsey – and it’s not likely Arsene will make him warm the bench. All three midfielders would fit with a back four – which brings back the original question.
IMO, if Mustafi steps up his game and polishes partnership with Kos, Arsene wouild gladly revert to a back four. While this wouldn’t be an ideal defensive solution, the midfield three would be well suited to offset our struggles at the back with speedy counter attacks.


I think one player we have yet to explore at deep midfield is Iwobi.

He has the strength and technical skill IMO to hold for us. He also has a good eye for a through pass.

Experience is the only issue but if we have Granit-Ramsey and Coquelin and we can cycle him through and slowly bed him in.

It hasn’t been tried.


Is Seri a better player than a healthy Wilshere?
I doubt it…


Where do you find this magical unicorn called healthy Wilshere?


All of us have met that unicorn already, just the subconscious part of our mind defies remembering because of the pain we had to go through since then…


While wilshere has really good technical ability, he tends to hold on to the ball a bit too much and unnecessarily tries to go past people.. also his positional sense needs improvement..
Talent is undeniable..but he’s stagnating
It’s just a question of mentality.. needs to play more for the team and a bit less for himself..

King Shango

To be fair, we haven’t seen the real Wilshere in a while. His skill set and playing style does not suit the English game even though he’s English. A fit & inform Wilshere is a sure starter for Arsenal.


Jesus, Wilshere… You mean the guy that was dropped and couldn’t get into the frigging Bournemouth team?

King Shango

How many games did he start for Bournemouth? Seeing some of your comments makes it interesting to see some of u guys on a pitch with the ball at your feet. Wilshere did well last year for a player who has been out consistently.


I’m pretty sh*t, I guess that’s why no one’s crying out for me to start for Arsenal
Wilshere’s career is retty much done. He might have been a player with potential at some point, but that’s a long time gone. He can’t stay fit and his downtime has taken the possibility to develop his game off him. His stint at Bournemouth wasn’t even very good, it was mediocre at best. An there was a stretch where he wasn’t even a starter, so it’s time to write him off, he’s not going to be a good enough for Arsenal, ever.


It’s just so hard to imagine Lemar leaving, or being allowed to leave. If Mbappé goes too then it’s, what, six of their starting 11 that will have moved on? Yikes


If we go on and land Lemar a switch to the back four wont be a problem
Alexis Ozil Lemar
Xhaka Ramsey/wilsh
Kolasinac/nacho Kos Per Hector
Wouldnt mind that at all. Our front four will be marvellous. When Santi comes back in ??


Monaco fans must be pretty pissed at this stage. A winning squad wiped out. Imagine that happening with us there would be war.


Says a lot about how they feel about risk to holding these players too.

Some of these players may not maintain performance level second season and value will drop. Best to sell now.

See Leicester City. Mahrez could have gone for way more season before, now they are trying to force the issue with 50m which is considered way over value.

Cautionary tale in viewing capability levels of these Monaco players.


I really feel Wenger has gone way too far out on his very thin limb thinking he’s going to sign Kendrick Lamar


When City, Chelsea , United etc bids for a player it is concluded swiftly but Arsenal takes forever. Is it our negotiating skills or ? Are we being too miserly? Or


not necessarily- man utd chased Bale for years, morata for months, Sergio ramos for a whole summer.
Chelsea did the lukaku thing till they were pipped by united. I think a lot of our ‘targets’ are just rumors and in the end it seems we aren’t closers when we were never interested


I watched seri’s YouTube compilation and then I watched Santo’s! Boy do we miss Santi!…he’s not as good as Santi but close!


Between the two i choose Seri, reminds me of claude makelele although Seri is quite good in attack too. Now that we have got lacazete, getting Seri would be a good choice for us.


I understand that these are all rumours, and nothing more. But both Lemar and Seri are really small players. (Seri being 5 foot 5 according to Google). Would be nice to see club in for a more physical midfield presence.


I mean Kante isn’t big. Neither was Makalele.

BUT I think if we sign two smallish players, it may be a problem like you said.

I wonder if Seri is one of many potential back ups for if Lemar doesn’t happen.

They don’t quite play similar positions but both are efficient with passing.


I hope this transfer isn’t a case of our dragging our feet too long and coming in with too low of bids while other Monaco players are sold for higher amounts leaving them unwilling to sell anymore players.


Did you know that ‘sericulture’ is the cultivation of silk worms? Just thought it might help.


Too many links, too many players.A club as big as. Arsenal should be able to conduct business on time. Too many dilly-dally shows weakness and it reflect s poorly on us.

Oh and someone please tell Wenger to let Lucas Perez go in peace. He s suffered enough.

Dino Plopp

Please get both and keep Sanchez, then it will be a convincing summer of transfers


I’ve never seen Seri play. For those who know about Ligue 1, what kind of player is he? Is he a Cazorla type?


Decent looking player.

Has good passing ability to replicate some of Granit’s which is in many ways similar to Lemar in this respect.

Seems a bit of a terrier defensively too our very own Ivorian Kante or Makelele?

But I worry a bit about the height aspect if its BOTH Lemar and this fellow. Neither are particularly tall.

I presume its an either or and he is one potential fall back with the Lemar deal seemingly in question still (IF of course rumours are true which they are often not the case)


With regard Lemar, it comes down to if Monaco are going for the spectacular sale of Mbappe or if that is just media hot air. Can’t see them letting go of Lemar if Mbappe is sold As is they’ve already sold 3 key players or more. I think at 45m we have a better luck with Mahrez. Lemar is a tidy player, young with potential but he isn’t as skillful or ‘unpredictable’ as Mahrez and that seems to be a quality we will need if Alexis leaves (which is still likely) Leicester seem to be obsitnate with their price at… Read more »


Just saying, Kerem Demirbay is also a good player we should be looking at from TSG HOff.

Original Paul

Arsene, if you don’t get Lemar I am going to give you such a look!!! (if I bump into you any time soon). 🙂


I think you have to see a Seri purchase in the context of the Ox. I don’t think we manager to convince him to sign on again if we bring in another midfield player. Especially a rough-and-tumble-willing ballcarrier with more than capable passing, which Ox surely sees as his role. I’m happy, really, either way–if Ox steps up or if we buy a new player. Unfortunately, it’s down to the manager to value that skillset in the middle of the park, though, and absent extended injury to Ramsey or Xhaka I’m not sure he’d find a place for either in… Read more »


I’m all for someone to replace Ramsey. He’s a certain starter for Wenger, why?

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