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“It’s true” – Lehmann confirms Arsenal coaching role

Jens Lehmann has confirmed to German publication Welt that he will take up a first team coaching role at Arsenal.

It was reported on Monday that the 47-year-old had been contacted by the Gunners and when asked about the rumour today, revealed: “Yes, it’s true.”

The ‘Invincible’ is set to take up a position alongside Boro Primorac and Steve Bould meaning we’ll be treated to the spectacle of Jens on the Arsenal bench for the 2017/18 season.

Lehmann left the Emirates for Stuttgart in 2008 after five successful years in London. He returned to Arsenal in 2011 to undertake his coaching badges with the Welsh FA and during that stint memorably came out of retirement to provide emergency cover when Wojciech Szczesny, Lukasz Fabianski and Vito Mannone suffered simultaneous injuries.

He subsequently became the oldest player to play for Arsenal in the Premier League when he made his 200th appearance in a 3-1 win away at Blackpool.

Lehmann is the latest recruit to the club’s backroom staff following the acquisition of fitness guru Darren Burgess and under-23 goalkeeping coach Andy Woodward.

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What a magic!


Welcome back Legend, #COYG


He’s a keeper.

Mein Bergkampf

I was hoping he would have been enlisted to speed up contract negotiations. “Sign ze document…” *Slides over pen* “…or ve kill ze dogs”


Time for Cech to learn a thing when we concede a penalty. Jens knows!

Chippys chip

And how to give them away too?


Madness incoming


Given by the Arsenal of recent past, it never left.

Chippys chip

Love mad Jens but prefer the predictable calm assured safe hands seaman orshovel hands pat jennings. Jens did teach szczezny a thing or two and look how that worked out. Nervy times ahead.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Great stuff. Might finally wake up a few of our nice boy underachievers!




Why am imagining him saying “It’s true” to someone on the street before placing a black fedora on his head, climbing on to his unicycle and riding away cackling into the sunset?

Chippys chip

But says sorry for cl final 06 first.

Chris P

Never a sending off

Chippys chip

Agree but to give a barca fan ref any chance…? It was a pen. We lost. Spent a tidy sum on ticket. Still heartbroken and it doesnt look like being mended any time soon.


I know we all drool at the prospect of new players, but this addition to the coaching staff may have more of a positive impact than any new player could. Lehmann will be a great coach to combat the complacency that our team falls into time to time. Intensity and player accountability seeping from the bench.

Imagine if he were here last season. I keep imagining Jens crashing Theo’s post-match interview at Palace to carry the player off in a choke hold.


I remember the same things being said about bould.
Welcome his appointment but just hope he is given enough freedom to express his views. Bould was a monster on the pitch and someone you would not believe would execpt mediocrity or lack of effort from his players.

Chippys chip

Or to not be allowed any input?


Yaaaaaaaas!!! Hopefully he can persuade whoever it is that needs persuading to keep Szcz at Arsenal. Then they can be mad b*st*ards together.


Sorry. Messed up my asterisks. Just too excited to have mad mental Jens back.


Totally agree. I am totally baffled at the silence about Szczesny.

Lehmann\'s pist chip rage

“It’s true”

*grabs camera and kicks it 50m away”

“and don’t you ever question me again.”


10-1 first person to get sent off this season

Lord Bendnter

This is an amazing signing!


Glad he joined. Great character and leader. I hope we’ll see no more “we were not up for it” bullshit from the players. I cannot see how Jens would actually let them play like ghosts


What a magic


I hope Jens is allowed to be Jens. I’d be gutted if he was just another placid spectator on the bench. Madness and passion please.


Can never have too many Germans in the team. Welcome back Jens

Chippys chip

Seems im alone with my concerns over this. Oh well. Whatever happens will happen.


Glad to have our Mad German back

Original Paul

Brilliant news.

Ricky D

Hopefully this convinces Szcz to come home, reckon they’d have a good relationship and we’d get to see the alignment of two top jokers as well as have one of our greatest former keepers coaching who I hope will be our future number 1 for many years. As has been said, if he’s good enough to replace Buffon he’s gotta be good enough to replace Cech


Him and BFG are going to get on like a house on fire


Is he in training to replace the boss in a few years…smooth transition? Wenger knows.


This news has mad me happier than any transfer news this summer.

See what I did there ?.




Mad instead of made in reference to him being crazy ?


Welcome back his one of the legendary and Great signing,….I think he might be the next arsenal coach after wenger contract expires.

Steve Webster

The MFG!


We’ve got two big fucking Germans now!


Could it be possible that Lehmann is being groomed as Wenger’s successor? I hope he becomes a great coach as he would make a perfect Arsenal coach. Mad mentality. Any time I remember the comments made by Henry on this guy, I just start laughing. Honestly, we need such a bully


Not sure about that, but it does look as if long-term planning and succession planning have come into play.
I’d also love to see Keown + Bergkamp back, but that’s probably a bit greedy.


He is being brought on to keep SZCZ in Cech !! #seewhatIdidthere 😛


Walcott about to be showered with the bile and spittle of Jens screaming in his f-ing face every day….excellent.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Poor Theo. Not that I don’t agree with you but he’s always first for people to slag off where there are loads more in that squad who need that screaming at just as badly…..

Chippys chip

More like whats the point. Ciao addios im done baby.


The funny thing is he has shown way more desire than most of the other players. Remember the tracking backs and the sliding tackles. Go check his all round stats

Chippys chip

He gets that most home games west lower.

Put the football in the goal

What a magic!


I nearly punched a goat when I saw his pic at training on twitter. So happy to see him.


Those damn goats…


Oh the defenders will definitely feel the wrath of mad Jens when they make a stupid mistake, which they obviously will and wish they’ll never do it again.


I am happy that Jens is back but had a couple of other thoughts as well. 1. Why is the entire senior coaching staff white? This club has had so many excellent black players and yet none have been brought back? Race is a touchy subject but Arsenal and Arsene have been known as a supporter of African players. Seems weird that Viera, Lauren, G Silva, etc. none have come back. Out of all the Invincibles, Lehmann was not my first choice for the coaching setup. 2. Why would you bring him back as an overall coach instead of as… Read more »

Tasmanian Jesus

Seems weird to me that you would even notice.
I would bring him back as a coach because thats what he is.
I hope he will teach whats most needed at Arsenal, attitude and ruthlessness.
Most of our players are in much more need of that than any technical skills.
But yes, I would definately have Bergkamp and Pires back.


Why would it be weird to notice the lack of diversity in Arsenal’s senior squad training staff?
If anything it’s weird it hasn’t been picked up before now…
Although, I think this is the case at most football clubs, and is more systemic than anything else. Case in point Heather Rabbatts (?) resigning from her chair position of the “diversity” board , or whatever it was called.


Does anyone know where Boro sits at matches? I don’t think I’ve ever seen him on the bench. The only time I’ve seen him at a game was during last seasons touchline ban sitting next to AW.

Also Boro never seems to make the photos on the webpage.


Boro is terminally shy. He doesn’t speak to the press or attract any attention. He is apparently loyal to Arsene because he was embroiled in some kind of controversy while in the French Ligue and Arsene took him under his wing. Great on the practice pitch and nowhere to be seen when the lights are on.


I guess we’ll se some more of his tricks on the sidelines.


I love mad Jens!

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