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Mohamed Elneny linked with Galatasaray move

The summer transfer period is often known as ‘silly season’ because of just how many spurious, often fictional, stories do the rounds.

In our six years of doing Arseblog News, it’s been our experience that some of the silliest stuff comes from the Turkish press. As such, we usually take their stories with a larger pinch of salt than we do others.

Bearing that in mind, we’re not quite sure what to make of stories linking Mohamed Elneny with a move to Galatasary. Reports from Turkey say their sporting director, Cenk Ergun, arrived in London on Sunday to begin negotiations with Arsenal and, presumably, the player should Arsenal be willing to sell.

That’s pretty specific, but Elneny, despite being marginalised last season, has played a key part in pre-season thus far – albeit out of position at centre-half – and it’s not an area in which we’re blessed with a lot of depth.

Santi Cazorla remains sidelined indefinitely with an Achilles problem, Jack Wilshere is apparently being allowed to leave (also linked today with Turkish side Antalyaspor), so if Elneny goes we’d have just Aaron Ramsey, Granit Xhakq and Francis Coquelin as senior central midfield players.

As such, we’re going for a runny seven on this one for now, but we’ll keep an eye on how thing might progress during the week.

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We already need at least one midfielder to bolster the numbers with Santi out and Jack (probably) leaving so this would mean we need two important signings in a key area.


Unless this makes way for Ox? I’d like Lemar and Keita Santa! I’d take Lemar and Goretzka. Of course I’ll actually take what I’m given…


I’m curious if Arsene playing Elneny at CB was forced or experimental. His composure, dribbling and safe passing from the back was impressive against Bayern.


Not sure about his composure or dribbling, but yeah, he does provide safe passing options in midfield. However, he accumulated grand total of 694 minutes in league last season, while Coquelin played 3 times more, meaning Elneny’s contributions were really limited and I think he can be seen as an an with improvement opportunity, hence the links.

Also, playing him all the time during the pre-season could be kind of advertising for potential suitors, but then, others as Perez, Jenks and Gibbo weren’t given this chance, so I am not sure.


Oxlade-Chamberlain is not going to be a success in central midfield. People need to give that a rest.

Mad Al Goatsbutter

Agreed, we need squad players – not too many! Elneny and Le Coq are 2 good midfield versions. But we also need to buy some CLASS in that area…..matching our needs best would be Leon Goretzka and Marco Verratti. Marco would cost a fortune…and might turn his nose up at Europa League football. So, Arsene,
how about moving quickly to pick up Goretzka..?


I really like Elneny, he is a really good continuity player, maybe not a certified starter, but I definitely see how he is an important player to have around. I think its interesting that Arsene deployed him as a centre back during the preseason tour as well. Is he potentially looking to use him there in some of our Europa League games to take the weight off our centre backs because realistically the team that travels on Thursday shouldn’t play on the Sunday in the league. So with that in mind we need bodies in midfield currently and I therefor… Read more »


*need bodies in defense + in midfield currently


Nah. Great option from the bench but he does leave me wanting when he starts. Great safe-passer of the ball but not creative and/or penetrative with his passes at all. Great runner too. Keep him, that’s a no-brainer for me. I’d also keep our Jack (for his potentially last season at the club) as I believe he’s still the only one in the team while Cazorla’s out who can successfully bring the ball out of defence, beat the first man and then unlock an opposition’s defence or start a dangerous attack. He can either earn a new contract IF he… Read more »


Possibly Ox could do the job you’ve just described. But I’d keep Jack too.

I’m sure its possible to upgrade on Mo, but jesus dont sell him until we’ve signed someone.


You can’t have a guy who’s barely played for the club (since his last contract extension) on a 100k, and players like Monreal (who consistently deliver) on 70k. At his best, jack was a joy to watch. But he’s no Cazorla. Half his injuries came because he kept the ball for too long and got tackled by some asshole.


No go- Jack gets an injury in the last year and everyone is fucked. I doubt he’d take that risk at this point.

I’d love to be proven wrong…


I am inclination to support this move with possible good replacement


I am inclination too

Fireman Sam

We are the Arsenal.
We are the inclination.


Yeah. Let’s buy xavi and play him 3 games a season and he’ll be happy.

People forget the importance of squad players. Lucas was blowing his top and everyone understood but Elneny needs to be sold? Good luck getting a better sit in the stands/bench quality improvement


Brilliant summer so far.
Stoke, Everton and Southampton know they have got a fight on for sixth place now !


So improving the team makes us worse ? There is none so toxic as a negative so called Arsenal supporter.

Bob\'s Mexican Cousin

Don’t feed the troll

love and hate

Chill out mate..its only football and you have zero chance of changing what is going on at arsenal. Unless you got a gun and went to…no no that would be silly now haha

Lord Bendnter

Sign dat ting or it’s the end of Atom!


Leon the revolver!


I don’t know. I like the guy’s attitude, his personality and his energy but I’m not really convinced.

To me it isn’t always as obvious what the midfielders do but it’s obvious when you get it wrong because the team gets destroyed by better opposition and is ineffective against weaker opposition.

We mostly seem to get it wrong when Santi is missing. Ramsey and Xhaka seems a promising combination but only with 3 at the back.


I have to say I could be wrong of course …

Hopefully Wenger knows what he is doing, one way or the other …….


I agree with your thoughts on Xhaka and Ramsey. They finally looked good that tail end of the season with the 3 at the back.


Tidy defensive midfielder, assuming he sticks around the midway point. Moves the ball well enough, disciplined in the tackle and puts the effort it – but he brings back memories of Denilson whenever I see him shoot. It’d be nice to get a central midfielder who can score goals, wouldn’t it? I’m not saying that’s Elneny’s job per se, but he does love to have a crack from 30 yards, and the way he scratches his head after it trickles/sails wide is endearing but I grow weary of seeing it untempered by the odd peel-away in celebration. If you’re going… Read more »


I was in the Nou Camp for CL last 16 game in Spring of 2016. So i like to see him shoot! I think Elneny is exactly the kind of player we need to keep around. Great to have on the bench, and hopefully happy to start there for most of the big games in a season. But when called upon can help us out in many midfield positions and brings running, energy, tough tackling, good positioning and reasonably good passing. Really hope this is fake news.

Lord Bendnter

Exactly, he brings Squad depth. We need both squad depth and squad quality to win a 38 games league. So, let’s add players who bring quality, and keep the players who provide squad depth. And get rid of the really fringe players that provide neither (or are not in the manager’s plans no matter their performances on the pitch).


Agree. How many higher level players would be ready to share game time in the PL with Ramsey or play in the Europa league? Let’s not forget, Mo hasn’t had an extensive run of games in the last season. Give him the game time in europa, see if he shows a higher gear and then decide if he isn’t good enough.

Faisal Narrage

If Elneny frustrates you doing that, I wonder how you feel when Ramsey does the same plus a random backheel in our box for added bantz.


He scored some absolute crackers back in Basel.

Lord Nicki B

Why though?

Elneny has consistently put in a shift. Nothing to write home about, but a clean, good performance when we need him.

Also second to only Santi for most infectious smile.


My main question is … is there someone in world football who can improve the first team in CM? My answer is yes. Then assuming we get them we have to ask who goes? I’d say Elneny.

Spanish Gooner

I think we need a signing in CM which was completely dysfunctional for big parts of last season so if this is a move to make space for an incomer then I have no problem with it. If not, we will need him


Hopefully this is true and we have an upgrade planned. My fingers are crossed for Goretzka and I have crazy bound to be disappointed dreams of Keita. I’d be really disappointed however if we instead signed a CM who didn’t have a major defensive output: snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.


I know what you mean but it wasn’t the defensive aspect of our midfield that was lacking last season. *cough* santi *cough*


Nice lad who puts in a shift but not enough quality to be too worried if he left. Certainly if he leaves we have to get another midfielder in, which makes sense if we are to push on. Maybe we can also use it to convince ox he has a shot at midfield


I love the Ox and really hope he stays. But i feel more confident when i see Elneny starting center mid, than when i see Ox start there. I wanna see Ox further forward where his speed and trickery are differentiators.


A few good runs dont suggest anything. The type of player he is doesnt match this postion especially at arsenal, where the middle of the park is very important. I cant help but see that theres not a single postion which I forsee him playing at. Wingback will diminish his true abilities and his true abilities can not be fully expressed further upfront because of Alexis Mesut and all. He needs o be calm in order to make it at midfield


Well then….that carvalho thing makes more sense down doesn’t it




Hopefully Kovacic will come available?
They’ve got Kroos, Modric, Ceballos, Isco, Casemiro , Llorente.
Would be an ideal Cazorla replacement.
Not sure we could get a Rabiot or Pjanic.
But a quality addition in the middle of the park is a must.

Lord Bendnter

I don’t understand why some Arsenal fans are calling for ElNeny to be sold as well. Yes, he plays side to side. But, putting him on towards the end of the second half to keep possession is the best way to kill off a game. We need him, he adds depth to the squad. Last season, with Ramsey out, we struggled in central midfield. We need to get rid of the actual fringe players, not ElNeny.

Zz mopv

Elneny definitely seems like he’ll be our Europa league starting CM. But one thing I consistently burned by Wenger is his lack of squad rotation. If him and Chambo go, I’m afraid It will be more of the same


Lack of squad rotation compared to what? And why is squad rotation good? The premier league champions over the past three seasons have been the most stable unchanging sides in the league.


Elneny started 12 games last season.
14 appearances from the bench.
Only 8 starts in PL.
If we can shift him on? and bring some genuine competition from Xhaka+Rambo? I think we should.
Agree that we shouldn’t be looking to move him on just to replace him with another squad player

Faisal Narrage

His lack of playtime has nothing to do with quality. Guaranteed if we had better, Wenger still won’t squad rotate (see Perez for more info).

Personally I’d like to see him develop offensively. He could provide cutting edge and more creativity, he would be the perfect partner for Xhaka.

I’d prefer if Wenger at least considered him a project. He did it with Song, and is desperately trying to do it again with Coqelin. But the energy imo would be better spent on Elneny.

Crash Fistfight

santori must be cumming in his pants at the prospect of this.

Faisal Narrage

Can’t wait for that thesis on “why I hate Elneny” from him.

Should be coming anytime soon.


Let’s start with the “center back could do a job there” time of the year.

Crash Fistfight

I hear Thomas Vermaelen might be available.


Adored the man. True professional. That left foot… whoa

Faisal Narrage

Our new DM.


please where is the restroom again

Terry Henry

He’s good squad depth, and yes, can see matches out. It is questionable if there is space for the Coq and Elneny on the bench. Especially if we end up buying a central midfielder as Santi replacement.
I like the guy, but if selling him pushed AW into getting a new centre mid, I wouldn’t grumble.


There should always be all the room in the world for players who can’t make the starting line-up but are situationally useful. If they don’t make the bench, too bad.

You don’t make decisions based on if all the players can get game time.

You make decisions based on what is best for the TEAM. It is best for the team that both Elneny and Giroud stay, whether they like their roles or not.

A different George

I heard Real Madrid wanted Elneny to replace Ramos at centre-half. Just as likely.


A departure you wouldn’t be upset with if it means we’re interested in a CM who starts and makes is stronger, I’d lose Elneny and Wilshere for that, still think this is what will cost us a title challenge.

Elneny is a useful squad player, but we have other options for that, he’s very conservative on the ball and we need more than that.

Original Paul

Elneny is a good player and the stories just keep coming…


seems like a nice chap but pretty pointless on the pitch. A stats player with little end product. Get rid.


Never really given an extended run, decent player though. Probably just not good enough moving forward, though that could be said for several members of the squad…

Nigel Hansen

Id be really pissed off if Elneny was sold , I think hes really under rated, we need him


If we sell Wilshere and Elneny to buy another CM, i don’t mind at all.
But if we don’t have a plan to buy a CM, keep Elneny as a backup.


I’m very doubtful we sell 2 players after only one year at the club (that would be a sign of terrible business last year for sure). And we’re already selling Lucas. I also doubt we bring in another midfielder, with Maitland-Niles so close to the first team and the boss obviously keen on the Ox signing a new contract. Even if we do bring in another, it’s not sensible to sell. Elneny doesn’t want to move, isn’t close to a free transfer, is on team-friendly wages, and isn’t going to bring in a huge transfer fee. The worst case is… Read more »

Luis Alejandro Rojas Corredor

Im confused about everything. I dont know what Arsene Wants Or what the club really needs


rabiot from psg please thank you.

Michael Bolton Wanderers

Hope we sell him and replace him. Only useful as squad fill


I like that Elneny is linked with Galatasaray and Jack is being linked with Antalyaspor.

Really tells you something about the players’ perceived quality.


Sell him. Not good enough. Decent shot from range, good pair of lungs but his chief asset (harsh as it will sound) is his willingness to sit on the bench. Safe sideway passes mostly trumped by selective viewing but some stats obsessed who will count passing completion and then ignore Flamini’s when he pretty much has had similar numbers but more effective passes influencing play further forward. Clearly Elneny is in the shop window. Pre-season played at Cback. We know he won’t be playing there next season either with Koscielny, Mustafi, Per, Holding and possibly Chambers all ahead of him.… Read more »

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