Sunday, August 14, 2022

Arsene Wenger refused to sell Olivier Giroud to Lyon

Having signed Alexandre Lacazette from Lyon, you might have thought that would the end of the updates from their talkative president, Jean Michel Aulas.

The man does love to talk, and he’s at it again by revealing that Arsene Wenger refused to sell him Olivier Giroud.

The French striker was of interest to Lyon, and there were suggestions he might be used as a make-weight in the Lacazette deal, but the Arsenal manager was not willing to let him leave.

“I wanted to sign him,” Aulas said. “But Arsene Wenger would not sell him. We still have superb young attackers.”

Earlier, Wenger discussed the former Montpellier man, who has also been linked to the likes of Everton, West Ham and Borussia Dortmund, saying that despite the competition for places up front being fierce, Giroud would relish the challenge.

“Giroud fancies the competition,” he said. “As a manager, you have him on your back, wanting to play.

“He fights hard, you know. I like the way he responds to what’s happening.”

Of course a move is still a possibility, but it seems Wenger is determined to hang onto Giroud who gives us a great option from the bench and adds some real depth to the striking position.

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Good decision in my book

Mein Bergkampf

Hey, no spoilers. I’m still yet to read “Giroud to Lyon?” by Gooner Fiftyseven.


Yes he should be kept.


Over a season Laca and Giroud together can give us 40+ goals, that costs 150 million in today’s markey


Also I think we get the best out of Giroud when he’s got something to prove.


I like how you combine market with malarkey.


Considering that Giroud has never scored >16 league goals in the league for us despite starting nearly every single game, this feat requires a very, very large amount from Lacazette.

In his first season, at a new club and league after playing his whole career so far at Lyon.

Very unrealistic but I admire your optimism.


He does not ‘start nearly every single game’

Lack of Perspective

Did you even watch Arsenal last season.




aaaahh ? please some1 close this fcking inflated trash can of a transfer season .


And please can those who make these decisions getting mf transfer window to close before the season starts.

nacho man

keep him


Why sell Giroud? He is one of the most effective strikers around. Maybe he isn’t top5 in the world but he is arguable in top ten. There is a reson why Giroud starts ahead of Lacazette for France. All this talk about pace and was Lacazette any more effective than Giroud last game? Granted friendly so we won’t read too much into it. BUT Giroud’s movement and lay offs are superb IMO. He’s also made efforts to improve on his ‘pace’. That Scorpion kick goal started in our half with Giroud and remember the cross for Ramsey in the cup… Read more »


Lethality. I’ll take me some of that.


He’s not that good. He’s seriously over-rated by our fans. He’s on the wrong side of 30 and never been consistent.

Remember that 16 game barren streak or his ‘performance’ vs Monaco?

I feel sometimes I’m the only who does!

Lack of Perspective

I cant even believe he dared to score important goals for us this. What a prick. Should be sacked.


Giroud should be kept. Excellent player to have from the bench. Seeing as Perez is likely going and Lacazette has been bought we are on par in terms of numbers from last season. While there may be a suggestion that we’re over stocked in the striking department, owing to the injuries we are going to get and the increased games from the Europa league, we should be looking to have as big as squad as possible for the upcoming season.
And if we must sell another forward, sell Theo.


I’d rather keep Giroud, sell Sanchez (and ideally Walcott) and buy Lemar and a central midfield upgrade.


Not Theo


“I’d rather keep Giroud, sell Sanchez”

This is absolute madness but I keep seeing it spouted from our fans. Absolute delusion.

Sell a player (Sanchez) who scored 24 league goals, mostly from the wing, and keep a mid table quality striker who’s best ever return is 16 league goals despite playing with the worlds best assist maker.

Sell Giroud while we still can!


We get it. You want to sell Giroud. Most of us don’t agree. Reposting over and over again doesn’t make you more right.


We seem to be doing all the right things, this window. Long may it continue.


Transfers have become a joke. I understand journalists need to make a living, but this constant stream of linking players with clubs nearly every day is a load of bollocks. Now I’m reading Wilshire being linked to a Turkish club, who’ve said Arsenal are asking for a lot of money. That is the real problem now, money. I think it has gone on too long now this ridiculous amount of money for a human being. 220 million is being talked about for Neymar. That is obseen. When people are struggling to make ends meet. It is sick. It might not… Read more »


End stage capitalism perhaps

Yes mate

Because people don’t spend billions every year on watching a doctor operate or replica scrubs. The money is all relative. As long as people continue to stump up the money for tickets, merch and associated materialistic crap, then it will continue.


Television money is the primary cause of the inflated market. When the bubble ultimately bursts, which it will given less and less people are purchasing television subscriptions and streaming online, that money is going to decline rapidly and there’s going to be a massive downturn in the finances of football clubs.


Not those run properly


I used to think the TV money was subscription money too, but someone pointed out that the bulk of the money is advertising money. If you have football in your schedules, you can charge top wack to Coca Cola, beer companies, etc etc.


As long as there are people who consider themselves as ruling/superior beings, there will never be real equality, only the illusion of equality in your head that they have planted.


I like this


Crikey! Aulas doesn’t keep much to himself does he!

Hopefully Giroud is aware of this, and it convinces him that although we’ve signed Lacazette, that he is still very much in Arsene’s plans.

Will be quite interesting to see how the two of them (Olivier & Alex) form a partnership – maybe this will augment the inevitable departure of Sanchez at the end of the season.

Good to see the club doing the right things this transfer window.

Now to resolve the Chamberlain situation…


You heard it here first.. Neymar on deadline day..


maybe Lyon bid is not good enough for wenger


Hope so. Nightmare scenario would be paying Giroud’s and Debuchy’s wages next season while both sit on the bench doing fuck all.


Interesting… is this how Arsene is when he is allowed final say on his squad? This happened since the invincible era.


Good decision by Wenger

Laughing Stock

No point beating about the bush, I am a married man but I’d happily have intercourse with Olivier Giroud




Theres a queue a million miles long matey.


I’ve known several women express their dislike of Giroud’s looks. Maybe it’s mostly blokes into Arsenal who fancy him.

I was watching France play some team in the euros last year and my aunt first said “ooh he’s good looking” but after a side camera angle went “oh no!”. She thought his nose is “too french”.

A different George

Is your aunt free this weekend?


I can ask. She’s quite an old bird though.

Dublin Ed

Your aunt’s first instinct was right. I’m female and consider Giroud to be a very Handsome French B….loke indeed!


You need to get a divorce

Michael Bolton Wanderers

Yes! I like this


Yes please keep. Nice to have an Arsenal player that doesn’t pull his calf/quad/hamstring when he farts. And he scores goals. And he wins headers. And he doesn’t complain.


Can anyone tell if a player is sellable if still at a club after the window closes but isn’t registered with the FAFA as a squad member?


That’s interesting, essentially being registered like an out of contract player? Though any fee involved would be seen as trying to bend the rules I’m sure

rob pyres

This news pleases both myself and pogonophiles worldwide.

Stuck on repeat...

Good. That is all.

Neville Green

Great coming off the bench when tired defenders cant hold him


He doesn’t like it when they try to fondle his ass

Determined Culture

Well Jean, you can bid for theo


Really, really silly from Wenger. The guy is on the wrong side of the 30, 3rd or 4th choice striker and has failed for 5-6 years straight. Sell him while Arsenal can still get a good fee for him.

He’s so slow, immobile and passed his best. Dumb move.

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