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Pulis: West Brom won’t be signing Gibbs

Tony Pulis says West Bromwich Albion will not be signing Kieran Gibbs this summer.

While Arsene Wenger is happy for the England international to leave the Emirates, Arsenal are understood to have turned down a £10 million bid for the England international.

Rather than return with an improved offer, Pulis appears to have called time on negotiations hinting the player himself may have scuppered the move.

“We won’t be signing Kieran Gibbs,” Pulis told Sky Sports after his side’s defeat to Crystal Palace in the Asia Trophy.

“We have to look for players that fit what we want to do and the way we want to play.

“We have three or four other targets we are desperate for. We are juggling with two at the moment and that’s not Gibbs.

“Hopefully by the time we get back home we will have done those two.”

While Arseblog News is pleased for Gibbs that he won’t have to shower with Pulis, we are slightly concerned that Arsenal are struggling to offload those players deemed surplus to requirements.

Earlier in the week, Nice looked to be ready to sign Mathieu Debuchy before quickly turning their attention elsewhere.

Carl Jenkinson, Lucas Perez, Jack Wilshere and Calum Chambers have also been linked with moves. Perhaps more will happen when the boss lands back in London.

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Seems to me Arsenal should’ve taken the £10 million which was a fair offer. Best not to price clubs out of players we do not want to keep. Hopefully another club will come in for him but I’d be surprised if it’s for much more. While obviously Arsenal want to get the best price, they’d be better suited doing that with their better players such as Szczesny.


I get your point of view, but we always sell players for less than they’re worth. Gibbs might not be good enough for us, but if Kyle Walker is £50m then Gibbs is more than £10m.

I don’t like using Chelsea as a comparison but players they deem surplus to requirements are usually sold for a hefty price. I think we should consider the same.


I think the likes of City have distorted the overall perception by football fans of what their players are worth. Sure, if City wanted Gibbs we could rightfully ask for £25 million and make the point that Gibbs is at least half as valuable as Walker, when taking into account their qualities, age and sell on value. However were we to sell him to a club that is not backed by oil money and does not pay extraordinary sums of money like a West Brom, it would be disingenuous to expect them to pay the same price we would demand… Read more »


Yes, and when you think Sanchez, Ozil and Lacazette were 35 – 45 million, 10 million for a player we want to sell is alright.

I feel for Gibbs though. I used to think he was a great player for us. Good luck to him.


I’m happy for Gibbs. Pullis the prat can’t handle good players. Don’t forget how he treated Gnabry.


… Which is not different from how WE treated Gnabry

Mike is Michael

I disagree. Gnabry will break into the first team of West Brom, may be not Arsenal. I don’t think we treated him bad. There was competition in the team especially with Iwobi also doing well.


I think we supported and managed his injury very well. We are not a mid table team where people have a right to the first team!


That was very logical, please do not use logic again as many people seem to be confused by it 🙂


The players chelsea deem surplus to requirements like salah, de bruyne, lukaku are a hell of a lot better than the players we deem as surplus to requirements.


Walker was a first choice defender in a side that finished second with a good defensive record last season, Gibbs was backup on a 5th placed team with a bad defensive record.

It’s not nice to remember any of those things as an Arsenal fan, but you can bet whoever’s putting money on the table will.

I also agree with Don that we seem to value our best and average players in the same bracket (right from the days of Henry for 16m and Fabregas for 30). That’s our stupidity, not the market’s.


I feel Juve mugged us!!!


Just as an example.. we sold Sagna and Clichy feeling we had solid replacements. Yet they went to City and won the league.

Clearly even if they’re not valued by us, they might be valued by other clubs. Especially full backs, with so few decent ones in club football these days.


Sagna didn’t win the league. Just saying.


He’d actually have won more if he had stayed with us 😀


We didn’t sell Sagna he ran his contract down and left on a free


Becomming a bit of an arsenal special.


Sagna left on a free. Clichy wanted to leave. Seems both wanted to leave and the club may have have been inclined to keep them on. There’s a difference between willfully selling a player and begrudgingly selling one because they want to leave, like for instance with Gibbs and possibly Alexis.


Your logic is more suited to a Debuchy or Jenkinson even but I think it was reasonable to ask more for Gibbs. An England international with a lot of experience under his belt, at an ideal age.

Some fans accuse the club of getting lowballed and when the club shows strength they still complain.


It seems like Gibbs might not wanted to play for Pulis However he’s worth more than £10 million

Space Cow

I think Pulis managed to convince Dom.

Space Cow

I’m glad you’re not in charge of negotiations.


Sounds like they were in for him and got priced out, hopefully by Newcastle, as I think gibbo will be a good player for them and rafa

A different George

The article certainly implies that Gibbs either did not want to go to West Brom or that he asking for higher wages than they were willing to pay–that it wasn’t just Arsenal’s transfer fee that was the issue.


Why would any player have anything against Orcball and the glory that brings!?


Good – wouldn’t wish playing for that cap-loving gremlin on anyone, let alone Gibbo.


He’s right Gibbs doesn’t fit their style of play. They need a team full of thugs and 10 centre backs.

Lucky escape for him if you ask me.


Not worried, these players will be snapped up when deadline day looms if not before

Lord Bendnter

Trust me Mr Pulis, everyone is relieved you’re not interested in our Gibbsy.

Would love to see him at Newcastle


We’ve got a first team squad of 33 We can only register 25 players over the age of 21, 8 of which must be homegrown. We need shot of. JW10 Chambers Gibbs Debuchy Jenks Perez Akpom And one of Walcott or Giroud, ideally Walcott. And this is before we can add. The wages and the length of some of these players contracts mean we just have to take what we can get. Don’t see the point in haggling over £2-3mill? No wonder our wage bill is so obscene when we’re carrying so much deadwood. The amount we pay squad players… Read more »


A little early to panic, isn’t it?


Not really. Season kicks off in 20 days, would be nice to be ready for once. Also we’ll need to register our PL squad, whilst the squad can be amended up until transfer deadline, we won’t be able to register all our players. The more unregistered players with contracts running down who’s wages we’re still paying the weaker our hand in negotiations. Clubs can try loans, free transfers and ridiculously low balling us knowing we’ll have to shift players on, or have players hanging around doing nothing on big contracts. Also Alexis. Ozil and Chambo have less than 12months on… Read more »

Original Paul

You’ve forgotten Campbell and isn’t there something about not registering Santi?


I thought an injured player can’t be sold..let alone finding a club that would sign an injured player..unless you’re Kallstrom lol


We can afford one extra place until January by not registering Santi if he is in fact out for longer than that.


Good f off then

Art Van delay

Fuck the Worldwide Fanbase.


Well that’s a relief for the player, playing for Pulis really would wreck his career. On another note people saying it’s a fair price, no such thing in top flight football anymore.

We get criticised for not paying what clubs want for their players, yet he’s a gasp at what we want for our players. Been to soft for too long in the market, letting quality players go for lower than their value. Pleased with the change.

Original Paul

We could do a lot worse than keeping Gibbs as a backup with the injury gods always prowling. I like him me. 😉


If you really like him you’ll let him go

Original Paul

You know I can’t… 🙂

Am a gunner

Do like gibbs as a player when he’s played further up the pitch he definitely isn’t a defender like he got turned into ! I would like to have seen him played as a winger or in more of an attack , he has the pace to get up and down the pitch , think he lost out with playing belarin on the other side 2attacking full backs didn’t work in a back 4

Space Cow

I’d say the opposite. I like Gibbs but fairly ineffective in the final third.


Gibbs is rubbish pure and simple. Couldn’t even displace an ageing, error prone Spanish left back who is approaching the end of his career Gibbs needs to move on as does about eleven other main squad players. Trouble is we have a manager who is either incompetent or far too loyal to players who simply are not good enough. What Arsenal need is a manager who will sell off the dead wood and improve the squad – bringing competition for places. Do you think that Bellerin feels threatened by Jenkinson or Debuchy? Or Ramsey by Elneny? I could go on…… Read more »

Why does everyone not like Nacho?

Monreal is not an error prone defender. In fact, he was one of our better players last season. And he always gives his very best for Arsenal. He is not selected as 2nd choice left back in the Spain national team everytime for nothing. Show some respect to Monreal. Remember, his goal against Manchester City was the single most important moment for Arsenal last season!

A different George

Oddly, I recall the unthreatened Bellerin sitting on the bench as Oxlade-Chamberlain played on the right side in a three. As for Gibss being rubbish, and Monreal as error-prone and approaching the end of his career (implying there is a noticeable decline in ability, not the obviously true chronological fact), I think this is getting uncomfortably close to trolling.

Toure Motors

Sky sports are reporting that the transfer broke down because Dick Law and Order tried to sell Barry Gibbs to Tony Pulis.


It’s a tragedy.


Well if we don’t hurry up it might be 2 Years On with our Spirits Having Flown.


The whole point of a large squad is to have competition for places.
Gibbs, Debuchy, Paulista, Chambers, Mertesacker, Jenkinson, Elneny, Wilshere, Walcott, Coquelin, Campbell and Perez do not provide adequate competition for the first team.
When there is no competition you take your place in the team for granted and you become complacent.
The trouble is that half the squad at Arsenal is simply rubbish and should be moved on and replaced and Wenger is incapable of doing that..


Yeah, if only Mertesacker hadn’t been playing on cup Final day.

Phil Senderos

“Players that fit what we want to do”. So Gibbs basically isn’t a left footed agricultural centre half from 1963 shifted to left back then. Good to know. Let’s hope if he leaves he finds a club who understands modern full backs are an intergal part of a fluid attack and defence. God I feel sorry for West Brom fans, imagine having to watch them every week and living in Birmingham


Thank you, Monsieur Pulis! Au revoir!!

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