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Koscielny: I have no reason to leave Arsenal

Laurent Koscielny says Arsene Wenger has been a big inspiration during his seven years at Arsenal and made clear he has no reason to leave the Emirates.

The France international arrived from Lorient in 2010 as a relative unknown but has grown at Arsenal to become one of Europe’s best centre-backs.

Having signed a new deal in January, the 31-year-old told press ahead of yesterday’s friendly defeat to Chelsea that he’s very content with life as a Gunner.

“When I first got here, I didn’t think about how long I would stay at this club  – but now I am starting my eighth season so I am very happy with this,” Koscielny said.

“I am happy in my life every day, not just the football but my life with my wife and kids in London. We enjoy it, that’s why I have stayed for a long time here.

“I have a long contract with Arsenal and I have [no reason] to leave the club. I am just here to enjoy my job and give everything for the team, and get the best results for the club. If i can do all of that, then I am happy.

“Arsene Wenger is a big [inspiration] for me. He bought me from France and has given me everything to help me play for Arsenal, and has helped me as a man too.

“I have a big [loyalty] to this club and to the boss too. I have stayed here for seven years and I have learnt a lot from him, so I am happy to be here with him and to fight for him because he is a great person.”

Assuming nothing changes in the next 12 months, you’d expect Koscielny to become the club’s next captain when Per Mertesacker retires to take up his role with the club’s Academy. It would certainly be a fitting reward for a superb career at Arsenal.

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If only everyone were like Lolo

Faisal Narrage

Seldom get club legends in this day and age, but Kos Da Boss is in his way to being one.

Also forgotten is the personal factor. It may sound unambitious, but it’s not that he doesn’t want to win silverware, but it’s clear football is also a job to him, and the stability, wellbeing and happiness of his family means so much more. And that’s true value.

Frankly, like Per, I hope when he retires, it’s at Arsenal and we find a place for him within the club. Many times great CBs have the potential to become great managers.


Love the Kos!


I also love the Kos, but please don’t make him Captain, he’ll never play again!


It’s true. They all either leave or end up crocked.

Bould\'s Eyeliner

Go smash your head on some fresh-cut oak 2×4’s the both of you while saying “I don’t believe in curses.”

Then throw salt over your shoulder and contemplate the meaning of useless hypocrisy.

It’s a Sunday…

Heavenly Chapecoense

Why do fans believe silverware is elsewhere and players who are leaving are in quest for it and those staying are forfeiting it? We won three FA cups in recent years and strenghteningning the team.


To be fair he has the ability to start for teams challenging for the champions league title and winning domestic leagues. He could have easily agitated for a move to Barca/Bayern/PSG etc, yet he has always signed his contracts before most even realised they were due for renewal.


Loyalty. A precious commodity these days. Per and Koscielny recognise how Wenger developed them. Contrast certain other players. We always had a chance of winning the title with our consistency finishing 4th or higher. Whether we were able to realise it is another thing. But if you think the likes of Chelsea last season could turn things around from the disastrous season before (same players more or less), we should have no reason to say there is no chance for us to push higher either given investments last season. BUT I think the other thing about it these players appreciate… Read more »

Bould\'s Eyeliner

Because no one actually cares about the FA Cup but the fans of the team who wins it that year. The only bragging rights that are valid from the EPL these days is the league trophy. Everything else is a joke–global sport sensation talking about tradition? Football fans around the world didn’t even know what the FA cup was until the 21st century. Tradition my ass–nobody gives a damn, and the FA have done everything they could to ensure that this would be the case. Because who cares about tradition when you’re making billions. Sorry to be cynical but silverware… Read more »

Shaving arshavin

To be honest that’s a load of bollocks. I think the fa cup seems to be more appreciated globally than in the UK. Speaking from a South African perspective fa cup final day is still probably the most anticipated day of the year. Footballistically of course.


Watching him come from league cup final of 2011 to the player he is now, has been truly special. What an amazing personal achievement that is….

Mustafi is the next Koscielny

A sizeable majority of Arsenal fans would have gotten rid of Koscielny if it was upto them after the League Cup Final defeat in 2011. Look what a little patience can do. I hope to see the much maligned Mustafi be like Koscielny in 6 years time.


He’s taking over the academy !


Sorry you meant Kos I see, apologies !

Mein Bergkampf

Not saying I mind as it keeps the big boys attention elsewhere, but Kos rarely gets credit from the press for being, in my opinion, the most consistent and dynamic CB in the prem over the last three years. His reading of the game has improved dramatically and he’s always been so committed and aggressive. Love the guy. Give him a statue!


Legends dont need media credit, they only care what the fans think of them. Players like these are not self centered like the rest


He does get it from opposition strikers though, which maybe is more relevant. Recently, tou have Marcus Rashford and Romelu Lukaku having both named him as the toughest defender they’ve faced off the top of my head. Think a couple of ex-CBs like Rio Ferdinand and Gary Neville also give him a fair bit of credit when it’s due.


Should also credit the boss. And the manager. Wenger took him from Ligue one, he wasn’t hot commodity, some people said he was a one season wonder. Ditto Giroud who has developed over time at Arsenal and continues to improve. All those thinking we should simply just replace him with Lacazette, well that’s so simplistic. Lacazette will take time to settle. Giroud meanwhile is still very effective (certainly more so than Welbeck at the moment)m in the central role. It will be a MASSIVE risk to get rid of him this season (particularly with Alexis leaving) Yet you see selective… Read more »


“particularly with Alexis leaving”

Ruined an otherwise good comment.

Shaving arshavin

And Gary Neville was a truly fantastic CB. Ha ha ha.


I wish I could thumb this up a thousand times!


Well said boss!

Lord Bendnter

Anyone else realize how the entire message can be changed by changing the words in [parentheses]





I hope he stays long enough to be awarded a testimonial because his professionalism alone deserves one.


He/his agent in the past have made noises about joining Bayern, albeit always before contract renewals. Also, he’s got a knee condition that requires daily injections. All this being said, he remains a great player. No point in criticizing or lionizing him. The age of club legends came to an end when wages started becoming silly.

Mein Bergkampf

This comment is an interesting mixture of conjecture, ill informed opinion and plain misinformation. Well done!


Mein Bergkampf how come you spent your time learning these words only to misuse them and at the wrong time.


Oh sorry I didn’t know you were referring to the (null)vinho. Null means nothing so the guy has nothing to offer.


Conjecture, yes. Misinformation, no. You only had to Google to validate Bayern and daily treatment.

A different George

“mixture of conjecture, ill informed opinion and plain misinformation.”
So, unfortunately, well-suited for our era.


If Koscielny was English the commentators, press and pundits would consistently mention his ability. As it stands I don’t think there’s a more underrated centre back in the world.

Also his goals come at crucial times – always love a big game player.


“even being english wont help if u are at arsenal” – rob holding


Smart boy


Players like Koscielny, Per, Jenkinson, Wilshere, Monreal, Cazorla, Walcott, Giroud, Gibbs are players I can see signing lifetime contract with us.

Not talking about their quality, but each of them has similar trait in loyalty and humbleness.


Wilshere may be many things, but humble probably isn’t one of them.

Asim Mahmood

Just what I’d expect from Lolo, he’s been a great player for Arsenal.. If the team starts performing at his level we would be champions without a doubt..


The guy on whom I reinvested the love I had for Cesc Fabregas. I wish you and your family all the best. But when you Joined Arsenal in 2010 a striker joined us too, and where is he today. ???? just kidding though Chamahk


Arsene’s best ever find. And yes, I mean that above Titi, Paddy, etc. If you look where Lolo came from, where he is today, and what an example of a player/man he has been I am truly honored he has decided to see out his career at Arsenal.


Not sure I’d go that far but he is certainly one of them


If you haven’t seen this yet; you’re welcome:






Original Paul



da BOSS!


Definitely a worthy next captain. I just hope his achilles problems don’t conspire to produce another one of the seldom playing variety.


We probably shouldn’t make him captain because that will be the end for him


Part of me kinda hopes Per stays captain forever, collecting the fines in perpetuity.


You remember his first season for us which was disaster.

Own goals, penalties and red cards galore.

Yet Wenger kept the faith when the fans were at him.

Last season some of these same fans were laying into Mustafi who slotted right into action and by contrast had a much more positive start.

Simply don’t understand the thinking of these fans. Utter nonsense.


One word: legend


One of my favourites during the “bad years” and remains so during better times


Kos is pure class!

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