Sunday, March 3, 2024

Report: Arsenal increase offer for Thomas Lemar

According to L’Equipe, Arsenal have submitted a second bid for midfielder Thomas Lemar.

An initial bid, apparently in the region of €40m, was made the week before last and rejected by the Ligue 1 outfit.

Now we’ve added another €5m to tempt Monaco into a sale, according to the French newspaper.

It is believed that Lemar is open to a move to the Gunners, but so far this summer Monaco have been determined to hang onto their star players, and have turned down what would have been a world record bid for striker Kylian Mbappe.

Meanwhile, our reported interest in Riyad Mahrez hasn’t resulted in us making an official approach to Leicester. The Moroccan Algerian international made clear his desire to leave this week, but Foxes boss Craig Shakespeare wants to hang onto the 2015-16 Player of the Year.

“It can be disappointing when players go public with it but I think you have to understand the modern game,” he told the Leicester Mercury.

“We know where it stands but ultimately he’s contracted to this football club. He has to be professional. We haven’t had any bids and if we don’t have one, we’ve got no decision to make.

“The decision making comes when we have a bid and we can assess that when it happens.”

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Surely we have enough summer weeks and cash in the bank left to keep improving our bid by 5 mln weekly until Monaco give in?


Haha such a FIFA career mode thing to do. I sometimes go as much as increase it by 2 million or so. Yes, I’m that stingy.


Hahaha, you and me both, for future reference, when you bid next time and get rejected, over 500,000 less each time until it gets approved lol. It works!


Over – offer*


Oops, Mahrez is Algerian!


He’s Algerian,not Moroccan. I wish we get one of them ASAP and keep Alexis


Good news.
That is all.


Isn’t Mahrez Algerian…? ?


55 millions has to be the maximum bid i feel…no way we are paying 70 millions,would rather pay that to sanchez for 4 years


I don’t understand how so many people even consider giving 70 m to sanchez making all calculations for four years how it is less than buying a new world class player and then paying his wages. If sanchez gets 70 m there will be players who will demand 50m instead of 35m they were getting earlier. Whole wage bill will become astronomical. Arsenal cannot afford that plain and simple. Yes sanchez may be worth 70m that you think is payable but he is absolutely not worth breaking our wage structure for.


And at the end, Sache will have no resale value. A Lemar will. Big time


there os always china to pay 50mil for 32 year old alexis yes?


It concerns me slightly that this is actually a valid point. With Chinese clubs seemingly willing to pay top rate for older players, it does somewhat skew the whole ‘sell on value’ reasoning.

Having said that, haven’t they just imposed a ridiculous tax on it?


China just changed the system to discourage exactly this type of transfer. They now have a 100% tax on transfers.


I think it’s transfers above a certain value, or something, but yeah. Since they brought in the 100% tax the big deals have dried up.


Who cares about resale value? Under no circumstances should this be coming into the equation. It’s simple, the decision we make regarding Alexis should come down to what gives us the best chance of winning trophies next season. There’s lots to the equation, and I’m not sure what the correct answer is? But at this point I’m not interested in resale value or a vision of the future. I’d just like some clarification one way? or the other? before the charity shield kicks off. We need a clear message from the club that gives us stability before the season starts.… Read more »


I agree with you that resale value is not so important right now (unless the argument is “Sanchez is a better deal than Lemar,” in which case it becomes relevant). I’d be happy if the club forces Alexis to stay for one more year and he leaves on a free. The time for success is now. But more pertinent is the fact that Alexis is entering the later years of his career and probably only has one or two seasons, tops, at his very best, whereas a player like Lemar will only get better and better over a 3-5 year… Read more »


Alright mate can down, he was just having a laugh. Didn’t need an essay ?


How do know what he meant?
How do you know I wasn’t just having a laugh and I actually care more about resale value than trophies?


Yes, for this reason it’s best to manage our club like Bayern Munich


Does that money come from anyone’s pockets? I think Sanchez should be given what he wants if that’s the reality of his contract situation.

Andy Mack

Of course money comes from peoples pockets. It doesn’t magically appear, it comes from both supporters pockets and the clubs pockets (via TV money). The reality of the situation is that if we paid him 400k per week then every other player we want to buy (or hold onto) will add 50-100k to their minimum weekly salary required. It has a major ‘knock on’ effect. Not only is our budget still limited compared to some clubs, but if the TV money disappears (viewing numbers are down noticeably) then we’d still be paying mega contracts which can only be funded by… Read more »


I don’t think Sanchez’s wages would affect the rest of the squad. A wide wage gap seems to be normal within top clubs now. It’s just the market for top players now. But, the next tier down hasn’t changed as much. When other players start putting in world class performances, they can start to talk about world class wages. Until then, what is their alternative? Very few clubs pay better than we do for squad players.


Mahrez is an Algerian international, not Moroccan as written above. That aside, it would be sweet to bring in Thomas Lemar.




And let’s call Lacazette a belgian international.

Tasmanian Jesus

Really, he’s from “the land down under”?

Faisal Narrage


Third Plebeian

Correcting spelling or grammar in an online forum might be pedantic, but factual mistakes are fair game. Or are you one of those alternative facts people? As in, when he said “Moroccan” he was just referring to an alternate reality in which an Algerian was actually Moroccan?


Wow. This backfired big time. It was just a joke, folks. Plz chill.

Tasmanian Jesus

Thats what I thought.


Mahrez is an Algerian international btw.

Johns Terry

Same thing


ONE good season and would cost more than Özil who came after THREE great seasons in Real?! Ok, let’s say that modern football. I say it’s b******.

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

It’s becoming sickening for me personally…

50 shades of Andy Grey

Agreed, the money in football, especially in the premier league, is ridiculous. I feel it’s only a matter of time before this unsustainable hyperinflation of players/wages crumbles the league. We, as consumers, pay these prices and eventually we won’t.

Ol Granny Xhaka

It all feels so disconnected. Players demanding 400k a week? It’s too removed now. It’s another reason I love Mertesacker so much and I’m so glad he’s staying around. Players like Ox flaunting their wealth on social media kind of depress me.


Yep. It’s about the TV deals, especially the overseas markets. Pretty soon, people will stop paying ridiculously high fees for cable/satellite TV services because everyone will go to online streaming options, at which point the cash influx might start to dwindle significantly for the PL (more knowledgable people than me can probably give us a more detailed nuanced prediction about this, but I think it’s coming down the road). Arsenal should be bullish about spending money, as we really are very rich and very well run, but we also need to be preparing for after the bubble bursts. We want… Read more »


Bitching about it won’t change anything.
Unless you want to vote for Corbyn’s vision of Britain which is to copy Venazuala’s model but with more debt.


What kind of bellend brings politics into a football discussion?


I was merely pointing out the alternative to the capitalism that seems to disgust so many of the fragile little snowflakes.
unfortunateky socialism will never work hand in hand with football in Europe, because under EU law restriction of trade is illegal and if you remove the concept of supply and demand society collapses.
Those offended by the money involved in football probably wouldn’t be so offended if they actually had the talent and dedication to benefit from it themselves.
Just saying….

A different George

Well, now Stephen knows what kind of bellend.

A different George

Jeremy Corbyn’s a Gunner.


So is Piers Morgan. Doesn’t make either of them any less of a git.

Gudang Pelor

Like most price in the world today is not driven by it’s actual value, but by demands and sentiments. Well, sentiments will also eventually alter demands in the end.

Tasmanian Jesus

Prices have skyrocketed since then.
Probably would have had to pay 80 mill today in the same case.


We surely can’t wait for him to have 3 good seasons before deciding to bring him on now can we? That’s the same mistake we did with Lacazatte.. could have had him 1-2 years before. Besides the quality can be gauged by looking at a player for 1 season, after that it’s a risk you have to take. Unfortunately yes that’s modern football.

Rwandan Gunner

Signing Lemar would be a strong statement from Wenger. Remember Cazorla is crocked and this young man is powerful in midfield. I think Wenger is saying that “last season i was abused enough; let me apease the fans”.

Ozil\'s left foot

Don’t Wenger thinks on those lines! Maybe just maybe his signing the contract was contingent on him being given a substantial war chest! I understand the abuse Wenger gets but that definitely says more about the fans and media than the man himself.

Das Neck

I think wenger is saying “f*ck”.


Would be good to have Lemarand the earlier the better. Things seems to change this time around with arsenal doing early business. A look at the failures of the last three years you’d discover Arsenal capitulated when Carzola had injuries. A like for like is this required.


I don’t see Lemar replacing Santi in central midfield. At least not for a few seasons. He’ll play further forward.


I should add I would be thrilled to be wrong: if in the near future Arsene can turn him into a Santi-style deep lying midfielder who can partner Xhaka effectively, that would be fantastic, as I think our need there is greater than in attack (unless Alexis leaves, of course!).


Great to see that we actually mean business this year. Two great signings so far and looks like there’s more to come!

Arsene\'s zip

Yeah, it’s great to get business done early for once.

Wenger said a few weeks ago that he wants three signings, it seems like we’re working hard to get that.

Ozil seems like he’s staying, so just Lemar/Mahrez and the Sanchez issue to go.

Inini Zvangu

Correction, for great signings!


We got the striker and I have a feeling that we can actually get lemar . that is two thirds of our transfer target , great work by arsenal so far. Now if wr managed yo get a central midfielder prefer ably serri of nice this will be the best summer transfer window of arsenal in recent years. Even if we don’t get him its still a good piece of work as there is ox and iwobi to play that role.

Nice to see the club going out and doing the business early .


Agreed, though is either the Ox or Iwobi good enough defensively yet? I rate them both a ton and think they can both play centre mid, just not sure they’re ready yet, if we’re going to challenge for the league, to play a significant number of league minutes there. I’d hoped we would go in strong for a significant upgrade in that position, who’s ready to step in and be a key player now, like we did with Lacazette, but Wenger’s priorities appear to be further forward. Otherwise, looks like we’re putting all our midfield eggs in a Ramsey-Xhaka shaped… Read more »


I trust Jon Toral. He would perform in central midfield if given a chance but what do I know?

Original Paul

I know it’s the Internet but the very long Scout Nation video of Lemar makes him look mustard! For him to have done all the passes, shots and goals shown at his young age is pretty impressive.

Another Paul

Only the internet, but impressive nonetheless…
I absolutely love his crosses! I honestly can’t remember a single cross that good from any arsenal player last season…

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

That one where Sanchez purposely put the ball a yard behind and above Giroud so he could scorpion kick it in was pretty good.

In seriousness, I wanted to mention Ox versus City in the FA Cup semifinal, but the more I see it, the more convinced I am that he overhit that cross and was lucky Monreal was there to get on the end of it. It was a pretty ball from Ox in any case.


How about two others from the Ox: against Man United at home for Welbeck and against Sunderland away for Sanchez? Both superb.

No way

Ox away to manure was also mustard

Original Paul

There was one cross that replicated Alexis’ cross where Ozil volleyed it in at the far post. Spooky!


Thanks for that..i like what i see! And yes..some great crosses, Giroud would love him

Yorkshire gunner

Ok who are you and what have you done with the real arsenal…


Mahrez should show some respect to Leicester and shut up. He should be grateful they gave him a chance to shine and win the pL.


The issue being is that the player believes there was an agreement that after one year he could leave. If that is true then I get why he’s pissed.


What has he actually come out and said? He may well be angry, but what we read in the papers is all media spin. Give the guy a break.


Wenger knows he has Mahrez in his back pocket and can wait until later in the window to make a move on him if it comes to that. I think everyone agrees preference is Lemar!


It’s surprising that nobody has so far made a move for Mahrez yet. Could be that Leicester intends to make it as difficult as possible. If that’s the case I don’t begrudge them at all.

sixteen swans

Positive news that AFC are willing to spend significant money for the right players.

Maybe we’ll come out of this transfer window with some real NEW talent instead of just tinkering around the edges or signing just the one marquee player.

The Premier League will be tougher than ever this coming season and Wenger and the board seem to be addressing the fact.


Honestly. I remember being shocked that just 6(!) points separated 17th place from 8th last season.
There were approx. 7 clubs that were away from the rest by a considerable margin.


We could just up the price 1 quid at a time

jide bashorun

I think arsene and ivan are doing a good job, getting lemar into the fold will probably make alexis to reconsidet and if he still decline, let him run out his contract and lets see who will sign a 30year old man for whatever he thinks he worthJoin the discussion


Lemar Age21 Mahrez Age 26

With £45 Million-> Lemar>>>>Mahrez


At 26yrs, Mahrez is already adapted in PL and carries more experience/less risk particularly as Lacazette has to acclimatise.

Mahrez IMO is the better buy if motivations are equal.

He is more technically gifted. IF he rediscovers form of title winning season (much like Hazard did for Chelsea last season following a poor show the season before) we have a very good asset and some skill sets not easy to replicate.

Lemar isn’t as silky a dribbler as Mahrez is. We need the unpredictability.


The latest news is that this bid has been accepted. Largely because the player wishes to move. Lets see. I won’t believe anything until he is wearing an Arsenal shirt.


Where’d you see this “news”?! Pretty sure it’s not true.


Sell Sanchez and get Aubumeyang


As good as Mbappe is from what I’ve seen from this guy he’s just as talented if not more



Lemar is left midfield. Mbappe plays higher up and has massive potential to convert into a CF.

And he has bags of pace. Lemar isn’t quick but has a magic wand left peg.

Apples and Oranges.


Seems we are trying hard to get new faces in before news (confirmation) breaks that Sanchez is going. This is a positive stance from Arsenal given they seem to have tried their best to keep Sanchez but wont go for his crazy wages as it would be obscene and create a bad example to other Arsenal players.


There’s that. I think it will cushion the eventual departure if we can get two in to cover for loss.


Cech, Szczezny, Martinez.
Bellerin, Mustafi, Mertsesacker, Koscielny, Holding, Gabriel, Chambers, Monreal, Kolasinac.
Xhaka, Ramsey, Cazorla, Elneny, Coquelin.
Ox, Walcott, (Lemar / Mahrez), Ozil, Sanchez, Iwobi,Lacazette, Giroud, Welbeck.

I’m not being funny, but T*ttenham can do one.

Original Paul

One player too many for a 25 man squad?


GK – Szsc, Cech, Martinez

RB – Bellerin, Chambers
CBL – Koscielny, Holding
CBR – Mustafo, Gabriel
LB _ Kolasinac, Monreal

CML – Granit, (?)
CMR – Ramsey, Coquelin

RW – Lacazette, Ox
LW – (Mahrez or Lemar), Jeff

CM – Ozil, Iwobi

CF – Giroud , Welbeck

spare – Santi, Per

25 players.

Sell – Alexis, Walcott, Campbell, Perez, Elneny, Jack, Gibbs, Debuchy, Jenko, Ospina (or put them out on loan)

DB\'s first touch

Don’t think Holding actually counts towards the 25 man limit as he may still be young enough


Are Jenkins and jack w, Gibbs also home grown/ becourse of English not counting as a place In respect of counting for Europa league squad . Anyway I reckon jenkinson is a good shout to play right back in the early Europa round, rest bellerin for premiere league games.


Fyi. Mahrez is Algerian smh


Why are we chasing players who will only get us the top 4 trophy and maintain the profit margin for Yankee mustachio?

sixteen swans

Two points off the top of my head.

1. Messi and Ronaldo aren’t available. As, apparently, neither is Mbappe.

2. You can’t win the title unless you’re also in the top 4.

Maybe, you think we should have been in for Lukaku instead of securing Lacazette? Because that would have been another extra £25M well spent, don’t you think?


Mahrez is Algerian not Moroccan


Yeah, but he wants to move…


Seems like he would be an excellent addition but somehow can’t see Monaco selling.


They may. They’ve sold a couple of assets from the team.

Fabinho was also apparently target of United but that has stalled.

Some reports we may look at him as an option for our deep midfield which could be an excellent prospect.

I think they may sell up to 3 of their prize assets. Mbappe of course is still up in the air so Lemar may still be on offer particularly if price is as attractive as at 40m


No way they sell for 40m. If they sell at all, it’s going to be AT LEAST 55-60m. They don’t need to sell and they don’t want to. We have to force their hand by making them a ridiculously attractive offer (without it actually being financially ridiculous from our point of view), or hope the player goes on strike, throws a fit, etc, which is always less than optimal from everyone’s point of view.


If they want 50-60m, then Mahrez is cheaper and they won’t sell Lemar.

Comparative pricing.

Leicester can do with the money. at some point they will break otherwise they risk not selling.


Although I’m not entirely sure where he would play in our new formation, I love the idea of us going out and getting someone like Lemar who looks like he could be world class while he is young. I assume Wenger wants the ability to play 4 at the back still (just tell one of the fullbacks to stay back and it will function like a back 3). I know everyone has a view on Sanchez but it just seems to me that he’s trying to price everyone but City out of a move. Make him stay whether he likes… Read more »


Lemar is predominantly left sided. He won’t be the central midfielder we need but of course Wenger has been known to convert quick nimble little players into the middle before (see Santi) Mahrez comes in mainly fron the right as an inverted Rwinger. Lacazette plays up top mainly for Lyon but can also play slightly wide off of say a big man like Giroud (or Welbeck) which means Lanhrez would have to revert to left side. BUT he is left footed naturally. With both Lemar and Mahrez left footed, it feels like its more a price competition between the two… Read more »


Both players are targets and have terms agreed in principle between player and agent, however will will only sign 1.

Lemar is out priority/ 1st choice however if Monaco decide to play hard and we don’t strike a realistic price (€50-60m max) then the Mahrez deal will be back up and pushed through between £30-40m.


I doubt we are going for both.

I think we are hedging each against the other.

IF Mahrez (and Leiecester) do not budge on price (I think they are quoted at 50m or over when we are looking to pay 35m- 40m max), then we pull the trigger on Lemar at 40m. BUt the hope may be that Lemar pursuit will push Leicester.


Dude, where are you getting this idea that we can sign Lemar for £40m?
Reputable reports suggesting we just offered around £40m and they have, or are expected to, reject that, having quoted us £80m.

And I don’t think we’re using Lemar as a way to get Mahrez cheaper. Could be possible, but again, all the reputable reports pretty much all summer have said Lemar is one of our priorities, and that’s backed up by actual bids for him, while we haven’t yet officially bid for Mahrez, and it’s reported he’s at best our backup option.


NO report is reputable. These are all snippets of half truth.

Lemar isn’t selling for 80m

He will be closer to 40m mark.

If they don’t budge on 40m, Mahrez will be available for that amount vice versa. That’s how you bargain prices down.

Quite obviously you have had little experience haggling.:D


“If they don’t budge on 40m, Mahrez will be available for that amount vice versa. That’s how you bargain prices down.”

Um, I don’t think you know how to use the expression ‘vice versa’.


I don’t speak French and it’s behind a paywall: do they say Monaco are willing to sell for 40m? If not, then how does this counter (rather than support) my point: we’ve made a bid at 40m, but they’re almost certainly not going to sell for anywhere near that.


Say whatever you want but remember this….football is a TEAM sport. Seasons are littered with teams that suffered because they kept players that did not want to be with or on the team. Even if you think Sanchez ( he hurt the team last year with his attitude ) can play out a productive last year….that does not mean his attitude will not have a negative effect on individuals and the whole team. When he continues to lose the ball or not make the ” team ” pass….others will quickly grow frustrated knowing he may just be pumping up his… Read more »


To be fair, if Sanchez didn’t try to dribble past the opponent, we’re gonna revert back to play possession ball the whole game when most of our pass is side pass and back pass. You remember we played like that right??? Sanchez is that kind of player that make something to happen, he and Ox basically the two player who has ability and confidence to dribble into the box.


I haven’t seen enough of him play, but would it be fair to say that Lamar is a decent upgrade to the OX?


Different qualities. The Ox is a fantastic asset when firing. He can carry the ball with feet as oppose to say Walcott who tends to push and chase the ball (effective if given more space) Ox has great control for an English player. Lemar has a wicked left foot. Dead point accuracy with it. Probably good at set pieces may help us. BUT we also already have Granit. Lemar is a nimble player but not as gifted technically as Mahrez. But he is younger with more potential. OTOH Mahrez is the sort of age and experience level we need now.… Read more »


Great business done early so far, would be great if we could make Lemar happen.

On an unrelated note, any idea who our backup RB would be next season?


Back up Rback IMO should be Chambers if in 4-2-3-1. Should we keep Ox he should be competition if in 3-4-3 Chambers if we should remember was an excellent and promising Rback for Soton when we bought him. Not the quickest, he was full of vision getting forward. Wenger then embarked on a project to convert him to Cback. Well, we have Holding now to add to Gabriel (if injured Per), Koscielny, Mustafi and Kolasinac, Monreal can also both cover on left of centre. So frankly rather than go out and buy yet another player when we have to focus… Read more »


I worry about Chambers’s lack of pace at right back, and I think his best position is at CB, but I agree that if we go back to a back four, we can cover for Bellerin with Chambers and Gabriel, plus maybe even Maitland-Niles (or MAYBE keep Jenko). With so many other issues, I don’t think we should waste time finding a backup RB unless we do so after all our other business is done. The trickier thing is if we stick with the 3-4-3 and sell Chamberlain. Then we really need a player who can cover for Bellerin at… Read more »


There is no detriment to pace when Chambers played for Soton.

We cannot afford to waste effort on yet another position finding a Rback when we have other areas needing urgent attention.

Bellerin is in contract and can be kept if we put our foot down to the Catalan nonsense.

Ox I feel can also be hard balled. He isn’t Alexis so if he leaves, we can replace if need be.


That was like half a season of PL football for Chambers, and playing under a coach in Pochettino who’s much better defensively organized than Wenger. Chambers is slow and it can hurt us, because everyone knows he’s slow, including our opponents, so he’ll be targeted if we play him at RB. That said, I agree that he can do a job there over a short period. Just don’t think he can play at right wing back.


Jenkinson is good, for me play him early round in Europa league. Definitely good enough for those rounds.he was very good on loan at West Ham.


I also like oxo at wing back.

Tanned arse?

Joel Campbell


For me Riyad Mahrez is a comfirmed performer in the preniership and so better choice than Lemar who will try to adapt.


I think the summer (if we piece to gather the snippets from the trades follows this story. Alexis is more likely to leave than stay. We sign Lacazette both to cover for goal efficiency of the Chilean but also his role as quasi-striker in option to Giroud and Welbeck last season. Giroud sees this as even less playing time. However he should do well to remember that : 1) Unlike for France where there are plenty of natural wide options, Lacazette can also function as a striker from wide particularly off Giroud’s shoulder in the narrower 3-4-3. 2) Welbeck isn’t… Read more »


I would add the decisions on Lemar or Mahrez may also have impact on Ox. With regard this situation, Greizzman obviously out of our range and Athletico won’t sell bc of transfer restrictions. Mbappe…Monaco have priced high to try and keep asset, competitors have driven it up further to keep each other at bay. Thereby Mahrez or Lemar are good alternatives. BUT timing may also have impact to negotiations with the Ox. I think ideally Wenger would prefer to seal the Ox first before landing either but of course the world is not ideal and others will be sniffing for… Read more »


1. Lacazette isn’t going to play predominantly from the right, he’s going to play up top in place of Giroud and Welbeck, whether you think this is a good idea or not. 2. The Ox isn’t primarily interested in playing as a winger/wide attacker, but as a centre mid (seems to prefer wingback to wing as a secondary option, in his own words). So adding Lemar or Mahrez probably won’t force Ox out of the club, though adding a new center mid might, which might be one reason all those rumors in the spring about us looking for a midfielder… Read more »


1) Lacazette is like Alexis, a quasi-striker for us. Can be deployed at point or from wide area . 3-4-3 affords the two players behind the main striker plenty of opportunity to switch across the line and come in narrow. Which is why Lacazette like Alexis can prosper. 2) Ox isn’t really a central mid even if its another of Wenger’s projects. His best role for us is wide or as wing back but he has Bellerin ahead of him in the latter role. In midfield, we need to find a better solution. Inter are going to improve their lot… Read more »


Once again, you seem to confuse claims about what Wenger and the team will probably, or might actually, do, with claims about what you think they should do and what you would do if you were in charge. I am telling you Lacazette has not been bought to primarily play out wide right so that Giroud can keep his place up top. I am telling you that the Ox wants to play in the center and so that’s the sticking point with him rather than him being worried about potentially challenging Lemar/Mahrez for right attacker. So again, your claims about… Read more »


I think the deeper issue remaining after we fill this slot (be it Lemar or Mahrez) is in midfield. We need another asset to bring a bit of retention and ability to carry ball forward in congestion. This particularly as Santi cannot be relied on to be available again this season. Jack is also an injury asset we should likely sell. Elneny adds nothing beyond a pair of lungs, mediocre at best (maybe he may stay in the periphery bc of Santi’s availability for lack of any interest in market) BUT we need another to add to Ramsey- Granit and… Read more »


Spalleti at Inter.

They’re trying to revive their image with still some financial restriction hurdles to summount but the cash could be there to add the marquee signings.

AC Milan also revamping with Chinese money.

Could add some options to how Alexis situation.


Spaletti has been know to have taken players from us (Gervinho to say the least)

Inter are rebuilding and need quality cover. Some of our peripherals are still attractive buys for their depth, say Lucas, even Walcott to be honest.

So beyond Alexis, they have sold on their own peripheral players to make up the 30m short fall for FFP whilst retaining their key assets in Icardi and Perisic (Rebuffing inane United attention)


Looks like a replacement for Sanchez, good player but i won’t expect him to be as good as Sanchez for now, maybe in 2 or 3 years and he become better than Sanchez.
We’re called Alexis FC last season, let’s see what are we gonna do without him, i have a feeling we’re gonna do well, as long as we sign Lemar and another good player(prefer a DM to be paired with Xhaka, Seri from Nice please).


I read some soccer websites, Leceister wants 50m for him? What the hell?


Forgot to add the name Mahrez for 50m? I think its too much.


Word is we are looking at Brozovic from Inter.

As mentioned, there will be opportunities at Milan both to buy and sell.

Decent box to box player the Croat. with Santi not reliable due to injury, and only Granit, Ramsey, Coquelin to choose from, we are in dire need of some attention here.

It was IMO the achilles heel last season and why we switched to a 3-4-3.


Shakespeare’s either a moron or he’s trying to get people to bid. Why else say “no bids, nothing to do as long as we have no bids, get it? no bids yet!!!”

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