Friday, May 24, 2024

Report: Sanchez wants £400,000 a week to stay at Arsenal

According to The Mirror’s John Cross, Alexis Sanchez has told Arsenal he’ll put pen-to-paper on a new deal if he’s offered £400,000 a week.

The figure is £125,000 a week more than the Gunners have so far been willing to offer the Chile international who is now in the final year of his current £140,000 a week contract at the Emirates.

Bayern Munich, previously favourites to sign Sanchez, have been put off by the player’s demands leaving Manchester City as the only serious contenders for his signature.

Arsene Wenger has repeatedly said that he doesn’t want to sell to a Premier League rival, especially given his side fell outside the top four for the first time during his tenure last season.

A four-year contract at the figure Sanchez wants would see him earn over £19 million a year and set a precedent for contract negotiations with the club’s other first team stars. As has been well-documented, the likes of Mesut Ozil and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain are also in negotiations about extending their respective deals.

It leaves Ivan Gazidis and Arsene Wenger with quite a headache. In simple terms, there are three options – spend around £75 million in wages to keep him for four years, keep him for a year and lose him on a free, sell him to a rival and pocket £50 million that could at least be reinvested. Hmm…

Alexis is currently on holiday after featuring for Chile in the Confederations Cup. He’s not expected back at London Colney until much later this month.

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Haha nice one. Wait! You’re serious?

Mein Bergkampf

I’m a huge fan of Sanchez and his attitude on the field is impeccable. But let’s not forget here that this is a multi multi millionaire who, by all accounts, is holding our club to ransom, asking for unfeasibly large wages. Such gargantuan wages that Bayern aren’t biting, a club which would unquestionably quench his thirst for silverware. And it appears he is happy to jump ship to a rival to get his demands met. Sorry but I’m not going to give him the fond farewell here. For me it’s greed disguised as ambition. Otherwise he would’ve lowered his demands… Read more »


Sounds like bollocks to be fair …

If it isn’t he can fuck off

Chippys chip

Its bollocks


I’d like to see us try and get creative with a contracf. Some sort of performance bonus clause for cash over £300k, or how about he gets an improved wage (350 or something) but if he leaves before the end of the contract without our blessing we can take back the extra 50k per week- or the new club pays us it on top of transfer fees. I still find it strange he (supposedly) wants to go play for the man who effectively shut him out at barca.


Pep left a year after he arrived…

Bettie Wilkes

Pep signed him though right?

Andy Mack

I think player contracts are already full of ‘bonus’ clauses. Then there’s the Loyalty Clause which means a player doesn’t get a leaving bonus if he puts in a transfer request, but does get one if we sell him (without his transfer request), which was one of the reasons Suarez didn’t want to force the move to us. They get bonuses for final league position, qualifying for CL football, winning cups etc etc. Plus many players have a salary reduction clause if their team ever drops a division. The official ‘signing’ pictures are just for show. All real contracts are… Read more »

Scott P

I love Sanchez and everything he has brought to our team, but I don’t think I can even agree that his attitude on the pitch is impeccable. The negative way in which he reacts when things aren’t going our/his way can’t be helping the team. You can say that he has a right to feel that way/that he’s just showing his passion, but a great leader will try to positively motivate those around him, not complain or act openly exasperated toward his teammates.

Bouldy\'s Toupee

I completely agree. I think we should keep him until his contract is up next season. He will either throw a fit, extend his contract and be the highest paid player in our club’s history, or sit on the bench on a World Cup year and rot. Wenger should handle this a bit more ruthlessly and Alexis should be more of a professional about this. I hope this is all agent talk.

Ivan A Soto

Plain and simple he is not worth what he is asking.


Come on PSG! Show us what you’ve got.


Where are all these Chinese clubs looking for a superstar? If they can pay £60million for Oscar Whyred not £100million for Alexis?


Because all the Chinese super clubs now have to pay a 100% tax on foreign players so Alexis would cost double what they’re paying! Effectively £200 million not £100 million.. so that rules out china really


china changed the rules so that there is now a 100% tax on transfers above a certain amount


Transfer is not that easy. Do you think Alexis want to go to China?

Kwame Ampadu Down

Of course his attitude is not impeccable but it’s better than every other player in our squad. Since when did showing your frustration with your colleagues become such a bad thing? Henry, Adams, Bergkamp, Ljungberg…loads of others were the same as Alexis is now. The difference being they had teammates who accepted being shouted at by your teammates was part of being a successful team. Arsene’s little altar boys now simply cannot cope with it, therefore Alexis looks like a bad guy. (To the modern world do Gooders anyway) There’s hardly a player in the Invincibles who wasn’t a total… Read more »


Spot on. Anyone who feels that teammates must always be sweet and gentle with each other, hasn’t played proper team sport. You need people around you who demand more, and aren’t satisfied with ‘good enough’. And occasionally take some frustration out on their teammates.

As for all the wage and transfer talk, most of it is made up anyway.


There may be a bit of greed, but I think it’s mostly ambition, mixed with the selfishness of personal preference: he doesn’t want to go to Munich because he’d prefer to work with Pep at City. Not all elite clubs are created equal in the eyes of players, and if he prefers City, then fine. I can’t imagine anyone would be so greedy as to care about the difference between £300k and £400k a week (but hey, I obviously have trouble getting in the minds of footballers). Rather, he’s doing what he did to Munich: jacking up the price so… Read more »


It could also be a load of bollox but it suitd the arsenal narrative to make him out the greedy bastard.
Hes off we know that its now just about the club making almost acceptable to the fans and stories like this is al part of the game and loads are seemingly falling for it.


This all too easily sounds like creating a villain here! Let’s cut the garbage as a club and keep him for a year get Lemar or Mahrez and a creative mid to partner Xhaka. Also off load players who Wenger won’t play…what’s the point in having a deep squad if the squad never plays.


LMAO, dude wants to be payed more than Ronaldo, Bale, Messi, Pogba, Neymar, Aguero, Suarez, just to name a few. I doubt he seriously believe he’s in that bracket. This is just his way to say fuck off to Arsenal.

I’d trade Sanchez for Lemar/Mahrez + Goretzka/Keita any day. ANY DAY. Sure we might not win the PL right away next season, but have we won anything significant with Sanchez? Have we progressed in the CL?


I think you are spot on. This looks like his way of saying he does not want to play for Arsenal.

Random Witness

Picking nits here, but Messi is getting paid 500k/week per his new contract. Agree with your point, though.

Cape Town Gooner

After tax…

Not sure what Messi’s is pre-tax, but Sanchez’s 400 would be something like 220 after tax I’d guess?


Surely if Messi is on £500k after tax, that means he’s also on £500k before tax?


I agree with you but I think he’s in the bracket of all those you mentioned bar Messi and Ronaldo.


He wants to leave and this is what his agent told him to do as ‘he won’t look like the bad guy’. I agree it is a shit move, we should let him go, cash in and invest.


400k is a huge amount of money, silly money even now, but… Is he going to get these kind of money? Yes, with ManCity If we’re going to keep him for the remaining season is he going to get these money back by signing a new contract? Yes, he is. Then why not give it to him now? What will be the benefit of selling him? Seeing him winning titles for ManCity? Deja vu… He is in the peak of his years. He is here for earning money not because is wanted all his life to play for Arsenal. C’mon… Read more »

Man Manny

If my memory serves me right, United won the league the season after Ronaldo left.
If we work the transfer well, we can have a better TEAM without Alexis in it.


Your memory has failed you: Chelski won it that year, though United won it the next.


But I agree with your larger point.

DB\'s first touch

I suppose the alternate possibility is that this story was leaked by someone at the club (with figures that may not be accurate) to portray Alexis in a bad light and help to later justify why Alexis was sold to City.

Not sure which of these two possibilities is the most unsavoury…

David M

Sorry but why do you guys care? I’d pay it, or close to it. I’d rather the Arsenal players taking home money this club is earning than a mega rich oligarch from the US who is simply buying ranches and other sporting teams. Clearly most of what is going on is being drummed up and controlled by his agent (he has said all along that his agent is dealing with this). He is the best player we have and your having a laugh if you think Arsenal can’t afford this right now. Do we want to be the best or… Read more »

meh as fuck

Why do I care? Because it’s not sustainable. Pay Sanchez 400k and every single contract we renegotiate is instantly at least twice as expensive.

Dave M

Arsenal have a 600000 seat stadium. About 30 home games a year. Let’s conservatively say 50 quid a ticket. That is 30M per game. 900M per season. Sure there are lots of expenditure but there are a helluva lot more incomes too such as ridiculous TV money, mega sponsor deals. 15-19M for the guy who is by far your best player isn’t that much of a stretch. Or would you rather just another round of ivory back scratchers for kroenke and his board who are doing such a bang up job in running this team?

Dave M

one too many zeros, but still average tickets are way more than 50 quid per, we at near the top of the league with the largest TV revenue, massive sponsor deals, massive real estate investment. We’re not poor…


“I’d pay it, or close to it”

So why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and help the club a bit. Set up a regular weekly debit from your account to Alexis’. 10K/quid should be enough.

Let’s see how fast you scoot up your arse.


What are you talking about A P?? Help the club? We are a megaclub with global reach, earning tons of money in revenues every year… It’s not your money and they can afford it… I agree it’s too much but 300k would.not be, I see Alexis in top 5 forwards in the world at the moment, after Messi/Ronaldo/Neymar.. Probably better than Lewandowski as well.. We need to keep him and sell a lot of deadwood to
minimize the wage difference (Theo, Lucas who is not being favoured by Arsene etc…)

Heavenly Chapecoense

Football savvy people of this world would put Lewandowski ahead. Hazard scores less but has more magic. Aubameyang is at least same level. Suarez clearly above and that’s why Barcelona sold Alexis. Alexis has neither been PFA player of the year nor golden boot winner. He is a fantastic player and Arsenal’s best.

Dave M

Oh sure let’s get individual fans to start donating to a club that is banking 100s of millions and boasting about cash balances and strong financial state that allows us to compete with anyone and an owner worth 7.5 billion. I feel sorry for these guys. I’m sure we can settle for 350000 so get it done if not pay him the full amount. We need players of his quality, we should not be losing them. His manager may be a c#nt but that is the modern game agents using every underhand tactic to get the Max for their clients.… Read more »




I’m also not so sure his attitude on the field is always impeccable… the remonstrating with team-mates if they didn’t do what he wanted (despite he himself often running into blind alleys and giving the ball away) was far from it.

I think the falling out between him and Kos was the catalyst for the horrible slump in form.

He’s brilliant, and his goals have been invaluable, but I think he’s really high-maintenance and can be disruptive.

Stan\'s Moustrache

It’s not ‘our club’ unfortunately its Stan’s club

Joseph Chebii

This is greed to me.why demand such high sounds like blackmail


Although you make a very good point that I agree with, we have to remember he has nothing to do with negotiating his contract, it’s completely down to the club to agree terms with his agent. I think if we offered him something between 300k- 350k then he would sign. Arsenal offer him 275, his agent asks for 400 then they settle somewhere in the middle. In terms of loyalty to Arsenal, I don’t blame him nor do I expect him to have an emotional attachment to Arsenal. He’s not an arsenal fan, never has been and never will be.… Read more »


Spare us the skewed narrative about Chile. There are only like 13 nations in South America and the Copa is an international tournament that takes only a few weeks every summer and so, like every other international tournament, is way easier for an underdog to win than the PL or CL is. Plus, this is Chile’s “golden generation.” They have been the third or fourth best team in South America for almost a decade.

Dave M

Well said ol’ chap…!!


Pay him 400k/week, if he gets us the epl, europa, n fa cups


Agreed, I would spitefully make him show up for training, but only watch, and never play him, while switching his diet to chicken wings and beer for 3 meals per day to get him super fat. Then at the end of the season say ” there ya go mate, have your man city champ!”

Why not

Impeccable? Where where you second half of last season. Anything but that. Whinging, stroppy, petulant and whether you like it lazier than normal (he didnt use to turn over like that)

My wig smells cheesy

Hmm beginning to think this guy can just fuck off. Who does he think he is? Where was he going before he joined our club? Nowhere fast, that’s for sure. 400k a week- you rank little bastard.


Do people know the difference between speculation and facts anymore?

Tasmanian Jesus

Are u for real? The whole idea people have of him being some bit part player in Barca is only because Messi overshadows everyone else. He played regularly and I think he got 21 goals in his final season there. 88 league games, 39 goals. He scored in nearly every other game there. We were never a saviour. But instead of being a mid-sized fish in a huge pond, hes now a huge fish in a big pond. Still, 75 mill for 4 years of Alexis…what if we were to buy a player of his calibre now? It would be… Read more »

My wig smells cheesy

Bollacks to that. 400k is disgusting. His career was stagnating and wenger and arsenal have raised it big time. I think you should get real my friend, or. Enter still, you pay his wages….

My wig smells cheesy

Better still


He’s almost 29. He’s unlikely to maintain last year’s crazy high level for the next four years, well into his 30’s. and we won’t get a huge transfer fee for him in 2-3 years either. So if we can get an up and coming star for the same or slightly more money, it could make more sense to go with the younger player. Plus it wouldn’t destroy our wage structure.


This sounds more to me like a PR thing leaked from the club. Realistically City aren’t going to pay him that either because they can’t just bazinga his pay through the roof like that. You can only increase your wage bill by X amount each season. So there’s no way they could do that, otherwise every single player in their dressing room would be knocking on the managers door asking for more money.

So this sounds like total bullshit to me.

uncle D

It looks more like a rumour! Give the man some credit.


That is a fuck of a lot of dough. I don’t know whether we should pay it or not really? Why can’t you just accept 300k a week you selfish cunt. And when I say cunt I mean it in the medium sense of the word, not jokey cunt nor full on cunt cunt. Ya know, just in case he does end up staying…

\'desi\'gner gooner

Totally understandable that in a cunty sort of way!!

Alex, Alex, Alex, Alexis

No way. We shouldn’t even begin to entertain the idea of paying it. Messi just signed a 500k contract, and this is getting dangerously close to that. If you look at it that way, does anyone think Alexis is that good? Even he can’t believe he is worth that much. Its clear this is (if true) purely greed talking.


I say just give him the damn money. He is bound to have a good 2-3 years atleast. If you need to buy another ‘world class’ player its going to cost atleast £75million in the current market and the club needs to pay wages on top of that to the player.


That’s exactly it. There are no Alexis’s”s’s on the market right now. The only other viable option is to sell him to the Saudi’s for £100 million minimum.


Yeah but it would shatter our wage structure bring disharmony to the dressing room and sets a precedent (you wanna pay Ozil that as well and what about other big players coming in to the club and others renewing?) As amazing as he is the guy hasn’t had a break in forever and could easily get injured as well. 400k is simply too much to accept for a multitude of reasons but the knock on effect of how it breaks the wage structure is the big one.

Shere Willpower

How would it affect the rest of the squad though?q

Enos Brown

He is good but nobody is bigger than our club he is unfair in his demand and i think we should sell him lets see if the grass is greener on the other side # Anelka

Ponsonby Gooner

How will it effect the rest of the squad if we keep him and let him run down his contract? We’ll have another year of media speculation and questions about whether he’ll resign. Ditto Ozil.


How about we pay 300k & tell him the balance is based on performance. That way if we end up paying 400-450k at least we’d be guaranteed a super performance on the pitch…


This is lovely ❤️

Tom Gun

Schrodinger’s cunt! ?


Seriously, bye…..

Mein Bergkampf

Enjoy China. They’ll eat your dogs mate…

Vin Unleaded

Shoot, and score, or we’ll eat your labrador!!!

Mein Bergkampf

Get it in the net or we’ll eat your pet.

Mein Bergkampf

So, this is really culturally insensitive. Sorry for the lazy stereotypes. Look what Sanchez made me do.

Per Flirtesacker

Well quite a lot of people do eat dogs in China so at least it has a factual base

Tasmanian Jesus

Hahha. No worries, made me laugh good for the first time today.

My wig smells cheesy

Take it up the arse(blog) your greeds a farce…


Best on the ground or we’ll eat your hound.


Practice keepie-uppies or we’ll barbecue your puppies? I’ll get my coat.


Aka I want out


Seems so.

Call his bluff. Offer £400,001.




It’s an insane amount of money. But i’m not sure it’s that far out of line given his place in world football. He’s clearly not quite as impactful as Messi and Ronaldo, but he is absolutely right in that next tier. He’s there with Lewandowski, Neymar, Aguero, Hazard, Bale (knuckle dragger that he is) and a few others i’m probably missing as a top 10 player in the world. He’s proven. He does it for club and country, and he’s impossible to replace. Given the sums of money we pay our footy stars, this is probably not as crazy a… Read more »

Man Manny

He’s no different from Ramsey: has helped us win FA cups. We’ve not even had a proper challenge with him so what would we really miss without him?


Yes but currently he walks away for a much smaller transfer fee so why not give him the money he wants as part of a 4 year contract – insert a clause valuing him at £80+ million and then sell him next year to whoever wants to pay a proper price for him instead of trying to get him this summer on the cheap (£50m) or next summer for free. If he plays well with our new signings – his value may even go up further …. simples!


typo …. instead of letting ManShitty try to get him……


John Cross making up a number. Remains to be seen whether he stays or not, but that is pointless tabloid rumour and nothing more imo.


Can’t sell him to a premier league rival, the fans would go ballistic. Can’t pay him 400k a week, that’s crazy and would affect others. I reckon keep him and risk it. Maybe if he sees green shoots of success he’ll be more flexible with negotiation. If. If not then he goes for free so be it, but at least we got another year out of him.

Declan M

Exactly. And he’ll be 30 during his first season at City or wherever…


Only thing I’m worried about is if he’s willing to pull this bullshit, then would he fake injury/refuse to play/pull some whiny BS and we don’t get a good season out of him….


Sanchez faking an injury in order not to play.. sounds quite unlikely to me 😉

Cape Town Gooner

I can see him faking wellness and playing with a fracture, before faking injury not to play. The man’s an addict!


And that’s worth £20million already based on these new wages!

Chippys chip

This is the best option. Selling to a P.L. rival is NOT an option and must not happen in any way no matter how much is offered on deadline day sky bollocks can feck off.


Arsenal have nothing to prove to Sanchez. I’ll gladly sell him for 50 million if he isn’t willing to sign the contract offer on the table.

Viva la prof

probably worth it in today’s market.. don’t get me wrong I’m starting to think he’s kind of a dick and wouldn’t mind somebody better, but I doubt there is anybody better available.. I know there is a year left and all but £19m per year x 4 would be like a new signing of Sanchez a proven match winner.. I would love it if we make him stay to send a message. But I think we should offer him close to that based on how much he’d be worth if we had to buy him and pay wages.


Yup, to replace him with proven talent, 50-75m in transfer fees alone. Let’s say a reasonable wage packet of 150k per week, that’s around 8m a year, for 5 years for a total of 40m, total cost to club, 90-135m minus whatever we get by selling Sanchez.

Problem is that I have no idea who we could buy to replace him. Rather sell Walcott, Gibbs, one of Coq or Elneny, Wilshere, Campbell, and whoever else and use that money for Sanchez wages, let squad depth go to youth.

La Cazette with Zest and Zeal

Arsene should bench him for his attitude and sell him to Milan teams or PSG the day before transfer deadline. Lot of teams will stay away of such a greedy player. I am not sure all will come for him. He is just reducing his options.


if we consider this a one-off, then yes. but every club has a structure. with anyone on 400k per week, even just good players would demand, say, 200k. özil would want north of 300k. and they would be right considering circumstances.

this is our Club we’re taking about, which is exactly why there should be no way we’re offering such contact to him, or to whoever.

David M

Yeah maybe its a lot more than other players, but he is literally worth two of any player we have except maybe Koscienly and Ozil (when he wants to) so seems to fit with the wage structure. Twice as good so pay him twice as much


You think Sanchez is going to be anywhere close to his current level at age 31-32? With the amount of football he’s played in the last 4 years? If we can get younger, high quality players lined up (e.g. Lemar and one more) then we sell him for, say, £55m (even if that’s to City). If not (and it does seem like a long shot that we can get the players with the required quality in), we keep him for one more year and let him go for free next summer (will City even want to give a 30 yr… Read more »


In the way politicians manipulate us through the media, so do Arsenal FC via their unofficial gobshite, John Cross.
Let’s make Sanchez look like the ‘bad guy’ so we can get rid of him without a fan protest.
No one will pay him that.


I have my doubts for the same reasons as you do (spin), but I doubt Arsenal could spin Bayern Munich into backing off over wage demands so there’s the counterbalance. Looking like City this summer or next, but he’s surely not signing a new contract with Arsenal – or at least I can’t see it happening.

Alex is lacazette

The fact that this Alexis news coming right after Lacazette announcement..

not so fed up

If this is true then he is clearly trying to force a move!! The question is, not whether we will pay that in wages (we won’t), but whether to keep him for another season (to increase our chances of winning the league and thus attract a top quality replacement) or sell him to have more cash to reinvest!!! Tricky decision but if man city is the only option to sell to, I say keep him!!!

Gooner Stubbs

I’m beginning to toy with the idea that selling him to City might not be such a bad idea after all. 1. His wage demands would play havoc with their own pay structure. There’d be a lot of very unhappy City players not too keen on Alexis. 2. Due to the current strength of Pep’s squad he’d end up being rotated and even miss out playing in big games. Remember how pissed off he got at Barca? 3. He wouldn’t be ‘top dog’ … that would be Gabriel Jesus. No longer a penalty-taker, no longer an automatic free-kick taker. 4.… Read more »


He’d win them the title. RvP.

Gooner Stubbs

Yes, that’s always possible. But (a) that was then, this is now, (b) they really are two different players, (c) two different sets-of-circumstance, (d) we were less financially able to replace like-for-like back then, (e) Ferguson could ‘control’ RvP in a way Pep could never do with Alexis, (f) RvP was a ‘unique’ perfect fit for MU whereas Alexis is one of a type for MC, (g) Ferguson was perhaps the luckiest manager the PL has ever seen whereas Pep’s ‘luck’ has already taken a hit (he’s vulnerable), (h) possible isn’t probable and it certainly isn’t certain, (i) Alexis benefits… Read more »


“Ferguson was perhaps the luckiest manager the PL has ever seen whereas Pep’s ‘luck’ has already taken a hit (he’s vulnerable)”
Ah, come off it now. We might all dislike the man (Ferguson) and rightfully so, but he’s unquestionably the greatest ever manager in English and possibly world football. To suggest he was lucky is ridiculous.

Gooner Stubbs

1. He should have been sacked early on in his career, but dodged a bullet aimed directly at him. 2. ManU became a financial powerhouse while at the club … something he had little to do with. 3. He was able to sign (at a time when managers were less involved with signings than now) some very pivotal players … Cantona, Rooney, Ronaldo … for starters. 4. He was there when a clutch of MU youngsters came through the ranks … Scholes, Giggs, Beckham, Butt, the Nevilles … and please don’t tell me it was some kind of Ferguson genius… Read more »

Kwame Ampadu Down

Like the manager who inherited THE back 4 & was able to sign players from France before the market really opened up was lucky?
Or what if Keane hadn’t done his cruciate or Ferdinand hadn’t failed a drugs test? Arsene might not have had the trophy cabinet that had him avoid the adversity that other managers at other clubs faced when the trophies dried up. Sound like a bullshit hatchet job on arsene? 100%…exactly the same as yours on Ferguson. (Despised the man but to suggest he was lucky is utter bollocks)

Gooner Stubbs

Your fairness to Ferguson knows no bounds. Yes, AW was lucky early on … back four, Bergkamp, Henry under the radar, out of favour, and downright French. Yet Wenger was still the right person, in the right place at the right time too. Both managers had qualities that engendered success – Ferguson just happened to have the greater leeway to absorb external adversity. As for Ferdinand, he was always going to fail a drugs test sooner or later – his situation wasn’t the result of drug testing, but drug taking. And Keane’s minor misfortune was hardly cosmic justice for a… Read more »

Kwame Ampadu Down

Man up? What a truly bizarre comment in this context. I’ll leave you to carry on being a legend in your own mind.


You can be both good and Lucky

My wig smells cheesy

Keep going to z) mate!


They don’t need him to win them the title. All they need is a decent keeper (bought that), new fullbacks (buying those), and a dominant center back (if Kompany stays healthy they already have that). A quality young replacement/partner for Fernandinho wouldn’t be a bad idea either.
But their attack is looking breathtaking already. I’m not as confident as Gooner Stubbs about the prospect of Alexis going to City and self-destructing, but it’s not clear he’s the “missing piece of the puzzle” for them. There’s only so many brilliant attackers who can start at one time.


Can’t stop a guy playing for his country if they want to play.


Gabriel Jesus is awesome but is not as good as Alexis yet. Most likely Sterling or Aguero would be pushed aside to make room.

Tasmanian Jesus

Sterling yes. Aguero will be pushed aside to make room for Jesus.

Dial square

£19 million a year…..FUCK RIGHT OFF
I don’t want to hear anything about short lifespan, tax, or any other bollox, just think about that for a minute £19 million a year, thanks, but no thanks…

Mein Bergkampf

To be fair I spend 19 million a season just buying a burger and a couple of beers at half time every game.

Dial square

Yeah but any amount of money spent on beer can be completely justified.


we offer 300, he (his agent) has ‘demanded’ 400. Is there a middle ground? Would city even pay that wage? given their top players would likely demand more too. It looks like posturing to me.


City’s top players are only on £225-250k/wk. They wouldn’t pay these wages. Either this is complete BS from John Cross (likely) or he just wants a move to City and will accept a much lower wage to move to Manchester.


I think this is just him having unrealistic demands which he knows the club won’t meet as he just doesn’t want to stay.

Or, it’s just one of those stories put out there by the club to turn the fans against the player so there won’t be a backlash when we inevitably sell him to City.

occams hatchet

Shouldn’t there be a poo meter for John Cross claims? Jon Snow knows more than John Cross.

If it’s true, he desperately wants away. That’s a ridiculous sum designed to force a move. Tell his agent we will arrange a transfer to the club of his choice as long as they’re locked into paying him £400k per week.


“Jon Snow knows more than John Cross”

Ha, that is quality.

Gooner Stubbs

If true, he wants £400,000 pw AND expects Arsenal to strengthen big at the top end of the transfer market.

That’s what comes of living in a world where money really does seem endless.


Turns out ‘just pay him what he wants’ does have a limit..


It’s interesting… If we keep him, it’ll cost us 75 million over 4 years, and if we let him go on a free next year, we’re looking at 75 million to replace him, plus the 3 years worth of wages! Potentially another 30 – 40 million on top. A difficult decision for the club. Given a choice, I’d say no, and keep him for the final year of his contract and let him go on a free. I also think he ought to know that this level of greed is corrupting football, and that’s why he’s not getting the offer… Read more »

rogue gooner

Just get Jens to negotiate the contract with him. I’m sure it will be signed with very little fuss.


It’s just the wage costs either way – the purchase price is kinda irrelevant. If we replaced him with a younger player, its not a sunk cost – as after 3 years of wages we could resell the younger player perhaps at a profit. See eg Lukaku. It’s hugely unlikely an incoming player would be £400,000 a week.


If this is true, sell him. And be a bitch about it. Make city cough up atleast 60 mill. Invest in a young exciting prospect. #mbappe.

Alternately, offer atom and humber official AFC mascot status.


75m. That’s what he’s demanding, so that’s his price.
If this is true that is.


I love Alexis but if he wants out I’d take Mbappe or James Rodriguez as a replacement.


1st thing to worry about is: Is this serious / true ??
– If yes, sell him to anybody ready to pay the right amount and re invest the money… I love Arsenal which is bigger than him… Alexis staying beyond his willingness would be a massive danger for our dressing room balance & ambiance.!
– if not, let’s continue to discuss with him…


I don’t think keeping him would rock the boat… Firstly, he’ll be playing for his next contract offer, and secondly, we’ll all know where we stand.

If he plays the dick we can bench him, and he won’t want that. I reckon he’ll probably be on better behaviour than he has been!


Good point. Also, next year is a WC year. He would not be comfortable on the bench, even if he is an automatic selection for Chile.

Block 93

Even in the current market, that kind of money is batshit crazy. Would City even stretch that far?? It would be almost double what their highest earners make (YaYa Toure and Aguero both earn £220k/week).


Nope, they wouldn’t. And I suspect (if this is tru, mind) he wouldn’t demand that there. This is an out the door demand to cover his tracks. The knock on effect anywhere (except China) would be too much.


well, the guy has proven himself like no one else. If other players can contribute to 40+ goals a season, they have the right to demand ridiculous amounts as well. You can’t get another Sanchez for 75Mn in today’s market where lacazette costs almost 75Mn (including wages).


We would be insane to give him that. Imagine what other players would think after we agree to that. Every one of them would demand 200k and above to renew… Crazy


Unpopular opinion……but if another team wants to give him 400k a week and we manage to get a good AM by the end of the transfer window, I wouldn’t be too sad to see him go. Although he’s a great player and a match winner, I feel he makes our attack a bit unstable and volatile, completely un-Arsenal


Only at the transfer window though….deadline day stuff
Otherwise keep him for a year


*end of the


I’m not paying the money, yet I’m frustrated by the amount of turnovers he provides at the current cost. He got us a lot of goals, but was also a ghost through many games. Sorry but granting that sum would implode and is a total no brainer. I say keep him till the end and let him off on a free to China where they’ll pay him his half a mil (what he was offered presumably) in front of the missing crowds. Not many have enjoyed that, but it bring in the cash if that is the most important thing.


It’s a tough one.. I am inclined to say give him what he wants. It will cost more than that to replace him overall but the issue is the precedent it will set..
That can potentially spiral out of control. We may be able to get ingenious with his demands though… offer him 250k a week and tie the rest into some image rights or something similar so that way the structure does not look broken.


400K/week, it’s around 20 Mill a year. Not a bad trade imo because Alexis quality on the market is around 70-80 Mill nowadays, only us the only club who let his best player run his contract till one year and sell their best player underprice. So, sell him for 50 Mill, and replace him with another 50 Million signing but probably not as good as him. Or give him 400K, but we still get his service next year, and who knows, next year if he insist to go, we can sell him with higher price than now. Or another solution… Read more »


I get the argument that it would set a precedent. 400k a week, the rest would be asking questions. We might be a bit unfortunate with timing, Messi just been given 500k a week and you can imagine they are referencing that deal as the new standard. Maybe it’s about more than the money, particularly with City sniffing around. I know it would be mad, but I think for the future of the club- we should do what it takes to keep our best player. And if that’s 400k a week and we can cost it, then do it. About… Read more »


Tell him he can have a reasonable wage, but if he wants to go to Man City next year then he gets to train with the youth teams for the whole season leading up to the next World Cup.

Bendtner\'s ego

Let’s be clear.

His “agent” wants £400K. I don’t think Sanchez gets into this level of negotiations.


First up this source, the mirror? It could feasibly be a leak from Arsenal to get fans to turn on him and get club side. It could be to try and shame his agent into backing down if there is truth to it. It could all just be tabloid spaff. We should 100% keep him for his final year though. Have one proper crack at the league with him and the new striking addition. If we’re not in contention with the league come January then with our blessing sign a pre contract with whatever sucker club is willing to foot… Read more »


Well put.


Ridiculous to be honest if it is true… If these reports are to be believed think he wants to go…


That is absolutely ludicrous. Sell him. Don’t let the door hit you in the greedy fucking ass, you pouty little bitch. Obviously, that chilean statue that looks like a Todd Mcfarlane doll has gone to his head. If this is true, I seriously have no interest in seeing him play another match in Red and White.


Guys, if we lose him and we are luckily enough to buy another players with similar quality, that would cost at least 60 – 70 million. Same for Ozil. So his wage demand doesnt look that bad?


When we dont spend, we all demand the club treat it as a sport club instead of business. When we spend, we think it as a business and do the cost benefit calculation that we hate so much when the club does it.


1. We don’t have to sell him this season. We can get another fantastic year out of him at his current (relatively reasonable) wages and let him leave on a free next summer. 2. The biggest issue is his age: almost 29. He’s at the top of his game now, but almost certainly will not be in 4, 3, or possibly even 2, years time. Yes, it will cost us a lot of money to buy quality players to replace him, but presumably they will be 4-5 years younger, and we’ll be getting the best years of their careers. I’m… Read more »


So sell him now and then use that money to buy a younger replacement who might grow in value. Same for Ozil. Both strike me as ungrateful twats


Maybe the club have leaked this info so that when they sell TO City, we’ll blame him .
What say?


Wow! Did we win the League last season with Sanchez in the team? Of course he is a brilliant player, but on what justification could he possible argue for such a salary? He can fuck right off, that’s what he can do! Greedy asshole!

Shit, ‘news’ like this makes me angry!


Whilst I agree this is a fuck ton of money I’m wondering when football fans turned in to accounts? If the club think he’s worth it, pay it. Pay what we need to get (and keep) the best players. So what if we spend more money? I’m certainly not going to celebrate having more money in Arsenal’s bank account. We’re fans, I want to win things, if the club can afford it, do it. If they can’t then sell him. I don’t care about his salary, I don’t want to debate it, his salary makes no difference when we win… Read more »

Ajit Unni

I am no expert in football economics. But from the figures that have regularly been bandied about … I would say if we want to have a world class player … This is a fair price to pay. We don’t have Champions League to offer him. Keeping him will be clear show of intention to win the league. I don’t see any new signing who will settle immediately and make is challenge for the title even this year.


Clearly this is disguised as a lesser blow for selling him to City which will no doubt be at a price less than 23 paid for Lacazette when in fact it should be more due to Prem to Prem inflation. AFC really do think we’ve got cunt written across our foreheads don’t they.


23 = the. Bloody predictive text.