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VIDEO: Lacazette’s 129 goals for Lyon

Not sure what Alexandre Lacazette brings to the table?

Get a taste of things to come with this comprehensive rundown of every goal the Frenchman scored for Lyon since his first team debut in 2010.

Let’s hope our new signing is similarly deadly in an Arsenal shirt.

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Video has been blocked on arseblog?


LacaSWEAT. Can’t wait for him to start firing them in for us.

Tom Gun

“Girl I want to make you sweat
Lacazette til you can’t sweat no more.
And if you cry out, he’s gonna score it, score it some more.
A la la la la lex
A la la la la lex
Lex Lex la La-Ca-Zette”

One for the terraces?

….or should I get my coat?!


He’s got a good left foot and I like how he leaves defenders on their ass. I’m optimistic about this one.


i think with the prices being quoted around for players like morata, mbappe and lukaku i think arsenal did a very good job on this one . i think its rather cheap atleast compared to other strikers , not that the player is bad in any way , he’s actually very good . adept at small spaces and that finishing , i have a feeling this is gonna be the striker we were all waiting for


I can see he’s right footed. But did he take one of those penalties with his left foot? Or was it just that the clip is flipped, as some people on YouTube do to avoid licensing issues etc


He has a great left footed shot, doesn’t hesitate to shoot if it comes to that foot or his right.

Great to see, when we have Giroud and Ozil being very left foot orientated.

Mr. White

I was thinking the same how he’s taking a pen with his left foot in a competitive match. I have a feeling he’s gonna score a hatrick for us real soon


Great music choice. Is the soundtrack available on La Cazette?

Buzzy first tipsy later

He looks like the “finisher”

Tanzanian Gooner

Pace, power, clinical finishing, ferocious shot (booth feet) and good link up play. It’s a type of striker we have all wanted at Arsenal for a long time. Yet some fans are still moaning.
PS: He is not behind Giroud in the French, but rather behind Griezmann due to the way France plays using two forwards ( traditional CF & roaming CF)


Good poacher instinct. We’ve been a bit light in that space beyond Alexis


Now I hope he scores some other 129 goals plus for Arsenal


In his first season for us.

julio baptista

“Lacca Lacca Lacca Lacca Lacca Lacazette, Alex Lacazette!!”

Deadily striker, just what we needed…


Left foot, right foot, headers, volleys, penalties…. he’s got the lot. That goal vs Nice (128) was bergkampesc. Didn’t realise he was a captain as well – that makes three captains signed in the last two years, mustafi, xhaka and lacazette. This ones got me a bit excited to be honest!

Coq au Vin

Love all the near post finishes. No. 128 very Bergkampesque.

Rwandan Gunner

Am a fun of pacey strikers with flair and technique. Laca seem to be having them in abundance. What a great addition we have got people.


I am excited about this!

Clinical, and I like how he buries them through the tight angle. That is a great quality to have.


Nice to see him in action.looks like he’s got all the skills needed and with plenty of pace he’ll give Pl defenders nightmares! Hope he settles in quickly.


Very good stuff, some belters in there. 128 stands out as almost god-like. If we look back on this guy as fondly as we do Denis then he’ll’ve done alright.


this being said French league defences look as if they leave something to be desired. Maybe that should be no surprise given we’re the frenchest team in the league and look at our defence! Anyhow lets hope he handles the step up.


Being french I think you are totally wrong. Defense is the number one priority for every ligue 1 team, and ligue 1 is one of the european league with the fewest goal scored. This is the reason why I started to watch premier league (besides Henry, Pires, Bergkamp, Vieira, Ljunberg, Wenger…). In France the mentality is not “let’s win” but “let’s not lose”. There is always one guy happy about a clean sheet after a 0-0…

Lord Bendnter

Now if we could just nail down one more player I’ll be satisfied. Can’t bank on Ramsey’s fitness for the RamXhaka partnership.


Chech – Özil – Sanchez – Xhaka – Skhodran – Kolasinac – Lacazette
Someone is seriously trying to add some quality to the team


Just how many of those finishes ended up in the side netting or just inside the post. Incredible accuracy. Very excited after watching that. I agree with Houllier, there is a little of the Ian Wright’s about him.


I like how well he shoots with both legs.


Seeing how good Bafetimbi Gomis was against some of those teams makes me wonder about the competition. I see why it took Arsene a while to be convinced about Lacazette


after getting through the whole video, you definitely get a feel for his rise to become a deadly finisher. Not many of his goals are super impressive but they go in. And he seems to react quickly in those weird scrappy situations to get his foot on the ball


The two things that “strike” me from watching the compilations are:
1. He seems to take shots early, with first-time strikes that should help ease our predeliction to walk the ball into the net.
2. He seems to have very good shot placement and tends to lift the ball when he hits it which makes it hard for the keepers to save with their legs; a fair amount of his shots hit the keeper’s leg and would have otherwise been saved but just spin off in odd directions into the net.


Apart from scoring all types of goals, he seems ruthless when it comes to goal scoring and shows no mercy to the opposition. A real serial killer on the pitch!


I’ve been eagerly digesting Lacazette footage for the last week or so, and I can’t think of another Arsenal player in recent times with so much composure. Guess it’s what makes him a clinical penalty taker, but it’s often what we have been lacking sorely for the last decade or more. Someone with a cool head, able to make the right decision in the final third when the pressure is on, instead of shooting wide, over the bar, into the post, right at the keeper. One of my favorites out of all his goals was when he waited for the… Read more »

The Handy Gooner

I seriously get the Wrighty comparison now.
He just seems to be there when the ball is going begging.
Wrighty had a nose for a goal in a era when it was harder to score for sure as games were played in an entirely different way but this kid really does look good.
I for one am excited and anyone who can be compared to the LEGEND of Ian Wright, well…. they get my vote
Freetime thumbs up here….!

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