Thursday, June 20, 2024

New keeper coach spotted at London Colney

Arsenal appear to have added another new face to the backroom staff with Sal Bibbo pictured working with the club’s goalkeepers.

The Mirror have done some digging on the 42-year-old’s background revealing he played for the likes of Basingstoke Town, Crawley, Sheffield United and Havant and Waterlooville during a journeyman career. He’s most recently been on the books as a coach at Reading. We’re speculating here but maybe he was recommended by Brian McDermott?

It’s not yet clear whether this is a permanent appointment or not. There have been rumours that long-standing first team keeper coach Gerry Peyton, who has just signed a new contract, might need hip surgery. With that in mind, it’s possible Bibbo is working on a temporary basis as cover.

It is expected that Andy Woodman, who has previously coached at Crystal Palace and Newcastle, will take on a role with the under-23 keepers. He’s not yet been papped by the club’s photographers which suggest he’s not started. Jens Lehmann is also learning the ropes at London Colney, but his first team role isn’t keeper specific.

Judging by the below pictures, the keepers seem to be enjoying the new training exercises.

Petr Cech entranced by Emi Martinez
Petr Cech covering his near post courtesy of some obstacles
Jens Lehmann asking Arsene Wenger when he can shout at people

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More like two new keeper coaches spotted at London Conley


And, in breaking news, Per to make the Arsenal Academy purr in a year’s time.


Sal: “Petr, do you even lift?”


A bit distressing that Szsz isn’t in the pictures…


Szcz is only due back on Monday, as far as I know.


Phew. Thank you…

Fuhgedaboudit l

They’re crazy if they don’t bring Szczesny home. Bring him home, bring him home. Just seems to make no sense not to bring him home. If they don’t, I am sure one day they will regret they didn’t. I love his abilities, and his love for the Gunners.


Bibbo is saying “Here comes Lacazette to practise a few pens, Tenner says you can’t save one”


Bibbo just reminds of gabbo. Don’t know who he is, or why he’s here… yet.




I don’t know much about him, but I have it good authority that were all going to not just like him, but love him.


Seems fair


Bibbo – “Just hoof it down that end mate”

Petr – “And who the f*** are you pal?”

Lord Bendnter

Sometimes I wonder how much more can one coach Cech?


Lesson 1: How to save penalties


Summary of the lesson: Dive the right way.

Lord Bendnter

Hahaha true true!


Personally I think he should just stay put to save the 24% up the middle and have a shot at the poorly taken ones.


“Jens Lehmann asking Wenger when he can shout at people” LOL
The Mad Bastard is going to add some grind and ferociousness into the team.

Gunner eddie

The same was said when bloud became assistant. Doubt it’ll change much no matter how mad he is. Toe the line or your out.

Michael Bolton Wanderers

You know our coaching staff is old when they need hip surgery


What sort of a name is Bibbo?!


Gibbo’s dad?

sixteen swans

Odds are he’ll get called Baggins behind his back.


Bit strange that there’s been no official Jens anouncement?


what book is Jens holding?

Eric Blair

Wondered that myself. After a bit of research it appears to be a tactics and formations playbook which is well-known and widely-used here in Germany. Interestingly this suggests to me that Lehmann is really going to be involved deeply in team management, not goalkeeping coaching or even training drills and so on. Could he be being groomed by Wenger as a successor?


it seems like an exercise book, like an empty template for coaches to fill in

Belfast Gooner

Maybe he just rocked up at Colney in a coaches top, and no-one has the kahunas to ask him to leave!!


Caption on bottom pic is the best ever. Made my day.


What a magic.


Is it just me or does AW look especially old in the pictures from the last few days? :'(


Shad Forsythe, Huss Fahmy, Sal Bibbo. I honestly think we search for guy with Jedi names.

I\'m Professor Ignorance, on this subject

Mertesacca. Landocazzette. Alex Wan Iwobi. C3TheO.

The evil Emperor Pochettine.

And Granit Xhaka is the name of a feared galactic bounty hunter if ever there was one.


Some of the comments here are killing me. Then that caption under the Jens &a Wenger pic. Lordy! ??

Faisal Narrage

I’ve got inside intel that’s very reliable…
Apparently Lehman has already laid into certain players, saying they wouldn’t get into The Invincibles.


Sal Beppo looks like a mob hitman.

Lehman looks like a German maniac…oh he is.:D


We should keep Szsc.

He should have it to push Cech if not start ahead of the veteran.

Marinez has look decent too in recent season.

Who would think wenger would solve our ‘keeper situation’?;)

Egads is this the big things Gazidis was alluding to us performing in the ‘backroom’? Could he really be telling the truth?


Let see if Lehmann will be given “freedom of speech and expression “whilst on the bench with Arsene Wenger. He is certainly not Steve Bould because he was a talking goalkeeper,never shy to shout on straying defenders when they are out of position.
Our players need to be caution and shouted at,to fall in line sometimes,enough of deference and pampering.

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