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Video: “I’d sell Gabriel Paulista instead of Calum Chambers”

After a good loan spell at Boro last season, Calum Chambers is reportedly up for sale, with Crystal Palace among the interested parties.

In this video, James talks about why he’d keep the young Englishman and instead sell Brazilian Gabriel.

What do you think? Who would you prefer to keep? Let us know in the comments below.

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Digital Architect

Agreed. I think the potential in Chambers or “ceiling” as you referred to it is much higher for chambers. I hope he sticks around. We have some aging center halfs and I’d like to see Chambers get a real run out this year or next to show what he’s got.


Agreed, maybe Wenger see’s something in chambers that we don’t? I think it may be that we need to get rid of a CB and Gabi’s injury means no club would be willing to sign him at the moment or at least we wouldn’t get much out of it.

Personally I think Chambers would be great as a RCB and would like to see him stay at least until January. Only reason I can see us selling him is for financial reasons. It’s either him or Gabriel and we can get more from Chambers.

Brandon Burton

Very hard to disagree with. Gabriel is passionate and committed but will never be as good as we’d need from a starter. I was actually unimpressed from him as a RB. Solid but left us quite flat going forward (he is a CB).
Chambers has no pace but, like Holding, is composed on the ball, positionally sound and has alot of potential. Like Ox/szcesny/gnabry, I wonder if our willingness to sell is more because they are pushing to play 40+ first team games per season somewhere rather than Wenger not rating their ability/potential?

Dave B

Sound argument. I would sell them both though.


are your opinions relevant then?
(rhetorical question, as I know they are not)




Nah. I disagree. I think it’s a balance of age. We have some great young prospects. I think Gabriel is worth more on our books than what clubs would pay for him.


Arsenal should sell both gabriel and Calum.They both meet ordinary standards and will make silly mistakes and will probably apologies after the game.Consistancy a requirement.Virgil of Southampton good replacement.


I quite agree… Gabriel seems to be driven by a compulsion to give the opponent a trowing or corner… And chambers I think too ordinary for a team wanting to win a league…

Patrick Ahern

Sell both and get van dijk


Kos was very similar to Gab, when he got to arsenal, a lot of start stop situations, made many errors and now he is considered to be a world class CB. The problem with Gab is anytime he comes back from injury or lay off he tends to be sloppy and prone to errors, he always need time to get back into stride. I like Chambers i thought he could have been made into a proper DM, good range of passes, tackles and fairly good with moving the ball forward, in truth i do not see him much different from… Read more »


Nah I like Gabriel.

Chris O.

Gabriel is solid enough defensively as a RB, but we simply lose our right-sided attack with him at RB. He’s not a viable backup there in anything but a pinch (hopefully with a lead). I agree – as much as I do like Gabriel and his passion, I think Chambers is the way to go. The only merit to selling Chambers over Gabriel is Chambers likely will command a higher fee, but is the difference so much that that outweighs the other considerations? I don’t think so.

Chris O.

And BTW, don’t underestimate Bielik’s influence on this. He’s looking more and more like an excellent prospect as a ball playing CB.

Igbo Amadi-Obi

I agree. I see the next Holding in him.

Igbo Amadi-Obi

Bielik was already a teenage international before he joined us 3 seasons ago or more.


Would have agreed with this earlier but Gabriel turned in some pretty impressive performances late last season. Chambers never seemed to recover from being thrown in the deep end during his first season at Arsenal. He might be better off at another club.


Why do supporters fail to grasp that players can improve ? He was excellent at Middlesbrough last season and was England U21 best defender keeping Holding out of team.

Igbo Amadi-Obi

Really? Is that what you think of us?

Godfrey Twatsloch

I’d rather sell none of them.


Both guys are squad and depth players for this current Arsenal side. If they demand more games and are not willing to fight for a place, cash in and get rid of.
Both are about the same level which is below Rob Holdings level imo.


The need to have some home grown players in the team must be considered yes. I see them at the same level. Age is an advantage Chambers has over Gabriel but as a per versatility Gabriel is better that’s why I am with the boss on this one.


I think Gabriel has been hamstrung by a lack of games. Arsene would play him and bench him after a poor performance. Hard to develop consistency when you aren’t getting time on the pitch. Also literally he is hamstrung right now and that would make selling him difficult. I would rather loan chambers out another year as koscielny isn’t getting any younger. Interested to see how chambers would develop with another year or regular football.

crazy gunner

Gabriel lacks composure unfortunately that’s something you can’t teach…Chambers is composed but I have not been totally convinced he has the neccessary ingredients at the very top level…someone said his positional sense is good’t make me laugh is his poor positional sense that often gets him an early booking and makes him useless after only 15mins because he can’t attempt another tackle….
Chambers and Debuchy I never quite got over their signing..lets hope we get some decent dosh…

Heavenly Chapecoense

You can say that about Debuchy now, right? Debuchy a French international who pushed Sagna to the bench in the national team ? Debuchy who put in really really solid perfomances when used as CB ?


Definitely Calum Chambers sell, keep Gabriel, more flexibility

Harish P

I’d rather not sell either just yet. For depth and a youth prospect, both have a place.


You are spot on about that. There is no way we should sell Calum and leave Gabriel. Calum is a better player with full of prospects. Gabriel is a player I am not even sure he fits in and probably would never fit.

Alexis left boot

Gabriel is the man!


Moot question really. Chambers is the better player and is the only one of the two that has any value on the transfer market.


I rather sell Wenger but I do agree you on chambers. Gabriel just has not impressed me.


I wouldnt sell any of them… we are playing 3 at the back so we need 6?


Keep Chambers, Think he has great potential

Pires\' Left Foot

It is probably a good thing that Wenger does not read Arseblog News or see any of James’ vlogs. He’s out to sell Alexis and Paulista. I wonder why he (James) goes out on a limb to proffer his opinions on transfers, knowing that nobody at Arsenal gives a **** about what he thinks.

Mustrum Ridcully

Definitely, I would keep Chambers ahead of Gabriel!


Sell Gabriel

Anthony Hylton

The hell you on about:) Gabriel is much better than chambers. Chambers is just about quicker than mertersacker. You say he did well at Middlesbrough on loan, that is because that is his sort of level. He has never convinced me whenever I have seen him play, I just remember what montero from Swansea did to chambers. I would sell chambers whatever you can get for him. Gabriel will get better, and is rapid. His decision making can be a bit suspect but he is a good player.


funny how you remember the Montero Chambers part but conveniently forget the myriad of errors Gabriel makes when he is on. But love Gabriel’s passion.

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