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Video: Wenger on Szczesny departure and Bayern win

Earlier today Wojciech Szczesny’s Arsenal career came to an end as he was sold to Juventus for a fee believed to be in the region of £10m.

After the penalty shoot-out win over Bayern Munich, Arsene Wenger spoke about the decision to let Szczesny go, the game itself, and the potential of Emi Martinez who made a couple of penalty saves.

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Faisal Narrage

Ah screw you, Wenger.

How about you just screw your pecking order, offer him a damn extension (as you should’ve last year, as young should’ve for some 3-4 other players), and in preseason offer the no.1 jersey to the best keeper. Let competition dictates who starts, not just who are your favs and are in your secret whatsapp group chats.

And yeah, I might be a little bit pissed at this whole debacle. If Chez goes on to be awesome and replace the best keeper of his generation, I’ll hold Wenger directly responsible.


Don’t worry, he won’t.


He’s a world class keeper and this a serious error of judgement. Cech is good but ageing the other 2 are not good enough.


I didn.t see much of Szcz at Roma but he sure as feck wasn.t world class when he played for us for large periods. Played like a clown as often as he played well. Ospina is a v good keeper who has generally done well for us and I happen to believe that Martinez deserves a chance now


Why so many thumbs down for someone telling the truth ?

Faisal Narrage

Because it’s preseason and everyone is feeling good right now.

Original Paul

Because some of us think Wenger and the coaching staff know better than you lot??


Yes Paul, we have seen the fruits of their knowledge the last 14 leagueless years. Might throw in CL-less in as well.

Original Paul

Go on then Domi you run the club via your keyboard? Good luck


Think you can do a better job than them running Arsenal, huh?

Faisal Narrage

I’m willing to bet Buffon knows more about what makes a good keeper more than anyone at Arsenal.


Completelt agree. Wenger fucked up big time, also with Alexis saga. We are shooting ourselves in the leg.

Original Paul

It’s “foot” mate!


I think most are disappointed to see Chez go, but hey, we don’t know the full circumstances so will not let this destroy our lives.


Your a bit of a clown

not so fed up

Waxing lyrical about shezza but let him go to juventus!!! Seems surreal!!! Anyway, good win despite the squits!!!


This only gets stranger… we dont have 3 world class keepers


So some people think we do have 3 world class keepers ?


Care to watch the video?


Probably a$$hole Wenger is giving his speeches.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Dommy, unnecessary comment.


Heavenly, why? Can’t see the guy right now, he burned the bridges with me last season. With Szcz leaving it just adds to my feelings towards him, which are not positive I can assure you. Don’t care really and will not choose words any more, it’s too much.


Cech is “world class”
Ospina is very good international gk he is in my opinion in the rank of Romero, Bravo, Areola, Mignolet..
Martinez is 3rd choice gk for now. He showed that he is good so far, more we will see in the future.
Good luck Woj.!


Agree, but szc 》ospi & marti.

Mississippi Gunner

I’m more disturbed by Arsene’s treatment of Joel than Szcz. He just let’s Joel waste basically. A guy who showed very nice qualities and plays for the shirt. An entire country would be Arsenal fans (Costa Rica) if he appreciated that left foot more. Hasn’t smoked in the showers
after having a bad game. Instead, after proving he was good enough, Arsene just shipped him off to Sporting Lisbon.

That’s just fucked up, imo.


Yeah it was so surprising that Campbell was sent out on loan. That when we desperately needed someone to step up after injuries ravaged all our option Campbell came in and did a fantastic job. He was out best player in important matches against Liverpool city and olympiyacos. He showed in a few months what walcot hasn’t done in years . at the very least campbell was a hardworking player who gave everything to the team compared to walcot who never even tracked back or help his teamates defensively. and what does arsene do sent him out on loan and… Read more »


I have to disagree. Joel never did anything special. He came in and did decent at best, but at a time when the rest of the team was playing quite poor, so perhaps this leaves you with more find memories than he really deserves. It’s clear that is he couldn’t break through during his loan spell this year, he doesn’t have arsenal quality at thus stage. I like the kid, but he just isn’t the level needed.


Campbell is not world class far from it, I agree with you on that. And he’s never going to be . He might not be the world class player we are craving , but whenever he played through sheer will he made a difference. And as I’ve said at the very least he worked his ass off defensively every time he played for us . unlike players like walcot who granted had his best season for us last season. But still we waited around a decade for him to come good , even now he can’t pass nor dribble past… Read more »

Da Oli G Show

If Chesney was so good last year why did Roma show no interest in keeping him? They would have the most recent up close look at him on the field and behind the scenes. If they thought he was a world-class keeper they probably would have tried to keep him. But they didn’t show any interest, and he went to a rival club in Italy.

Gudang Pelor

I think they were considering it, but in the end they opted not to sign chesney.

Good luck to him, hope ue can advance his career in pastures new.

Mississippi Gunner

Roma have two other good keepers and knew they didn’t really have a chance at keeping Szcz anyway


Really, if Szcz what that really good for roma, roma would have signed him for 10 milion peanuts money even if they had 10 keepers in the team. I don’t know what is the fuss, is szcz didn’t want to sign new deal if he is not guaranteed to be no.1 gk, what should wenger do ? keep him ? He is a good GK but far from world class, cech is world class but he is at the end of career and we had enough at arsenal with good Gk’s it is time after check we bring someone younger… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

According to your logic, we can say “Chez must be good if Juve and the best keeper of our generation want him as understudy”.


They couldn’t afford his salary. They would like to have kept him


Roma has no money. They had to sell 50m worth of players to meet FFP. No way they could have signed him with that sort of financial trouble.


The coaches at Roma probably told Wenger he still smokes..

Fuhgedaboudit l

Did I hear Wenger correctly? Did he say Szczesny signed a one year contract with Juventus? If so, isn’t that a little strange? That would mean Szczesny would be free to sign with anyone he wants next year on a free. Maybe it’s because I’d love to see Szczesny back with Arsenal and am grasping at straws, but if it’s true that it’s a one year contract, we really could get him back next year. I can’t help it, but I think he is an excellent goalie, better than Ospina and Martinez, and I absolutely love the idea he loves… Read more »

Mississippi Gunner

Sounded like that too when I listened but I think he just meant Juve signed him while he had one year left on his contract here


Whatever the case I’ll reserve the hope that he doesn’t sign another with them and he returns to us for a similar fee/free in 3 or 4 years time.
Over to Cech now to keep his level for that period… he’d not be the first GK to play that long. Buffon is 4 years Cech’s senior.


No he was saying he had 1 year on his arsenal contract.


No you misheard. He said he had only 1 year contract to go. Sadly we are unlikely to see him in an Arsenal shirt again. Letting our best keeper leave is sheer lunacy.

Man Manny

“Letting our best keeper leave is sheer lunacy.” Really? Our best keeper? Really? Absence sure makes the heart grow fonder.

Fuhgedaboudit l

One word. “Damn”

Ben f

Wouldn’t it be great if we all just supported Arsenal without all the drama of last year which made us look completely ridiculous and effected the team. At the moment the worst thing about our club is the fans. I didn’t want VS to go but that doesn’t mean I hate the manager and anyone that did. It’s pre season and we are acting like dicks already.

Stuck on repeat...

Probably not a popular comment, & don’t know exactly what it is, but I really feel that AW has lost some of his shine (despite that bright red nose). Feel actually quite sad as i used to love the guy. Still like him, & am glad he’s still manager…but it’s just not the same. Things just feel really unsettled at the minute.

Anyway, some good results on the tour & can’t wait for the season to actually start. Hopefully that will settle things down.


Calm down everyone, it was just a goalkeeper who hasn’t played for us in two years.


Gutted about szcezney. In better news, Wenger looks rejuvenated!
Overall I think this may be a very progressive season for us lads!

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