Monday, July 4, 2022

Wenger on why it’s ‘ideal’ that players have less than 12 months left

Arsene Wenger has rather bizarrely claimed that players being in the final year of their contracts is an ‘ideal’ situation, as it means they have to maintain high standards to either get a new deal with their current clubs, or a move to somewhere they fancy.

Arsenal have yet to sort out the contractual situations of Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, while Kieran Gibbs, Jack Wilshere and Carl Jenkinson are all into the final 12 months of their current deals.

Asked if he viewed this as an issue, the manager said, “No. It’s an ideal situation, because everybody has to perform.”

In fact, the 67 year old believes that the ever-increasing transfer fees will see this become much more prevalent at all clubs over the coming years.

“I think in the future to me you will see that more and more – players going to the end of their contracts” he said.

“Because the transfers become so high even for normal players that you will see more and more players going to the end of their contract because nobody will want to pay the amount of money that is demanded.

“And I am convinced that in the next 10 years, that will become usual.”

We’ll see, he may well be right, but it doesn’t really address our short-term issues right now.

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Mike is Michael

He could be right about it happening in the future. We are in the ‘now’ and we need to renew contracts for Alexis, Ozil and Chamberlain.


Arsene trying to spin this…
At least he’s consistent.
There’s certainly nothing ideal about these three being in the final year of their contracts.


To be fair I’m not sure what else we can do

The Loon Ranger

I love him to bits but he is absolutely barking. 67 and turning into John Malkovic, Oh well, I’ve got MY tinfoil hat on already

Third Plebeian

I think there’s some misunderstanding going on here. Of course there is some spin in Wenger’s comments, since no, it’s not ideal for longterm planning to have players running down their contract. However, what he’s saying is that players in this situation see this season as one in which they’ll have to put themselves in the shop window, big time, or else risk going to a lesser team next season. This means raised performances, which IS ideal…in the short term. Again, in the short term, what Wenger says makes perfect sense. In the long term, not so much. But I… Read more »

Heavenly Chapecoense

Shouldn’t Wenger be trying to have a complete squad for the new season instead trying to be a football philosopher ?

Third Plebeian

Erm. He’s saying he’ll have players who will be focused on being at their best. Do you not see how that relates to the quality of the squad going into the new season? Or is any idea, no matter how practical, dismissed by you as ‘philosophy’?


Igbo Amadi-Obi

What he said applies only to players who are not in high demand. Top players will never need to put themselves in the shop window. So you would expect the club to work hard to not make them attractive to competition.


Hes trying tp polish a turd


How dare he?! Tell him it’s rude to rub your head. 😉


Next he’ll be saying long term injuries are good as they build character. And Santi will be even better when he comes back.


Wenger appears to have shared his thoughts on these three who have been offered contracts, ‘you will see more and more players going to the end of their contract because nobody will want to pay the amount of money that is demanded.’




spot on. Anyway the above article only covers part of the quotes from Wenger today. He pointed out that sometimes there are players you don’t want to keep, and so you want their contract run down. Also that its “ideal” for the players who let their contracts run down as they can move to whoever offers them best deal. I liked that Wenger said on the subject -“maybe we should give them all 20 year contracts and then you will all be happy” Gazidis explained all this last year. Simply put, of course the club wants to tie the players… Read more »

Bould\'s Eyeliner

Basically he uses ‘ideal’ as a buzzword to set off a lot of controversy. Smart man. What he really means is that when clubs let players run down a contract, it’s because they feel they have more to gain than otherwise. Very simple fiscal policy, much? Obviously he won’t want to say more than that. Similarly, he’s saying, don’t look at our final-contract players like demons, because they’re doing what’s right for their careers.

So it really comes back to “fans should support the club and be behind the team.” He’s looking for solidarity before our season goes underway.

Non Flying dutchman

I’ll have that. What is worse for team morale – playing alongside those singing for their supper, or giving into unrealistic demands that lay havoc to the wage structure?


Within reason. Is Alexis worth 300k a week? That’s an insane amount of money. If clubs met player’s demands they’d go bankrupt. Money and guaranteed starting places seem to be at the centre of contract negotiations. How can a manager guarantee a player the latter? If he did he wouldn’t be a very good manager. But you’re right, we can’t screw around anymore. I’m just pointing out that it’s not that easy. I mean can’t be, can it?


I think Alexis is worth the £300k/week tbh, especially when you consider the transfer fee and wage package an apples to apples replacement would cost in today’s market


But I think you don’t replace like for like- you adjust the strategy. 2 mids, 2 attacking wing backs, and an AM (Ozil or Iwobi, etc.) sitting in behind two strikers gives us a different shape not so reliant on the uber productive scoring winger and has a ton of attack.

Of course if Alexis wants to stay he’d be a great part of it, perhaps with the 3 forwards format or as one of the strikers.


I’m thinking Alexis’ age is becoming a factor


I think he is, but I think it is because I am comparing him to the other offensive players, so his outrageously awesome work ethic may be sliding my evaluation to the right.

I do know that Arsene began playing the year the before I was born, and began coaching two years before I could legally drive, so he can probably spin any situation in some way that it will placate the fans.

At this point I am only interested in results, so the squad needs to win every competition its in for me to be happy.


Alex is worth whatever a club will pay him. As a club we can take a stance on wages and let him leave and get whatever wages are offered. Its all fine taking that stance but we lose our best players and dont win the big titles or we compete pay the wages and get on with it. Its modern day football we may not all like it but thats how it is.


I agree in part, but no footballer, anywhere, is worth 300,400,500k a week it’s obscene.

I don’t care if they are Ronaldinho, Messi, Sanchez or Suarez it’s just pure fantasy.

We complain in unison at how Sky have wrecked the game with the television money, pandering to these wage demands simply exacerbates that.

Art Van delay

Why? They’re part of a squad that failed to get Arsenal into the CL for the first time in 20 odd years. Ozil aside, I’d be glad to see the back of them. Alex with his tantrums and all these saps saying how hard he tries, doesn’t seem to be trying too hard at the moment. As for ‘The Ox’, he’s a nice enough kid and all that but how many goals has he got since he’s been at the club? Not many’s the answer.

Kwame Ampadu Down

And yet a load of big clubs are in for Alexis & none interested in Ozil. That’s telling.


and he can take his 30 goals and all his assists and shove up his arse…i think the bloke done his part last year


Would I rather have my best players with 12 months left to play or a four year contract… hmm Would Kane and Alli be better off leaving next year on a free and play better or would they be better on long contracts so if an offer comes in you can recoup a few hundred million? I know I would rather Sanchez had four years left. And players will hardly be committed in the last month or so of the season, maybe the whole last third as they try to avoid injury for their next club. They will do enough… Read more »


Exactly the point that many are missing.
Are players coming into the month or 2 of their final year really going to jeopardise a massive move by going into that 50.50 challenge? Of course they aint..crazy way to run a football club but as per usual many are swallowing the bolox thats being said.

Reality check

Wenger just trolled everyone in the press and somehow a lot of gullible gooners here have suffered the burn as well. What do you expect him to say ‘It’s my fault that we are in this shitty situation – punish me as you like’. Even press realised he was trolling

John C

It’s complete fucking delusion!

There’s nothing ideal about players in the last 12 months of their contracts having to work for their next contract, on the contrary, team signing Sanchez and Ozil will save themselves ten’s of millions on transfer fee’s and will factor in a year’s rest when negotiating their contracts. These players are known quantities, one season half arsed will probably be to their advantage not detriment!

He’s a moron.


Same old Arsenal. Same old Wenger. Deceiving, deflecting and treating fans with no respect. No ownership of actions or mistakes. Going to be a tough season


If arsenal won each game next season 1-0 and won the title (you know, parking the bus and all), would that would that make you happy?




Well, there’s hypothetical, and then there’s …


Quite simply yes since you asked

Mustrum Ridcully

No, he would find something else to wings about.

Michael Bolton Wanderers

That’s how we won trophy’s in the 90s boy. And trust me, no one fan was unhappy with winning them.


Problem is our bus is a double decker with no roof and the driver doesn’t use a map but instead follows directions to Tiki Taka Street.

No way

Why would you need a map when you had directions?


Maybe it’s true. For all of these players, their future a year from now is uncertain and the best way to shop yourself is to play well.

I wish he had elaborated more though…


How can it be ideal? When comes to January and Alexis signs for city, Ox for Chelsea and özil for god nows who. Is it ideal then? Don’t he think that somethink looms in the back of their heads? What about the team spirit? The media will be all over the team all season as well.

End next season Wenger will say: Ok maybe it affected us a little bit that so many players were in their final 12 months.


They can only sign for foreign teams in January. Will be June before they can sign for an English team.


To be fair he can’t exactly come out and say ‘It’s fucking horrendous, it’s going to kill team spirit and the fans are gonna go ape shit when all 3 sign for City next season’.

He simply has to put a positive spin on it, it’s his job.


Is it his job though? His job as manager is to have a successful team, to win things. He should be on the board’s back day in day out to provide him with the tools to win things. The problem is he is so entwined with the board and the economics of the club that he is now blinded and is simply a mouthpiece. What he said today is nonsense…pure and simple. The club is in a chaotic position. He hasn’t addressed any of the issues we’ve faced for years. Same old same old. Sad.

Faisal Narrage

I disagree with this.
I think spin is exactly why the people hate politicions or brands that do it.

The best “brands” are the honest ones who don’t treat their consumers/fans like idiots.

Simply saying we messed up, we have a lot to learn, we are learning and will do better to ensure it doesn’t happen again would go down far better than this spin shite.


I disagree with that. The shitstorm would go on anyway and the non-firebrand supporters would not dig it. Yes of course some people hate spin, but PR is PR. Getting upset by it is pointless. They’re not speaking to you they’re speaking to millions, and it just might be the case you’re not the ‘sample average’ perspective.


Alexis, Ozil and Ox are the only ones whose contracts anyone is even remotely worried about, and the same people don’t give a hoot that Jenkinson, Campbell, Debuchy etc etc are at same stage of contract, most don’t even care about Wilshere’s due to his injury record, yet its exactly the same position for them all. Except we want to keep some of them and we don’t want to keep others of them. Isn’t that exactly one of the points Wenger made today. By the way Wenger did point out that there is nothing to suggest that Alexis, ozil etc… Read more »


“By the way Wenger did point out that there is nothing to suggest that Alexis, ozil etc will not sign new deals…”.
Apart from the fact they’ve all been offered new deals which they haven’t signed. Small point, but a significant one nonetheless.

Crash Fistfight

Absence of evidence does not equal evidence of absence.


Why do people say this when it’s clearly flawed logic,I know for a fact that there wasn’t a jumanji styled stampede in my front room last night even though I wasn’t there,why?,
because the absence of any evidence,just like the situation we have with the reports,comments and stance from all concerned in regards to arsenal contracts


Gooner, that is not true. Honesty with your fans goes a long way, look at Klopp or Pochettino, they’re no spin doctors, they keep things direct and simple and they respect the fans. Moderation incoming, thanks blogs…


I think they do it too. It’s just different scenarios at any given time. They’ll say ‘I’m perfectly happy with my squad’ when you know they’d really like to have this-or-that player. Klopp just did it the other day.

Sometimes it’s to keep the fan base happy, sometimes to get the message to players and clubs they’re negotiating transfers with that they can walk away from ridiculousness, sometimes for morale boost in the squad itself.


Difference between Arsène Wenger and those kids and Mourinho and Conte is that Arsène Wenger thinks his job is to protect the name of Arsenal and to protect its image with every spin. That’s why he’s been protecting the board and our transfer policy for as long as he has.
Conte and the other lot think about their own necks and their own popularity. Conte is already shipping blame to the Chelsea board before the season has even begin.
I would rather have Arsène protecting my club than one of the other coons protecting themselves by being ‘Honest’ with me.

Faisal Narrage

The way some of you talk, you’d think Wenger is batman.

“He’s not the manager we want, but he’s the manager we deserve.”

/rides into the night on gunnarsaurus.


What exactly do you mean by that. Is wenger here to cover up for the ineffective board and absent owner . I’d rather him start holding board responsible if they’re doing something wrong at the club rather than cover their asses.


Coming from a Wenger ass licking fool.


Do not be fooled by the carefully spun public personas of either of those two. They are arguably a good deal better at PR than Arsene, who often talks himself into trouble, even when attempting to make a perfectly valid point.


You are talking about what arsenal and arsene have been doing all these years. When I look at other top six teams I don’t see a single manager who is as d dishonest to the fans as wenger. Klopp pochettino guardiola conte and even koeman maybe not mourinho are all honest to the fans. That’s why they are popular with fans. Even hardened wenger fans would admit as much, wenger is not one to keep his word . one day he will be adamant our player won’t be sold the next day he will be sold to our rival. The… Read more »


Spot on clins! I think that Wenger is overcomplicating everything and even he does not know what he says anymore. He is also been given too much credit/intelligence for the gibberish he spouts out, by some fans who still believe in him (Arsensei, looking at you). Which is their right, of course.


Nice man you can see the future! Ffs

Faisal Narrage

I think when Wenger said it’s ideal, he must’ve meant ideal for the players.

Cuz it sure as shit ain’t ideal for clubs, especially clubs called Arsenal.


Do not try to look for logic in Wenger’d comments buddy, only he sees it as it suits him at that moment, to justify any particular shitty situation that he is fully responsible for.


He’s started the annual bollocks talking earlier than usual then.


Amen. The party line begins. We need a manager who wants to win things..who is a sportsman not a business man


He never stopped actually 🙂


What doesn’t address our short term issues? That in 12 months we might lose aging or average players that have not as of yet contributed to us winning major titles? I’m completely fine with holding some players to the entirety of their contractual obligations until they have proven they deserve the fees they request. No big name or player prestige is more significant than Arsenal Football Club. There is not one name mentioned in the last 12 months of their contract that I have a problem letting go. Even Alexis can go if he so fancies. We will replace him… Read more »


Which is all fine and dandy but how much will it cost to replace all of these players in 12 months? We can’t and won’t …..negligence of the highest order…something he has been guilty of for years


well said.

Wenger did say today that

one day Alexis will leave Arsenal, in fact one day we will all leave Arsenal, and what is important is that Arsenal will go on.

but that does not fit with creating headlines or expressing fake outrage, that so many seem to thrive on.


Eduardo, what does that even mean? Wenger always says empty words like that, trying to justify losing or not achieving success by uttering ramblings about values etc… But it’s really just a bag of shite, spins and politician talk.

Also, yes, all will leave Arsenal but he won’t ever, like blogs said once, we will have his head for a manager like in Futurama 30 years from now.


what it means is, to use a soundbite many like to use, no one is bigger than Arsenal, and no individual, manager, player, supporter, is bigger than the club, and the club will go on regardless. But I suppose that soundbite only applies when being used by WOB.


Eduardo, did I insult you here? Why do you need to insult me? You just repeat what you said earlier with no real arguments. So I don’t think we need to continue our discussion, thank you.


I’m wondering why those quotes haven’t made their way to Arseblog. Hmm. Agenda?


Arseblog, while Andrew did say on many occasions last year that we need a new manager and still has to go, is still a positive site about the club and Wenger, and accepts that he is here and tries to report things without bias. I am fully against Wenger and I can see that. So, blogs surely has no agenda here, Arsensei. I don’t know how long have you been here but it seems not that long (visiting the blog). Try reading Le grove or Online gooner and you will see what is an agenda, grove is fully against Wenger… Read more »


Hear, hear! No player bigger than the club.


Geezy, yes, it will go on being in elite mediocrity we’ve been for more than a decade..


Did you even read that before writing it? If it really is true that none of the players were worthy of new contracts according to you, then they shouldn’t be held to the end of their contracts anyway. Why waste another year with sub-par players. Sell them off and put the money to use getting replacements. No matter how you look at it, letting valuable players like Ozil, Sanchez and Ox run down their contracts and go for free is not ideal for Arsenal football club. And wasn’t it Mr Wenger who said he values players based on their possible… Read more »


It’s not like the club is not trying to re-sign them. However, if they do not want to sign and we have an objective of challenging seriously this season for the premiere league with their talents (which we already pay them handsomely for) then for once Arsenal is thinking about what can be achieved now instead of what can be achieved in 3-4 years after a rebuild. If Wenger sold all our so called stars and signed young players who can potentially one day be great, we would criticize for him doing the same old thing. The wages being demanded… Read more »


AW’s annual gibberish-talking spell has arrived early this season…


“No. It’s an ideal situation, because everybody has to perform.”

I’ve heard about a glass half full but this is ridiculous! Please, please let this be tongue in cheek. Saying that, I agree about more and more players seeing out their contracts. Not only are many too expensive to sign, but leaving without a transfer fee can net a substantial signing on bonus. A knock on effect might be players signing shorter term deals


A bonus that gets smaller and smaller, as does the wage packet and list of potential suitors with every half-assed tantrum performance as a player approaches 30. They do have to perform, or go off for less.


If you watch the video mate after he says it he’s obviously thinking people have understood he’s poking fun at them for asking about contracts daily.
Quotes taken out of context


You see it all the time in hockey, when guys are having a “contract year” they tend to up their game to EARN a better contract. I don’t think it’s the same case in football though, players are too spoiled and players/agents have way too much power as of now. Footballers usually wants to be paid before the perform, not the other way around.

In Transit

The equivalent of ‘doing a Walcott’

Dr Whale

Or doing a Sanchez? Otherwise double standard from you.


I do worry that football players seem more inclined to not bother there arse when in last year of their deal, well especially if they have suitors lined up, I remember Steve McManaman stinking the place out for Liverpool when he knew he was heading to Real Madrid. Of course some players will have more self pride and professionalism and will give their all, well as long as their club has something to play for. The squad players might be more inclined to give it their all as they have to try and showcase themselves so they can get a… Read more »



Inini Zvangu

Agreed. Remember when Theo got his current contract? He played like a madman.


We shouldn’t take Arsene’s comments about this issue seriously.

But it’s a sign that the media have already started to piss him off with their line of questioning, and the new season hasn’t even started yet.


It’s his own fault, he made his bed and has to lie in it. It will just get worse in every way. Moderation…


As Poznan in My Pants has mentioned on twitter people need to take this comment as it was intended, Sarcasm. As much as Wenger says that this will be something that becomes more common in the future there is no part of him that thinks Alexis and Mesut not signing their offers yet is anyway ideal or will improve their performances by being in their last year of contract.


I think if you see all the questions and quotes from the press call today you will see that indeed the headlines do not match up with the actual answers wenger gave. He covered it a bit deeper than the headlines or indeed this arseblog article suggests. Click click click click


I’ve watched the press conference in full – I can’t see how the Arseblog article is an any way an unfair representation. Arsene simply did say the point about the contract situation being “ideal” because it incentivises players to work harder (and I could see no hint he was being sarcastic, as some have suggested). He did later contradict himself by saying that the contract situation has no impact on how a player plays at all, but that’s Arsene’s issue if he says 2 completely contradictory things 30 seconds apart, not the reporters! It’s all just classic Wenger trying to… Read more »


Saw the bit where Wenger first answered the questions and he seemed jovial, and answered the question with a smirk which indicated a little sarcasm so I don’t take the comments too seriously.

But people having a go at this site and other fans more misinterpreting for getting it wrong need to accept that Wenger has already exhausted the patience of too many people and this season his usual charm won’t go over as well as it has in the past. That’s the new reality.

Terry Henry

Unbelievable comments from a manager faced with the possibility of losing his top either this season, or almost defiantly on free in 12 months time.


simple question, do you want Arsenal to sell all players who do not sign a new deal this summer who have one year left on their deals. or do you want Arsenal to keep Alexis, Ozil, Ox or anymore of them for the season even if they don’t sign up.


Definitely a glass half full point of view/spin of the situation. At the same time you see this often in American sports where a player becomes a “free agent” after running out a contract. Frequently they do play their best/hardest in the last season since they are auditioning for their next contract. Extra motivation beyond just wanting to win. Doesn’t mean we would benefit beyond this season as we have to convince them to want to stay but in the short term sometimes it helps. Still, I’d rather sell a few of these and be aggressive on someone like Lemar… Read more »


Is this how we are going to line up 2017/2018…..

Left side
Monreal, Sead, Alexis
Right side
Mustafi, Bellerin/Ox, Ozil
Cech, Kos, Xhaka, Ramsey, Lacazatte/Giroud

Def: Bambi/Holding/BFG
CM: Coq/Mo
Left side: Iwobi/Welbeck
Right side: Walcot
Centre Forward: Perez?

Q: where would lemar fit into all this? Could it be just buying early expecting alexis to leave and transfer fees to keep inflating at astronomical rates?

Stuck on repeat...

Love the Boss…but sometimes he has this tendency to come across as completely deluded. “My contract situation won’t affect the squad”, “Kronke wants, Arsenal to achieve greatness & win trophies”, “Like a new signing”, “We’re always on alert in the transfer window”, & so on. “It’s ideal that key players have less than 12 months left” is a new gem. Is it the way of the future? Perhaps. A very tough sale on the “ideal” factor though. No doubt he’s one of the great managers of the game in all time, but good lord he’s also a stubborn old goat… Read more »


Really well said stuck. Moderation…..


why is arseblog only covering part of the quotes on the contracts that wenger covered today. surely you are not trying to distort what was said, and only want to make sensational headlines for clicks.


He is talking absolute nonsense because he knows deep down players like Alexis, Ozil & Ox don’t want to play for him as they know he can’t compete in the league or in Europe. This is textbook Wenger spin. Much like us failing to compete or his contract situation, everything is always fine, and then in hindsight he downgrades it so the present looks better. No other top club in the world has eight or nine players out of contract at the end of a ssson, let alone three of the best, this is just abysmal management & a man… Read more »


You know what, this is the first time in a long time I agree with Wenger. Let’s stop looking for how much a player can be resold for, ultimately someone loses out. What’s more important is how the player performs on a daily basis. If he decides he wants to leave during his contract, tell him to go fuck himself. He agreed the contract in the first place without caveats. Clubs are far bigger than players.


I will always love how Wenger makes a mole hill out of a mountain, as if everyone else is being overly dramatic about the situation. Perfect way to deal with the media storm.


Lacazette is world class, well so is Giroud.

We have two great options up top. Welbeck needs to get sharper.

I don’t think Ozil, Ox or Ramsey won’t sign.

Alexis is a different question.

“sick” may mean in Wenger speak “on sale”…hopefully not to City.

Lacazette has been brought in to hedge against goals lost from a Alexis sale.

BUT we will have to replace his “unpredictability” element.

Dr Whale

@ Santori, you always talk about Alexis unpredictability. No. He is the most predictable in Arsenal. Watch out as the season unfolds if he still stay with us. All the opposing need is any time he possess ball is to mark out Ozil, foul ozil before alexis pass, and have one man on alexis to prevent his shot and frustrate him to make his popular unnecessary dribbles we all know him with. Lets move on from Alexis


lost the plot, time for the knackers yard


There’s no science in the claim, but it’s an interesting hypothesis. If it turns out to be the case watch football fuck it up by offering players £4m-a-week contracts instead of paying transfer fees.


This is generally the way it’s thought of in America- many players in various sports are thought to perform better in their “contract year”. Dont think it applies in normal (ie, non-MLS) football leagues though. In the US, leagues generally have a salary cap that theoretically keeps talent dispersed and maintains parity- this is not completely effective because players often want to play in specific cities ( eg, who wouldnt want to play with Lebron James? Well, except for Kyrie.). But i digress. It is ironic that the US, which likes to see itself as a very open market (insert… Read more »


As a matter of fact the “contract years” in American football have shown that players will perform on a higher level due to the fact they are more or less playing for a new pay packet whether that be with their existing team or signing with a new one.


Clearly just winding up media – I can’t believe that this is his real viewpoint.

Andy Mack

Yes, winding up the media and the players that it affects.
The players need to show their quality and remain injury free…


Media are having a good wank over Wenger throw away tongue in cheek comments and the gullible will no doubt lap it up. On the flip side, if we should sell Alexis to PSG or if they need to sell bc of outlay for Neymar… Javier Pastore anyone? he has played in deep midfield on occasion, is versatile, experience, technically good and has height to boot. At 28yrs, like Arteta, could be deployed deeper for us if need be but versatile function to cover wing, attacking midfield and even as a striker if need be. Hasn’t played as much in… Read more »


Fifa career mode logic


Oh god, he doesn’t seem to get any better at this, does he? Why, oh why, will he not understand that what HE thinks is not how THE MARKET works? This particular line of reasoning doesn’t make even the slightest sense. So since prices clubs are willing to pay for players are too high, clubs will sell players less? What? Still, does he seriously think that clubs will be more willing to lose money now? Because that’s what happens if you let a contract run down. You lose money. So if you value a player at 50 million and nobody… Read more »

Stuck on repeat...

Agree that when players run down contracts the club looses money. Does it make sense to see a single player like Alexis see out his contract & then walk away on a free? Perhaps, & yes you will no doubt see his best performance as he angles for a new contract elsewhere.

But it makes no sense to have arguably 3 top players (Alexis, Ozil & Ox) effectively ALL walk away on a free at the end of the season regardless of how well all 3 contribute as they angle for new moves.

Easy as JVC

He could be right however it’s not exactly a scenario you would want your club to be trend-setters at is it?

Easy as JVC

Roll up, Roll up…get your first superstar free, and any squad player half price!!

Stuck on repeat...

Love the name! Thumbs up just for that, but agree with your statement too.


Wenger thinks every arsenal fan is an idiot obviously.

Andy Mack

Or does he think every Arsenal fan should be clever enough to understand the comment?
Clearly he was wrong on that though…


To me one of the biggest issues with the major players like Ox, Sanchez and Ozil playing out the year without new contracts is the distraction it will continue to cause not only for them, but for the whole squad just as Wenger’s contract situation was such a distraction and can partially be to blame for our poor form midseason that cost us the top 4.

Stuck on repeat...

Agreed. All you may have is a collection of individuals playing for their latest contract move & not for the collective benefit of the team or club. Think Ozil & the Ox will sign & commit…Alexis I’m just not so sure.

As others have said, AW may be right. Just think that it is foolish for us the lead the way on this.

King Eboue

Forget about the 3-CB system craps. Just revert back to 442. Sanchez is a gone case. Let’s replace him with the Ox (his best position). With Kola & Bellerin it means both side of defence/wing-back is finally complete. Walcott & Ox will terrorise the flanks with awe & speed while Ozil & Ramsey do their midfield tricks & flicks all of them provide endless supply of bullets, crossess, thru-balls to Giroud & Lacazette on every angle possible. Make full use of the 2 forwards (Giroud & Lacazette) both for quickfire shots & aerial duels. EPL 4-4-2 (alternate for FA, EL,… Read more »


He is making quite an interesting point; in the American sports, where salary is at more of a premium because of the rules promoting parity, it’s often observed that players seem to play better in their contract years. It even was the case until quite recently in the NBA that an expiring contract was a tradeable asset. He might be right that this will become the case in football, if the “bubble bursts” and teams start being more careful with their money. The problem is that it is not the case right now, where the money getting thrown around is… Read more »

Dark Hei

Let me help you all with the translation so that we do not get hysterical.

“Any potential bidder for Sanchez better pony up the cash since, me Wenger, am very happy to see him run down the length of his contract.”

I thought the underlying message was very clear, but anyway, here you go.


The world cup year can as well play in our hands of not letting them play but still keeping them. They eventually sign or they dont but their agents will have hard time explaining their roles to their clients.


All those people talking about “American sports” and “contract year”, are missing the point. Most American sports (though I only really follow hockey) have what’s called a “trade deadline”. A trade deadline is the last day of the season when trades can take place. This is when the majority of trades takes place. Most of the players who are traded are in the last year of the contract. It is roughly analogous to “12 months before the end of the contract”, with the notable exception that it takes places less than a month before the playoffs begin. This allows teams… Read more »


This man has always been ahead of the rest with football issues….Wenger knows.

Jeremy O Dwyer

Whether it’s ideal or not now (probably not) it’s interesting that he believes this is the way football is heading. With the crazy transfer fees for more and more average players, a club waiting a year or two to sign a player they want once the player is out of contract seems to make a lot of sense. It might also lead to a kind of compromise between players and clubs where more players will be allowed their big money signing on fees in exchange for the expectation that when they sign a 4 or 5 year contract they’ll be… Read more »


The disrespect he has for the fans’ intelligence is palpable.

Andy Mack

IMO That should say “The disrespect he has for the media is palpable.”
He believes the fans are bright enough to understand that…


You can spit it like Wenger all you want…but he generally has very little respect for the fans or their views.

See his many condescending comments about people who disagree with him on various issues.

Either way it will be another underwhelming season. That is unless you think that two signings would somehow close the 18 point gap on the champions. Just imagine what will happen when we lose our top scorer and best player.

Andy Mack

So you’re not moaning because you didn’t understand his comment (but you clearly didn’t)…
You’re moaning because he hasn’t bought the players you want.
Although the window is still open, so there’s a chance that may change… But you don’t think it will… but don’t know that…
So really you just like a good moan without knowing anything for sure.. 😀


I mist certainly did understand your comment despite your Wengeresque condescension. Your deflection regarding any critique of Wenger is admirable.

No my pessimism is due to years of experience under Wenger. If you think that his two signings, thus far, will make us challengers, then good on you. Nothing like unbridled optimism (delusions).

Wenger spent how much last year, and where did we end up again? Many would interpret that as meaning that money isn’t the issue, but rather it is another common denominator.

Are you genuinely happy with the current team and their chances?

Andy Mack

So, as I say, you’re not moaning about the actual comment he made (which is the bit you didn’t understand). You’re diverting it to things you think will happen rather than knowing anything for certain. I’m not saying he will or won’t get more/the right new players in.
but that’s not what this article is about…
I hope you enjoy your moaning about stuff you don’t know!


Ahhh, the tried ans tested method of deflection.

Andy Mack

Ahhh, the tried and tested method of ignoring the main article and ranting off on your own tangent…


This probably won’t be popular, but I can see this team moving past both Alexis and Ozil next year. Both are elite talents, but both do require a fair bit of accomodating (Ozil especially). If we bring in one more creative name this year and another the next, it’s not the end of the world to let their contracts run out. It’s the Ox who bothers me most, I think. It really, really felt this preseason, especially against Sevilla, that he’s the only source of direct, forward-looking aggression in the squad with Alexis left out. On that right he’s devastating,… Read more »


Wenger’s talk is of course negotiation tactics. All three of them are probably leaving.

Alexis is world class. It will be a sad day. Nobody could fully replace him, but as a consolation: Let us have Draxler, and Paris can have Sanchez.


This guy is starting to get senile…


Wenger going `short-term’ is our best chance of winning something of substance over the next two years. I’m all for it.

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