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Confirmed: Joel Campbell joins Betis on loan … again

Real Betis have signed Joel Campbell on a season-long loan for the second time.

The Costa Rica international is currently recovering from a knee ligament injury suffered at the Gold Cup earlier in the summer but that hasn’t put the Seville-based La Liga side from taking a chance on him.

Campbell, who is under contract at the Emirates until 2019, spent the 2012/13 season on loan at the Estadio Benito Villamarin scoring twice in 33 appearances.

This is the sixth time that the 25-year-old has been loaned out by Arsenal since he signed from homeland side Saprissa. He’s also undertaken stints with Lorient, Olympiacos, Villarreal and Sporting Lisbon.

There’s no option for Betis to buy at the end of this arrangement.

Best of luck to Joel.

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Isn’t he injured for the next 4 months or so? We would rage if we loaned a guy like that haha

Burn Baby Burn

We have. His name is Kim Källström

Damo Dinkum

Helloan. Is it Joel you’re looking for?


If I were Joel Campbell I’d be so fucked off with Wenger for fucking up my career!


dude, I know you are angry about Wenger but everything happens in this world is not his fault,
this guy can’t be fixed even in Lisbon, Calm down!

Jean Ralphio

While we are on the subject, I think it’s best fans get behind the team now. Booing will not help the team now, and creating a shit atmosphere will not help the club.

Sideshow Mo

Jean, nothing personal, but you’re new here, right?

Jean Ralphio

Been visiting this blog for years

Faisal Narrage

Maybe the club should’ve thought about that before dicking about all summer. #Catalyst4Change

Gudang Pelor

Booing the team wont help, boycotting the club might.


Boycotting wont help either tbh. The clubs already sold the tickets, so still has the money regardless.
The best bet is to support the team on game day, and be very vocal about the board and Kroenke on the other days.

Dan Hunter

The amount of money people spend on the day amounts to 100s of 1000s. It will affect them. But we as a fanbase have no unity. We need to have a union.


I actually agree with Jean. If you are going to go to the game you might as well support the team however I suggest we all boycott matches, that will speak louder than any booing


Yes just boycott match Days


Yeah. Also, if there would be significant number boycotting the matches, the games might not be selected for TV due to shit atmosphere – and that could really hurt current club establishment where they care.


I’ve loaned my season ticket for the season. That’s how fucked off I am with this shambles of a stewardship we are under. Something needs to change. I refuse to pay the highest amount for tickets in world football when this is how we get treated. Kroenke needs to sell. Wenger needs to go


I have been a season ticket holder for years despite being posted consistently overseas. My rationale has been that I can still get to games when back in the UK (and I try to plan leave around fixtures) and the rest I sell on the exchange. But in the past few years you get to the point in the season where you cannot give the bloody ticket away let alone sell it. It’s Club Level – I’m not loaded by any means and have made sacrifices to get and keep that ticket. Plan B is alllowing a couple of mates… Read more »


Good Luck Joel, never one for a lack of effort when wearing the Arsenal shirt.

Chippys chip

He got out while he could. Again.


Thanks goodness we tied him down to such a long contract.

nimble foot

Yeah, there’s always a few million quid to make off him year in year out.


He’s also made a decent career for himself. From Costa Rica to playing at a decent level in Europe


Costa Rica is awesome. I’d live there over Europe anyday of the week.


Wow they seem overly excited about this deal

California Gooner

I genuinely root for this guy. Always gave 100% while wearing the shirt. Hope ot works out for him


Hard to believe we can’t find someone that would pay us a few million for him.


Pfft. Players who are willing to play wide – who needs ’em!!

Best of luck getting off our loan-carousel, Joel.


Thanks so much to the team running Arseblog. Thanks for keeping us informed and getting us all through this quite extraordinary transfer window. Much appreciated.


Extraordinary is one word for it

Gudang Pelor

Maybe Wenger hates Joel, cause he speaks up in the dressing room?


7th place incoming. Only way to get back into the UCL is by winning the europa league


We have made the least signings in the whole Premier League. It was not a matter of too many players already being at the club because other clubs got rid of more players than we did. We are a fucking shambles. We are at the stage already where Wenger is destroying his own legacy for an ever increasing number of fans. The automatic reference I used to have for him is dissipating and I just find myself really disliking the arrogance and lack of professional pride of the man.

Hank Scorpio

S couple of bad results & last season’s toxic atmosphere will pale in comparison. Chelsea away in a couple of games too. Could be another thrashing on the way


“It was not a matter of too many players already being at the club because other clubs got rid of more players than we did.”

I don’t see how that makes any sense? If we had managed to sell a few more of our fringe players then we wouldn’t have such a big squad (and the size of our squad has been widely noted). So other clubs getting rid of more players than we did is exactly a reason why we signed fewer players.


So to summarise the transfer window: 1. Started strongly by signing two top players to add that extra quality to warming up the bench at anfield. 2. The players cast to the wilderness went out on loan. Again. Probably flicking the finger at wenger as they go. 3. Bye bye to gibbo – wish him well. 4. 40m for the headless chicken that was Ox. Although he will probably turn into a worldie now he’s gone. 5. We held on to sanchez against his wishes. Surely will add to the harmony in the dressing room I’m sure. He will probably… Read more »


Spot on. In the year we finish out of the top 4 we make a 30 million profit while our competitors all spent big to improve their squads. Even Spurs spent a ton, but got lucky selling walker for 45 million to City. It would be one thing if we won the league and said “our squad is great the way it is”, but we were 18 points off the top!!!!! Even had we completed the Sanchez – Lemar deals we would have had a net spend around 0. Now we will lose Ozil and Sanchez for free next year… Read more »


Lemar looked so good in the France – Holland game.


Lads, who is our back up right back?


Gabriel! Oh wait…


Ainsley Maitland-Niles

It Is What It Is

Anybody and everybody….total football.


He’s a decent player.

Don’t know why he doesn’t seem to sell.

Wages can’t be that exorbitant for current standards.


Shiny new things are more popular.

Hope he does well on loan at Betis.

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