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Confirmed: Lucas Perez joins Deportivo la Coruna on loan

Lucas Perez has joined Deportivo la Coruna on loan for the 2017-18 season

The Spanish striker has been available all summer long, but despite a number of earlier bids from his former club, none were deemed acceptable enough for Arsenal.

Perez began his Arsenal career well, scoring goals and making assists, but these were qualities Arsene Wenger appeared not to be that impressed by, and as the season progressed he was more and more marginalised.

He did have some injury problems at inopportune moments, but in that difficult spell during the middle part of the last campaign, Wenger’s reluctance to turn to the £17.5m signing spoke volumes about his place in the squad.

The Spanish side are believed to be paying Arsenal a loan fee which could rise to €4m, plus paying a significant percentage of his wages, but there is no purchase option at the end of the deal.

Good luck to him, he seemed like a good guy, and we look forward to next year when we spend all summer unable to sell him before loaning him to El Jefe FC on deadline day.

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Yet Theo still at the club


A month or so ago i remember commenting that I was disappointed he was to leave but that it was understandable given the need to clear wages with the imminent arrival of Lemar.
That’ll teach me to think with optimism. Fuck this season.


Good luck On a slightly irrelevant point. I am a Ugandan gooner. My arsenal will never play here in my lifetime probably and I will never see them in flesh. But we just beat Egypt in a world cup qualifier and sit 1 point clear and 6 ahead of Ghana. But I saw Mo Elneny play here and it was the closest I’ve watched anything Arsenal since we beat Nigeria and Kanu over here . Not only that but Salah couldn’t get past any opponent today and given how the weekend went it left a bitter test in my arsenal… Read more »

SwedishUgandan Connection

Go Cranes! Always a joy when the Cranes win games!


I’m gonna turn off the transfer news and watch the France game… by the time I return Arsenal will have surprised us all and done some top top quality business…


Good assist from Oli while 50 mio Lacazette and 150 mio Mbappe are warming the bench again.

A different George

But when Mbappe finally came on, he looked worth every penny. Can never know for sure with someone his age, but he looks the once-in-a-generation player.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Three players stood out to me. Coman, Lemar and Mbappe. And that’s next to the likes of Griezmann. France have an incredible team now.

Drogheda gunner

Yeah lemar looked quality he was pulling the strings.i actually think he would be class in ozils role.theres a reason monaco didnt let him go.hes probaly the best of the lot?


One of them being us tabling a realistic bid 5 minutes before the shop closed.

Faisal Narrage



Looks like we’ve been bullied in the transfer market again.
Good luck to him.


Look at us rolling over and keeping Alexis Sanchez…!


I met u once, I think u were pissed and I was a bit young to know who u were. True story


So Wenger has lost 17mill on this guy, plus he lost what 5/6 mill on Gibbs by not selling earlier the joke just gets worse with every year.


To be fair, that is probably not Wenger’s fault, better blame the ‘transfer staff’ whoever they are, for that one, because they have been doing a shitty job.

Faisal Narrage

Yeah, let’s blame the Director of Foot…. oh yeah.


hmm i’m not sure any deal gets done without AW saying so. part of the reason we don’t get stuff done on transfers and contracts. so much dead wood on the books for us. plus what is he doing? tried to shop mustafi and perez 1 year after we spend money on them, something is not right at the club. sorry state of affairs


You’re making up numbers, you don’t know the details


you thinkn you Gibbs was going to fetch 12m earlier in the window? Hate AW all you want but that is stupid ridiculous.

Some fans blame AW for purchasing LP? If he is a StatDNA guy then you can blame statDNA for overpaying for a guy that no else sees in value in.

Drogheda gunner

Yeah spurs are after getting 15 mil for wimmer who played all of ten games for them.gibbs has over 200 apps for us and 10 england caps.has played in champions league regurley.


End of the day though, AW makes the decision to buy. scouts and statDNA make recommendations but tieback stops with him. i don’t think its healthy for him to have so much responsibility for both him and the club.


“Monkey´s tea party upstairs” @IanWright. Sums up the situation. But anyways Lucas is off and good luck to him.


It’s a disrespectful quote from a pundit that has always been that way


Its a disrespectful quote directed toward a club that deserves no respect..


not a disrespectful quote. he’s more plugged in to how AW thinks than any of us and probably knows a lot about what goes on behind the scenes. a lot of ex players: Dixon, Keown, Henry and others ll say the same.


Agree, deserves to do well. Couldn’t see much wrong with him when he played for us. Maybe not world class, but not shite. Not sure he’s any worse then Welbeck.


So does that mark the end of our transfer market activity this season?

I\'m Professor Ignorance, on this subject

Turn down a 12m offer in order to get a 4m loan, huh. I guess they’re hoping he plays his way into a bigger transfer fee next year. I mean, I hope that’s their idea. Who knows.

Dave M

3 more years of contracts. 3 more loans. 3 x 4M loan payment = 12M. lol


Pleased for him. Worked hard, played well, scored goals. Not a lot else you can do really, is there? Shabby treatment

Wenger\'s Smirk

Definitely deserves better than the way we’ve treated him. It’s not like we are ruthless with every transfer.


Oh that’s handy!


Better finisher than Welbeck, Walcott, Iwobi, Özil. Deserved so much more playing time.

All the best Lucas.


I think we need to sell mustafi and sanchez before the window closes if Wenger is serious about wining the Financial Fair Play League this season


I have been drinking a lot this evening but I’d welcome him back to our front 3 next season. I think we need to reevaluate what our club has become and if I was an elite player, Arsenal would not be my club of choice. We just don’t want to go the extra mile to really push on. We’re a team of compromise, a club of compromise, and the quicker I accept that the less I shall expect and shout at my phone when I read team news updates.


Haha, ahead of Sanchez, Lacazette and Giroud? Please.

Perez was just cover.

DB\'s first touch

@Savage, in fairness to Jonah, he did say he’d welcome him back *next* season, by which time Alexis will be long gone and Perez would be a better alternative to Theo and Welbz…not that Perez is coming back to play for the Arsenal after his experience this past year, and not that Wenger would play him ahead of Walcott and Welbeck anyway.

Wenger\'s Smirk

Sanchez wont be around next year. Read before commenting. Please.


El Jefe FC or bust!

Kwame Ampadu Down

When we were haggling over the fee with Depor weeks ago & some of us said on here to just accept their offer & move on to more important business, we got slated by loads on here with the ‘there’s ages to go in the window, why would we sell now, screw Depor for every penny’ argument.
That worked our well eh gents?

Stuck on repeat...

Thank you! That, for me, was always the biggest issue. We spent so much time faffing around on the likes of Perez (who we weren’t going to play anyway) that we couldn’t concentrate on anything else. In hindsight not saying we had any plan anyway. Such a waste of a transfer window.

Wish Lucas well. Would have liked to have kept him, but that boat left long ago. Still think he would have offered us more than Danny “can’t score” Welbeck…but guess that’s just me.


He was brought in as cover, and that’s exactly what he provided. Job done.

When we don’t have cover we complain, and when our cover doesn’t play we complain.


Great, but it seems we forgot the tell Perez he was just cover.

And now he wants to leave to play.

Faisal Narrage

Welbeck was bought as cover too.
So why da fook is he starting ahead of our record transfer striker?

Ah right, Wenger logic.

I suppose we brought Sead for cover too.


exactly laca and sead need to adjust the english game by sitting on the bench!


So as Arsenal fans we pay the most in the whole of Europe for a season ticket. On top of that is the necessary expense for travel, grub and beers win or lose. It pains me when I struggle to pay this. Season after season, with the new stadium and all that was promised I really expected us to go for it this season. All we have achieved is a profit from our transfer dealings is a club without leadership, ambition and any connect to their fans. I have to words to describe us. Mediocre and spineless. It really is… Read more »


honestly this just looks like every other transfer window – remember when we only bought Cech? If you average out our spending the past 3 years its not terribly far from breakeven. I think what makes this feel so much worse is just the total lack of hope associated with the club. it just feels like total resignation at this point that Wenger will keep doing the same shambolic stuff over and over and Kroenke doesn’t care. Imagine what it must feel like to be an Arsenal player right now – I’m sure they’re feeling the same stuff fans are… Read more »

Brown American Gooner

Does anyone know why loan with option to buy is not as common in EPL as it is in Serie A? There are a lot of signings in recent years that would have been better as one year loan with option to buy later


Nice bit of non-news.
Not really in the mood to know this shit.
Can this season actually get any worse?
Can this manager be any more useless, any more incompetent?
I believe anyone on this forum could do a better job of this than Wenger.
Words fail to describe how much I dislike the man.
For the love of god just go and let someone else in – for the fucking love of god just piss off…

Drogheda gunner

And the funny thing is your getting thumbed down.who are these wengerholics.theyll still be thumbing you down when were in the conference.


Reports just in that Gunnersaurus has also handed in a transfer request. We’re following up the saga… I’ll get my coat.

Dave M

Thanks man…this cheered me up!


Quite sad how pathetic we have become. What have we done? Got rid of players who are decent (Perez/Shaambles) and got two players in who aren’t even getting a run out. What are we going to do for a right wing back now? Stick Theo out there as Bellerin cements the left hand side?

nacho man

loan with no obligation to buy??


All the best to Lucas. Never had a fair go, thanks to the man with an ego bigger than France.


How is Welbeck still at the club and Perez has left


Why the hell are we loaning him and not selling him, even at a loss. We aren’t going to get more for him next year as he’s a year older and likely won’t have a repeat season like he did two years ago which made us pay 17 million for him. If we are so F’ing broke to be able to afford new transfers then why the F are we loaning players that Wenger has no use for?


Wenger please give us the best transfer news this window and say i made a mistake signing on for another 2 years.Make an apology to the fans and quietly leave.


You could have ;


Bellerin, kos, Mustafi, kosniac

Xhaka, elneny

Sanchez, ozil, walcott


With Wilshire. Giroud. Ramsey. Monreal. Ospina. Welbeck. Holding all on the bench. Surely that’s enough quality?


That’s not including coq. Mertesacker. Cazorla. And the youngsters. If it gets to October and were off the mark then a change in manager is needed.


It’s not all about quality, the players have to play together and for each other which is obviously something that doesn’t always happen at Arsenal. Sanchez is surely royally pissed off right now as he felt he was on the way to City with a huge raise coming and now he has to play as a lame duck player in a squad that at the moment is totally dysfunctional and will be spending their Thursday nights playing who knows where in the deepest bowels of Europe.


I mean he couldn’t possibly done more to help us get champs league football but he signed a contract at the end of the day (we should have made it 5 years) and now he needs step up and stop chucking his toys out the pram and be a leader

Kwame Ampadu Down

It is a little bit about quality. With all the talk of attacking players it appears we haven’t even considered buying a midfielder. Xhaka, Ramgooner, Elneny, Coq…..there is no partnership there that is even close to being good enough.

Drogheda gunner

Its terible.i think xhaka is a baller.ramsey is a good impact sub but very greedy and the other two are burnley,stoke standard.cazorla is a class act but injured and ageing.


The problem with that line up is imo:
Ozil doesn’t want to be there.
Sanchez doesn’t want to be there.
Walcott is shit.
Mustafi – what on earth is going on?
Apart from that we are good to go! ffs


I would of kept Perez to play there on the right but he’s off and walcott was our 2nd best scorer last season I believe. Mustafi I bet it’s just down to location. Being nearer to family now he has a lil one. Sanchez is too football mad to not give 100%. And ozil we have to accept he’s not got a defensive bone in him. That’s that managers job to sort that out giving him protection he needs to do his job

Dave M

The problem with that lineup is you have the players playing their actual positions


Can’t actually like that enough lol

Drogheda gunner

The funny thing is i still think we have the quality.if we had klopp in there we would defo be top three.wenger just dosent have it anymore.


How does this make any sense va selling him for 11 million which they had offered?


Its great that we kept the highly effective Walcott

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