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Chile coach: We’d all like to have Alexis’ worries

Chile coach Juan Antonio Pizzi says Alexis Sanchez is in good spirits ahead of his country’s crunch World Cup qualifier with Paraguay despite his Arsenal future being in the balance.

If the striker is to move to Manchester City today, the striker knows the deal needs to be done and dusted as early as possible today because Chile kick-off just after the Premier League transfer window closes.

The situation isn’t ideal for Pizzi, Chile or the player, but the coach insists that whatever the outcome today, Sanchez will be well placed to continue his fine form.

“He is very, very good, he is happy,” Pizzi told his pre-game press conference.

“Until the deadline for transfers is closed, it’s difficult to elucidate Alexis’ future. But one way or another, his future will be great.

“In any of the possible options that are being handled, his future is very good. Then there is no reason for him to be dissatisfied or annoyed.

“Any of the options he has are very good or excellent. We are talking about a top player that plays for one of the best teams in the world and is trained by one of the best coaches in the world.

“So his current conditions being an Arsenal player are almost superb and almost incomparable. Now, all the options that are being handled, are similar.

“To say that he can be nervous about his future is only a metaphoric way to talk about this. All of us would want to have this kind of worry.

“In many occasions, the decisions don´t depend on one person, there are other interests involved and the player cannot control them. He is at the expense of this decisions.

“That is why there is a period, that the associations consider logic. August 31 I think. After tomorrow he will know better about this aspect of his career.”

As things stand, it doesn’t look like Sanchez will be joining City and that’s down to us not having enough time to find a replacement (we’d like Thomas Lemar but he’s playing for France tonight).

Of course, things could change but it’s getting very late in the day for a dramatic twist.

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Good for chile. Actually I like chile, if we could emulate their style we might actually compete.


We’d all like to have Alexis’ worries


Buy Lemar for another year…
((Keïta & LIVERPOOL))

Chippys chip

What, like he can jump off the sinking ship and play for argentina?

Chippys chip

Chile have him, no matter what. We need him, no matter what. But Kroenke and co need more money.


If we had bid high for Lemar earlier he wouldn’t have realised what a fuckig mess we are. Now no one wants to join.

Well done on waiting Wenger, it just pushed the prices higher, they didn’t want to sign cos you’ve been found out, and we now have been me very pissed off player.

Brilliant as always…


This guy seems to talk a lot of sense

Bon Jello

I was just thinking the same, a very humble and charming attitude. I’m tired of coaches bubble-wrapping these overpaid windbags that can kick things well, players earn so much money its hideous, do they really need such verbal protection from every angle as well?
Pizzi’s comments are honest and a total breath of fresh air, Sanchez has no right to pull a face, nobody forced him to sign a (multi-million pound) contract. Nice to see someone in the football world still has such a human mentality.

Bob\'s Mexican Cousin



helvetes jävla kukballe

Wenger\'s Smirk



The Chile coach puts some perspective into all this mess.


He was very nice about Arsene. Clearly not Arsenal supporter! 🙂


Nice to hear a bit of perspective.


Still clinging to the hope we’re playing city, forcing a third bid.
Deep down I know it’s over.
Personally I’d sell him anyway


Pointless without a replacement.
Stans got shitloads of cash he doesnt spend already !


I’m thinking his attitude around the place might not be worth the hassle.

Hopefully he keeps his chin up and proves me wrong.

I was hoping we’d do some much needed business.

But we’re hardly an attractive option these days.


I would be shocked if we don’t take the 60 mil offered by City. It’s almost like a new record signing for us.

Tasmanian Jesus

Smart guy this coach. Is he available?


Smart enough to admit that Alexis is “trained by one of the best coaches in the world”?


Reports from Essex from a trusted source (my wife) say that we have a roast dinner tonight including brussel sprouts.

A different George

I heard on BBC that the sprouts had been sent on loan. Cabbage for you.


If all of this comes to nothing, with us keeping Sanchez who doesn’t want to be here, then I am considering going/paying someone to go to the Emirates stadium and have a shit on the doorstep as a dirty protest! Anyone?? 🙂


What ever piece of shit gets dumped on our front door will probably get a game at this rate….


Or… you know like when there are flags on the seats for a ECL semi or big match? We could get an action group to put toilet rolls on the seats for the next home game and all the Wenger out fans could wait until everyone had left and then have a dump on their seats??
I am not taking this window very well…


Do that, I’m sure some of the board might pay attention to the fans then.


Probably just result in the cleaning staff putting in transfer requests. 🙁


As it is, we are being served shit every week of the season.
Maybe it’s time to repay the share literally.


…and the chant – “Have a shit, if you’re un ha pee, have a shit, if you’re un ha pee”…

Heavenly Chapecoense

I want Alexis gone. Nobody does a good job against his will. It won’t happen. If you do, you are like a slave.


Well he’s gone in one year and he’ll get a fat paycheck. In the meantime if he wants to win something, on his end he better perform, on our end we better buy a CM. Latter is unlikely though.

Your lanced toe

Please don’t compare slavery to earning 150,000 a week it’s insensitive and pretty ridiculous to suggest it’s the case


And tomorrow Alexis will be our new LANS


“almost superb”

An Ox-sized Coq

Quite the translation from Spanish to English for the word “elucidate” to be used.

Alex james legend

00dithering licence to mill.. around not buying anyone!


Report: Old French bloke fails to get young French bloke to join.
Your power is gone Arsene.
Sad but time to go.


I think it’s awesome they allow them to partake at press conferences.

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