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Report: Sanchez to stay as time runs out in search for replacement

Via the Guardian’s David Hytner comes news that Arsenal have indicated Alexis Sanchez will remain an Arsenal player as it’s now too late to sell him and get somebody else in.

Man City had made a bid of up to £60m today, which the club were willing to accept if they could bring in a replacement. The player earmarked for that was Thomas Lemar, hence reports of a €100m bid to Monaco earlier on – reports which seem very hard to believe when the club made it clear last night there was no significant money available.

Now, the report states that because it would take too long to agree wages and other personal terms with the midfielder, any deal is unlikely to happen. Not least because the player himself is in action for France tonight against the Netherlands in Paris.

You know, it might be just us, but it’s as if trying to do big, complicated transfer deals in just a few hours when you’ve had all summer to do them is a really bad idea. Try using the days, weeks and months before deadline day – it’s a revolutionary thought, but it might just prove useful.

Whether there are any twists and turns before the window closes tonight remains to be seen, but at this point it looks like Alexis will stay.

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Good? Bad? No idea any more. Not even hoping for signings and then there will be no disappointment.

Silent Stan\'s Content Mustache

Sanchez is walking for free next year and Arsene refused to pay 50 mill for Lemar earlier in the window when Monaco would have actually sold. So yea- fucking horrible if you ask me.

Drogheda gunner

What has wenger done to our club.Simon Jordan is even taking the piss out of us on sky sports news.He has to go

Tyler Briscoe

What a load of bull, we haven’t had enough with Sanchez, we’ve needed someone in addition to him, not to replace him!

Dan Gunn

You’re putting a hit out on Simon Jordan?


Yeah Simon Jordan def needs to go.


I think it’s even worse, Lemar didn’t want to come and this shenanigans were just to save face.


Manchester city (Mendy_£52 Walker_£50 Silva_£42 Ederson_£34 Danilo_£27 Luiz_£10) + Alexis


If he watched the Liverpool game that would be understandable.

Arsenal til I Die

We offered £55m for our second bid & it was rejected. ASM was holding out for 80m.


I am clutching at straws but we want as much money from City as possible. We tell them we don’t have a replacement lined up (having agreed terms with Lemar). They up their cash offer as they know Sanchez could be the final piece of the jigsaw in winning the league. We accept and then complete Lemar. Wishful thinking but it would pay for us to be tight lipped about transfers until close of play.


Err, wrong


I think that is very unlikely to be true, for the obvious reason that as you’ve pointed out, it doesn’t make any sense. Every British fan, but apparently especially every Arsenal fan, seems to consistently forget two fairly evident things: 1) anything that is obvious to random punters on the Internet is also likely known to highly regarded football professionals working for some of the biggest clubs in world football, and 2) newspapers have lots of incentive to make stuff up. Saying that, the papers weren’t even reporting what you’re saying; their narrative has been that our bids were slowly… Read more »

SB Still

Yes, that’s the problem, we missed our opportunity earlier in the window to sign Lemar.

Now, Sanchez will leave for free and Lemar will be even more expensive i.e no hope of us signing Lemar.

If we can’t get a deal done for the top target (not from a direct rival but a club selling all/any of their players), we have to look at ourselves and fix the problem…just like the onfield issues, we make the same mistakes in our off field activities as well.


Much like Mbappe last summer.


Lol Monaco would not have sold him for 50m earlier in the window


I really love that the club & Kroenke don’t get a penny next year for Sanchez after all they’ve don’t to us fans.

No Safety

We need more than just one player. Need a CB and a DM mostly…. but of course Wenger wants a tiny attacking player to put alongside Ozil


We could of got renato Sanches on loan with Bayern apparently paying part of his wages.

Not strictly a DM, but his bite, tenacity and energy in midfield is something we defo lack.

Virtually no risk to take a gamble on him or krychowiak

Heavenly Chapecoense

Thought same.


If we’d got him and Krychowiak who moved to West fucking Brom it would’ve been a fantastic window if you ask me (along with Laca and Kolasinac of course). Such potentially easy solutions to our needs and yet nothing. No signings today could repair the damage Wenger has done to his reputation this s ummer for me. Truly a sad time.

Drogheda gunner

They only put that bid on lemar to save face with the fans.the board will be sick if monaco accept.


Sorry, didn’t see you’d mentioned Krychowiak as well, my comment was a very long winded way of saying “i agree”..

Drogheda gunner

The embarrasing thing is that players are picking liverpool and spurs over us .these clubs have come ahead of us 1 time in twenty players want to come because were a sinking ship.and its not just because of champions league,no one worth there salt wants to play under wenger.


Yeah Alexis Ozil Lacazette Cevh and Giroud are worth precisely zero salt, that’s why they all either recently chose to move here or recently chose to stay

Faisal Narrage

Krychpwiak is such a loss.
The fact getting a CM wasn’t even high on Wenger’s priority, when it is arguably our greatest need, pretty much sums him up.


Nailed it.

Faisal Narrage

Because unbalancing our squad isn’t enough, the answer is always more no.10s with Wenger.

Lemar isn’t saving us from conceding at set pieces.


Lemar isn’t really a number 10, and conceding at set pieces is far from our biggest issue. If you buy players for the purpose of set pieces then you become Stoke. Top teams don’t do that.

Bould\'s Eyeliner

Lemar has the technical ability and positional nous to let Mbappe run rampant without a thought to look behind–this sounds like a good quality to have at Arsenal, no? Lets not pigeonhole players into narratives that suit our current emotions.


Seriously. I’m frustrated with our situation as well, but so many arsenal fans just want to bitch and complain about anything and everything. It’s Wengers fault, it’s the boards fault, it’s Ivans fault, it’s Stans fault. If we sell Alexis Wenger is shit. If we keep him Wenger is shit. We spend too much for a player Wenger is shit. We don’t push the boat out Wenger is tightwad shit. The only thing more annoying than the situation at Arsenal is the whining fans online who habe nothing better to do than bitch and complain. Get a grip people. Bunch… Read more »


I use to think the same mate, but I’ve got friends who saw this situation coming a few years back and I disagreed with them, but it’s happened. The situations with players contracts I imagine are fairly complex things so I don’t comment. What does annoy me is that everyone from fans to pundits to journalist can see what the team needs and it’s never addressed. Why oh why oh why are we about to enter another season without a defensive midfielder? the whole world can see we need one. No team has ever won the league without one. Then… Read more »

Drogheda gunner

There’s always one.catch a grip and smell the roses.


Wenger is shit.

Bendtner\'s ego


The team that beat us the other week?


How many goals did we concede from set pieces last season?

Bon Jello

I also have no idea after seeing this

Admittedly, it’s the Metro, who are such kings of click-bait they could have gone into their local Chiquito’s asked a waiter to put a City shirt on and then took a blurred snap and superimposed a green background.

I hate myself for using a Metro link.

Bon Jello

When metro first started it was an alright little free paper, that didn’t have to bow to demands and was relatively unbiased and on-point… But that was over a decade ago and for years the only thing that’s become notably ‘free’ about it, is it’s policy on being free of respectable, quality articles and info.


That picture is made up, it is Sanchez’s head super-imposed on Sane’s body. The arm tattoo gives it away.

Bon Jello

Ah, thanks for clearing that up Tommygun ? it didn’t seem legit but caught me off guard. Dirty Metro can build an entire article on the foundation of a single fan tweet, and then post the headline “Fans go crazy for …”
The douches.


Let’s be honest, this season’s destined to be a write-off. Might as well cash in on Sulky McSulkyFace and use the cash to rebuild next year, hopefully with a new man at the helm. Also City know that with Sanchez they have a very good shot at the title, so make them pay – £70m cash minimum.


To be honest, I don’t want to get those millions on any bank account. As soon as they’re onto it, our genius owner takes it to build an ice cream stand or sth. at his fucking rams stadium. For fucks sake I want this bastard to piss of arsenal. He’s been there long enough..


Going against the grain here, but I’m glad we didn’t sell him to City. I don’t care if he goes there on a free next season, we just had to make a statement and stop selling our players to that club.

Main goal for next season, we need to make ourselves an attractive place to play for again. Too far down the pecking order at the moment.

Dave M

This is just a complete farce. We go the whole transfer window stating we won’t sell Alexis only for us during the last few days to cave in, then of course we don’t have time to sign a replacement so we call the deal off. Could things get more Arsenally?

Hey guys. Got an idea. Maybe, just maybe, if we were going to sell we could have cleared this up weeks/months ago and got both deals done.

Our club is a joke right now…so sad

Drogheda gunner

Couldnt agree more

Invincible Jmc

Have you considered that maybe this whole thing played out like this over the last 2 days because Wenger et al realised that Sanchez was goin to get upset and so pretended like they were willing to let him go so that when it doesnt happen tonight – Sanchez then cant really be too pissed off n throw is toys out the pram? Maybe im completely wrong but ultimately none of us truly know whats goin on behind the curtains…

Dave M

So it took Arsene until the last two days of the transfer window to realise that Alexis may be a little unhappy if he can’t leave? Says it all really. Even if he got things going on a replacement on Monday after the Liverpool loss, that is plenty of time. But IMO one of two things has happened here: (1) Lemar didn’t want to come – so the PR machine is in overdrive to save face, or (2) It was pure PR the whole way. Make a bid at the last minute with every intention of pulling out just to… Read more »

Drogheda gunner

Defo they did the same with suarez a few years it so it looks like we have ambition.


Unlikely, because it would have been obvious to them as to anyone that it would just cause another outpouring of rage, as we have seen. Getting people excited just to dash their hopes is not the way to settle them down after an awful loss and a quiet late transfer window.


It was 1.


The club is not a joke. The manager is a joke.


Whilst I appreciate Lemar is playing for France this evening, his agent isn’t, why can’t he sort out terms for TL to agree when he walks off the pitch?


He didn’t want to come to Arsenal, that’s why, the rest is our PR team trying to save face.


Neither Lemar nor his agent were playing for France all summer.


Bad. Sanchez will be fuming and a toxic precense.





Ughhhh….transfers. arsenal.


Hoping the increasingly unlikely Lemar deal is a smokescreen and we actually sign a morale boosting but necessary exceptional talent (Draxler or a defensive midfielder maybe?) while keeping Alexis. Whatever happens, one thing’s for sure, If we remain passive and indecisive in the next few hours, the negative backlash tomorrow will be unthinkable !

dr Strange

Carcrash bad. It will be toxic from now on and Sanchez wont give a fuck from now on.


I fear discord in the team with Sanchez still around. Disappointed


Bad, a disinterested and pissed off Sanchez, reminding everyone that players in this team want off is a really bad move. We should have got rid earlier and had a replacement in who was on board for the Arsenal project.

Fucking useless by the club as usual. Disgrace.




Wenger used to say that May was the most important month in the transfer window.

Why did that change?


No, he said “There MAY be an important month in the transfer window (and there may not be)” 🙂


Train wreck. Now we lose 60 MM amd still need to pay 90 MM next year to replace him. Solid planning from the chief economist.

Perry S.

why do you feel the need to blame arsene only for this transfer mess? there’s a whole team in place that’s supposed to help make this happen. he chooses who he wants, of course helps in trying to capture said player, but the others are supposed to get it over the line. this is on Dick Law, the agents, Ivan, the owner, etc. etc. etc. The mess on the pitch is what you can fault Wenger with…

Dave M

Mate, they are all culpable all the time. We don’t have to single anyone out. It’s Wenger’s fault. It’s Gazidis’ fault. Its Kroenke’s fault. Its Dick Law’s fault.


It’s a fair point, but if it’s the case then wenger should quit on principle and speak to the press about what a shambles it really is.

What manager of any repute would continue with his hands tied like that. You may say he stays for the love of the club, but the fans ARE the club and he is surely aware of how most of us feel.

But he seems complicit in all of it.

Dave M


Invincible Jmc

Only today i read an article with an ex-player (cant bloody remember who it was) who said Wenger has put the club ahead of his own good many a times…could be a reason if you or i like it or not

dr Strange

Wenger is in charge of the transfers and the budget. This is his mess and in all honesty he can take that economic degree and show it right up his arse becuase it´s worth fuck all.

Drogheda gunner

Because wenger runs the whole club.he answers to no one.he probaly drew up his own new contract.thats how much power he has.


It shouldn’t be Wenger’s problem at all. It shouldn’t say I want that in and that out but no he needs to do everything including cleaning shoes whilst he should be focusing on fucking tactics.


Tactics lol

Drogheda gunner

Bring back David Dein


That’s the best signing we could make.

Drogheda gunner

You got it in one.

Make Arsenal Great Again

It is just difficult to stomach how this club is being run. It’s obvious there are competing agendas at play


It’s bad. Everything’s bad. The whole window has been a farce. Keeping players who clearly no longer want to be at the club. Wenger pretending it’s an ideal situation having players entering the last year of a contract. We’ve just turned into a big fat joke of a club. Police departments use us as the butt of their jokes, rival clubs mock us, we’ve turned into the laughing stock of the league and I’m sick of it

Drogheda gunner

So true even a Celtic fan was taking the piss saying we would be lucky to come in top 4 in scotland.this is the same league that scott sinclair is the player of the year.Embarrassing


Our transfer dealings are as LUCID as Arsene’s team sheets.

Close the window already ffs!


He should of been sold to PSG a few months ago. Then we wouldn’t be in this mess and may have signed a replacement who actually wants to play and is not going to strop every time it is going bad on the field and cause disharmony in the team by storming out of training and may pass to other players even though they aren’t as good as him but are in a better position and………..a fuck it.


Why would they put in a bid just to conclude that time is too short to agree personal terms right after the bid is accepted?


Because Arsenal.


Arsenals PR team trying to quell fan outrage by planting blatently false transfer rumours, fuelling fan outrage.

Yankee Gooner

Because make citeh offer even more £s

Drogheda gunner

Because they dont really want to pay that much.its to save face with the fans


£90M for a guy who has spent ONE good season is for me a panic buy. And admiring Sachez’s smile when his team loses is a rare pleasure…

John C

Not enough time to agree personal terms?

If we’ve been after him all summer you would think we’d be very close to knowing exactly what personal terms we would need to pay to get him.

This is another load of PR bullshit as far as i’m concerned, we were never truly after him in the first place


100% agree. Agents would of spoken and he would of known at least a ball park figure of what arsenal were offering.

It’s just to placate the fans, the powers that be can say ‘we did try to sign several players’.

John C

The whole Mbappe/Lemar Monaco chase has been PR bullshit from the start. That “leaked” photo of Wenger and Gazidis walking along the promenade in Nice was one of the most transparent and outrageous PR stunts i’ve seen from Arsenal. I know exactly where that picture was taken and there’s no reason why the two of them would be there, where were they going? The bus stop? In any event of them staying in Nice, do you not think they would be a little more discrete? Would a car not pick them up from outside their hotel? It’s been a complete… Read more »


Because he never wanted to come to Arsenal. He has suitors, why would he jump into this mess.

John C

That’s also true




Honestly part of me hopes we DON’T replace after we sell Sanchez. I don’t trust Wenger to spend it wisely, so let’s just leave the money for the next manager to use on the rebuild (hopefully next summer, if we’re lucky).

Drogheda gunner

I was thinking the same myself


So we will now be having a player worth 60m-90m who’s not willing to stay and may not give his 100% who will also walk away for free next year. Yaay


Just fucking fuck off

Joe Fasch

I know this won’t be a popular post but I see this team in a relagation battle this year. Sad.


8 – 14 place probably the most realistic


Beg to disagree. We’re staying up!


Would not surprise me

Drogheda gunner

As much as a disaster this is .I still think we’ll come 7th behind everton


1000/1 arsenal to be relegated. Good value?

Joke… before the barrage of down votes


Sorry guys, but:
Liverpool is the new Arsenal

Tony Hall

It does at least give us a whole year for us to find a good enough replacement and then at the last minute *baulk at the asking price/leave it too late to sign them/be shocked they don’t want to come to this club* delete as appropriate.


At this point would far rather have had things done and over with regarding Sanchez and Lemar in. Now we have to go through week after week of the Sanchez saga for the next 9 months or so and then lose him for free next Summer. Look at the impact the distraction of Wenger’s contract had on the squad last year (to me one of the big reasons we missed out on the top 4) and now we’ll be doing it all again this year with Sanchez and Ozil.


There is no point whinging about how club is run here. I have been saying for a long time that people need to vote with their wallets and feet. Boycott the matches, don’t buy season tickets, don’t by club merchandise, fill the club’s social media with your feelings, cancel sky and BT and other pay for channels subscriptions and try to enjoy weekends with friends and family instead of wasting crying over arsenal. It’s all big media circus…


I have to say, I agree with the last point about enjoying the weekend. Last season was tragic. Things continue to be tragic. There seems to be no concerted / cohesive / coherent (pick one) effort to remedy the ongoing tragic state of affairs. I’m in the U.S. so I start my weekends with Arsenal. Winter is coming. I don’t know if I can do this again. We’ve all seen this movie so, so many times now. There was a point where you just had to laugh at it all… we’re past that point now. No point keeping Sanchez if… Read more »


He wants out, his team mates want him out, I want him out. Shit and fuck!

Perry S.

how sad and painful it is to say, but tottenham are who we were a decade ago. sell a player, bring in quality to replace him at half the price. unbelievable.


Now is not the time to talk about them if you please.


Transfer window closing early next year just because the people in charge are embarrassed by our perennial shambles.


What a fucked up mess. Lost £60m, haven’t solved CM problems, made a profit on the window ffs, no plan, damn lies to the fans for months and we are still stuff with the same rotten management.


Whatever happens this makes us look to the whole world exactly what we are – a sinking ship and a club with no sense of direction and appalling leadership.

Me So Hornsey

So no Lemar, no Mahrez, no VVD, not even Johnny Evans.

But we keep a stroppy £60m asset that as of midnight tonight is worth nothing.

It’s like a really, really bad never ending joke.


Might get £15m in January #result


Can’t see this being good for the club – how can a player who wants to leave a club be a good asset? If his head, heart or both isn’t in it, we should have shipped him out. What a catalogue of disasters this transfer window has turned into.


I’d sell him anyway.
We’ll only end up selling him for half the fee in Jan.


He can negotiate a fee transfer in January, that would see him move next summer.

The advantage for him is that no transfer fee means his new club will be willing to pay him more in salary.

So I very much doubt he goes in January, but this is the arsenal – anything is possible.


*free transfer


I’d be inclined to agree. £95m+ in maybe Wenger will sanction it if r is promised to be able to use it to strengthen in January.

Not that Lemar in in January would help us win the league… it’ll be lost by then on current form anyway.



Surely, even if you sign him on nominal wages to get the deal done and once it’s all kosher almost immediately give him a salary increase once he arrives post-international duty?

The medical? Can this not be done by someone travelling to where he is?

£90m though ?


Posted this on the previous Lemar thread – anyone seen Lacazette’s cryptic tweet about an hour ago “great things take time” I wonder if something might just happen here?


Saw that. Maybe he is having a chat with his mate while on international duty? Or maybe it’s a photo of Lemar just before a medical? Or maybe, maybe, maybe…

I have no idea what we are doing


Well if Wenger is over there as reported then it could be the former? I know – grasping at straws – but strange he would come out with something like that as what he knows is a sensitive time for the club.


I’ve a funny feeling this is Ozil 2.0, right at the death of the window we smash our record again.

The medical seems somewhat irrelevant given he is playing today. Personal terms can’t be hard? Surely?

Just get it done and move on the players that done want to play for us. It seems boring now.


Can we bid 92m on Allegri?


I can’t even begin to imagine how frustrating the January window is going to be for Arsenal supporters now with constant speculation of our signing such and such and then nothing happening again. To only buy one player (the other one was free) in a Summer after we finished outside of the top 4 AND have brought in nearly 70 million from sales (and possibly more to come) AND have our two biggest stars entering the final year of their contracts both wanting to go elsewhere AND having crapped in our pants as we have done to start the season… Read more »


What a bunch of Penny pinching dithering wasters this arsenal management is. Almost every season we go through this firefighting nonsense. No clue and no balls.


Not sure David Ornstein = the club making it clear there’s no money left.


I actually wish we would get the fuck rid of Sanchez. Take the 60M and play Jack or Lucas


Meh, City are somewhat culpable here, they seemed to be dragging their feet as far as making an offer we’d seriously consider goes all summer, then expect it to just happen in the last 48 hours, out of the goodness of our hearts? That’s a dumb way to go about it. we’re still doomed, mind.


2 year deal for Wenger = Fail


This one i’ve been trying to get my head around from AW’s perspective.

Why take on another 2 years if you know this is the situation you’ll be in? Surely another 8-10 million at his age isn’t the same compared to if he was a decade or 2 younger.

It’s quite common for those people at the very end of their career to be more concerned/focus on legacy and what they will leave behind no?

Really want to know wtf is up with our club…

A Gunner with Psychic powers

So we are stuck with a pathetic player that doesn’t want to play for us and will definitely destroy the team spirit who is also worth 60-90 mil and we are gonna lose him for free next summer !!

#KroenkeOut #EmptySeats #NoMoreMerchandises

nacho man

kroenke out


Alexis should leave, he is no longer commited to the club and this toxicity may lead to an even worst scenario as things are not acutallly working for the team right now. Getting Lemar, Draxler or whoever we could have bought would be better for the team and financially as well. When Alexis leaves the team next year for free we will be punishing ourselves for not being able to buy a top striker as a replacement.

Steve AFC brown

So pissed off with wenger and arsenal trying too con all us fans with a pathetic effort too sign lemar at such a late stage .its a typical wenger smoke screen too say I at least tried bollocks he’s playing for France tonite what were we going to do sign him at half time


Is our management made up of a group of dropout hipsters?


Would prefer he left, with or without a replacement as him staying now after all this could have a negative effect on the team. Rather give our younger players a chance.


I think all this 90 million offer is a smoke screen to make it look like they are trying. they’ve had no intention of spending. if there was a real intention, we would have all our purchases completed by now. I don’t blame players wanting to leave. What is the atmosphere going to be like at the stadium this season – not good.


Sky sources are saying that Lemar would prefer a move to Liverpool over Arsenal. Let that sink in folks…


A club on the rise v one on the decline. Easy choice

Drogheda gunner

Yeah its ffing horrible isnt it.i had it at work today.i was saying if we got van dijk and lemar and lost sanchez id be happy and everyone was laughing saying as if they would go to arsenal.arsenal has huge potential its in london a quality stadium are cash rich.its just no one wants to play for a arogant has bein.




So Samchez stays, Lemar doesn’t arrive.
Sanchez goes on a free.
Lemar goes elsewhere after someone else oitbids us.

If we don’t back into the Champions league we are so fucked for a good few seasons at least.

Wenger has got to figure something out in his hardest and toughest season yet. Which may be his last when the board have no choice if we are in a really low league position.

Wenger leaving will fix 25% of our problems though.


I think the issue is increasingly none of them can get fixed as long as Wenger stays. The unknown isn’t necessarily worse than the known in this case.

Yankee Gooner

I’m starting to think that this transfer window could have gone better.

Tasmanian Jesus

We just suck at everything, dont we!!?


I will never root for Arsenal to lose a game but honestly we’re getting to the point where going into Christmas pulling a Chelsea might be the best thing for the club in the long run. The atmosphere around the club is only going to get worse and worse after this.


Just wait. Next bit of news we’ll have is that ticket prices will be increased because the LA Rams need a new jumbo screen.


The reality is that Lemar want champions league football. French papers are reporting that he prefers Liverpool over us.Sad times. And I dont think Deschamps would allow anything to happen just few hours before a crucial world cup qualifiers game.. so it’s official we are an average team even promising young french players don’t want to come anymore!!!


Joke of a club…

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