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Lacazette: I’ll score the goals this team couldn’t in the past

Alexandre Lacazette has pledged to score the goals that will make the difference for Arsenal this season.

The French striker was interviewed for Sky Sports by Thierry Henry, and when asked by the club’s record goalscorer what he was going to bring to the team, the former Lyon man said, “I’m going to try and score a lot of goals.”

Henry then asked, “Try? Or score?” to which Lacazette became more definitive.

“Score,” he asserted.” I’m going to score goals at key times in games where the team may have struggled in previous years.

“This season I’m going to help this team win them, and that’s what Arsenal have to do: win games and trophies.”

Today feels very much like one of the days when his goals will be particularly important, so fingers crossed.

Lacazette also spoke warmly of fellow French international Olivier Giroud, and insisted there’s no problem between them despite what some people might want you to think.

“To be honest, I was surprised by the way Olivier welcomed me to the club,” he said.

“I was somewhat apprehensive because it isn’t always easy for a starter to step aside. He’s been really honest and has helped me at the club and in the city by giving me advice.

“We get on well and have a laugh together, so there’s no problem. The decision is down to the manager. It isn’t up to me.

“I think competition is healthy and if he gets the nod on the weekend, I wish him the best of luck, hope that he performs well and that we win the game.

“He always has something nice to say to me ahead of each game.”

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Good! That means he’ll need to get 2 or 3 today!

Sheffield Gooner

Not from the bench he won’t. Same old Wenger… sign players and then leave them out. FFS.

Little Mozart

A promise to score many goals and glowing praise for the HFB. What’s not to love about Lacazette?


Let’s wait and see, that’s all I can say (about everything regarding Arsenal right now tbh).


Please do!


Hopes he smashes ‘foooouuuuuuuuuuur!’ at anfield and also ends up on the winning side.

nimble foot

Fuck the deserters, we will March on regardless. Good to hear Laca sound optimistic, the optimism I share.
The transfer business may look in all places and this may be a constantly improving league but I’m not writing us off even before January. Win the big trophies.


Reckon he’s done pretty well so far; here’s hoping the good form continues today. Oh, and please Arsene, don’t overthink the lineup…


Sigh…he overthought the lineup..


Wasn’t a signing that excited me TBH. Think he’ll bag a few goals and do “Ok’.. A bit like us this season. Think we’ll do alright… and win some games, without ever really competing. Seems like a signing designed to keep us at our current level rather than one that elevates us to greater ones. Kroenke has sucked the life out of the club. The negativity is going nowhere. Simply because the club has done little to combat that. A win today that we’re capable of… and two top signings whilst retaining our top talent could swing our season and… Read more »


Not sure he’s an upgrade on Giroud, certainly not Alexis. So we’ve signed him because it’s the maximum fee Wenger will pay for anyone. To elevate us we needed to be going all out for Aubameyang or even Aguero, since Alexis is going in 10 months and will probably displace Aguero at City. Adding a world class who can cover lots of ground and tackle. And finally a centre back like Van Dijk or Varane to make us better at defending counter attacks and set pieces. Sadly Wenger has wasted millions in the last 2 years, ran out of ideas,… Read more »


Aubamayeng while a better finisher and the more established striker, has horrible link up play. Laca has better technical ability and would suit us better. While I think he’d score goals, I don’t think he’s the greatest gift unlike Stringer Bell who thinks because he scored in his debut and has 1 in 2, he has automatically shown he’s a better striker than Lukaku who has 3 goals and Morata who has also scored 1. It’s too early to get all excited. I think he’ll score goals, but I don’t see him outscoring Harry Kane and Lukaku unlike Mr positivity… Read more »


I would have preferred Lukaku or Morata. If Arsene did want either of those players? No way the club would have being willing to compete with United or Chelsea. And I doubt either player would have chosen us instead of them. We’re now the average looking best friend in the PL. Nothing we do screams we want to compete at the very top level. We’ll pick up some “decent players’ without getting near any Worldies. If we do develop a rough diamond? He’ll rightly want to leave for better things sooner rather than later, because he’ll want to compete at… Read more »


I agree. I wanted Morata or Icardi. Missing out on the ucl didn’t help. I think with him, Giroud and Welbeck, it’s not a bad set….much better than when we had Giroud alone.


He needs to shoot a bit more. That’s my problem with him and it’s starting to bring back memories of Podolski. Great finisher but hardly shoots as much as he should and finds it difficult to fashion a chance for himself. He also drops too deep at times. I don’t know if Wenger is instructing him to do this while Welbeck makes runs into the box, but it defeats the purpose of signing him. I’ve seen Welbeck more in the box….I want Laca in those positions. Still expecting 12 -17 goals…might get 20 if he really clicks with Mesut and… Read more »


I genuinely don’t think he has been in a shooting position and NOT shot in the two games that we have played. Can you please direct me to examples, oh wise one?

i actually think he is extremely decisive.


He hasn’t been getting into scoring positions. If you need me to tell you that, then you shouldn’t be watching football. Go watch Lukaku and Morata and you’ll see the difference in the quality of runs and movement in the final 3rd so far.


Off topic, but can anyone please recommend me an Irish whiskey to get back home ?


So much negativity around a proven goalscorer only two games into the season.

It’s as if we haven’t needed one for years.

Season only just started and you’re already moaning he’s not good enough.



I get you. He has played two games and scored in both. Now that qualifies as doing your job.


it don’t matter about your goals, if we are leaking them in at the back


I would go with a 4-2-3-1 against pool.
Lacazette on the left Giroud in the middle and Sanchez on the right.
Midfield – Ozil, Xhaka, Ramsey
Defence- Nacho, Kos, BFG, Bellerin and Cech in goal.

I think Giroud should start this one.


Imagine this:
Sanchez Özil

Kolasinac Xhaka Ramsey Bellerin

Monreal Merte Koscielny


That’s a force to be reckoned with! And a great combination of experience + a great balance in attacking and defensive qualities.


Have u seen this team selection,, I’ve had enough,, WENGER ain’t got a clue

not so fed up

But only if Wenger puts you on the pitch ?


…if Wenger plays him…instead of Welbeck. FFS


Rifling them in from the bench would really be an impressive strike


Perhaps Wenger can explain to the Arsenal supporters why he left Lacazette on the bench until it was too late to recover the game.

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