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Official: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain signs for Liverpool

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has officially completed his move to Liverpool, and is now a Mugsmasher.

The 24 year old has signed a five year deal with the Merseysiders, having turned down a move to Chelsea earlier this week.

The England international had belatedly been offered new terms by Arsenal throughout this summer, but saw his future as a central-midfield player, and Arsene Wenger seemed reluctant to play him there in anything other than an emergency.

Oxlade-Chamberlain joined Arsenal in 2011, and made his debut in the 8-2 at Old Trafford. His final game for the club was the 4-0 defeat an Anfield last Sunday, so he has basically closed a circle of shite.

Liverpool have paid Arsenal a fee believed to be in the region of £40m.

In 199 appearances for the club, he scored 20 goals, two fewer than Laurent Koscielny.


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Best of luck to him, stuck to his guns and didn’t sell himself out

maxin in the shade

Spot on. Best of luck to him. Sad to see him go. Almost hope he can fulfill his full potential. Almost.


Just sold out the Arsenal instead.




Promised he’d sign a new contract all summer. Probably even convinced the manager, only reason I can think of Wenger playing him at Anfield after refusing a contract, and then ditches us at the 11th hour. Arsenal actually did really well getting £35m for him, but didn’t have enough time to find a good replacement.

Gus Caesar

Bollocks, he’s a rival now, I hope he dies in a freak yachting accident.


I just hope he doesn’t play well against Arsenal and stays mediocre and overpaid at Liverpool.


That’s disgusting

Gus Caesar

It’s a quote from Blackadder. My point is I very much don’t wish him the best of luck, I hope he fails miserably because that’s better for The Arsenal.


Apologies, I didn’t get the reference, I take back what I said

Gus Caesar

Cheers! Agree on everything else you said though – I don’t criticise him for wanting to move at all, I think it’s a deal that suits all parties.


Agreed, getting that much money for him in the last year of his contract is nice business

Cultured determination

Yup. Wouldnt have been possible without the talented board we have.


Wow, a potentially toxic argument diffused by a simple explanation and apology. Internet, you’ve changed. I like it.

Gus Caesar

Yeah my fault, too quick to jump in on the wishing Ox good luck! Fair play Eoin.


Nice ending. Leave it now. Don’t overcook.


I don’t wish him poorly. From the looks of it, there was fault in terms of how he was managed as well. How does a player go from a relative nobody (squad player, left on bench) to the core around which we build the team in three months (part of which was off-season)?


Remains to be seen if he’s made the right choice though. I don’t see the Liverpool coach, or fans, being as patient with him as we Arsenal was.

I wish him all the best as I like (liked?) him but ultimately I think he believed his own hype and thought he was better than he actually is. A lot like some of his old team mates, if I’m honest.

Addicus Brown

If Ox stays healthy Nd the coach plays him at CM he may not have to exhibit lots of patience. He has the industry to play that high press, not every turnover is the end of the world style. Good luck to him until he plays us.


I don’t see him winning any more silverware at Annfield. What is worrying is that this level of player in our squad would prefer to take a £60k pw pay drop than stay.

I’m waiting to hear the stories from him, Sanchez, Perez, Mustafi and Gabriel about what’s going on in the dressing room.


Exactly this, fair play to him and hopefully he can fulfil his potential


Though the ox was a fan favourite and had quality banter, if his move means we would see more of Reiss Nelson, then we shouldn’t be too complaining too much. After all Nelson already looks twice the player and with that certain X factor which we never saw in the Ox, or at least he never showed enough of.

Bendtner\'s ego

Nah. He’s a cunt who didn’t put in the effort.

When it came time to stand up and be counted, he fucked off and that’s how I’ll remember him.


That’s officially the end of the British core project which Wenger initiated after seeing mercenaries like Nasri, Fabregas abandon our once sinking ship . The project has failed because either Wenger overestimated British loyalty (Fucking Chambo) or they were not talented enough (Jenks, Gibbo) to make it here. It now remains to be seen whether Jack, and to a certain extent, Rambo will ever make it here.


I think sinking ship is the common denominator here.

John C

Bollocks, our team keep on making the same mistakes not because they don’t “stand up and be counted” it’s because they’re not given the tools to deal with adversity on the training pitch.

We play one way and one way only, and if it doesn’t work then we’re likely to get hammered. It has nothing to do with the players as the same thing has happened with different sets. Why do you think so many players want to leave?


Sold himself out long ago when he picked ward as his agent


Goodbye and God bless you. No tears shed. Unto more important matters.


I will keep an eye on him. If he fails it means that it was good desicion not to sign him up and a good sell. If he develops and plays excellent as a CM it means that Wenger has lost his eye for talent and cannot inspire good players anymore. Upvote for the first downvote for the latter…


It’s not as clear as that, many players have surprised or disappointed early expectations. How about United with Macheda, Janusaj? Chelsea/Liverpool with Sturridge? Allardyce with Lewandowski?


When have we sold a player that has bitten us on the backside?

RVP doesn’t count in my mind as it was a season where we weren’t in contention.

Cashley TBH is the only one.

In all honesty, a solid signing for Pool. And questions needs to be asked about the person handling contracts! We clearly haven’t learnt anything from Nasri/RVP/Flamini (1st time)

David C

nope, we just made Liverpool weaker 🙂


Personally I am very glad. So many times he’d get in the team ahead of players who are better or in better form This new Arsene obsession to build a British 11 at all costs. We were in for vardy and Evans last year despite adding the underperforming welbeck to the ‘British core’ and those chaps have to get minutes somehow irrespective of form or what they offer the team. We have one of our two holding midfielders camped in the opposition box hoping our strikers feed him and cover him. They are also on the bench looking at some… Read more »

NaiBoi Gunner.

Absolutely. I wish I could say I was gutted by this but I really am not. Some will say we lost potential…but potential is tricky stuff. United fans said the same thing about Welbeck(no offence to Welbz) but do any of us really think they regret the sale now? Same parallels to be drawn here. Injury prone, lots of potential, “needs the right set of circumstances in a new set up to get going…”…….ok. We’ll see.

Wish him all the best but I will not be losing sleep over this deal.


That potential will get you fired… oh wait


Goodbye Chambo! Gonna miss your banter but your demands were unreasonable compared to your performances.
Ladies and Gentlemen, its officially the start of the Riess Nelson era!!

Hereford gooner

You say I’ll miss his “banter”, but that is exactly what I won’t miss. Ever since Roy Keane made those ‘six pack selfie’ comments about Arsenal I’ve been keeping my eye on this. Ox is the worst perpetrator by a long way. Every time he is substituted (when he knows he’s for sure on camera) he lifts his shirt to “wipe sweat” from his face whilst handily revealing his abs. At the end of a match he takes his shirt off and slings it over his shoulder walking around topless. If we win his straight out with the topless changing… Read more »


never associated the ‘wiping sweat’ part to the cavalier attitude, but now that you have written it down, makes a lot of sense. I also believe, that as long as they are performing, I can stand the flaunting(like C Ronaldo or Mayweather in boxing). However, a player like Chambo is clearly not on their level, and his performances do not entitle the flaunting part, if his aim is truly to become exceptionally good at what he does(play football) Disclaimer:He has all the right to do what he wants with his money and status and I might come across as bitter… Read more »

Hereford gooner

I suspect that if you scrolled down a bit on the headline photo, he’s probably lifting his new Liverpool shirt up just enough to reveal his abs


So glad we are running at a surplus on transfer funds. I think we have claimed a real moral victory here.


Yeah there’s a trophy which will be envy of supporters of every other club….


And so project “british core” dies. Not with a bang, but a whimper.


Much like every English team’s cup performances. They WAGs do well out of it all though.


Are we cursed when any of our players hook up with a pop singer???


A lot of that was down to injuries. Ox, Wilshere, Ramsey and Theo all missed big chunks and all lost momentum. That injury to Theo at the famous “2-0” knocked him off right at his peak.

Makes you think how lucky we were with Henry being so consistent!

Reality check

Great players are always fit or at least mostly.. sadly fittness is part of the package just as talent and intelligence. TR7 and Diaby were immense talents but not so great genes or fortunate with injuries..

Das Gooner

There aren’t many good British football players in fairness, difficult to have a ‘core’ of them in a ‘good’ team.


I think the truth lies in between your comment and the one from “Savage” above. And sadly, it also probably has to do with the coaching, or lack thereof – British players at some other clubs seem to be faring better. I won’t start naming names in case it makes me froth at the mouth.


Nah. I think Spurs just got lucky with Alli and Kane because they are the only two English players worth anything. All the other ones are average or just plain poor.


He is so happy, even will kiss the badge in a minute.


Breaks my heart. Good luck mate. Klopp vs Wenger? No brainer.


It certainly is a no brainer. Jurgen Klopp’s 3 trophies in 14 years pales in complete insignificance to Wenger’s managerial honours. “Oooh but he jumps around on the touchline and he glasses go flying because he’s got so much passion”. Do me a fucking favour.

Unfortunately it actually is a no brainer in the sense that perpetual failures Liverpool are actually trying to address some of their shortcomings, and perpetual underachievers Arsenal are sitting around with their thumbs up their arses as we’ve done for the past 10 years.


Good riddance. Poor character. 40 million? Take the money and run.

Harry Manback

Torn between wanting him to do well and wanting Liverpool to do terribly. Arsenal should just play in Ligue 1, would make selling to PL clubs easier to stomach 😉


A Message From Harry Manback

Arshavin\'s Belly

Good luck, Oxford Cambridge. You never fulfilled your potential with us, don’t think you will at pool, either, but we’ll see I guess.

Ps. Glad you turned down Chelsea, have a cookie


We no longer improve players.
He’s gone to join a project he believes in.
I’m dissapointed, but if he wasn’t extending? Made sense to sell.
Just wish we’d been a bit more decisive.


Best of luck! In my humble opinion we should have tied him up a long time ago, but…..


We should have let go of him in 2015 after he give the ball away in that CL match with Monaco.


You mean after he had just ecored a belter and was trying to get the ball forward for an equaliser. Inexperienced mistake for me


Blogs you don’t sound very happy…


Hard to hold a lot of bad will against him, he did serve us well at times and seems like he has lots of potential just seemed increasingly like Wenger wasn’t the right man to unlock it.

Will never forget beating Milan 3-0 at home when he ran the game… from CM!

Rwandan Gunner

Okay good luck. But will he fit in the team?


40m for Chamberlain, 50m for Walker… These numbers are ridiculous for players who are bang average.


Ox was above average, but not top level. He’s a “potential” player – in a long line of them 🙁

Hereford gooner

I’m sure you’ll provide stiff competition for Kieta in 12 months

Hereford gooner

Although to be fair I respect his choice and the move makes sense for all parties. I don’t wish him the best of luck, but I do respect his decision.


He’ll probably play alongside Keita and Henderson in a midfield three

Hereford gooner

The way Can is playing and with the German link I’d be surprised if Liverpool let him go


From what I understand, Can is in the last year of his contract and could go Juve. In any event, next season Ox, Henderson and Keita could be their midfield 3 which could suit Klopp’s style perfectly

Hereford gooner

Lallana would be ahead of ox I’d think, as I don’t see AL displacing Salah or mane out wide


Lallana came on leaps and bounds after going to Liverpool and Klopp might be hoping to get similar out of Ox, I could see him displacing AL if coached well.

Hereford gooner

Lallana was always an excellent player, consistently over a number of seasons. Ox hasn’t proven that yet, but it wouldn’t surprise me if, like you say, he makes that step up under a good coach. He has many good qualities, but I’m not convinced ‘end product’ can be coached or learnt with experience (like for example positioning and defending can). Time will tell, but I can’t help thinking he’ll make someone a fine wingback some day


Would disagree with your Lallana analysis. He was a very good if fair-weather player for a midtable club and in the lower leagues, but when Klopp came many thought he wouldn’t be able to adapt to his requirements. Klopp transformed him imo. As for final product, last season was by far Ox’s to date so maybe the penny was dropping. I guess we’ll have to see


Ox’s best*

Hereford gooner

Liverpool paid £30m for lallana when prices weren’t mental, so I think it’s fair to say he was accomplished when he signed for them. He had a bad first season which made it look like he’d improved when his form picked up, but he’s only doing the same things that he was at Southampton. If ox does the same things that he’s done at Arsenal then they will regret paying £40m


He’s improved since he’s been there. Also, Liverpool paid 35m for Andy Carroll so it’s maybe not the best metric lol

Hereford gooner

So ox would be their no.10? I don’t see that at all


A large part of his rationale for moving to Liverpool is wishful thinking. I doubt if he will get an automatic shirt ahead of Henderson, Coutinho and Keita next season. He may come to regret the good offer from Arsenal and his growing role in the team under the new system. Arsene tried his best to keep him but as his mind was elsewhere, it was a good deal in the end for Arsenal.


Of course, expect him to stay fit from now on, and score when we play Liverpool at home. If we signed better players than the ones we sell, no-one would be despondent. How many hours left?


That’s huge money for last year of his contract. His injuries and his in-game decision-making prevented him from becoming a star for us. Not overly bothered, but it’s not nice seeing him in a Liverpool jersey.

Gus Caesar

It’s even bigger money when you think that there was effectively no market for him after he rejected Chelsea. £40m for somebody with one year left who only wanted to join one club is very very good. Not to mention the fact that he was only really a squad player, was injury prone, inconsistent blah blah.


He’ll have one good season for them and then six years of second season syndrome if his time with us is anything to go by!


Sorry Chambo, but not gonna miss you here. Good price received for once.


I don’t especially like him as a player but can’t find any issues with him if he feels he wants to play centrally and wants to do that elsewhere.

Our squad and team management is a shambles though – let’s not pretend any different.


We’ve got a really good squad. Yes, we could have brought in more, but we have a really strong spine with four world class players (Cech, Kos, Ozil, Sanchez). Now can Wenger maximise on that potential?


“Can Wenger maximise on that potential?” As a ex-supporter of AW, I gave up the ghost a year ago, as did his players by the looks of it. When you strip away all the bias and look at just his actions, he doesn’t have a decisive plan of how to maximise. The club have shown zero ambition in chasing titles – borne out by the way they let contracts lapse, by indecision in transfers, by stubborn misplaced faith in individuals (e.g. Walcott). It’s a sorry state and its being laid bare for all to see. New owner, CEO and manager… Read more »


“a really good squad”? Not the way the Exit door keeps springing open! With Ox, Mustafi, Sanchez, Campbell, Gibbs, Perez, Bielik, Szeczny, Jenkinson gone and Chambers now seemingly not required, Debuchy available for a book of green shield stamps and “no money left” to buy unwanted players leftover before the window closes – what squad is left to fight for 4 trophies.

Gus Caesar

Yeah, i’ve no issue with him leaving to pursue his wish to play centrally. It’s a good deal for all sides in my opinion. Sometimes things reach their natural end and this one certainly has.

And yes on the second point too!

The ghost of Arshavin\'s fitness

Has Kos scored 18 goals? That’s actually quite impressive for a centerhalf. KosTheBoss

Lord Bendnter

Still though, just seeing him in that Liverpool shirt hurts. I don’t know why, but it does. Yes, his play could be erratic, he hardly scored, and there was always some injury issues with him. But still, I don’t know why, it just doesn’t settle in right. Perhaps it’s because this club is surrounded by so much negativeness at the moment, we don’t have some big signing to help us through all the negativity, to balance the equation. What I fear is what Klopp would be able to get out of him in that CM position. I don’t fault AW… Read more »

Terry Neill - never again

Gazidis out.


I like him and wish him well. However as a footballer I don’t feel too sad about him leaving. He never seemed to get going (watch this change and have him set the world alight at Liverpool)


Sweet, now can we play players in their correct position?

Lord Bendnter

I don’t know if I can watch Arsenal’s YouTube channel anymore. Without the Ox, most of the channel’s content is quite bland

iwobis sock suspenders

right then can we start playing the best left wing back in the bundesliga last year at left wing back now perhaps??


You can’t blame him, we wants to play for an exciting team & inspirational manager, not our complete shambles.

The only good thing about this season is that it might spell the end of Wenger & possibly Kroneke.

I Am Gunnaaaaa

Should have kept Gibbs another day and sent him to LFC as the Ox.

Happy he is gone.

Indian Gooner

I am not going to wish you well because I am not that kind hearted and I am not going to wish you bad luck because I am not that bad a person.

I am happy you have finally got the fuck out.

YNWA- Remember..’ You Will Never Win Again’!


Could have joined Chelsea for double the salary, but didn’t.
Respect him for that.
And Fuck Chelsea.

Addicus Brown

Right! He didn’t leave for just money. He left to play CM under an inspiring coach in an updated system where you earn your minutes with effort and performance not manager infatuation.

Arsenal fan

I can’t wait to see him playing for pool.


His grandfather should be thinking of telling klopp to tell him to regain his self-belief


good riddance you little cunt


When i read all the comments, i wonder why you’ve voted him second best player last season.


Good luck to him, at least he didn’t go to Chel$ea.. I stood by arsene for a long time, but he should of left after the FA cup. This is what happens when you tell players that you see his future in midfield (a couple of seasons ago) and you make him believe. What do you want from the guy! Arsene said that he sees walcot as a CF after he convinced him of it. When it came to his contract renewal he demanded to play as a CF and it was another failed experiment/project and now he sits on… Read more »


Good luck Ox thanks for the dosh …. it’s a deal it’s a steal it’s the sale of the fucking century!

We are all dooooomed

At least he can win things there.
Arsenal are just sinking into oblivion.
I actually dislike Wenger more than ever before.
I didn’t think that could be possible..


Didn’t he just win the FA cup here??


So now we have money, right?


A loss for us and good signing for our “rival”. Hasn’t moved for money but to better himself as a player. A big shame he couldn’t achieve his potential and ambitions here but we’ll always have those performances against City, United and Chelsea at the end of last season. And that assist for Monreal a couple years back against United…

Will keep an eye out for him, will be very interesting to see how he does in a midfield 3 and under Klopp.


A move to Liverpool is easier to stomach than a move Chelski or Manure Utd.Best of luck to him. He’ll definitely flourish at Liverpool, look at what Klopp has done with players like Firmino /Wijnuldum.He’ll flourish and it’ll hurt


Good luck to him. I know people get irked at transfers out of the club but he was bought from Southampton, stuck with us stagnated and went to the club of his choice when more lucrative offers were on the table from our local rivals. I think its the manager, by the way. I think he left because of the stagnation of the club and the yearly monotonous grind under Wenger yielded the same old results and performances. He’s not a perfect footballer but whatever potential he still has, I’m sure Klopp will utilise it well. It is a mark… Read more »


Someone else pointed out that ironically, Klopp is exactly the kind of manager we would have wanted to replace Wenger. His team just pumped us and now he thinks he can mould one of our players into a CM in his 3 midfield system. Many are celebrating getting 40m for one of our first team players but the reality is that this is the latest sign of stagnation for our club


I really liked the Ox, but fuck him! Another overpaid, ungrateful cockpuffin who we stood by whilst he gave the ball away, got injured, came back gave the ball away some more, got injured again, came back found a position that suited him, had half a good season then fucked us off. What really pisses me off is the interview he gave on the pitch at Wembley when he was sucking Gerrard’s cock saying how he wanted to play in the middle and how he wanted to be the new Stevie G. Arsehole, basically saying he wanted to sign for… Read more »

Godfrey Twatsloch



Look at that picture and you know its a slap at Arsenal.


little cunt

Godfrey Twatsloch

Whenever he fucks up in the future, just remember that photo of him stroking Liverpool’s cock.


Been an arsenal fan since 2008. Even though they were trophy less years, at least there was wengerball when arsenal were playing. can’t say thats the case anymore. other clubs including mourinhos are way more attacking and easy on the eye now. seriously considering switching teams to support now (maybe not jose’s, but some other team). Very depressing to go through the same shit for 10 years now. Even a raging true believer like me have their limits. Maybe its too early in the season, and without european distractions arsenal might end up doing well. But i seriously doubt that.… Read more »


Hurry up and switch then. I’ve been supporting Arsenal for 40 years and seen some utter shite. Never once have I thought of switching. May I suggest Chelsea along with all their other fair weather fans??


i think you got this the wrong way around. You need to support the team win/lose/draw. That is what a fan is, it’s an emotional roller coaster.

If you are planning to give up on your team, try following another sports.


Nah I’m still Arsenal for life, but I’ve just accepted that now we’re a club with no ambition whatsoever. 40 points lads!

He\'s got no hair but we don\'t care...

We are a laughing stock.


Good luck to him. Today is so fucking miserable. Even the spud cunts have signed Aurier. FML


I blame his hair

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