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Report: Arsenal launch late £90 million bid for Lemar

According to the Mirror and Telegraph, Arsenal have reignited their interest in Thomas Lemar and are willing to pay Monaco as much as £90 million.

The 21-year-old has been Wenger’s main target ever since a deal for Alexandre Lacazette was completed, however, the boss admitted recently that it looked as though a deal for the player was impossible.

“It’s dead, because Monaco has closed the door definitely,” he noted.

“They [Monaco] are still on cases like M’Bappe, Fabinho, they already lost Mendy, Bernardo Silva, Bakayoko…Monaco is at a stage where they have basically closed the door.”

With Manchester City willing to offer £60 million for Alexis and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain completing a move to Anfield, it looks as though we’re going to try and redirect the funds before 11pm. It would be a club-record deal by some margin.

If it looks too difficult to pull off, you’d expect us to pull the plug on the Alexis deal…but then it’s us, we may just take the money and stick it in the bank. Who knows.

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Donald\'s Trump

What a shambles.

£90 million to play at left back.

Pogba looks a bargain now.


He was never an lb ffs!!!


Keep Alexis and buy Seri, Lemar, Defence Maybe
Manchester city (Mendy_£52 Walker_£50 Silva_£42 Ederson_£34 Danilo_£27 Luiz_£10) + Alexis


Neither is Bellerin


My eyes are hot on deadline day. From excessive crying.


Even if somehow we get Lemar, this one signing is not enough to offset the loss of Alexis……not to mention, even compete against the other top teams. It’s gonna be the same old story.

Steven Simpson

Draxler + Lemar will do nicely though!


Draxler, Lemar, Fabregas, Seri. That might appease me but it’s a pipe dream.


Oh, Fabregas, the guys with whom Arsenal never won anything.


He actually started 2005 Cup final if memory serves.

Kostas Greek Gooner

I admire your optimism!

Gooner Joe

Also, why not do this earlier if it is so important? Where’s the plan?!?


Can we please stop with the left back jokes ?!

I Didn\'t See It

OK. I’ve left all of mine at the back. Happy now?


Absolutely. He’s left sided, so we’ll obviously play him at right back.


He’ll start off as right back and by the end of the season he’ll be keeping goal!

Wenger\'s coat zipper

Ha! Won’t make it! Hector will be our goalie by January.

Gudang Pelor

Or center back.


We usually play our left backs at centre half?
So if we move him to left back? It’s only a matter of time before he’s partnering Kolasniac+Monreal in a back three?

Heavenly Chapecoense

Not a joke, it is a fact. Also Eboué as right wing attacker for two years, remember?


And Almunia as a keeper.

Ahem, sorry but Almunia was supposed to be a professional keeper. So, never mind


90,000,000 is a lot of LB’s for a LB


We could of had him for 2/3 that price but backed away as too expensive. Now we go in at 90? We are a shambles


You know that for a fact do you?


Has anyclub bid for wenger? It won’t take 90m…


We’ll even let him go for free. But nobody will be interested


I think this clusterfuck of a transfer window should fully confirm our need for a new manager.




Or maybe just a new board

Mr. G

Or maybe a new manager AND a new board


new fucking owner




ALL of it


new manager, new board, new owner

Tomassi bom

And new socks


I wonder what our players will think about the ambitions of this club after midnight…

I’m just unable to imagine (at the moment) that any of them believes that we are indeed aiming for the PL/CL title.


CL title might be a bit out of reach this season though, don’t you think?

Liam Pirosicastle

No more so than usual.


Doesn’t 3rd place in Europa League parachute us into last 16 of CL?


We didn’t need a clusterfuck of a window to prove that.


Because that’s our problem, the gelatinous spine of our team. Mercy, Wenger has autism.

You should know better

Ridiculous comment


Please don’t use that as a pejorative.


Agree. Spineless burnt out wreck of his former self will more than suffice.

Andre Santos\' car keys

His stubbornness cries out for a deeper explanation, but I don’t see the other obvious markers of Wenger having Asperger’s. He may just be old!


Wenger doesn’t have autism. The club would be in a much tidier state and rbs wouldn’t be playing at lbs.

Make Arsenal Great Again

Very insensitive comment. Many families are suffering from watching a loved one suffer from autism. I pray you never experience it

Terry Neill - never again

And Arsenal’s PR machine belatedly shudders into action. Gazidis out.

Dave M

once at again I’m so intruiged by the 5-10% downvoters who think Gazidis is doing a bangup job?!
#GazidisOut #KroenkeOut #WengerOut #RealChange


What exactly do you think getting rid of gazidas will accomplish? he doesn’t really have any power over the footballing side. he’s wenger’s boss in name only. kroenke and wenger alone decided wenger should stay & wenger runs all footballing aspects of the club. if you think hr blows, or marketing is not well run then you call for Gazida’s head. otherwise it’s pretty misguided as you either want kroenke out for failing to fire wenger or wenger out if you are unhappy with the footballing side.


Agreed. Gazidis is only guilty of not having any power. He didn’t want to offer Wenger a new contract but silent Stan overuled him. And £2mil a year would stop me from walking away as well.

Terry Neill - never again

If he was our commercial director I would agree with you, however he is the Chief Executive Officer on £3 million a year and contributes nothing. It is his job to manage Wenger and he bottles it. I have no faith in him choosing Arsene’s successor and no sense that he knows anything about football and deal/making beyond his shoddy third party sponsorship deals. Gazidis out.


But it’s not his job to mange Wenger. Wenger reports directly to Kroenke and always has – that was the deal when Gazidas was hired. Wenger picked him out which pretty much tells you that.


Arsenal have 2 CEO’s. Wenger has total autonomy in football matters – literally no one else gets a say. Gazidas oversees anything not related to football. My suspicion is when Wenger leaves we might move to a US style franchise where Josh Kroenke & Gazidas pick out a director of football who then hires the manager etc. If you are unhappy with the footballing results – blame Wenger. If you are unhappy that Wenger was not fired – blame Kroenke. Gazidas had literally nothing to do with retaining Wenger. His salary shouldn’t really be a factor in this either –… Read more »

Terry Neill - never again

He is the second highest paid CEO after Man United. Other clubs are run properly, we are a laughing stock. Gazidis out.


This is a classic “we tried” story planted by the club, caveat emptor.


Exactly, after about 15 years i don’t fall for those anymore. Only thing happening after this is us selling Alexis.


Exactly. Like we “tried” to sign Mbappe earlier in the summer. and 3 yrs from now, we will hear wonderful stories about all the stars we “almost” signed.


This reeks of trying to save face, especially if Sanchez really does leave. Why didn’t we give the 5-10 million more that Monaco probably wanted all those weeks ago? I thought that new bloke from Sky Cycling team was supposed to improve things.

Harish P

They will specialise in player contracts, if I remember right. I wouldn’t expect them to be involved in negotiations, that’s Dick Law’s department.

I\'m Professor Ignorance, on this subject

Step 1: Identify Problem – “Negotiating contracts is haaarrrrrd” 🙁
Step 2: Solve Problem – “Let’s hire someone who specializes in doing contracts!” 😀
Step 3: Ignore Solution in Order to Save Money – “Negotiating contracts is LITERALLY impossible, but we bravely tried anyway.” ;_;


The lawyer is only an advisor. Blame the Board and Wenger for their indecisiveness.


Small consolation, but fuck me why do we let it go down to the wire every goddam time


a few weeks ago I would have been devastated to see Alexis and the Ox go and get Lemar for the same amount.

but my faith in the board is so low right now, so that almost excites me

(good to deal to get that much for the Ox though)

When Skies Are Grey

Defence? Central Midfield? Any chance on strengthening? No, fine. No worries, clearly thinking outside the box, not obvious for anyone at the club to see.

Little Mozart

Lemar plays as a CM and RM, so he will probably play in the middle for us.

When Skies Are Grey

and could be back up central defence as well based on team selection so far this season.


Im thinking back up Cech….at this rate


mertesacker is third choice GK why do you think Wenger hasn’t been playing him

Wenger\'s coat zipper

No way! The goalkeeper’s gloves are Hector’s. That’s his next position after his natural RWB, then RW and then LW because why the fuck not! So I say give him the gloves now. Let’s see what he’s made of!


Lemar is a Left midfielder


love the way you said “he will” like its going to happen.

Hereford gooner

An exciting prospect, but lemar is not the answer to our problems in the centre of the park, that much I know


Exactly their is no point in having great attackers if the guys in the middle of the park aren’t good enough to get the ball to them. Without Santi we don’t control the ball and we were completely over run in the middle last weekend.


Problems? What problems?


Catalyseur de changement.


Holy Moly, desperate Wenger, eh? But would be a good signing nonetheless.


Why would Lemar want to come? Chance to play Mickey Mouse UK and Mickey Mouse Europe instead of CL? If he comes, it’s for the money and do we really need another of those?


While I partly agree with you I am pretty sure that the EPL triples the Ligue1 in terms of attractiveness.
Yeah, we are in shambles right now. But who knows for how long. Let’s try not to be too pessimistic.


OK Doctor, I’ll try. Wake me up at 10.55 so I can check out the conclusion of the day. ?


From “no money” to

Paul Bryan

oh is vat ve time? We need to make a little bit ve sigings.


No money, right, Ornstein?

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

The money hasn’t been spent yet. Ornstein hasn’t reported this bid.

Dave M

Well to his defense he clearly states:
“…but only way Sanchez leaves is if #AFC get massive money & replacement”
We’re not getting Lemar unless Alexis is going so it really looks like Alexis is probably off, so Ornstein is likely correct

Harish P

It would be nice…


Even if we bought Messi, under Wenger I still dont have much hope….


good player, but for that price, i would rather have us use it for a good cm, and maybe Mahrez if he’s under 50m pounds.


And possibly a cb too.


Call my cynical, but this feels like a made up story by lazy journalists: £35m for Ox + £55m for Alexis = £90m for Lemar. Seems all too convenient. Hope I’m wrong though!

Little Mozart

£90 million?! Can’t we just sign Draxler and offer £70 million for Lemar? Maybe I’m wrong to fancy Draxler over Lemar, but I want the German!


supposedly Liverpool already offered 75 +. we should have just paid the 60 earlier in the summer. same think with lacazette where by waiting a year we drove the price up 25m


If we shifted Ox+Alexis for £90-£100mill?
Singing Lemar+Draxler for £120-£130mill?

We’ve basically shift two players who were worth nothing to us next season and didn’t want to be here, and signed two players who look like two very able replacements for £30-40mill.

It would be great business from the club.
Come on Arsenal, just for once can you do what makes sense?


If you sign Draxler, you kill Nelson


if you kill Nelson, the navy are sunk

Horatio Nelson

Kiss me, Hardy


Would be good to have a defender who can play in middle or out right as well.


Wenger might be wrong about a lot of things , but one thing is for sure is he cares more than most of us do. Can we say that for top management? It’s too easy to say “If I was Wenger” in retrospect after each game. The real problem is upstairs.


But caring and being proactive (and learning from past mistakes) are two different things. No doubt he cares and is smarter than 99% of us. He revolutionized management and has accomplished quite a bit. But that said, when there are ingrained patterns in the club (letting player contracts wind down, playing first team out of position, overpaying squad players) one would think that at some point — and whether he has complete control or not — Wenger would do what’s necessary to make necessary changes. How long has this gone on? 4-5 years now? One would think that this is… Read more »


He may well care – certainly NOT more than us though – but it’s Wenger who’s selecting the players and the tactics each week. His loss of reality is going to consign him to a lesser place in history than he deserves.

I do agree that we have a problem upstairs but it’s in addition not instead of Wenger


Now we are talking…


Don’t think we will get him. Pool will sell Coutinho and match our offer. And surely he won’t chose us over them.


Looks like Alexis is sold if they made such a bid


Hard to believe that one is true. If we could get Lemar in to replace Sanchez/Chamberlin that’s probably about the best we can hope for at this point. Would rather have that than having lost all three next Summer for nothing. At least we’d be able to use this year as a rebuilding year around our younger players and have some hope for the future.


We tried, we really tried. The fax worked when we sent the paperwork for the sale of Sanches. When we tried to fax the paperwork for Lemar it malfunctioned.


“it looks too difficult to pull off, you’d expect us to pull the plug on the Alexis deal…but then it’s us, we may just take the money and stick it in the bank.” Nailed it Arseblog. you can bet on us taking the money for Alexis and sticking it in the bank.


Whose bank?!!! £ against $ exchange is pretty good at present for Stanislas.


Damn you auto correct! That’s Stan of course.


Christ who cares. Makes no difference at all whether we do or don’t.
Officially beyond getting even remotely excited.

Would probably prefer Draxler or Mahrez for what it’s worth

Hereford gooner

Hello false hope my old friend


Putting aside ALL other arguments about the manager & the system, is Lemar really worth 90 million? Young, quick and a great left foot but… I don’t know, I’m not understanding the massive appeal for this kid. Is his ceiling supposedly THAT high?

I Didn\'t See It

He’s the reincarnation of the mythical ‘monster’ DM of old.


Fuck it why not.


Why don’t we buy Mahrez with the money? Draxler? Arsene’s problem is he always only have plan A no Plan B. Its like you are in love with only that girl, you will not fall in love with another pretty girl no matter what.


no way are we paying it. and would lemar want to join so much uncertainty. no champions leage, not very clear that we’ll be in it next year either.

i’m guessing alexis goes…lemar stays at monaco.


The newspapers saying we’re going to bid 90 million for lemar are trolling us.


I reckon it’s some scumbag Spud-supporting reporter trolling us.


I hope we get Draxler instead, If rumours are true that PSG are signing Kylian they gonna have to unload some players.

I honestly dont know much about Lemar other than he had a cracking season last year, Draxler seems like a safer bet as he has proven he can do it year in an out…

Either way who ever we get will be welcome 🙂


When Draxler has proven something than that he’s NOT capable of doing it year in year out. Have you seen him at Schalke and Wolfsburg? Theo is a fighter in comparison to that guy.


Unfortunately this smacks of we tried to get am Alexis replacement but it was too late..

Lord H

“Who knows” nailed it mate


Crazy how he has essentially doubled in price. Smacks of desperation from us. Alexis is gone anyway let’s be honest, he doesn’t want to be here anymore


All this negativity/ hate surrounding Arsene is uncalled for. We are only three games into the season and it’s too early in the season in my opinion to spew such hatred towards a man who has given his life for our club. Let us give Arsene and Arsenal at least 10 games and then dole out our opinions? I, for one, still have hope with Arsene and Arsenal. A triumverate of Sanchez, LacaZ and Ozil still excites me (and Arsene has managed to hold on to Giroud). Few tactical changes in the midfield and we might still challenge for top… Read more »

Tony Hall

You have watched us the last what 10 seasons now fuck everything up in the same way yet you think this season will be different ?


I have pretty much lost my faith in Arsene and how the club is run and I only wish I could share your optimism. But you are right that getting behind the team, even desperately, is the only thing a fan can do. I dread more negativity from the stands in the coming months if things get worse.


At the start of last season it was all Chelski under the spotlight after a poor start but Conte changed things around – do you reckon AW can? PL title here we come!


Who cares about “good business?” We should buy this guy AND keep Sanchez.

City are basically buying a new squad for £50m each…Pretty sure that is bad business but they will probably look pretty good out there on the pitch.

…Or maybe they will all be flops. Either way they’d just write it off and try again with new players. The bottom line is that they are willing to take on some risk. We are so risk-averse!

Come on Arsenal, roll the dice! Let it ride!


Typical Arsenal. making a token “attempt” at a major signing at this late stage. Taking the fans for complete mugs. If the intent was there to sign Lamar , why wasn’t the job done before the last day of the transfer window. This whole scenario with so many players in last year of contracts, not to mention the number next year, shows complete lack of any planning at a supposed “big club”. Acting like a group of fucking amateurs .im still gonna refuse to spend any money on any Arsenal related goods, merchandise. This whole shitfest has to be sorted… Read more »


Not gonna happen. Realistically we need to trim the fat before we sign anyone. Not sure buying more expensive players is the answer to whatever is ailing the club. I feel that it’s ultimately the team and the board that have failed him. The team just doesn’t perform for him (no accountability, too complacent earning high wages). Nor do the board step out to defend him (too complacent raking in profits), and nor do the fans of the club (too busy booing players/ the Manager at home games).


Arsenal’s problems are on the pitch and not the fucking transfer market. We have good enough players to compete if they are up for it. For fucks sake Leicester won the Premeir league with no bodies so don’t tell me we are not good enough or we need this and we need that. The solutions lie in the tactics. We have to change our game from an attacking one to a defensive one. The selling point of Arsenal is the attractive football they play which is very lucrative and despite not winning trophies it is in demand. Just see how… Read more »

Tony Hall

Sorry what attractive football ?


Comon man, don’t tell me the Leicester game wasn’t exciting. Look, we all hate what Arsenal have been doing for the last 3 years. If our problems were the transfer market, then how in the world would you explain Sanchez, Cech, Kalasinac, Cazorla Giroud and all the other names that we have signed? In our day we can beat anyone, its just that we don’t setup to win at all costs. Would we accept 1-0 winning score lines all the way till the end of the season? Me thinks not. Although one year of that would not hurt for me.


If true I’m happy we’re being aggressive, though I do wonder if we couldn’t have gotten him for £60 M a month ago if we just weren’t trying to be too cute.

Oh well, what’s £30 M anyway between friends?

Lord Bendnter

I would be satisfied if we sell Sanchez for 60m or more and sign:
William Carvalho 35m
Draxler 40m

At least in Carvalho we will have solidarity and protection for our back four. And someone who can create and score in Draxler.


Don’t you think Fernandinho of Man City is better than William Carvalho. Getting Fernandinho as part of the Sanchez deal might be a double whammy as it will certainly destabilise City’s defence. They’ve got no other decent defensive midfielder.

Lord Bendnter

Don’t think Man City would let go of Fernandinho


Ahhhhh…. teams have us by the balls now, and they know it….and they will ask for anything between 1 and, i don’t know, a GAZILLION for any player we even wink at?


Even if Lemar comes, our defense is still in shambles.


Relax. Lemar and Draxler will not happen. Sanchez will be confirmed app 1 hour before deadline as City player.Arsenal will yet again be the dumb-ass of the fotball world.


Get ready for M’bappe lads. Y’all owe me a caramello if M’bappe happens.

Alex james legend

Its sell sell sell rodney. Even selling youth players stans ranch must need a new roof.

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