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Report: Deportivo negotiating loan deal for Lucas Perez

According to La Voz De Galicia, Deportivo La Coruna have not given up hope of re-signing Lucas Perez, despite having several offers rejected so far. 

The latest update suggests the Spanish side will try to sign their former striker on loan for the year with a view to purchasing him after that. It’s believed that Arsenal could be tempted by this compromise having thus far held firm on their €15 million valuation of the player.

Presumably, there are reasons why Deportivo can’t or won’t stump up the cash for Lucas this summer, but there we go.

Lucas’ future was brought up in Arsene Wenger’s latest press conference with the Frenchman once again admitting he’s willing to let the striker leave.

“There’s a possibility [he could leave this month],” said the boss. “I opened the door for him because I have many strikers. If he finds a good opportunity, I will help him.”

Newcastle United have also shown interest in signing Perez but it’s believed the player would prefer to return to his boyhood club in the hope regular football will boost his chances of making Spain’s World Cup squad.

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Free Lucas


I just feel bad for the guy. We already fuked up his dream of playing for Spain no matter how minimal his chances of inclusion in the Spain squad . of all the players we couldve hold on for more cash this guy shouldn’t have been the one.

Mein Bergkampf

What, the guy who’s only been here a season? I think the cases for Gibbs and Jenko, whose loyalty has not wavered for seasons, should be put before a guy who was moaning by January that he couldn’t get in the team. Let’s ship him, but only on our terms.

Kwame Ampadu Down

‘Loyalty has never wavered’….amazing. Gibbs the Saint. Give him a statue.


Dont understand the down votes on this. Had talent, was decent if not spectacular for us, owes us nothing. Just let him go for 10mil or whatever.

On a separate but related note, whats with our inability to shift players surplus to requirements.


If you know the asset you’re holding to contract can garner more than why sell that particular asset for less? Plenty of time left in the window, so let’s see what happens.

At the end of the day we don’t know what happens on the training ground, or – as much as I hate to say it – when promoting ‘brand Arsenal’ – if Arsenal as a club feel they can get more then I’m all for it; because let’s be honest, this game is a business.


There all around the Newcastle level but on arsenal wages… the clubs that want them cant afford them.

Andy Mack

The ones that want a move (like Lucas) can accept a lower salary…. If he wants to move, which his agent says he does…

Original Paul

Wellease Wookus! ?


Vewy well..

Dan Gunn

Surely a sale is better than a loan? Get what we can, move on.

Andy Mack

Not necessarily. If he does well and scores loads then someone may be happy to offer more next summer, whilst in the coming season he’s been paid by DLC with possibly a fee as well…


Get out while you can!

lee dicks on

All aboard!


Wtf is going on .. just let the guy leave on a permanent transfer ..

We’ll inevitably sell him for less than 10 million when his loan spell ends .. just take what they are offering and let his misery end ffs


I’m at the point where I am debating going into an Arsenal news slumber. I’ll awaken on the final day of the month, go look at the team sheet, save myself a shitload of stress, and then decide if we’d had a good window or not.


Yeah to both


That sounds like heaven unfortunately the chances of me going an hour are next to none let alone 2weeks

Andy Mack

Why are you so sure we’d sell him for less than 10m?
You think he’d have a poor season at DLC?


I don’t know why we are looking at a loan vs permanent sale for 10 or 12 million unless those reports are false (which they likely are).


don’t know the specifics but a lot of times in Italy for instance it’s better for their books if they loan a player for a year for a fee and agree to purchase the player in a year. it’s identical to a sale in all respects but is treated differently for accounting and financial fair play purposes.


But, he’s going to Spain

Andy Mack

OK, so you know that their accounting systems are different in spain then?


It’s all go on the transfer front.

Unfortunately in the wrong direction.


Buy or get the fuck out of the establishment!


Reports Draxler is available. Should definitely aim to sign him. With that and a centre midfielder we could count transfer window successful.
As it stands, not at all.


Where would you play Draxler? in our system the only position he could play is the Alexis position. But we also have Welbeck, Iwobi and Walcott for that position. Makes no sense at all to me.


The fact that he is a class above them makes sense to me.


Draxler scored 10 goals in all competitions last season for Paris and Wolfsburg and he was a regular starter for both clubs. Walcott scored 19 without beeing a regular starter. But surely Draxler is classes above him. And Iwobi is 2 years younger than him and has at least Draxler potential.

Andy Mack

Reports Messi, Lewandowski, Kroos and Dybala are available.
Will anyone ever find out if there’s any truth to the reports?


The difference between Draxler versus Messi and the others being available is that Draxler actually could be cut loose.


Arsene, just overpay for Lemar & everybody’s happy. End of Transfers IN. Why don’t you Arsene? You can overpay coz everyone in the PL is overpaid. You got £143m in prize money alone for finishing 5th last season. Just pay the £60m that Monaco want.


Those pesky reports again


I think we have had a good window so far, although perhaps not good enough

Anonymarses Arse

I too think that we had a good transfer window, but then again, maybe not….;)


um … we signed good players, just maybe not enough …

David Hillier\'s luggage

Pay up of fuck off


This literally never ends well for us, sell or keep

Clive St Helmet

Good luck to him, wherever he ends up.

Original Paul

I said the other day loan him out and got thumbs down a plenty! Seems Arsene wasn’t one of them! ?

My Wig smells cheesy

There’s more to life than thumbs

Original Paul

Yeah mate, I hope you sort out your wig whiff.


Try telling King Louie that.

Kwame Ampadu Down

You got them rightly.what exactly do you think a loan would achieve?

Original Paul

Space in the squad?


Hope we get a good loan fee. Getting his salary off the books would make it easier to sign Sanchez and Ozil to big contracts. Free up those funds. I just started laughing as soon as I typed it.



John Ralphio

Let the boy play for his boyhood club. C’mon Arsenal

Lord Bendnter

Stop what you’re doing and go check out the new video on Arsenal’s official youtube channel.

P.S. I dont work for the PR team

Toure motors

Dick Law and Order just loaned Bobby Pires to Deportivo Cali


Hope we get a good loan fee. Getting his salary off the books would make it easier to sign Sanchez and Ozil to big contracts. Free up those funds. I just started laughing as soon as I typed it


Tired of my comments always waiting for moderation. Why? I’ve been on this site for ten years and never gone after other people.


I don’t know why it’s happening to you 🙁


I too suffer the same fate. Maybe at some point in time we strayed accidentally into a spurs blog without protection, and now our IPs are infected.

Mississippi Gunner

Caption made me do a laugh, love it

nacho man

get rid for ffs…
22 bibs and a dozen cones will do at this stage


Would you sell Sanchez to PSG for Draxler + money?


Yes but sanchez will only go to Man City.


Sorry off topic.Just listened to an nfl podcast, kroenke won’t pay his LA Rams best player higher wages.not into nfl so don’t know the ins and outs of it.
But all the negativity over Wenger and our contracts. If kroenkes nba and nfl teams accept mediocrity, isn’t easy to understand where Arsenals real problem is? So much debate that Wenger just should go add 20million onto any player we go for or just add another 100k onto sanchez or just lower his asking prices!
It’s not Wengers fault our owner is a money grabbing tight bastard. Just saying, good day:)


My impression is that Arsene isn’t sure if he wants to let go of the player. In the back of his mind, he thinks he might need Perez as a back-up. So, after all of this dicking around, Perez will stay at Arsenal.


In fact, it looks to me as if Wenger doesn’t like Lucas and/or doesn’t think Lucas has shown him enough respect. So he’s tried to discipline him with the threat of moving him out. Lucas has said “Yes, please”. So now Arsene is in a complete muddle.

Spanish Gooner

Makes a lot of sense to me. Deportivo can’t afford £12m up front (that would break their transfer record by quite a margin) so we’re freeing up his wages while giving them time to pull the money together. We’re cash rich so we don’t need the money now, so we may as well get a better price later

Andy Mack

It wouldn’t be paid in one instalment ‘upfront’.
It would be payable in instalments over a few years, so no real difference.
However there could be tax benefits for DLC doing it this way…

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