Monday, July 22, 2024

Report: Ox rejects latest contract offer, Arsenal ready to sell

According to the Mirror, Arsenal are prepared to sell Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain to a Premier League rival after the player reportedly turned down a £180,000 a week contract offer to stay at the Emirates.

Yesterday, Arsene Wenger and Ivan Gazidis sat down with the England international and his representatives in the hope of thrashing out a deal, however, with no progress made it looks as though the 24-year-old, who is inside the final year of his contract, will be sold before the transfer window closes next Thursday.

Liverpool and Chelsea have been mooted as the player’s two most likely destinations. The Gunners are hoping a bidding war between the clubs will see their £35 million asking price met.

Chamberlain moved to Arsenal from Southampton in 2011 for a fee of £15 million, he’s since made 197 appearances. He has started this season as he finished the last, operating as a wing-back, but has made it clear he’d prefer to play his football in midfield.

We now wait for Sunday’s team sheet for the match with Liverpool, should the Ox not be included it may be the first definitive clue that he’s on his way out of the club.

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Terry Henry

Greedy shit

dr Strange

He turns down 180000 a week. How is that greedy?

Terry Henry

Because he thinks he is worth more. Which he will get at Chelsea. He is a bit part player that is prone to injury. Arsenal were mad to put such a huge offer on the table (if true), after years of investment in his development, and turns it down to join a rival team. Hence calling him a shit

dr Strange

Agree on the madness but I doubt he will get more at another club.


Maybe Arsenal should include an injury clause? Arsenal gets 1 million for every season he’s injured for more than a 1 month. All jokes aside, let him go if he wants to play thru the middle. Wenger obviously doesnt trust him enough to play him in midfield. This is his professional career he’s considering so I wish good luck to him.


You are right Sancheezy.


He certainly won’t get more playing time. Definitely not in central midfield.


And you’d stay at a job where you felt you couldn’t fulfill your potential? When you thought you had a better chance elsewhere?

I don’t know if he’s right or wrong in his assessment of his potential but I can’t see anything greedy about his choice. You think he’s greedy for turning down money. You think Arsenal’s being poorly run but he should stay anyway. You think he’s a bit part player but you’re getting in a flap about his departure.

It’s justl nonsense.

Dave M

The funny thing is do you really think he would play CM at Chelsea or Liverpool?

Donald\'s Trump

Why would he not at Liverpool?

Dave M

Henderson, Lallana, Can, even Milner will all be ahead of him as CM. Like I’ve already said he is better out wide and both Chelsea or Liverpool know this and I’ll bet that is where they play him. Even if they tell him all the right things [that he will get to play CM] I bet he still spends nearly all of his time on the right at either team


He’s a better bet than fabregas these days!

Stringer Bell

You mean fabregas who helped Chelsea win the league. Absolute rubbish. Faregas is a finished article with a wonderful football brain. Ox is fast can dribble and go past people but makes either the wrong decision or wrong execution the majority of the time.


Agreed. The Ox makes a lot of unproductive decisions at the end of a dribble. He’s not an indispensable player to be honest.


Id take Fabregas over Ox everyday of the week! Fabregas at 16 was better than the Ox is now!


Swap Ox for Cesc?

Woolwich Shepherd

I did that one night. It was a little awkward at first. Plus I was nervous. But my god, it felt good.


I’ve been one of the ‘never again’ but I could almost go for this. A sign on clause for Ox, and some cash our way..


Liverpool, yes. Chelsea probably no.

Dave M

I disagree, he is better on the wing or wide and I’ll bet that is where he is played.


The Ox is not worth keeping if he won’t play for 180K a week. Send him to the cuntshow that is Chelsea. Watch him sit on the bench and then come on, run aimlessly around like a headless chook and dive like a Victor Moses cheating clone. Unless he scores a scorching 30-yard winner against Liverpool …then keep him. Fickle bastards


Well said man!


Don’t think its just bout money,, he ain’t started many games and now with 3 at the back playing where he don’t want to be so he wants to go somewhere where he can start games and be in his rightful position


No one mentioned money. Maybe he thinks he needs to move for his career.


He will be missed for his banter though.


He isn’t getting more at Chelsea. It’s either he is chasing big silverwares or he wants to play in the center.


On a positive note, Alexis looked really happy in training the other day, and that photo of lacazette hugging him literally made my heart melt. Ox can do as he pleases, if he thinks he’s going to get game time as a CM at Chelsea he’s flat out deluded. He’s not Fabregas or RVP.

Benton McNary

Or maybe he’s finally realised that playing under Wenger is getting both him and the team nowhere year in year out. If anyone should go it’s that fraud.


Disagree here. Wenger has given him plenty of chances in many positions, and ox continues to have average performances. He cannot maintain position when played in cm, and he tries to showboat in the final third, often resulting in wild shots into the stands or running the ball out of possession. He seems to lack the awareness to play within a team, and the last two seasons have been a decline.


Do we have to go through this petulant nonsense every time any player leaves any club? He wants to play where the club doesn’t want him to play and hopes that he’ll find a better opportunity somewhere else. Greed has nothing to do with it and your comments are contradictory rubbish. He’s coming to the end of his contract. He hasn’t tried to pull a fast one on the club. He’s always played hard for the club – it hasn’t always worked out but you can’t fault his effort. Now he’s turned down a large contract to, he hopes, better… Read more »

Kwame Ampadu Down

The rules on transfers for some on this site :
Anyone who doesn’t sign gorgeous Arsenal is a prick we didn’t want anyway.
Anyone who leaves is an ungrateful, greedy bastard.
There is never, ever a player who leaves because they think with the current manager in place they might win more trophies elsewhere or become a better player.

Kwame Ampadu Down

For not gorgeous. Bloody predictive texting.


He’s doing AFC a favor. Imagine trying to unload him in couple of seasons when the club realizes he’s nothing but a super sub that can play different positions. Talk about the hate towards Arsenal then from people who don’t understand how we could give him that type of contract couple of seasons ago.


I agree 100%. Great post.

Samuel Peeps


Can we spend the money on a proper holding midfielder please?

Stuck on repeat...

Right now I’d probably put more money on AW playing Holding in midfield than AW spashing some cash on getting a propper holding midfielder :/


But then we would finally have a Holding midfielder.

Yeah I’ll walk myself out.

David C

If he joins Chelsea then we have weakened a rival, take the money and get Mahrez or Van Dijk.


Not an ideal solution to a complicated issue, but regrettably selling him is now imperative.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Regrettably ? Only Chelsea that will regret their 35 millions. Call Lemar’s agent and offer them the £180,000 a week and be ready to offer 60 millions to Monaco for him.


If he ends up succeeding with Chelsea, I’ll regret it.


Yeah, we’ve been there before haven’t we. We got Gallas and well….. you know the rest.


Arsenal succeeding is important. Everything else is noise.


How will he succeed with Chelsea. He’s rejected these insane wages cause he wants to play in CM. If he’s not good enough to play ahead of Ramsey, Xhaka or Elneny what chance of him edging out Kante, Bakayoko or Fabregas??


Particularly since Chelsea always uses very defensively savvy midfielders, which he is not

Ivan Parasite

Chelsea have the money to get Ox with homegrown status for only 35m. Playing him or not is another story.

Chris Andersson

Well, he is good enough, but we have a manager that favours hos loveboy Ramsey instead, that’s who they ought to sell.


You mean the same Aaron Ramsey that has better end product, has won important matches for us, has better link up play between the base of midfield and attack and can also play on the wing effectively?

Both Aaron and Alex have a similar work rate, but one is by far the more complete midfielder.

That’s not to say that Aaron can’t continue to improve his game, but let’s use facts here.

lee dicks on

Yes, name another english player we’ve let go just before entering his prime? No, me neither.
I can’t understand people’s ignorant attitude to his departure. This huge offer and the clubs interested are further proof of his quality. I’ve not been this disappointed since fabregas jumped ship. If true this season’s going to be a serious struggle. He leaves a far bigger hole in the squad than people realise.


We’re not “letting him go.” They offered the type of number that should be paid in Yen, let alone Pounds, and he still says no. What do you want?


Oh please, if he wasn’t English no one would give a damn. He’d be getting Perez-like interest.

lee dicks on

A young British guy who came in at 17 that we’ve seen grow up at the club vs. a spaniard who came in last-minute for a season. Really? Get a grip.


glad we dodged this bullet. Imagine in a another season or 2 when he stays the same as he is now? lol trying to sell him with those wages. Lol

Who cares if he’s British, there are plenty of British players that will come and go. He’s mediocre for the wage he is allegedly been offered and turned down


Chelsea is only paying this b/c they have so few homegrown players they can’t even register a full squad for the PL. end of story


You are so correct-at this point whose finger are we going to stick into the proverbial dyke??


From an observationist standpoint it will be really interesting to see if he makes it off the bench wherever he goes, if he ends up playing the same position (he will at Chelsea), and if another manager can get any more out of him.

Or will it turn out to be going for the cash and possibly get a bench trophy. If Allegri doesn’t melt down (I think he will at some point soon).


Funny, I only typed and hit the post button once.

Crash Fistfight

I think Allegri having a meltdown would only have an effect if Ox joins Juventus.


Ha, brain gap.

‘Some cunt who manages those cunts’ ok, fixed.


They’ll succeed either way


Will he win a title with Chelsea? Probably. Will he be one of the primary reasons they win a title? I don’t believe it but I suppose it’s possible.


I don’t want to say anything bad about Ox, or indeed Ozil and Sanchez as they haven’t left and may sign new contracts yet. If they do decide to move on, their career will most likely nose dive as a result. Majority of players that leave arsenal may win trophies and earn a lot more money, but their personal levels drop. We provide the best platform for our players to play football and express themselves. I don’t understand how players don’t see this coming. What could have Van Persie achieved at Arsenal in the last 4 seasons with cazorla and… Read more »


Hmm. Care respect and loyalty. Tell that to Perez and Campbell

Real Arsenal Fan

Well Perez situation is very complicated and Arsene has actually apologized from him , Campbell situation is the stereotypical injury situation of many of our players and Arsenal still has faith in him and haven’t sold him and have just loaned him to other clubs for many years , something so called “big clubs” like Chelsea and Man utd will never do , they don’t give players second chances but Arsenal does.


those are fringe squad players. Stop comparing them to the key players on the team smh


Sell him and upgrade


nothing probably because the only reason why we get those players is because we sold RVP. If he stayed AW probably wouldn’t have gone after an expensive player lol


Again correct-Arsenal invests a LOT of time and money to grow these players only to have them jump at the first ridiculous opportunity, where is the loyalty??


I’m sorry but van persie achieved his goal of a premier league title in one season with united. He couldn’t do that with Arsenal and he was here for quite a while.

Tanzanian Gooner

Or 45 millions for either of Draxler or Mahrez. I don’t mind selling Ox if the player wants out but selling him without replacement will be very Arsenaly thing to do. We have been here before, haven’t we?


Call Lemar’s agent and be ready to offer 60 million to Monaco.
All you have to do is dream dream dream…
£35 million into Kroenke’s bank account more like…


Instead of Lemar, shouldn’t we be going for Fabinho? He can fill both the DM/RWB slots well, and we could really use his quality in deep midfield.


‘Cept PSG want him, so, yeah.


Doesn’t anyone else think that the players just are not buying into Arsenal under Wenger, they must see what we all see but they can’t say anything cos they have a contract/have so much respect for Wenger/know it would be objectionable to publicly come out or show their true feelings. It wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of these players have spoken in private about this. They all want to leave apart from the ones on a good wage despite being poor. The good players have to go elsewhere to win major things because they know Wenger isn’t a good… Read more »

Dr Whale

Most of the good players improved their game under Wenger though. Their negative facial expression reflects that of disloyalty. Imagine players that have been invested upon regarding playing time at the detriment of the team in the name of development of the individual player only to become a finished article to say they are going. No wonder the present youth are suffering under wenger. The talent is there, but disloyalty have made wenger change his youth development policy. Only when you are Mbappe with 80 million and above transfer value and guaranteed playing time will you want to come to… Read more »


Why do you expect loyalty, these players have worked with other managers. Why don’t they want to sign contracts? Why do they want to go play under different managers? Because they know they aren’t being managed to a good enough standard. I know Wenger has and always will allow players a great amount of freedom to play as they want to. But that requires confidence in the team . And other managers know how to beat Wenger because they know that his teams will be ill disciplined. Tactics are back


Thats laughable. These players would have signed last summer for the wages being offered this summer. Its always about money. Thats it. Trophies are icing on the cake

Tyler Briscoe

If Wenger is so good at ‘improving players games’ then let him decline to being a training coach, we need RUTHLESSNESS, someone who doesn’t prioritise youth players or keep players out or sentiment, we need a KILLER who will lay seige upon the premiership, rape and pillage every competition available with no remorse, we want Lemar for example, Monaco could not resist us, we are taking him! Right now we’re just the nice guys, Wenger needs to go bald and go full Heisenberg


Who in the last 10 years has improved a lot under Arsene? Just curious, because I can’t think of any names I’m sure there’s maybe a couple but I want to know if there’s more.


TDog,,, I’ve always said the same,, we have great players but he just don’t get the best out of them,,

Chris Andersson

That’s because he play almost every fucking one out of their best position. Also, as long as Ramsey is at the club, the midfield will continue the be fucked up.

Noone, and I mean noone, can stop an attack as Ramsey.

There you have a sellable players, if any.


Would that be the same Ramsey whose goals won us two FA Cups? Whose key strength is bombing forward to sustain attacks? The same Ramsey who’s one of our very few box-to-box players?

Can’t believe all this Ramsey hating. I suspect there’s something very nasty and invidious at the root of it.

Chris Andersson

Yes, it is what he does between the importent goals. Where he stop the attack and goas backwards, the Ox would take on the obsticle in front of him. If you consider a player is good just because he happens to score a few important goals i dont know if you understand football at all. Just go back and count how many Times the Man gets the ball, run a few meters, stop, go back, or sideways backwords. I’ll tell you, he does that more than going forward and you want to know why???? He doesen’t have the skill to… Read more »


Such as who ?


Ox, Theo, Ozil, Ramsey to name a few

Hereford gooner

I can understand your point. Some of wengers decisions are baffling of late and with the squad we have we should be doing better. Thing is I have a long memory. We wouldn’t have these great players if it wasn’t for him. That is the extreme conflict that you feel if you are a gooner over the age of 35


Agree with you completely, I have the same conflict and I think the players do too.. Wenger had a chance to change this summer, be bold and brash in the transfer market, drill the team in pre-season & be ready.. he did none of them.

Hereford gooner

Each year I just hope for his sake that he’ll sign a defensive midfielder. He is a fascinating man of extreme intelligence, but at this stage I am beginning to question my entire system of beliefs. How can I respect a man who cannot see what this team has lacked for so long? Utterly baffling, but still I’ll keep hoping for his sake that he’ll sign that defensive midfielder. Preferably not flamini


23 and I feel the same pain. It’s the only way I know.

Miguel G

Alexis improved under Wenger. But it is true that the team, with what we have, should be way better.


Alexis didn’t improve anything in particular in terms of adding another facet or skill to his game. He did what he knew how to do, and played more than he did at Barcelona. He’s also been with us for his peak physical years. End product improvement can result from game time and better physicality compared to a young Alexis. Don’t see Arsene’s influence on his improvement.


Bang on I think, and how is AOC ever going to know if things are better/different unless he goes and finds out for himself. Or, he could hang on and copy Walcott??? I know which of those options shows more desire to me. This is likely to be the start of a shake up that’s been needed for a long time, but in typical Wenger/Arsenal fashion it’s happening a week before the window closes (not enough time to spend on replacements.) imagine if Sanchez leaves too!


If the Arsenal fan base are pessimistic about out chances then surely the players would be having the same doubts. His team selections are so bizarre sometimes you wonder whether he is having a nervous breakdown. All of this does not bode well for Arsenal.

Teryima Adi

Sad but true. Wenger has become a dinosaur in modern day English football.


I agree, our club is a total disaster right now. This is absolutely crazy. I genuinely fear for us.


It’s not that complicated to me. In what area has he notably improved in his six years here? Whether or not that’s our fault is very much up for debate, but this has run its course. This team is crying out for fresh players/attitudes. I’ll be delighted if we can move the failed English generation on.


fresh dir of football, fresh manager, fresh players, fresh attitudes…


Yes!! This is great news. Fortunately the greed of the Ox and his agents will save us from making another Walcott like mistake.


Fine with me if it means playing everyone in their best positions now

Burn Baby Burn

I’m happy for him and for us. He’ll be able to play in his preferred CM position. He will continue giving the ball away in the defensive third and Chelsea will drop points.

Win for everyone


He won’t be able to play CM at Chelsea either. Definitely can’t see him playing CM ahead of Kante or Bakayoko. It’s wingback/rotational for him at Chelsea aswell.

Andre Kelley

On today’s Arsecast Neil Atkinson said Liverpool were looking for a CAM. Maybe he’s hoping to go there.

Ray from Norfolk, Virginia

To replace Coutinho?


Does it tho,, look at us the other night our back 3 were all out of there best positions, but wenger could of swapped it around but he got it wrong,, AGAIN


Until Hector gets injured on Sun. Who then at RB or RWB? Debuchy, Mustafi if he hasn’t left for Inter? ANM? Ox leaving leaves holes everywhere. But if he really isn’t satisfied with $180k per week, he REALLY wants out and we should let him go. What does this say about current state of affairs at Arsenal. The players now know we are a 5th/6th place team. Wake me up in two years please.


Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Hereford gooner

In bleak times like these I need comments like that. Every little helps


Will anyone notice if we send them Kieran Gibbs instead?


hahaha i was in such a bad mood reading this article, this lightned me up so well ??


Winner!! ?

Hereford gooner

Okay you beat above

Dave M

Andre Mariner wouldn’t

Andre Kelley

Shhh, it was the plan all along.


Man! I laughed so heard at 4AM in the morning, my dad got up and scolded me to go to sleep.

Midwest Gooner

Love the Ox, but good riddance. Please reinvest!

Third Plebeian

Please reinvest!

Aye, there’s the rub.

Mesut Ozzle

That’ll be interesting to see who we go for (if we do). I’m not sure Wenger really likes the back 3, I wouldn’t be surprised if we went for Mahrez and reverted to a back 4 again.


“Reinvest? What’s that some sort of fancy garment?”

– Arsene Wenger


Bet it has a zip 🙂


Then we’re DEFINITELY not doing that.


Who is this Reinvest? What position does he play? Can we create a song about him?


Alright, let’s sell him then and move on.

I don’t have a problem with him leaving, but I am slightly worried because it leaves us without any back-up to Bellerin + he’s been a very useful option on both wings as well as in midfield if needed.

People will say get Draxler now, but we still remain short in RB position. Maitland-Niles played quite a few times there last season though, could he be an option? Nelson is more of an attacking midfielder.


It’s sad to see him go though cause I really love him outside of football pitch. Great banter, great lad. Would wish him all the best but it looks like he will go to our main rivals.


Well HB wouldn’t have had the chance until someone got injured. So we gotta hope that Arsenal academy can still produce good squad players if not once in a while good players

Third Plebeian

Does he think he’ll start at a club like Chelsea, though?

Joel Carter

I know. He’s crazy. Maybe something more going on? He might start in midfield at Liverpool I guess…

Arsene\'s Red Tie

This means that they will sell coutinho


Chelsea need to boost their home-grown numbers

Mesut Ozzle

Probably thinks he can pay off his mortgage at Chelsea

Dr Whale

He will start ahead of moses. He can also start ahead of willian. He is in the form of his life right now. Presently in premier league, I can not think of a better crosser. He can dribble very well like hazard too. Imagine the front line of hazard, morata and chamberlin. Terrific! By the time he continue with his present form, we will all still blame wenger for selling one of our best player to a rival club, or conte has make a world class player out of ox in 3 months ( what wenger could not achieve for… Read more »


Lol ahead of Pedro? Willian? get your Arsenal goggles off.

Bon Jello

He probably won’t break into the starting 11 at either Chelsea or Liverpool, and if he does it’ll probably be as a wing-back… I say offer him to West Ham; they’re desperately searching for a number 8, flog him for an upfront £25-30m (with a buy-back clause should he either realise his potential at CM, or accept he’s better as a wide player). If we act quick we can use that money to get a player more suited to our squad. West Ham may not be what he wants but I’m sure they’d be far more willing to give him… Read more »


you can’t sell him for almost the same amount another club is offering and ask for a buy back clause lol only way a buy back clause works if you sell him for cheap and hope he becomes the player that AFC thinks he can become then activate the buy back clause in 2 years.

Bon Jello

Erm, what? Of course you can, in fact thats how most buy-back/first refusal clauses work for bigger clubs selling to standard ones. Rumours are that Chelsea and Liverpool are willing to buy him for £35m(he’s young, english, and seen as a versatile, highly dynamic attacker), West Ham want to buy Carvalho for £25m (but as with every summer his club have upped his price during negotiations), we intervene and try to strike a deal with the Ox and West Ham where we say “ok, we can sell him at your asking price, providing we have certain stipulations in the contract”.… Read more »

Bon Jello

He probably won’t break into the starting 11 at either Chelsea or Liverpool, and if he does it’ll probably be as a wing-back… I say offer him to West Ham; they’re desperately searching for a number 8, flog him for an upfront £25-30m (with a buy-back clause should he either realise his potential at CM, or accept he’s better as a wide player). If we act quick we can use that money to get a player more suited to our squad. West Ham may not be what he wants but I’m sure they’d be far more willing to give him… Read more »

Bon Jello

Sorry, didn’t realise I’d double posted.

Hereford gooner

I’d be amazed if he goes to Chelsea. Absolutely amazed. Liverpool however, that makes complete sense to me for both parties. I wouldn’t begrudge either, but Chelsea? Please


has to do with promises for position if he turns down 180k pw


Unlike these surplus players we’ve been selling recently, I think Ox is one of the ones who will actually matter, so between now and next Thursday I hope we see another arrival!


Bit of a shambles at the moment. 9 players out of contract at the end of this season. About 8 the season after. Could Wenger be retiring in 3 years and thinks a new manager will want a complete overhaul of not only the starting 11, but the whole first team squad? To be honest it’s a bit worrying.


worrying that such a great club is being run by such incompetent people. an absolute shambles that we have let so many players gain the upper hand in the way they have and now we have to panic and scratch around to find replacements if indeed thats even what we choose to do. Wenger, Gazizdis et al should hang their heads in fucking shame. wether your Wenger in or out who cares, the club is being run into the ground. Those that defend this situation do you really believe the club can or will replace Oil, Sanchez, Mert the ox… Read more »


Don’t worry skipper, i fear it’s going to be a lot longer than 3 years

Lord Bendnter

Le Problem: We had Le Coq, an actual DM. Wenger wanted him to play well with the ball at his feet, But Le Coq couldn’t. But, Le Coq could defend, but overall an average player. So, we got Xhaka, an actual CM who can play well with the ball at his feet. Wenger wanted him to defend and win the ball back, But Xhaka couldn’t. So now we have a DM who can’t play with the ball at his feet and a CM who can’t defend (that well). Le Solution: Buy a proper DM (not another CM). And keep Xhaka,… Read more »


Should definitely try to swoop in for Carvalho before West Ham(HAHA) gets him.

Lord Bendnter

Apparently, the rumors are that West Ham have pulled out because the 40m asking price is too much.


Wish the Ox well…Probably better for the club and player…He would benefit from a more direct team with a simpler Job..Here he is expected to be able to retain the ball and think….Take Walcott with you as well.

Lord Bendnter

Le Problem: the Ox doesn’t want to sign a new deal, and doesn’t want to play on the wing.
Le Solution: Sell the Ox, and buy someone else instead.

Le Problem: Too many problems, and Transfer market closes in less than a week.
Le Solution: There is no Le Solution, we are Le Screwed…

Laraib Zafar Khan

Cost us points at stoke and now is leaving. Ideal situation.

lee dicks on

Are you fucking joking?

Stuck on repeat...

Not sure how you see him as costing points against Stoke? Thought he had a good game. Put in some good crosses (that no one could convert…ahem strikers take a bow), & wasn’t really at fault for their goal.


So sad, so very sad.


If he’s a £180k+ a week player he’s worth a lot more than £35m


On the other hand this could actually be a blessing in disguise. Bellerin will be cemented as RB, Kolasinac will finally move to LB (surely, right?), and in central defence we will play with Koscielny, Mustafi (really don’t believe he’s going) and Monreal (or Holding/Mertesacker). Looks much better than our “defence” against Stoke.


Or RWB and LWB for that matter.

Ulysses 32

No massive loss frankly. Flattered to deceive, sometimes okay, sometimes ineffective in the extreme. Quite simply, not worth £180k a week. Get a wad for him *re-invest the money* and move on. So long ox, I don’t think many will be weeping…..


tbh I will be absolutely shattered if he leaves Arsenal.. I can totally see why he want to leave – Wenger has no value to him.

While this could be the final last 2 seasons for Wenger, I sincerely hope he can pen down the extension, giving himself a chance, and also to Wenger.

We can see what he is capable of; while his qualities in final third is still debatable, his athletics and physique is outstanding… and of all teams, he want to go Chelsea ffs…

lee dicks on

Spot on ken. He’s one of my favourite players.
I’m sick of this disgusting hate he’s getting.


Not sure he is getting hate. Fans love dribblers for the wow factor but frankly, that’s all ox has been since he came, a dribbler. For a player who played in the attacking third most of his career, his goals and assist numbers are pretty appalling. He is frankly one of the reasons for arsenals lack of visible progress in the last few years. Now he feels he has gotten some luck with injuries, he wants to do a van pussy, that’s quite shameful. If we are serious about winning, its players like ox we should be looking to sell,… Read more »


Maybe he though they’d let him see out his contract then get the big pay day at his next club. 180 bags a week….that’s potty…


I’ll be sorry to see him go but it sounds like it’s the best solution. No hard feelings.


Ok…these things happen…now get the best deal we can and reinvest in a player that will play week in week out before the window closes…fuck my life


We’ve spent 6.5 frustrating years educating a player, who we then decide to sell just as we’re starting to see the benefits.
And to top it off we’ll sell him to a club we’re supposed to be rivalling but probably won’t get anywhere near.
This is literally the definition of a feeder club.
Even Liverpool is now seen as a more exciting prospect.
I think the Ox is much better than Moses, if he goes there? We’re strengthening a supposed rival.

Can’t get rid of players we don’t want
Can’t keep the ones we do.
So frustrating

Ben Furey

So it’s really not about the money. I wish him all the best and am sad AW’s dithering couldn’t find him a position they were both happy with. I’ll miss his charging runs and his improving crossing ability.
I wish we selling Walcott instead. Walcott is a one trick pony who can score goals but is way too streaky in his production.

Petit\'s Handbag

Shambles. The fact we can’t get a player like the Ox to sign up for that ridiculous amount of money is so worrying. Why would any decent player now want to sign for us when they see our own players rejecting us. We’re being fucked over and this season is going to go tits up before December looking at the fixtures following the Europa League games. Try putting a positive swing on what’s currently happening at our club all you want, I can’t see any positives


My only issue here is that I’m in no way confident that this means another purchase for us. I love the likes of Reiss and Bielik but we don’t have the youth factor, and I’m just not sure that AW and the other movers at AFC (if you can call them that) are ready to make a quick purchase.


Very typical. Bring in young boys. Wait for them to develop into good players. sell them to a premier league club who are better than us. It’s difficult being and Arsenal fan.


I feel your pain.
I love the Ox.
My recent favourite Arsenal players have been Cesc, RVP, Cazorla and the Ox.
These relationships rarely end well.
So much for no longer selling to a rival.


I think he is a good lad. A fantastic lad to be fair. He has 3 FA cups and 2 community Shields with us. If he goes I think he’ll be done as a player after a couple of fantastic seasons. He is stepping into the Nasri,Hleb,Song zone. We all know how it goes. Ideally I would like him to stay forever. Realistically I’d expect him to stay for 3 more seasons. But if he chooses to leave us for a rival now then I feel he is badly advised.