Sunday, May 19, 2024

Video: “Seeing Alexis back in training has got me buzzing”

Alexis Sanchez returned to training yesterday after his extended holidays, and seeing him back has got James all tingly.

Here are his thoughts in another Gunnervlog.

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Sometimes maybe it is OK to be simple and positive. Watching Alexis play for your team is a very good thing! I’m glad it looks like we can do that for another season (at least).


I agree keeping my him is brilliant. But I’d also try and get lemar now…next year his value will be 15mil more. Get it done!

Hereford gooner

If he’s still there at the start of the season, and he plays with a smile on his face, then I for one will forgive the underlying rhetoric and give him my love for at least another year


We need alexis, not only his quality but the fact that he pushes his team mates and hopefully motivates them with his hard work and never-say-die attitude in games.

I’m hoping all gooners show him some love when the season starts, it could be the push he needs to sign a new contract.

I know a lot of fans are disappointed in him, he is clearly disappointed in the team’s performance and I’m sure all gooners can relate to that feeling.


Dr Whale

We should sell him while we can. He also contributed to the team’s failure last season such as telling his team mate to push forward and mark when the strategy given by the coach is wait patiently until you will have the chance for a counter attack. Around box 18, he only passes to Ozil, thus unavailability of ozil made him do unnecessary dribbles which my fellow gunners will call ‘ hard work’ and finally negative attitude in dressing room. He is not Nemar, Ronaldo, Messi, Suarez or Arjen Robben for goodness sake. Has he ever win a match that… Read more »


Scored 30 goals and had 14 assists. Without him we could have finished lower. Not a complete failure unless you don rate the FA cup.


With him we still finished 5th. Sanchez is irreplaceable, but his productivity(goals+assists) is replaceable.


Please enlighten me. What player/s do you see that arsenal can realistically sign to replace Alexis with our thrifty transfer strategy and the madness of transfer fees right now?


“He only passes to Ozil”. The stupidity of that comment makes the rest of your post not worth reading.

Dr Whale

Your stupid sentiment for your idol will blind you to the obvious that he combine to ozil than anyone in the team. Have you ever ask yourself what was sanchez thinking whenever he had those turn-over around box 18? He wanted doing it alone since Ozil was not there to pass to. Is that what we want as Arsenal fans? GOD HELP US THEN IF HE IS STILL WITH US.


I’m too old to have idols. However, It’s a well known fact that alexis has bad passing stats.

If your assumptions are true then alexis would make less passes in games where Ozil is not playing, as oppose to games where Ozil played.

Because in games with no Ozil, alexis would dribble more as he has no one to pass to, according to your assumptions. Right?

So show us the data to back that up.


Patiently waiting for the stats….


You honestly think selling out best player and most reliable goal scorer is a good idea?

Terry Henry

Got enough videos on Alexis?


Great to see Arsenal stand firm on wanting to keep him.. If doesn’t extend during the season, i hope it’ll be easier to accept he’s departure having known it’ll happen for a year..

Wenger Wonga

Getting a couple more needed players signed up would get me buzzing – a santi replacement and lemar to take over from Sanchez when he toddles off at the end of this coming season!!!


Off topic lads so apologies. I think this neymar to psg deal is going to have a big domino effect on the market. Psg may need to off load a few and barca with full pockets will target juve liverpool athleti etc who in turn will be in immediate spending mode. If we are in anyway serious in lemar you would think we might need to close it out pretty quickly. Could be an interesting week.


Might present opportunities for us also


Yeah, what about that Draxler fella? Surely Neymar would be first choice on the left for PSG.
Would probably cost as much as Lemar though and could only play in one of the two positions behind our striker.
Also have no idea where we would fit Lemar.
My favorite and priority would be Goretzka. Don’t know about Seri’s qualities because I haven’t seen him play yet

Bergkamp 3:16

With PSG close to signing Neymar you would think that Sanchez’ chances of moving therehave significantly reduced. I hope the club remains defiant on their stance to not sell to a premier league rival. A win win would be to have him sign the contract on offer. Failing that, keep him for a year in the hope he goes to China to get the sky high wages he is after (if reports are to be believed). All the same, it’s good to see him back in Arsenal gear!!

John C

They’ll be significantly improved in my opinion, free transfer to play along side one of the best players in the world at a team with massive ambition. I’d be very surprised if he hasn’t already agreed to join next year.

The £50m they’ve saved on Alexis has gone towards buying Neymar, win win for PSG!


Thomas Lemar official twitter page has been suspended, amid strong rumors transfer to Arsenal completed.


And who is this “Dr Whale” guru?

Dr Whale

Ask goggle.

John Lukic

Just one goggle of a pair?




Everyone is training, whether they start a game is the real litmus test (and even so the main indicator may be CL/Europa and the issue of cup tied) Everything is in a holding pattern in market until the top predators have made their kills. PSG and Barca will have to resolve the Neymar ‘transfer’ saga. IF Neymar moves (and we also have to consider Mbapper/Madrid may still happen), things will set in motion. Barca will seek a replacement be it Coutinho from Liverpool or otherwise. Which is holding Leicester back from fully releasing on Mahrez (with Roma holding at 30m… Read more »


The other player viewed as potential replacement for Neymar departing at Barca is Dybala from Juve.

If so, Juve maybe in hunt for replacement. Alexis?

Plenty of moving parts. Nothing in isolation.


I will give him my full support as long as he has The Arsenal shirt on. That said, I would be very happy if we had some clarification on his future before the new season kicks off. I’m fed up of the speculation.

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