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Wenger: I don’t feel sorry for Chelsea

Arsene Wenger has again highlighted the need to trim his squad, saying 33 players is too many to work with, but that he doesn’t feel any sympathy towards Chelsea who seem to have the opposite problem.

While the Arsenal manager does feel for Antonio Conte, that doesn’t extend to our west London rivals as a club.

Despite their deep pockets, they’re struggling to bring players in, and as you might imagine Wenger is not overly concerned by that.

Speaking of Conte in relation to Arsenal’s heavy squad, he said, “He has the opposite problem, but if you look at the number of players that are out on loan, they can call a few back.

“I have sympathy for him but do I feel sorry for Chelsea because they don’t have enough players? Then no.”

On the market in general, the 67 year old called Man City’s business ‘spectacular, and predicted there’s more to come between now and the end of the window.

“It’s not finished,” he said. “Chelsea have bought Morata and have not lost Costa yet, and they will certainly buy more. In the middle of the transfer market it’s difficult to predict.

“At the moment the most active have been United, City and Liverpool a bit.”

As for more arrivals at Arsenal, Wenger declared himself ‘open’ to that, but the issue of moving on some of the players deemed expendable is clearly pressing.

“At the moment I have 33 players and it’s very difficult to manage such a high number on a daily basis,” he said.

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Isaiah Rankin

I feel sorry for Chelsea. Imagine waking up every morning knowing you’re a complete shower of cunts.


I imagine they’d be waking up on top of the world every morning knowing they are champions YET AGAIN. When did you last have that feeling as an Arsenal supporter ?


I’d rather have the feeling of being all time FA Cup winners, having a gold League Trophy, being part of a club that actually existed before Roman Abramovich, than forcing myself to think that John Terry isn’t a cunt.

ozil gummidge

Spot on Dave!


Did you know that Arsenal also existed before 1996, when Wenger took over ? Because we did. And yes, we won things back then too. What is wrong with Abramovich pouring money into his club to make it successful ? Isn’t that what many other clubs have done since ? And didn’t it pay off in spades for Chelsea and Manchester City ? Did you know that Arsenal have always had plenty of funds with which to buy players ? And that we have done even before the Emirates was built ? However, have you asked yourself why despite all… Read more »

Isaiah Rankin

2004. Have you just joined us?


2004 ! Says it all that you should remind us of that year. How the mighty have fallen since those glorious days.

Hamburg Gooner

Thing is: they like it that way ..


I can describe a lot of feelings towards the money-doped club from the west of London. Sorry isn’t one of them.

Any suggestions?


“Money doped club” ? Oh you mean like the mighty Leicester City, who finished ten points ahead of us as champions ? And with a manager who was only in his SECOND season with them ? A club with far less money and resources than us.

They proved that you don’t need money to win the league. You need a competent manager who can motivate his players, get them working hard for each other, engender a strong team spirit, and who has at least a fundamental knowledge of tactics. ….And that isn’t Wenger.


New nickname, Domi?


Ermmm… well funny you mention Leicester because technically they financially doped themselves to get out of the Championship sooooo… your point is incorrect. Just to fill you in, basically the chairman of Leicester set up a fake company and used that company as a way to pump his own wealth back into the club in order to get round the wage bill and other financial sanctions set by (I think) The Championship or the FA (or both) I cant remember which specifically now. Soooo… yeah, Leicester illegally weaseled their way out of the Championship, therefor without that illegal funding they… Read more »


Sorry just to correct myself there – it was FFP rules set by The Football League. So they weren’t fully investigated for it due to the fact they were in The Premier League at the time.


So basically that means they bought Mahrez with money they never should’ve had …. and lets not overlook how important he was for the club that season…


In the interests of objectivity, didn’t our club do something similar thus avoiding being relegated ? It happened many decades ago, and thus we can misleadingly ( and illegally ? ) still claim that we have never been out of the top division ?

People in glass houses….


IamaGoober – How then, do you explain Athletico Madrid’s achievement in breaking the duopoly of Barcelona and Real Madrid, in winning the La Liga title in Spain a few years ago ? AND they made the Champions League final two years in a row. They had less money and resources than the Big Two there, as well. But of course, new manager Diego Simeone had absolutely nothing to do with inspiring this success. Just as new managers Antonio Conte and Roberto Di Matteo had no influence on Chelsea’s trophies in these competitions. But Wenger claims only the big clubs with… Read more »

Ray from Norfolk, Virginia

Sorry is polite for up yours in Wengertalk.


They only have two teams loaned at Vitesse


One of the best academy in england and for what. They are wasting away so many careers . they had Andreas christansen a potentially world class defender with them but still went ahead and Bought another. In all honesty we should nick some their talented players to arsenal. It won’t cost nothing but we’d be getting some of the best young players in england.


We already took Nketiah from them – he’s prolific at youth level


Do they need two right backs by any chance?

Parlour\'s Pay Packet

Jenkinson doesn’t deserve that

Boom Xhaka Laca

It must be really difficult knowing all your club has been able to manage is £30m on a central defender, £40m on a central midfielder and £60m on a striker. Maybe we should start an appeal.


33 players and yet this squad hardly performs without santi. Took him ages to realize Xhaka isn’t a b2b but a regista. Had 3 strikers and none were capable of scoring 20 or more in the league till Alexis came along. Initially I thought Wenger was trying to build a squad that was capable of playing possession football and on the break, but it became obvious that he had no idea how to utilize some of his players. Don’t get me started on the quality of some of these guys…the ones that are good don’t play enough(Perez). No CM and… Read more »


We haven’t started the season yet! Let’s have a bit of optimism and hope before we start castigating Wenger. Sure, if it starts failing, feel free to start complaining. I, for one, will offer my unconditional support and hope for the team at this stage.


That’s not how Trez does things. He just comes here to moan.


Then you had it wrong all that time. Pretending you know better about the squad than Wenger, lol, I bet you have all the solutions to make this world a better place but nobody is listening to you, get lost

A different George

This is the sort of post that particularly irritates me. You can disagree with Wenger’s choices, you can even believe he needs to be sacked, but isn’t it ridiculously presumptuous, and just plain ridiculous, to write as if he simply doesn’t understand anything about football?


You’ve been playing too much FM son


Are u Fatgooner incarnate?


Whenever Wenger says he’s open to transfers it usually means he’s not actively chasing anyone and literally just waiting for a world class player to knock on his door, which could just mean we’re done, which isn’t great.


Or he means what everyone knows … that there are only a handful of top players that everyone wants and there are 100s of millions all lined up for those players


How many chelsea players sent out on loan again?


How many have WE sent out on loan ?


C’mon Arsene, have a heart! We’re talking of a club who last won a trophy 3 months ago while having more than 30 players out on loan who despite winning stuff at the under age league were all deemed not good enough to get into their main team. Surely we should be loaning them a few 1st team players to complement the very cheap defender, midfielder and striker they just got!


Why should Wenger feel sorry for Chelsea ? They’ve won far more in the last decade than he has. ( Perhaps it’s because they’re not afraid to change managers ? )


We could have already offloaded another 5 players if we werent such a penny pinching club. I get not underselling massively, but haggling over a few million here and there when the money could be well soent elsewhere. We got reasonable offers for Gibbs and Perez, we could have already upped our bid for Lemar by £10 million at least by offloading those two but still we fap about while other clubs around just go get their targets.


Bet you blamed the club when we lost cash on star players sold in the past


He and his ilk are just being cunts as usual.

Cliff Bastin

If Kyle Walker is $50m and France national team > England national team then we should offer Debuchy to them for $100m.


Imagine if we actually got that for Debuchy. That would rule so hard that not even Mike Dean’s shoddy officiating or Trez’s eternal pessimism would dampen my spirits.

Sir Henry Norris\'s Brown Envelope

Would we feel sorry for Chelsea if they got relegated to League One?


Chelski fans are the most arrogant fans in Greece. Spoiled kids from their sugardaddy


That’s ok Arsene, nobody feels sorry for Chelsea… well maybe John Terry.

Ray from Norfolk, Virginia

In fact, Arsene Wenger said:
I feel sorry for Chelsea BECAUSE they lost John Terry.
He the added:
It is difficult to replace such a classy family man who a horse racism.
Check out the interview. Journalists leave out the key statements.

Ray from Norfolk, Virginia

Two typographical errors:
He then added NOT He the added.
Abhors NOT a horse.


“…and Liverpool a bit.” How I’ll miss these little bit top quality musings when he’s gone eventually. Arsène is such a wonderfully intelligent man. One of the few gifted ones who are smart enough not to be arrogant about their gifts. Familiarity breeds contempt and all that, but how many such statesmen are there in the game anymore? I’m loving your remaining time here at the Arsenal, Arsène. Hope we win the league this year and you pass on the baton to someone even half as good as you are, if it’s possible, to replace someone who is top top… Read more »

Ray from Norfolk, Virginia

Thumb down? Why? Something against harmony?


“…Onwards and upwards…”. Don’t you mean stagnant and backwards ?


Maybe if he didn’t try to squeeze every penny out of the deadwood from potential buyers, he wouldn’t have the problem of having to manage 33 players.


Bet your mum had to have throw in the car for others to get you off her hands.

David C

Unrelated, but did anyone see Cech in net playing ice hockey:

I play goalie in ice hockey too and have all the same gear as him. He looked pretty good in the clips here. Surprised Wenger let him because you can tear your groin so easily. I love Cech more now!


Shouldn’t Wenger stop pontificating about other teams? I mean we haven’t been able to dislodge not a single ‘deadwood’ in last 3 months. That says a lot….
Quit yapping and ‘git-er’ done.


Yep, and what a masterful piece of man management to allow nine of our players, including two of our key ones – to run down their contracts.

Three Steps Sideways

Burnley, seemingly, don’t feel sorry for Chelsea either.

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