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Wenger on transfer changes and the rest of this window

With just over two weeks until the transfer window closes, Arsenal fans expecting further arrivals may find themselves disappointed, with Arsene Wenger suggesting he’ll be more involved with players going out than coming in.

The club have a number of players who are deemed surplus to requirements, but as yet have not been able to complete any deals beyond that of Wojciech Szczesny going to Juventus and Emi Martinez being sent on loan to Getafe.

Asked if he might be busy between now and the end of the window, the Arsenal manager said, “Getting players out keeps you as busy as getting players in. I think I will be busy, yes.”

It’s pretty obvious now that if there are to be any further additions, they will only happen after we’ve sold or loaned some players and made room in the squad.

The manager was also asked about the potential impact closing the transfer window before the season begins would have – a change that is expected to be implemented ahead of the 2018-19 campaign – and whether he would support it.

“Yes, of course. For the regularity of the season it’s better because you can have a player who you can play against three times if the transfer window is not closed when you start the season, and that doesn’t look normal.

“As well for the psychological comfort of the manager, it’s difficult to start the season with a team and have some players who are not completely on board, so you can understand that once everybody’s on the train they stay on the train.

“I spent my whole summer on the transfer market so I think six weeks or eight weeks – we had basically ten weeks.

“People will adapt. What makes them decide is that there’s only three or four days to go and suddenly everybody comes out of the buses and says ‘We are alive! We are here and we want to buy!’.

“But if the timing is shorter they will adapt to that as well.”

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Norn Iron Gooner

Oh dear.


No shit, why in the world is Wenger spending time selling players? Does he also cut the fucking grass?


because he won’t allow the club a DOF, he would be cutting the grass and doing the tea runs if he could as well

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

If he lets them sell players they’ll want to buy players too. I don’t trust anybody else at the Club to choose the right players to buy or sell.


Good, it is crazy the way things are now, with still a chance that a top player from a club can go on ‘strike’ and force a transfer.

Or that Wenger is spending lots of time thinking about transfers rather than his team and the next opponent(s).


I still think we will buy Lemar before the end of the transfer window. Wenger just wants to get rid of a Perez, Debuchy and Gibbs first.

Terry Henry

Debuchy ain’t going no where unfortunately. But I do like your optimism on still getting Lemar, unfortunately I don’t share it


I don’t see Wenger buying any player before the window closes that’s why he kept dragging the signing of Lemar

Stringer Bell

It’s looks like he may be rolling the dice again. Midfield is not good enough. Ramsey good coming off bench if we are losing. Xhaka needs good holding mid next to him.


french newspaper L’équipe speaks today about a transfer towards Marseille for Debuchy….


Having a shorter transfer market will also be better for the fans, albeit some fans only live for the silly season. We would have known if Alexis would be gone or staying already with the new policy. I’m really tired of reading all these negative comments at the start of the season. I just want to support the team! Have a drink, watch some nice football, and hopefully see some wins. Can’t ask for much else.


totally agree with you, last three or four years the season hasn´t kicked in until after the transfer market closes, and than we have usually played couple of games already and always lost some. It is disruptive to the team, and for me the argument of playing some games to see if you need a player falls short, for the teams are never settled anyway.

love and hate

Thank you! One of the rare few who just want to watch the football with a few cold beers and have a laugh. I enjoyed the footy much more before the social media era.


I totally agreee with you. Smart Phones are killing the enjoyment. 24hr updates and everybody is a football manager these days.

This blog aside (which is amazing and thank you) There is so much nonsense written about football and most of it is click bait. Unfortunately we see people buying into it. I mean those morons on Arsenalfantv get 500,000 views a post.

rogue gooner

Great if the window closes before the season starts but I think it’s more important that it closes at the same time as the other top European leagues. If it doesn’t then you will get the premier league clubs being further held to ransom by European clubs refusing to drop their prices as they know they will have a further 2 weeks to sell to other leagues.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Nope, why would they sell to other leagues that pay less transfer fees than PL?

Scott P

I think the issue is more around European clubs attempting to buy players from England when the English clubs will have no ability to replenish their squad. Think Barca/Coutinho style.


If the window closes then that goes both ways. Clubs can’t transfer in or out so it will be done with.


there is no rule stopping player sales, and if other leagues still open they can register new players. BPL will have to try and persuade the other big leagues to follow suit


Regarding the Alexis situation the new rules wouldn’t help us at all. He still could leave until the end of August as the other leagues will keep the current transfer window. We just wouldn’t be able to get a replacement in then. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing. It would only help if all leagues close the window at the same time but due to the fact that they all start at a different time, this is impossible.

Al Gilmore

I think the PL would only sanction this change if it somehow bars clubs from selling abroad after the window closes here. Otherwise, you are correct, we will still be at the mercy of the great player snatchers like Barca and Madrid with their relentless summer long player unsettling.


Such a rule exists in no other league. Transfer window always means the time in which you can get players in. You can get them out whenever you want. So I’m pretty sure this wont work.

Kai Everlasting Gooner

As per Wenger, people will adapt..


Can’t say I’m surprised by these comments.

I do think we have a chance of challenging for the title, but only if we don’t suffer crucial injuries. (I know)


Two players brought it, a whole raft about to leave and you think that will close the gap between us and the top teams?

Delusional optimism is still delusional…


Instead of the constant thumbs down why don’t you guys explain why this season is so different? Wenger spent over a $100mn last summer and finished 5th whilst continuing our tradition of being embarrassed in the round of 16 in Champs League. I want nothing less than Arsenal to challenge but don’t see any indications that we are up for the fight this season (especially seeing how we conceded three goals last Friday). It is hard for me to see that by signing just two players and seeing half a dozen leave will somehow result in us pushing for top… Read more »

JJs Bender

The thumbs have spoken!


As there is no rational response that can be provided…carry on

Scott P

Ok… 1) We purchased 2 sure-fire starters. The ‘raft’ of players leaving is made out of cobbled-together dead wood. The quantity of ins/outs doesn’t really tell you anything in this case. 2) First seasons for new arrivals do not usually result in them playing at top form. We are seeing big improvements from Xhaka and hopefully from Mustafi once he returns. If Lacazette continues playing like he did on Friday, he’s going to be really something. 3) The 3 goals conceded last Friday occurred when we played missing our top 3 CB choices and with 2 FB’s/WB’s playing as CB’s.… Read more »

Gus Caesar


And if you don’t have that wonderful feeling of optimism when a season starts, that irrational hope that it’ll all come good, football probably isn’t for you.


More signings would certainly increase our chances. It could go either way depending on how everybody performs and who gets injured.

In actual fact when you look at it we haven’t spent very much, when you include the sale / likely sales. We’ve spent well but it isn’t unreasonable to expect one or two more.

If it were up to me that’s what would happen but I won’t be crying if it doesn’t.

Wenger\'s Nose

We improved our first team significantly with Sead and Lacazette. We are still very (too) strong in depth. In central midfield too in my humble opinion – we have xhaka and ramsey likely starters, with elneny, coquelin, the ox and wilshere as back up. Our squad is much better this year.

I am slightly worried about next year though! I feel Wenger is going a little all or nothing with the contracts thing – but I fookin’ love it!


who is leaving that we need to keep, we have signed a top class defender, and a top class striker, and we have per back after being unavailable all of last season bar final league game and cup final. Looks like Wilshere will be in our squad too. that would mean two defenders, a midfielder and a striker extra to last season’s squad. We also have new formation that so far has seen us win 12 out of 13 its been used in.

Original Paul

I thumbed you down as I am fed up with people moaning all the bloody time.


Too right


Easier than having to provide a rebuttal I guess…


I don’t think anything is guaranteed either way. We’ve added 2 very good players. I think we have a very strong team when everybody is fit and firing but it may not be enough over the course of a season.

There is certainly room for improvement. I am a bit disappointed that we don’t seem to want to sign anybody else.

Honestly I never thought we would. Once Wenger says he is active in the transfer market you know it’s over.


Ive said before, its not about who we bring in or who leaves. The team on paper should perform far better than it did last season. Unless players are coached, motivated and organised in the right manner then no amount of new faces or squad reorganisation will make up for some of what we were fed last season.
Another 2 years of the same except next year we try to do it without possibly our best 2 players.


Just a reminder that last season we finish 18 points behind the winner, not 1 point

Nopeidi boomer

He is a masochist?


With Wenger’s unwillingness to strengthen the defence & midfield the two Manchester clubs will battle for the title this season & we’ll be also rans again. If we’re not going to challenge for the title I don’t see any point not cashing in on Alexis, Ozil or Ox just so they can leave next summer for free. I would rather us use the money we get for them to cover the cost of the fire sale getting all the dead wood out of the club. Despite all the promises of change yet again Wenger’s refusal to compete in the transfer… Read more »


Exactly, our defensive inabilities will ruin this season once again. It was already highlighted in our very first game.


This is the worst of both worlds for us. If he was going to buy the players we need to challenge for the title then keeping Alexis, Ozil & Ox for this season would make sense but keeping them just to finish 4th/5th & then have them leave next year for free makes no sense at all.

Unless you think we’re going to challenge for the title this year wanting to keep hold of these players & lose them for nothing next year is extremely short sighted.

Al Gilmore

That would be the game where none of our first choice CBs played

Just saying.


How well did our first choice CBs do for us last season?


Very well. In fact with the new system our defence looked very sound.


Finished 5th with 44 goals conceded is deemed to be ‘very well?’


did you not read his response to you or did you just ignore it and have a reply just waiting for him regardless of the response? lol


bdagooner, can you please name six other PL teams that conceded fewer goals than Arsenal conceded last year?

Our defence was one of our lesser worries. In fact, it was one of the better defences in the league.


I would say 5th best…but 5th is now a trophy right?

Andy Mack

5th best without Per, Santi and our new addition…
With Xhaka finding his feet in his first season and Coquelin and Bellerin having a poor season (or at least a large part of it).
Starting as a back 4 and finishing as a back 3.
So not exactly a stable environment.
So not good enough but a long way from shit.

Scott P

I know I replied to this already above, but we had a totally makeshift back line. One of that line was also involved in 2 of our goals. Let’s judge when our first choice defenders are fit.


Last season wasn’t enough evidence to form a judgement?

I mean our first-choice CBs this year are the same exact first-choice CBs from last year.

Scott P

Once we switched to a back three, they did a pretty bang-up job to be fair.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

…with more experience of playing together, and with the knowledge that they can perform very well with a three-at-the-back formation. This is squad development in action. We only have one new defensive player to be integrated into the defence, and he seems to be doing just fine already by what we have seen of him. You seem desperate to get new players in. So in your opinion what is the ideal number of new first teamers we should buy each season and integrate into whatever is left of last season’s team? Are you a keep 5, buy 6 man? A… Read more »


You mean our makeshift defence with players out of position? I agree that letting in 3 was discouraging, but the positives outweighed the negatives for me. I’m still hopeful that the defending of set pieces will improve, particularly with Kosc et al back.. I don’t think anyone seriously expects us to win the title this season in any case. It’s about getting back in the top four really.


So I ask again how dod our first choice CBs do last season for us? We finished 5th and got pummeled in the Champs League once again.

So what is different this year despite having the same ‘first choice’ CBs?

Original Paul

Everything is shit bdgooner! Happy now?


Very mature.

Why can no one provide an explanation as to why this season is going to be so different?

Simple question that no one seems willing or able to address.


its been explained several times to you but you refuse to acknowledge it as you don’t like the explanation or don’t agree with it. you’ve made up your mind and no amount of replies will chance it so whats the point.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I have. Read it then insult me, baby. You know you want to.

Ben Rivers

We didn’t play a back three in the champions league, and actually they were poor for a section of the season, not all season! And the whole team are guilty of that. Its fairly obvious that this season will be different from last, maybe we wont win anything but it will be different


he doesn’t answer that because he has his own narrative that he needs to believe in. smh

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Exactly. There are no guarantees in football. Twenty teams want to win the PL, and half a dozen are theoretically capable. There’s even room for an outside chance team to win. The richest (not always the same as most valuable) always have an edge though, historically speaking (Guess which three teams that means every season since 2005).

Ben Rivers

I expect us to win the title


Yes we need to defend better as a team… and especially need to do better in midfield as all the goals conceded were due to poor midfield passing, that placed the defenders under pressure, or man marking by the midfielders.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

But our poor midfield passing has almost always been our downfall when we are trying to attack, rather than defend. Our problem is that Wenger demands quick passing (which is good), but our players do get caught out playing a ball on too quickly for their own good and losing possession inside our own half. How many times do we see us win the ball back but then a player passes to where he “expects” a teammate to be without actually taking that moment to check the guy is really there? If the opposition press us hard we have a… Read more »


Kos, Mustafi, Gabriel, Mert , were not available and remember we have won 11 of our last 12 matches and with the back 3 system we conceded fewer goals.

Ben Rivers

We do not need any defenders hahHHahaha. Jeez. We just dont have any available. And when they are we will be awesome! Remember koscielny, mertesacker, mustafi? Three mighty fine cbs. As is holding I might add! Midfield is again well stocked considering we only have two positions to cover and 5 to pick from. Loads of options upfront, its gonna be epic! Haha


I agree to an extent. The defence has obvious weaknesses to me and the midfield is crying out for a Matic-type player. There is no balance in the squad and hasn’t been for years.

That said, we have added quality and hopefully we can outscore most teams. I think we’ll be ok until Ramsey and Kos start breaking down.


It would definately be prudent to strengthen the mid. Hey, maybe Ramsey and Xhaka will stay available all season! LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL!!!


It’s a shame Arsene doesn’t agree with you. He clearly thinks Coquelin/Elneny are great DM’s & Monreal/Gabriel are as good as VVD. I suppose he thinks Bayern got lucky vs us & if we’d scored more goals we’d have won the title.

Arsene has got lots of admirable qualities but his unwillingness to compete in the transfer market & his loyalty to players who have consistently failed him will ruin his legacy at Arsenal.


Exactly this.


No I don’t think he thinks ME or FC are great MF but quality squad players. What MF is going to come to Arsenal that have transferred in this current window? you understand our clubs owner maybe rich to compete for players but thats not his philosophy with the club? You really think VVD is worth the alleged amount the Southampton is looking for 60-70million pounds?


There are better DM’s than Elneny & Coquelin out there. The club’s job is to identify them & buy one of them. Same goes for CB. Whether it is VVD there is also a better CB than CC/Gabriel/Monreal out there who has more experience than RH.

We were looking for a DM when Wanyama, Matic & Kante were available. We were looking for a CB when sp*rs bought both of theirs.

Instead of trying to buy the next Viera & Toure for peanuts Wenger needs to spend some money on top quality DM & CB.


So whom do you suggest?


Worse: he’s going to sell one or two of those three and not adequately replace them by the end of the market.


The man baffles me !! He refuses to let players leave for less money , yet he is willing to let over £100M worth of talent walk free next summer !!!!
Is he a sane man ?


Not getting another midfielder in would be idiotic.
Especially as we’re challenging on 4 fronts this year.
We can’t expect Ramsey and Xhaka to stay fit for 50+ games. We need another player who can play alongside Xhaka expect Elneny.
Failure to do that will be our undoing this season.


I agree we need more depth at MF but the priority will be PL so I can’t see the duo playing more then 40-45 games if they stay healthy all season. Every club will go through injuries. Chelsea and Liverpool both have depth issues and they will be playing CL this season. Depth wise I think we are in a better situation then either of those 2 clubs that finished ahead of us.

Andy Mack

So do last seasons 2nd place team (can’t bring myself to say their name). A decent 1st 11 but no all depth.
$iteh need a few more as well at DM & CB unless they’ve worked a deal with the injury gods (although their attack does look impressive, if a little height restricted).

Gus Caesar

Personally I’m loving the fact that Arsene thinks that everyone is hiding on a bus.


Pulis is.


I think he also made another statement that wasnt captured here in which he is somewhat against it.

While premier league clubs will follow this rule, the rest of Europe will still be on August 31st. And with teams like Barcelona around (the cunts), they can still impact players.

Hereford gooner

I think the premier league are making the same assumption that I would in their situation. Make the change and the rest will follow suit. It will only take one other country adopting a similar (and lets face it logical) step and everyone will do the same because it makes sense. I don’t think any other of the other European leagues would have been able to make such a pioneering stance, but as the EPL is the most watched and valuable league we are in a unique position to be able to change things across the board


They probably will, but nothing is scheduled or discussed starting next season. So it looks like it will still be an issue at least through next season.


it hasn’t even been discussed by the BPL, they will be doing so at the next meeting, and they have said a decision on it is unlikely to be taken at the meeting.


The window started so promisingly but we are still yet to address the issues of last season – central midfield and central defence.


Think it’s time to call it a day on incoming activities.

Lord Bendnter

If Sergi Roberto is available, I would sell ElNeny and buy Sergi instead. For me, that would be better than Seri of Nice. I would use Sergi Roberto alongside Xhaka when Ramsey gets injured. And I do say when and not ‘if’ for obvious reasons.

He’s a very good player Sergi, would love to see him in the Arsenal colors

Lord Bendnter

A midfield trio of Xhaka/LeCoq, Ramsey/SergiRob, Ozil/Iwobi

– the latters being my replacements/subs for each of those positions

Andy Mack

Why no Santi?


Makes total sense. LImit the transfer window. Compress it and the deals have to be done quicker.

No reason that the window should be open so long just bc some of the other leagues start later.

All these deals can be done quicker. The length of the window means they often drag as teams , players and agents try to sweat out the price.


As far as departures go…this is why it is never a case of just buying for buying sake. BC if you buy wrong, you have to sell, often at a loss. What Wenger usually gets away with is loss but because in general he will buy lower than most. This miminises impact on our self financed model, we are not limitless. However in recent years he has been forced to follow market price and spend considerably higher. For most parts with his premium purchases, he has been spot on – Ozil, Alexis, Mustafi, Granit, Lacazette Lucas is one of those… Read more »


We cant do our business in 10 weeks what makes you think we can do it in 8? We still need a dm and center back. Every summer there are still gaping hes in the squad.

Glen Helders Left Foot

For all those who cheered when wenger got his new contract I’d just like to say enjoy the next two years of failure, change my arse


next year’s the World Cup, during which Wenger will be doing pundit duty for French TV. Wenger takes longer than anyone at top level to sign or sell a player (he’s in control; he does it). Leaves him just a few weeks to sign anyone – trolley dash more manic than ever!


Odd. It sounds like he could use a little help on the transfer front.


Exactly. And what does he care how players he/the club wants out, get out? Then again, it seems that there are plenty of people here who think it’s perfectly fine that we waste Wenger’s time with all of this. Bless their cotton socks.


News that ‘Blaise Matuidi ‘ is signing for Juve for approx. 18-20 mill and we’re crying out for a similar player. We can’t compete with Juve as far as trophys etc but we could have outbid them.

Ben Rivers

I doubt matuidi wants to miss champions league football at this stage of his career


Here’s the thing. Beyond agreeing with the move in principal and maybe saying don’t transfer X to Y or Z, I see no reason why Wenger should be involved in this at all. Ins, yes, outs, no.


Concerned that if the rest of europes big leagues do not follow suit, it may hinder the premier league.


can’t see BPL bringing it in unless they can get other top leagues to do it too. As it would mean PSG, Barca, Real, Bayern, Juve, AC Milan etc could cause a club serious problems, disrupt a player with a big bid. Imagine the BPL window shut now, and what effect on LFC Barca’s bid for Coutinho would be causing more than it is now. At least now they have two weeks to try and replace him.


If say Barca come in for a player after the English transfer window has closed. Surely a club could demand more transfer fee to compensate the fact they would have to compete with lesser quality players for atleast half a season.
I dont forsee any issues as a result. A $80m player might now have to cost $120m to leave after the window closes.


Let the director of football do the sales…just like he did the purchase of Rob Holding and Kolasinac. Director of football did well for Liverpool some years back with Andy Caroll. Selling old pony tail, we leave it to someone-else’s problem then. At least Wenger clears up his ‘mess’. Generally he buys at a low price so he can minimise loss. Where he has spent bug (over 30m these days) he has been spot on. Debuchy and Perez are potentially some of his bigger losses. He will want yo miniise Perez loss to 5m max. Debuchy, I’d pay to get… Read more »

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