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Per Mertesacker has praised ‘Arsenal man’ Olivier Giroud for his landmark achievement in scoring 100 goals for the club.

The Frenchman reached that milestone last night, tucking away a penalty in the 4-2 win over BATE Borisov in the Europa League, joining an esteemed group of players to hit treble figures in red and white.

Speaking to the official site after the game, the skipper was quick to give props to the French international, and his commitment to the club.

“He’s so valuable to our squad and he’s earned the respect of everyone by behaving properly, as a member of this team,” he said.

“The ultimate outcome is that he scores lots of goals, but when he wasn’t playing, he’s never thought about giving up or taking another road.

“He’s always been so engaged and as he says himself, his run isn’t over. Oli is an Arsenal man and he feels deeply that he can contribute to the success of this team. Scoring 100 goals in five years shows that.

“I cannot praise his approach and his attitude enough.”

Watch all of Giroud’s 100 goals in 140 seconds.

Full list of Arsenal centurions

Thierry Henry – 228
Ian Wright – 185
Cliff Bastin – 178
John Radford – 149
Jimmy Brain – 139
Ted Drake – 139
Marvin Langhammer – 138
Doug Lishman – 137
Robin van Persie – 132
Joe Hulme – 125
David Jack – 124
Dennis Bergkamp – 120
Reg Lewis – 118
Alan Smith – 115
Jack Lambert – 109
Frank Stapleton – 108
David Herd – 107
Theo Walcott – 107
Joe Baker – 100
Olivier Giroud – 100

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Amazing headline.
And the HFB – what a player. What a beard.


Not a patch on Langhammer though


Good ole Marv

Indian Gooner

Ollie was brought into this team after Van Persie left. An extremely difficult period to be honest and he has never let the club down even once, has he?
I believe he has worn the shirt every time with pride and has served this club with all his might and valour.
BFG, Giroud and Koscielny from the current crop have all forged a special place in this club in their own way.


probably a bit disingenuous to say he has never let the club down once. monaco in the CL semis comes to mind.

nothing against him, great player, was part of a few of the best arsenal goals i’ve ever seen.

Indian Gooner

Was just talking in a general sense about his character and conduct as a player. He does have a lot of his own short comings as a player. I am in no way denying it.

Indian Gooner

Short comings in his game to be more precise.

Reality check

Character and conduct? You do know that he was caught with his pants down, Literally.. his wife, either is a very generous person or loves his bank balance too much to not kick him out after that.


All that proves is that the bloke is human! How many of us given the lifestyle he has could catergorically say we could turn down the many temptations on offer ? He made a mistake and his marriage was strong enough to survive it ! It’s not as if he kicks dogs or secretly suports the scum! !

Reality check

Blah blah blah.. did you not read the first line or what my comment was in response to?
Sleeping with woman other then your wife is not representative of a sound character or conduct or is it?

Mach iii

7 goals short of Walcott in half the time.


Why compare a striker who joined us in his prime to a winger who joined us at 16?

If you’re going to needlessly hate on Theodore, at least put in some effort.

David C

especially since Theo had a good game yesterday!


Theo as you say is primarily a winger so his goals return isn’t that bad at all ,The great Geordie Armstrong one of the most loyal and hard working players we have ever had was a winger and only scored 65 odd goals in something like 600 games ! Mind you his work rate and crossing were far superior to Walcotts as was his technique !


Earned respect by acting properly. A slight at Sanchez maybe?


Or maybe Cesc and friends

R D in the place to be

Marvin Langhammer… Hmm…


Hope he overtakes Walcott by the end of this season

Clock-End Mike

It’s not a competition. It’d be great if they can both score 20 goals this season.


as we dont play with wingers, it actually IS a competition


He is still a WIDE player primarily a modern equivalent to the winger

Boom xhaka lacka

Great interview with Wilshere on the Guardian’s website, should post it up here, worth a read.

Arsenes Banter

Call me bitter but I would thoroughly enjoy Ollie beating the Dutch skunk, 32 short of his total tho, I have my doubts, but one can dare to dream ?

Cliff Bastin

I hope this is his aim now.


He’s got 2 years and he should take every penalty from now!


Who is Marvin Lang hammer?


Call yourself an Arsenal fan?



Too true, all fans should know who Marvin is.:D

Clock-End Mike

Marvin Langhammer???????


Clockendrider…I did what you said …I called myself an arsenal fan and nothing happened…what should of happened you’ve prick my curiosity you are so cryptic


Great photo.

yaya sanogoals

This list makes me appreciate Henry and Wrighty that much more. Good luck catching those guys.


Just out of curiosity, how many on that list are wingers or midfielders? Apart from Theo obviously

spanish gooner

Think of your three favourite Arsenal goals since Van Persie left; I bet my right testicle that Giroud was involved in two of them


All of them!!


Of them all my favourite was the late Joe Baker short for a centre forward yet he was very good in the air and his conversion rate and return from games played a 165 I think or in that region is outstanding ! He didn’t play in a great Arsenal side but a side that scored lots of goals but unfortunately let in a lot too . One season if memory serves we scored something like 98 league goals but let in over 80 ! It was the 1963/64 season if the memories of my ten year old self serves… Read more »

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